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Results & Trophies
Results & Trophies
Mission Statement for Endurance GB

Our mission is to promote and enhance the sport of Endurance (Competitive Long Distance) Riding within the United Kingdom, by providing competition, training and development opportunities that will appeal to all levels of rider from beginner to world class winner.
The Society will endeavour to promote and uphold at all times the highest standards of horse welfare

Recent News
Letter from EGB regarding UAE Letter from EGB regarding UAE - (Published:04 February 2016)

The Board has been closely following with interest the progress of the FEI in improving horse welfare in the UAE, in accordance with the agreement put in place with the EEF (Emirates Equestrian Federation). Whilst there have been reports of numerous improvements, especially at the Bou Thib venue, we are deeply concerned and shocked by the video that has emerged from a CEN event at Al Wathba on the 30th of January.  


We have today written to the BEF to share our concerns and have asked that they are passed to the FEI. We have requested that further action be taken and that this is made public as soon as possible. The FEI have a duty to address a culture of riding horses beyond their means in the sport of endurance.  

The Board fully support the FEI to intervene and implement new measures that protect horses and the sport worldwide.  

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Cromwell Group has a new look websiteCromwell Group has a new look website - (Published:04 February 2016)

 Bella Fricker has been busy working on a brand new website for Cromwell EGB group. Take a peek here


The new website has taken on a turquoise colour scheme in line with the group’s brand recognisable strategy, to match their Inter-Regional Team colours. The group, which covers Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire is small and eager to increase membership hence the need for a more approachable and attractive website.

Bella said: “I’m really pleased with how the new website has turned out. It’s really colourful and hopefully easy to use and informative. I’ve tried to include as much as I could think of to attract a range of members from the happy hacker, to the riding club or pony club member, through to the Retraining of Racehorses (ROR) owner.

“I’ve worked a lot on the membership pages and the first ride pages. Over the next few weeks I want to add a ‘Helpful Articles’ section with lots of advice from a range of sources for new members. Our sport is so friendly and approachable in real life and I think that gets lost sometimes when it is written down. I must also say a big thank you to Sarah Robins who previously designed and looked after our website. I seriously appreciate the work involved now!”

The Cromwell Group’s next ride is the Milton Keynes Concrete Cows ride on 20 March. Entries are open, and there are prizes on offer from Equidgel for the Team Challenge and Veterans.

Visit The Concrete Cows for all the information.


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British Grooms Association (BGA) invite applications for new Board DirectorsBritish Grooms Association (BGA) invite applications for new Board Directors - (Published:04 February 2016)

 The British Grooms Association (BGA) is searching for skilled and interested professionals to join the Board of Directors.


As a social enterprise and membership association the BGA aims to make a difference to the world of grooms, and in addition offer support and education to equestrian employers. For a small organisation, the BGA has a big agenda and even bigger aspirations. 

With a refreshed vision and mission, underpinned by a set of loyal sponsors, a growing membership and new website, the BGA now has the opportunity to become a thriving business. 

Applications are invited for non-executive Director positions to join the current Board from Spring 2016. Applicants are required to be proficient in one of these skill areas:

·                     Financial planning

·               Marketing – in particular digital media

·                     Strategic planning and implementation

Directors must all have:

·                     Knowledge of the Equine Industry and the working role of a groom

·                     A good understanding and preferably experience of the not-for-profit sector

·                     Diplomacy, ability to work in a small team and excellent communication skills.

The roles are voluntary positions but where relevant, reasonable travel expenses will be paid in line with the BGA expenses policy.
Your application letter and CV, detailing your interest in the role and how your experience and skills meet the specifications set out above, should be sent to

The closing date for applications is 29 February 2016 

For more information on the BGA visit www.britishgrooms.org.uk 


Enquiries to:

lucy.katan@britishgrooms.org.uk or tel: 0345 331 6039


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International Endurance Squad - 2016International Endurance Squad - 2016 - (Published:01 February 2016)

The International Committee are looking for our British talent to express their interest in joining the International Squad, with a view to being selected for Team GBR.  Have your received your invitation?


There are just a few short weeks until the start of Endurance GB’s ride season.  Most of you will have your training well underway and have probably already put your entry in for your first event.   

The International Committee have their focus on those of you that are FEI riders and interested in representing your country at International events this year and beyond.  

Click here for more information. 

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REST PERIODS - UPDATEREST PERIODS - UPDATE - (Published:30 January 2016)
Following on from the Endurance GB Annual General Meeting in November, the Board undertook to look into rest periods with the aim of implementing them prior to the start of the 2016 season. This involved discussions with the FEI to determine whether their rest periods applied to national horses as well as those registered for FEI competition. The FEI confirmed that their rule was only applicable to those horses registered to compete with the FEI. Endurance GB has therefore implemented the original proposal, which was presented to members during the 2015 AGM. This has been implemented by the Board on welfare grounds and therefore is effective immediately.    


The full rules are available here: http://endurancegb.co.uk/main/restperiods   

The compulsory rest periods will be monitored by the Technical Stewards (TS) at each ride. Following each ride, the TS will mark on your master card when the horse is next able to compete. On arrival at the next competition the TS will confirm you are not in breach of the rest period criteria. For Graded Endurance Rides, EGB has recommended rest periods, which follow a similar structure to those applied to CERs. We hope that those taking part in GERs will adopt a common sense approach to rest periods following rides. Any concerns about your horses’ fitness or ability to compete should always be discussed with your vet, especially when returning to work or competition. 

For both CERs and GERs, if the horse is eliminated for lameness or metabolics, an additional rest period will be applicable.   

If you require more information, please email ridesandrules@endurancegb.co.uk  


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EGB hits 5000 likes on FacebookEGB hits 5000 likes on Facebook - (Published:28 January 2016)

Endurance GB set up its Facebook page in 2012 and it has slowly been building momentum on the number of ‘likes’ ever since. We hit the 5000 ‘likes’ milestone on 14 January 2016.


What’s more important though, is page engagement. Of course the more likes the page has, the bigger the audience, and so more opportunity for engagement. But EGB’s level of engagement, measured on likes, comments and shares, is significantly higher than comparable pages. In just the last seven days we have managed to post 22 times, generating an engagement level 458 people. Compare this to British Showjumping and British Dressage that both have considerably more likes than EGB, yet have not posted a single time in the last seven days, and thus have engagement levels of zero.


When comparing net likes across these three pages, EGB is on par with British Dressage with a +0.5% net likes in the last seven days and ahead of British Showjumping which only has +0.2% this week. These may seem small figures but they are actually quite significant. The British Carriage Driving Association’s Facebook page has 2.1k total likes; they have posted just once in the last seven days and yet only generated an engagement level of seven people.


Compared to the pages of some of the other equestrian disciplines we may be small, but our social media presence is mighty. We are on par for net like growth and surpassing engagement level hugely. All positive steps forward for EGB! We also set up an Instragram account in December 2015 that has managed to reach over 2000 followers already.

We will hopefully start to see these virtual figures turning into real members soon!




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FEI Level I and II Endurance Judge CoursesFEI Level I and II Endurance Judge Courses - (Published:28 January 2016)

  Do you compete at FEI level and would you like to get to grips with the FEI Rules?  Are you interested in working as an Official at an FEI Ride?  Endurance GB are hosting FEI Level I and II Endurance Judge Courses at Abbey Park, Warwickshire on the 5th and 6th March.


Do you compete at FEI level and would you like to get to grips with the FEI Rules?  Are you interested in working as an Official at an FEI Ride?  Endurance GB are hosting FEI Level I and II Endurance Judge Courses at Abbey Park, Warwickshire on the 5th and 6th March.


Sign up for a Level I course to broaden your knowledge and take the first step to becoming an FEI Official. 


Level II Course for existing officials:  You must do a course every 4 years to maintain your status or risk being demoted or removed from the FEI register.  Are you ready for promotion to the next level? 


These courses are open to members of all National Federations.  Further details of how to join us can be found on the FEI Calendar: 



We would also like to draw your attention to the FEI General Veterinarian Course being held at Hartpury on the following weekend on the 12th and 13th March.  This is the first course that vets need to take in order to act as an Official Veterinarian at an FEI event. 




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New Wessex Group Website!   New Wessex Group Website! - (Published:24 January 2016)

 The Wessex group have a vibrant new website where members and visitors can easily access forthcoming events, contact the organising team, and read helpful articles.

If you weren’t already chomping at the bit for the season to start, a quick tour of the Wessex group’s fresh new website will remind you that the sun will shine again, and you could soon be out there enjoying the rides put on by this sizeable group. The group covers Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire and offers members 10 rides during the year, as well as social events, including the end of season awards.



A peek at the Who’s Who page lets you ‘meet’ the committee and glimpse into their experience and enthusiasm, while elsewhere you can find practical tips and support to help newcomers feel more confident about map reading, ride procedure and vetting.

Webmaster Sarah Davenport has done a superb job and is really pleased with the overall look, saying: I worked on it for approximately three months to get the look of the site right, which is the part I found most enjoyable, being the creative butterfly at that I am. We wanted to make it appealing to look at, easy to navigate and hopefully entice non-members to not be intimidated by the word 'endurance' and come along, enjoy the Pleasure Rides and hopefully join EGB. Time will tell.

“I am really looking forward to the start of the new season and getting my pony out on course, which I think can be said for him as well. I'm particularly interested to see how my little New Forest pony does in a whole season, as last year we only joined half way through the year and he did amazingly well. I cant’ wait!”


Check it out for yourself at:   www.wessexendurancegb.com


The next Wessex group event is the Stourton Snowdrop pleasure ride on 14 February.

The ride is full, but helpers are always welcomed. Contact organiser Claire Richards to discuss clrichards@btinternet.com



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Details of the 2016 Volunteer Conferences - (Published:16 January 2016)

Southern Volunteer Conference - 31 January at Chisledon Village Hall, near junction15, near Swindon, M4. Northern Volunteer Conference - 20 February at Woodkirk Valley Country Club, near junction 28, near Leeds, M62

These workshops, aimed at EGB ride organisers and volunteers, welcome all volunteers to come along, swap ideas and to find out about the rule changes for the coming season. It is strongly recommended that all ride organisers attend either the Northern or the Southern Volunteer Conference. (Please note the unavoidable change of date of the Southern event.)

The events are free to attend and include lunch which is likely to be soup and sandwiches. If you are intending to come, please email the relevant address below, stating your name, your EGB group, which ride(s) you are ride organiser for (if any) and whether you have any special dietary requirements.


For the Southern Conference please email suebox@endurancegb.co.uk

For the Northern Conference please email kerrydawson@endurancegb.co.uk


We hope to see you there.


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International Seminar 2016International Seminar 2016 - (Published:13 January 2016)

Endurance GB’s International Seminar has become a popular annual event on the calendar and we have a bumper day planned for you. It has proved difficult to put everything in place for a pre-season Seminar so this year it will be held in the Autumn.   For details please see under International

British Endurance Horse Health SurveyBritish Endurance Horse Health Survey - (Published:07 January 2016)
The Animal Health Trust, in collaboration with Endurance GB, is conducting a new research study to investigate veterinary problems of British endurance horses. The study will document common illnesses, training and management practices and will assess whether horse, rider or management-related risk factors are associated with specific health problems.You are eligible to participate if you are registered with Endurance GB and are the main rider of one or more endurance horses currently registered with Endurance GB. 


All information will be handled with strict confidentiality and no personal information on either horses or riders will be published. A summary of the main findings will be published on the Endurance GB website and in the Endurance GB magazine and therefore will be available to all Endurance GB members. If you would like to participate, please click here.

The survey will be open until the 29th February 2016.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this study and if you have any questions, please contact Annamaria Nagy by email on annamaria.nagy@aht.org.uk. 


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Julie & Emma Martin and Ghalib Zafir, 2015 Supreme Champion of Endurance GB
Ruth Chadwick and Aragorn, 2015 Senior Champion of Endurance GB
Katie Bedwin and Elayla, 2015 Young Rider Champion of Endurance GB

Madison Pomroy and Zaferan, 2015 Junior Champion of Endurance GB
Team Wales, winners of the 2015 Home International and the Celtic Challenge

Kate Atkinson and DNS Ronaldo, 2015 National YR Champion

Gill Talbot and Sa'da Sekora, 2015 National Champion




Check your Group website for winter rides
Registration for 2016 is now open
EGB gift vouchers are a gift worth having!

2015 AGM presentations are now available to view in the Members area under AGM




Training Rides, Events, Results
Events in the SouthEast - (Published:26 January 2016)
For details of training rides and events organised by the South East Group please see here 
Events in the SouthWest - (Published:16 October 2015)
For details of training rides and events organised by the South West Group please see here 

Past Champions
Getting Started with Endurance GB

Choose your first graded ride by looking through the handbook or the list of rides online, entries for a ride can be made online or sending in a ride entry form with a SAE. Send your entry in before the Ride Close Date, then a week before your ride, your ride details will arrive so that you can plan your journey and your ride.  You should have your horse passport with you as the law requires but it probably will not be checked at the ride.           (Photo by Esther Young and Kerry Dawson)

Aim to arrive at the Venue a good 30-45 minutes before your vet time. Before you unload check in with the Secretary, take your membership card, horse registration and log book with your master card already filled in. Collect your numbered bib and check the notice board for any changes to the route or last minute rider instructions


Put out buckets of water and hay net up for your return. Put a bridle on or a controller head collar to ensure your horse is under control. Remove any bandages or travel boots. If cold or clipped leave the rug on. Put your numbered bib on!


Take your horse and vet sheet to the farrier for the shoes to be checked. Then on to the vet who will ask you for your vet sheet. Any rugs will need to be removed. He will take your horse’s
pulse, check his legs and back and then ask you to trot the horse up for approximately 30 metres and back. Hopefully all is well and you can start! They will keep the vet sheet ready for your return.


Walk back to the trailer and tack up. Put an emergency sticker on you and on your horse’s tack. Remember to take your map
case and map, talk round and mobile phone (on). Attach your drink and holder to your saddle if needed.


Walk to the start, the timekeeper will give you your start time make a note of this time.  Set off quietly and try to ride at a consistent pace. You need to be riding between 8 and 15kph, around 10kph is a good target speed (ie a mixture of trotting and cantering, with not very much walking!) So 40k will take 4hours at 10kph.

On returning to the venue (finish) give the timekeeper your number, they will tell you your finishing time. Dismount and walk back to the trailer. You have up to 30 minutes to get the horse’s pulse down to below 64 - hopefully a lot lower. Untack and put head collar on, tie up to trailer.  Offer him a drink but do not feed until after vetting.


Check the horse’s pulse then depending on the reading and the weather, pour or sponge water over neck, back and the big veins on the hind legs unless it is cold and wet!

Try and reduce his heart rate.


Check there are no stones in the horse’s feet.  Keep checking the pulse and, when it is as low as you think you can get it, walk quietly to the vets for your final vetting; the same procedures will occur that happened at the beginning.


Remember you must present to the vet within 30 minutes or you will be eliminated. You may have to queue but, providing you have told the vet steward you are there, that is fine. You may need the 30 minutes to begin with but the sooner you can present with a low pulse the better.


After vetting go back to the trailer, feed, let your horse relax before loading.
Allow at least 30 minutes before going to the secretary for your mastercard, vet sheet, grade and rosette after your final vetting.

File your master card and vet sheet in your log book for safe keeping.

We hope you have a great time but remember if you have any queries please contact ridesandrules@endurancegb.co.uk