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Results & Trophies
Results & Trophies

The Mission Statement of Endurance GB
Our mission is to promote and enhance the sport of Endurance (Competitive Long Distance) Riding within the United Kingdom, by providing competition, training and development opportunities that will appeal to all levels of rider from beginner to world class winner.
The Society will endeavour to promote and uphold at all times the highest standards of horse welfare

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Recent News
ROYAL CRANWELL at RoyaltiesROYAL CRANWELL at Royalties - (Published:23 April 2015)

A warm Lindum welcome awaits you at Royal Cranwell.

The ride this year is located, thanks to Thay, at Royalties so all the glorious tracks can be enjoyed in spring this year.


Royal Cranwell has a full range of classes, there will be the Saturday night buffet in the marquee and C&C is available.

Jane and her team are ready for your entry so the sooner it is sent in the sooner you will get your map so you can start planning.

Come and enjoy this new ride and have a great time

Photo by Kerry Dawson


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Golden Horseshoe in the Horse and HoundGolden Horseshoe in the Horse and Hound - (Published:21 April 2015)
A few weeks ago six-time winner of Badminton Lucinda Green rode out with Barbara Wigley on Exmoor to get a taste of Endurance and the Golden Horseshoe. There is an article on her experience in this week's Horse and Hound, which is well worth a read! Category:General :UK Rides read more ...
Hardy's Ride 2015Hardy's Ride 2015 - (Published:20 April 2015)

The sun shone and over 80 riders enjoyed the beautiful Dorset countryside.

Our very grateful thanks are due to

The competitors who took part

The very efficient  ride officials

The volunteer helpers

Raynet and the Trail bikers

The owner of the venue and the landowners over whose land we rode.

The vets who were particularly nice and helpful

Richard Read Recovery for providing Easter Eggs to competitors and helpers alike

We had good feedback on the route but realise we need to improve the signing where routes converged and diverged. We already have plans in place to do this for next year and very much hope you will all return to support this lovely ride.

Our congratulations go to

Alison House and Gill Campbell 1st and 2nd in the 80km class

Nic Wigley and Nicky Sherry 1st and 2nd in the 66km class.

While taking the markings down last night we found a red water bottle holder in the track near CP2: please let me know if you own this and I can return it to you.

Anyway thank you to you all for coming- for mostly being lovely smiley people and also to those of you who have taken the trouble to write today with appreciative comments which makes it all worthwhile.

Lovely photograph of Dace Sainsbury is courtesy of AGC Photography: photos are already uploaded to his website so we hope you will support him.

See you Next Year!

Liz Ashmead & Lynn Harvey

Category:General :UK Rides

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RAF Cranwell - important updateRAF Cranwell - important update - (Published:18 April 2015)

RAF Cranwell is not able, this year to run at its usual venue and so it has been relocated (thanks to Thay Stephenson) to our Royalties Venue.


The RAF Cranwell entries have now all been refunded and a new ride has been set up for Royal Cranwell. Please support this new ride, there is a full range of classes and all will have a great time!

There will be no late entry charge as this is such a special situation but please help Jane by entering as soon as possible.

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Entries close today for Cerne Giant Ride…… Entries close today for Cerne Giant Ride…… - (Published:17 April 2015)

You need get your entry in before midnight MONDAY 20th April if you’d like to enjoy either 36km, 40km or 50km routes on this wonderful ride in stunning scenery. 

·         Running under a new organiser from the same great venue in Cerne Abbas, the ride has revised routes (hopefully with very few gates to open).  Also, and much simpler for riders and crew, the longer routes (two loops of 36km and 40km) have just one vet gate back at the venue.

·         We have negotiated at least 3, and maybe 4, crewing points off the highway, but very accessible, which eligible 3.5t lorries are welcome to use.

·         To encourage new riders into our sport we will continue taking entries up to, and including ride day, BUT ONLY for the 10 mile (16km) Pleasure Ride. This route has NO gates and gives the opportunity to ride private tracks not normally available!!!  So tell your friends and horsey neighbours because we’d love to see them!  (Entry form downloadable here)

·         As camping and corralling are on offer we look forward to welcoming those from farther afield to this beautiful part of Dorset.

·         And finally, Performance Formula will be applied across the 50km classes with EGB vouchers to third place to recognise the merit of those entering these classes – and part pay for your next ride!

See you on the trail.

Category:General :UK Rides

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Important Notice about the Golden Horseshoe RideImportant Notice about the Golden Horseshoe Ride - (Published:15 April 2015)

Due to the enthusiastic uptake of places in the Sunday Classes, The GHR organising committee have reluctantly decided that they need to limit entries into the Sunday classes to the following numbers:

Class 1 – NO LIMIT


Class 2 - The Exmoor Extra - 20 entries

Class 3 - The Exmoor 40 - 20 entries (now FULL)

Class 4 - The Exmoor Novice - 35 entries

Class 5 - The Wessex Horseshoe Pleasure Ride - 80 entries 

This decision has been taken on Health and Safety grounds, and also taking into account the impact on the moorland ground conditions after discussion with Exmoor National Park Authority.

 When the limits are reached, we will hold a ‘waiting list’ in case of withdrawals and will contact riders in order of receiving their proposed entries.

The National and Young Rider Champions will be judged from those in the highest award category of their class.  They must also be current members of Endurance GB and resident in the UK.

A ‘Performance Formula’ (see below) will be applied to find the winners.

    (Actual Speed-5)  x 100__

           (Final Pulse)-20


The National Champion will not necessarily be the winner of the Premier Award, as this has the additional criteria that the horse is also judged to be most capable of continuing for another 40km.


Category:General :UK Rides


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Royal Windsor Horse show FEI 2*Royal Windsor Horse show FEI 2* - (Published:30 March 2015)

Important information for all GBR riders that wish to compete in the FEI2* at the Royal Windsor Horse Show Endurance event.


ALL GBR entries MUST be emailed to the EGB office by Sunday 26th April so that a list can be sent to the OC on Monday 27th.

Please use the International Ride Entry form.  A ballot will be used, depending on the number of entries. Once your place has been confirmed by the OC, the EGB office will notify you and send details of how to pay entry fees and order stabling etc.

Fees must then be paid by 1st May (Definite entry date) in order to secure your place. Please contact the EGB office if you have any questions.’



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A Brief History of the Golden Horseshoe RideA Brief History of the Golden Horseshoe Ride - (Published:20 March 2015)

There are records of a few organised ‘Long Distance Rides’ before the Second World War – one of which was organised by Country Life and Riding Magazine in 1938.

However, this emerging sport appears to have come to a standstill until the summer of 1965, when the British Horse Society ran its first Golden Horseshoe Ride on Exmoor, promoted by author Ronald Duncan and Colonel Mike Ansell, and sponsored by the Sunday Telegraph. The idea was so popular that organisers had to close entries a month early, having reached the limit of 110 entrants.

The route was linear, starting at Malmsmead, and finishing at Mr Duncan’s home in Welcombe, Devon.

There were no markers, and riders had to find their own way, including navigating across ‘The Chains’ with the help of several local people riding Exmoor ponies.

There was also no minimum speed and one couple were seen to have their own chauffeured car following them on the roads, enabling them to stop for a picnic on the way.

At the finish, Glenda Spooner and John Oaksey were waiting to check the horses to ensure that they were in good condition, and all who completed at 6mph or above received a gold-painted horseshoe.


The Golden Horseshoe Ride was born, and organisers and participants agreed that it was a really good test of a horse’s fitness, and rider’s horsemanship.

Originally, the event moved to a different location each year, including Brighton and Yorkshire, until 1974 when it returned to Exmoor permanently, and became based in Exford.

The ride became more ‘organised’ with routes being marked first of all with  painted horseshoes fixed on poles, and later by Jim Collins of the Exmoor National Park Authority with flags made out of fertiliser bags, which ‘marched across the moor’ to give excellent visibility (except for when the Exmoor mist descended!). 

Rules also became more stringent, with speeds of 8mph or above required to achieve a Gold award. Vetting procedures also advanced to ensure that the horses were protected from abuse.

Today we have seven competitive classes to choose from, and the ride is a far cry from that first 50 mile competition. Can you imagine going on an Endurance Ride over Exmoor without any markers? Or having a picnic on the way? In 1965 there were also no vets, no RAYNET communications, no St John Ambulance on standby, and certainly none of the amenities that are now taken for granted at any Endurance Ride.

The riders on that first Golden Horseshoe Ride were certainly pioneers in our sport.

Check out the Golden Horseshoe website for news of this year's ride.

Category:General :UK Rides

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HORSE WELFARE - a statement by Endurance GBHORSE WELFARE - a statement by Endurance GB - (Published:12 February 2015)

 I know that, like me and the entire Board, many EGB members are distressed by the recent reports and photographs of the injuries to Splitters Creek Bundy at the Al Reef Cup in Abu Dhabi that are in circulation.  These images have shocked us all.

I would like to reassure Members that Endurance GB continues to maintain and promote the highest standards of horse welfare in Great Britain. We have also introduced additional controls to further safeguard welfare, to protect the integrity of endurance and that of EGB, all of which are of paramount importance.


We are committed to encouraging the highest possible standards of horse welfare throughout the equestrian community and in all parts of the world. 

On this basis the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has agreed to write to the FEI expressing our concerns, at our request.


John Hudson

Chairman, Endurance GB


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Hannah Maskell and Joyce's Choice, 2014 Supreme Champion of Endurance GB and Young Rider Champion
Ruth Chadwick and Aragorn, 2014 Senior Champion of Endurance GB


Keighley & Madison Pomroy and Redwings Milky Way, 2014 Junior Champion of Endurance GB


The full list of trophies and winners is here

Training Rides
Euston Park Pleasure Ride with optional Endurance Training - (Published:17 March 2015)

On Sunday 26th April the Iceni Group are organising a Pleasure Ride  of 8, 16 or 32 kms with the opportunity to practise Vet Gate procedures, Trot Ups and much more!  Click here for further details and an entry form.

Cotswold Group's Cleeve Hill Social Ride on 3rd May - (Published:06 March 2015)

There will be 3 loops of 8/12/8kms and you may ride just one or all three starting from Black Barns, Charlton Abbotts nr Andoversford, Gloucestershire.  More details downloadable here and there is an entry form on the Cotswold Group's website.

On Sunday May 10th there is to be a Training/Pleasure Ride starting from the Events Plateau in Campbell Park, Milton Keynes  read more ...
Offa's Dyke Blaenavon Ride - Sunday 21st June - (Published:10 April 2015)

 Venue- Whistle Inn, Blaenavon, NP4 9SJ

 read more ...

Past Champions
Getting Started with Endurance GB

Choose your first graded ride by looking through the handbook or the list of rides online, entries for a ride can be made online or sending in a ride entry form with a SAE. Send your entry in before the Ride Close Date, then a week before your ride, your ride details will arrive so that you can plan your journey and your ride.  You should have your horse passport with you as the law requires but it probably will not be checked at the ride.           (Photo by Esther Young and Kerry Dawson)

Aim to arrive at the Venue a good 30-45 minutes before your vet time. Before you unload check in with the Secretary, take your membership card, horse registration and log book with your master card already filled in. Collect your numbered bib and check the notice board for any changes to the route or last minute rider instructions


Put out buckets of water and hay net up for your return. Put a bridle on or a controller head collar to ensure your horse is under control. Remove any bandages or travel boots. If cold or clipped leave the rug on. Put your numbered bib on!


Take your horse and vet sheet to the farrier for the shoes to be checked. Then on to the vet who will ask you for your vet sheet. Any rugs will need to be removed. He will take your horse’s
pulse, check his legs and back and then ask you to trot the horse up for approximately 30 metres and back. Hopefully all is well and you can start! They will keep the vet sheet ready for your return.


Walk back to the trailer and tack up. Put an emergency sticker on you and on your horse’s tack. Remember to take your map
case and map, talk round and mobile phone (on). Attach your drink and holder to your saddle if needed.


Walk to the start, the timekeeper will give you your start time make a note of this time.  Set off quietly and try to ride at a consistent pace. You need to be riding between 8 and 15kph, around 10kph is a good target speed (ie a mixture of trotting and cantering, with not very much walking!) So 40k will take 4hours at 10kph.

On returning to the venue (finish) give the timekeeper your number, they will tell you your finishing time. Dismount and walk back to the trailer. You have up to 30 minutes to get the horse’s pulse down to below 64 - hopefully a lot lower. Untack and put head collar on, tie up to trailer.  Offer him a drink but do not feed until after vetting.


Check the horse’s pulse then depending on the reading and the weather, pour or sponge water over neck, back and the big veins on the hind legs unless it is cold and wet!

Try and reduce his heart rate.


Check there are no stones in the horse’s feet.  Keep checking the pulse and, when it is as low as you think you can get it, walk quietly to the vets for your final vetting; the same procedures will occur that happened at the beginning.


Remember you must present to the vet within 30 minutes or you will be eliminated. You may have to queue but, providing you have told the vet steward you are there, that is fine. You may need the 30 minutes to begin with but the sooner you can present with a low pulse the better.


After vetting go back to the trailer, feed, let your horse relax before loading.
Allow at least 30 minutes before going to the secretary for your mastercard, vet sheet, grade and rosette after your final vetting.

File your master card and vet sheet in your log book for safe keeping.

We hope you have a great time but remember if you have any queries please contact