Boyton Hall (the Lavenham) ride

Saturday/Sunday 14th and 15th September

Semer Manor, Bildeston Road, Semer


 A fabulous ride in lovely Suffolk countryside with almost no road work.‬

The ride is in a different location this year.  James Buckle has kindly allowed us to use the field adjacent to Semer Bridge. The field has plenty of space for parking, vetting, crewing and camping. The gate into the field from Bildeston Road is for horses only. Vehicle access is down the gravel drive to Semer Manor. The corralling field is next to the venue field, fully fenced and accessed from both the drive and the venue field (horses only).


The route is the same as last year, although as the venue is in the middle of the ride, the loops are different. So please don’t use maps from previous years!


This is a paperless ride:

Ride information will be available on the website to download one week before closing date of the ride. Vet times will be published on the website shortly after the closing date. You will be given a ride pack when you register which includes vet sheets; the map; ride information; corralling/stable card(s); crew card etc.


These will be available on Friday afternoon between 3.00pm and 8.00pm, on Saturday from 8.30am and Sunday from 8.00am, from the ride office. Please allow time to fill them in!


Vetting on Saturday will start at 9.30 am, with start times from 10.00 am.

GER start times will be within 30 minutes of the time you vet.


Those competing in the two day classes (Classes 1, 2 and 3) will go into an overnight hold on Saturday afternoon. This means that the clock will still be ticking when you finish on Saturday, until you present to vet. Your start times for Sunday will be posted on the information board: you will need to present to vet before you start on Sunday. It is the vet’s discretion as to whether they just trot your horse up, or give it a full vet check.


Vetting on Sunday for Class 14 (100km CER) and FEI classes starts at 7.00 am and for CER classes at 7.15 am.

Ride briefing for FEI and CER classes at 7.40 am.


FEI/CER start times:

Class 14 100km CER 8.15 am

Class 15 80km(1*): 8.30 am

Class 16: 80km (YR 1*): 8.30 am

Class 17: 80km CER 8.30 am

Class 18: 80km Tyro CER 8.45 am (if only 1 or 2 entries, Tyro riders may choose to start at 8.30am or at 8.45am or opt to ride with the 80km GER riders starting from 8.55

GER start times will be from 8.55 am and will be within 30 minutes of the time you vet.



On the Field Training’ with Maggie Pattinson – 6.00pm on Saturday 14th September.



The Wandering Grill catering van will be meeting your needs on Saturday and Sunday. Please do make full use of their services! The options look interesting – see their website:


Food will be available for all following the training with Maggie, at 6.45pm on Saturday 14th September. Details to follow.


Safeguarding information: Parental consent forms must be filled in for all riders under 18, signed by those with parental responsibility and checked by the ride secretary. Escort forms for under 13s and para-escort forms for those eligible (filled in and signed by those with parental responsibility) must be presented to the ride secretary by the escort. Both the escort and the ride secretary must sign this form and the form must be left with the ride secretary.


Full ride information, including travel directions and instructions for finding crew points will be published during the week before the closing date.