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and the sun shone on Long Mynd........and the sun shone on Long Mynd........ - (Published:15 September 2014)

For the third year in a row the sun shone on the Long Mynd for this popular ride. 
Although a hilly challenging ride, horses love it and this year was no exception with some really good speeds and heart rates. 


This year the the 64km class was sponsored by Torq Nutrition and so was judged under Performance Formula. 
Although there was very little in the points, the winner by a narrow margin was Fiona Valentine and Arranbeg Mai. 
Fiona was thrilled with her tough little mare especially as the Longmynd was the first ride they did together.  It was a big step up from 32km but Mai rose to the challenge and gave Fiona a wonderful ride. 

This ride was also part of the series of rides where a prize, kindly donated by the Worshipful Company of Saddlers is presented to the best Young Rider .  The prize of a lovely leather headcollar was won by Emily Cooke on her lovely pony Lady's Man who were also placed in the 64km class.  This combination travelled to Scotland just 3 weeks ago to represent Wales in the Home International & Celtic Challenge.  Emily is a very talented young lady and is sure to go far in the sport. 


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Are you ready for the RED DRAGON Festival of Endurance?Are you ready for the RED DRAGON Festival of Endurance? - (Published:12 September 2014)

The Organisers have a full and varied program for the Red Dragon Festival of Endurance. Three days of competitive and pleasure ride classes gives all the option of enjoying this fabulous weekend and challenging themselves and their horses - if they wish!


The weekend also includes a talk by Rod Fisher, Para-Equestrian Team Vet who has kindly agreed to give a presentation on how the Para-Equestrian Team was prepared for the 2012 Olympics and the 2014 World Equestrian Games.  Everyone will be welcome to attend in the Ride Office at 8.30pm on the evening of Saturday 4th October.  Admission will be free but will be subject to seating space for what we believe will be an absorbing evening for all.


We have also decided this year, that the Red Dragon class should be an elevator class.  This will we hope encourage more competitors to give The Red Dragon 2-day 160km CER a try. This means that combinations will be able to retire from the class at Vet Gate 4 (114km) or Vet Gate 5 (140km) once they have passed the vetting successfully at that point in the competition.Riders should note that both the above vet gates are on course at Painscastle, so they will be responsible for arranging collection of their horse from the vet gate.


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The Lions Tail has TWO days of competition and pleasure rides!The Lions Tail has TWO days of competition and pleasure rides! - (Published:12 September 2014)

The Lions Tail ride on 20th and 21st Sept is taking late entries until 17th September. This year the ride includes 2 day classes as well as a range of Pleasure and Graded distances on each day.  Come and join us for the weekend


Come and enjoy riding the bridleways and byways in this lovely part of Leics. The route also uses private land on Stapleford Estate.  

Camping and corralling available at the venue. 

Don't forget also that on Saturday there will be group social ride classes (unvetted) of 21kms, 17kms, 9kms.
Entry fee £7 for members and assoc members, £15 for non-members.
The Saturday social ride classes can only be entered using a postal entry. To download an entry form and details please use the link to the website.

The closing date for Saturday entries is Monday 15th September.
For more information visit the ride website

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Successful weekend for the Brits abroad!Successful weekend for the Brits abroad! - (Published:11 September 2014)

A successful trip was had by the British contingent competing at Monpazier in the South of France on the 5th and 6th September over what can only be described as a tough, technical course with steep climbs and descents, hard stony tracks, deep sand, mud and lots of twists and turns.


All the classes had large entries with a lot of professional riders competing from a variety of nations making it a truly International competitive event. Over the weekend the temperatures reached 30 degrees with very high humidity.
In the CEI 3* 160km class Tricia Hirst with Madjin des Pins finished 8th at a speed of 17.36kph. The first loop was completed in complete darkness in the forest creating a challenging start to the day.

Nikki Malcolm was competing in the CEI 2* 130km class on Radja Al Mels where they finished 4th at a speed of 19.43kph and completed the last loop at 25kph winning a racing finish with five other horses to claim 4th place.
Carol-Ann Smith Van Blerk was also competing in the same class and finished 51st at a very creditiable 15.98kph.
On the second day of the competition Georgina Hirst competed on Vlacq Bronze Image in the CEI 1* 90km class and finished 25th at an average speed of 17.4kph having completed the last loop at 21kph.       


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New Forest Rufus - RIDE CANCELLEDNew Forest Rufus - RIDE CANCELLED - (Published:11 September 2014)

It is with much regret that I have to announce the New Park Rufus ride has been cancelled, this is due to the current strangles outbreak in the forest.


We have been in consultation with the agisters and the ride vets and decided for the welfare of our horses and that of the new forest ponies that this is the only course of action we could take. we have cancelled now rather than waiting so that riders have the opportunity to change their plans and hopefully have not incurred extra costs.

hopefully we will see you all again next year.

sarah, emma and simon.


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Congratulations to Beth Langley and HS Ametista 28th of 166 ridersCongratulations to Beth Langley and HS Ametista 28th of 166 riders - (Published:03 September 2014)

 Beth said afterwards: It’s amazing to have got round my first WEG together. That was the toughest 100 miles I’ve ever done. She led the Brits the whole way, this is her 15th WEG competition back to back. She’s a horse of a lifetime.

It’s taken dedication and I’ve sacrificed my social life to get here but it’s so worth it. We knew at one point we were in the bronze medal position, we tried to bring Annie [Joppe] with us but if we’d stayed we wouldn’t have made the cut off. Mentally it’s tough to ride out on your own.”  

Anna Williams (with tears in her eyes) This has been the hardest ride of my life but I’m so proud of my horse! He’s young, this was only his second 160km and that was flat and sandy, we’ve never trained on mud like this. He just kept plugging away through all the mud though and absolutely gave his heart. Beth and I rode the whole way together which gave him a real boost. His day will come, he was awesome. When we presented his heart rate was well under at 56b/m but that’s endurance for you.  

Andrea Baker, Endurance Chef d’equipe They’ve done well over a tough course; we would have loved to see a team home – to briefly be in bronze medal position was amazing - but there was so much attrition due to the conditions that our performance has definitely been in line with other nations. After the rain the course was very different from the one we saw earlier in the week and didn’t ride as well as they promised.   Anna’s horse looked fantastic coming into the finish so we were all shocked by the outcome. It was disappointing in the end but I’m not sure there are any specific  lessons to be learned, we have to move on and take the positives. The team have ridden together and supported each other really well through all of this which hasn’t happened for a good few years.  


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Great Britain’s John McEwen MBE to run for FEI PresidencyGreat Britain’s John McEwen MBE to run for FEI Presidency - (Published:26 August 2014)

The International Equestrian Federation’s (FEI) First Vice-President, John McEwen MBE, is to run for presidency of the FEI when the position comes up in December 2014. 

Currently the FEI’s Veterinary Committee Chairman, a role he has held for 8 years, John has supported current incumbent HRH Princess Haya of Jordan and the FEI as First Vice-President since his election at the General Assembly in Taiwan in 2000. During this time he has also served as the British Equestrian Federation’s (BEF) World Class Performance Programme’s Director for Equine Sports Science and Medicine.

The presidential race will be strongly contested following Princess Haya’s decision not to run for a third term. However, having been at the sharp end of the FEI’s work over a time of expansion - throughout the period of its “clean sport” campaign and over a period of unsurpassed sponsorship acquisition - John is well versed in both sport and commercial decisions of the organisation.

Known for his diplomacy, his integrity, modesty and strong sense of fair play John is well very well connected within the sport. He has chaired the FEI’s Bureau and its General Assembly in Princess Haya’s absence.


John commented:

“I have been delighted to play my part in support of the FEI and of our current President, HRH Princess Haya.  I have no illusions about the challenges for this election and the work that needs to be undertaken in the future.  I run because I know I have the confidence and support of my own Federation and because I am committed to the direction our current president has forged.  There is clearly more work to do but we have good people in place and a sound executive team led well by its Secretary General, Ingmar De Vos.  If elected, I will seek to run a steady course and a period of further evolution.”


BEF’s President and Chairman, Keith Taylor, added:

“We were geared to support HRH Princess Haya in her campaign to run for another four years. Her withdrawal from the race a couple of weeks before nominations close has caused us to move quickly.  But, we took no time in citing John McEwen for our nomination.  He is hugely experienced and electable. He knows the FEI inside out and he knows what needs to be done to build on Princess Haya’s outstanding legacy.  He is very well respected throughout the international community as a man of integrity.  We support him fully.  John McEwen will go forward to the election at the FEI General Assembly (Baku) on 14 December with a very strong recommendation from the British Equestrian Federation.


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Riding the Mongol DerbyRiding the Mongol Derby - (Published:26 August 2014)

Riding the Mongol Derby has been an ambition of mine for the last few years. I first heard about the Derby when Holly Budge talked about her experience of it at The Daily Telegraph Adventure Show in Earl's Court. At the time, I had not learned to ride but I remember turning excitedly to my friend and saying, 'That sounds like insane amounts of fun. I am going to do that one day.'

Fast forward to this Easter and I had learned to ride via a six month sabbatical in Argentina on a polo estancia followed by two years of amateur polo in Ascot. I wanted to take a break from polo and was looking to experience other equestrian sports. Reminded of the Mongol Derby, I thought to test my luck in getting a place at short-ish notice and to my surprise, was accepted. 

My second stroke of luck was in finding FEI endurance rider, Rachael Claridge to be my Mongol Derby coach. Rachael had been recommended to me by a riding instructor. Before I met Rachael, I did not know of endurance riding nor the phenomenal partnership between horse and rider needed to compete in the distances, across the terrains, at the national and international levels that Rachael had achieved.

Rachael did not seem at all fazed by my request that we try to prepare me for the 1000km horse race with, at most, 20 training days. My London city job meant that I would only be riding on weekends (Rachael is predominantly based in Badminton and Cornwall) so I supplemented this with at least an hour's cardiovascular workout every weekday. As a UKCC level 3 accredited coach, Rachael advised me on nutrition and the psychology of long distance riding.

Rachael put together a training programme which included various geographies and terrains (beach, moorland, woods, river crossings) in official Endurance GB rides as well as privately scripted rides. Hours in the saddle was key but given the time constraints, we also felt it important to spend time improving my seat in flat and jump work.

The other critical factor was to train on a variety of different horses since, in Mongolia, if I successfully completed, I would be riding on 30 different horses in quick succession. Rachael's training programme included riding her stunning endurance competition horses Maarhabi, Prince Meliodas and stallion Silver Zenif. We also spent several weekends training at Jo and Peter Claridge's Phoenix Field Arabian Stud Farm in Cornwall where we rode out on the beautiful, honest, bomb proof horse that is Zar (Azaraell) as well as training on Ali Shahrif testing my balance on an unbacked youngster. 

Rachael was also generous and thoughtful in extending her equestrian network to me - Her other clients allowed me to have a sit on their horses and I would also like to say thanks to Selaine from Less Bounce for her donation of supremely supportive Berlei sports underwear!

Four weeks before the Derby, whilst on a pleasure ride in Kent, I fell off a horse and suffered a spiral fracture on my index finger metatarsal. My race ambitions were put on hold whilst I tussled as to whether or not to withdraw from the race. Rachael was fantastic - not putting any pressure on me to continue nor withdraw but allowing me the headspace to work out my own decision. Ultimately I decided to go ahead with the Derby. After taking medical advice on best precautions to protect my hand whilst riding, we rejigged the training programme to help me regain my confidence whilst continuing to maintain the riding stamina we had built. 

I travelled to Mongolia knowing that within the time limitations that we had been under, Rachael's training programme had put me in the best position I could be in to complete the Derby. 

On starting the race, I realised that having trained in Cornwall had been absolutely ideal. The geography in Mongolia, at least the parts that we rode through, was quite similar to the geography of moorland. In the valleys there are large sections of grassland with low scrubby vegetation which was generally soft on the horses' feet. Notwithstanding the marmot holes, riders would make up time in these sections by galloping through. There were a couple of sections of steep craggy uphill climbs - Rachael and I had spent some time on hill work so I felt confident in navigating my horse through these sections, even though the horse seemed less sure! Rolling hills meant that we could canter up but trot and jog downhill. During these sections, I let the horse dictate the speed it was comfortable trotting/jogging/walking down. On occasion I would ride a maniacal horse who insisted on galloping down at full pelt. 

Rachael had incorporated some water crossings in our rides and this proved invaluable. Despite the hot weather resulting in many of the lakes and rivers shrinking/drying up completely, there were still several water crossings to be made. Apart from one incident where we got a bit stuck in a bog (!) we successfully crossed various rivers and streams without too much drama. 

Rachael's last pep talk to me was to remind me that in a tricky situation, the best thing I could do was to sit deep, breathe, talk to the horse and if the horse continued to bully me, pull dead tight on one rein. I estimate of 30 horses, I ended up riding concentric circles with five of them before we compromised on a riding partnership.

I completed the race in ten days. I came 23rd out of 48 riders which to my mind, is a solidly average placing. However I am extremely pleased with this solidly average result. Not having truly considered myself a 'rider' beforehand, I do consider myself one now. My best advice for anyone considering riding the Mongol Derby is to research the physical, logistical and emotional demands which will be demanded of you during those ten long days. Nothing will completely prepare you for the experience, which will, at various times, be amazing and terrible in equal measure, but with the right preparation and training, it has a very high likelihood of being the ride of your life.


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Pilgrim’s Trail Ride and Pilgrim’s Team Challenge - 24th AugustPilgrim’s Trail Ride and Pilgrim’s Team Challenge - 24th August - (Published:26 August 2014)

(Photo courtesy of Sal Moden) A really great day for all involved in this ‘new’ ride from the venue at Beachamwell in Breckland, Norfolk. Ride Organisers Ellie Head and David Rogers together with a willing and efficient team thanked the Gods for the perfect competition weather.

Competitors came from far afield to this lovely area and all are hoping to return next year!

Brett Corcoran attended with Harry Ingram who was riding one of Brett’s young horses.  Alice Beet riding her new novice horse Alfi Moon came up trumps with a grade 1 (first outing) and a win as part of the Pilgrim’s Team Challenge accompanied by Katie Bedwin (Burfield Red Dragon)  Many Yarnold (Penhwnllys Samala De Mons) T Herriot (Red House Shalim).

The going was good and it was really quite a fast route for those that required it. The fine weather and camaraderie at this ride will certainly make this ride memorable for those lucky enough to attend.

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Endurance GB needs YOUEndurance GB needs YOU - (Published:21 August 2014)

Dear Members
Your Board is constantly seeking to improve how best to deliver your needs as Members of Endurance GB, and we’re now writing now to explain how we believe you can help.

As you know the Board comprises 15 Members; currently there are four vacant positions and three existing Directors are due to retire at the AGM in November having completed their 3 year terms. Consequently we have an urgent need to attract experienced and skilled new blood to continue the valuable and challenging work that the Board is doing on your behalf.

One significant change that we have been debating for some time is the size and function of the Board. We feel that the interests of Endurance GB, our sport and yourselves might best be served by a smaller number of 10-12 Directors responsible for more specifically defined functions and responsibilities, supported closely by an enhanced Committee structure with greater involvement of our Members. A closer connection and involvement with the Regional Groups is also seen as highly desirable. Clearly any major change in our governance would require our Constitution to be modified, so it is something that the Membership would need to debate and then vote upon at an Extraordinary General Meeting if thought appropriate.

In the meantime, with the approaching need for nominations and elections for the Board prior to the AGM, we thought it would be helpful to Members if we outlined the qualities and skills needed by your Board Members, and especially those that we would like to attract and strengthen for the coming year to help deliver the Endurance GB Strategy and Operating Plan. This is not intended to frighten people off, but to encourage suitably qualified Members to put themselves forward, or have their arms twisted, to stand for these important roles and responsibilities.

Being a Board Member represents a significant commitment and demand on people’s time and one not to be taken on lightly. However it is not beyond the reach of any Member with the necessary skills and can be most enjoyable and personally rewarding. As well as having their own specialised business, professional and life skills and a good knowledge of endurance at all levels, your Directors need to be flexible, committed to hard work and driven to meet tight deadlines, shouldering their fair share of Board duties. They also need to generate and be receptive to new ideas, improvements and change so that our Organisation continues to develop and grow. Experience of strategic thinking, team working and reaching sound corporate decisions within a professional Board/Committee environment is essential, as is the ability to listen, communicate rationally and be diplomatic.

Specifically this year we feel that the Board needs to attract people who can contribute significantly towards the following four specific roles:

·         National and International rides and rules;

·         PR, marketing , communications and sponsorship;

·         IT systems development and implementation;

·         financial strategy and fundraising.

Members will have the opportunity to assess how individual candidates contribute towards these different roles before voting by reading their election manifestos.

So if you would like to help Endurance GB and think you have some of the qualities and skills needed to be a Board Member, or know someone who has, please start preparing your nomination now. Clearly not every candidate will have all of the above qualities, skills and experience. The key to the future success of Endurance GB is to have a well balanced, proactive and forward thinking Board with the professional skills needed to develop our Organisation and sport at all levels. We look forward to seeing a healthy crop of Members willing and able to take up this important challenge for the behalf of all.

Board of Directors of Endurance GB: 20 August 2014


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Congratulations and Good Luck to WalesCongratulations and Good Luck to Wales - (Published:31 July 2014)

I am pleased to inform everyone that the following riders and horses have been chosen to ride for their country WALES at the Home International & Celtic Challenge which is this year to be hosted by Scotland at the Scottish Championships at Yetholme.  

 Anita Gordon                      Ibn Al Helal
Charlotte Fleming              Zakhir
Sue Box                               Kazeme
Carol Jones                          Ptolemaeus
Charis Denham                  Mountedgcumbe Maestro
Nicola Smith                        Cariad Charisma
Angie Williams                     Angies Girl
Hannah Maskell                  Jimmi
Emily Cooke                         Lady's Man
June Davies                          Shaman
Alice Newby                         Cash
Bethan Lewis                       Merlin

On behalf of all those involved I would like to thank the following companies who have kindly sponsored our teams this year with clothing and Chaps.
Abbey Equine Clinic
Pegasus Arenas
Just Chaps  
Sue Higgins
Chef d'Equipe

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The revised Tripartite Agreement (TPA) governing the movement of certain categories of horses between the UK, Ireland and France comes into force on 18 May 2014.


What is the TPA?
The TPA is a derogation (agreement to amend) to the European Community Regulation governing the movement of horses. The agreement is between the Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs) of the three signatory countries, the United Kingdom, France and Ireland. The CVOs must be assured that it is effective in managing and tracing movements of horses to control the spread of disease.

The TPA enables horses which are of demonstrably higher health status than the general horse population, and therefore at lower risk of transmitting disease, to travel under the TPA without veterinary health certification.

TPABriefing Notes


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PHOTOS, photos , we need your photos!PHOTOS, photos , we need your photos! - (Published:30 July 2014)

Once again we are on the hunt to find photos that capture the atmosphere and spirit of Endurance.


So please send in your photos over the season and let us all enjoy them. 

Photos need to be landscape preferably and the file should be 1 - 2mb jpeg files.

All photos will be acknowledged, 
all photos selected will be credited, 
all photos will need a signed T&C document (see below) 

Please forward to 

Thank you - look forward to seeing the fabulous photos!

T's and C's


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News from the Iceni Group about the remaining rides this seasonNews from the Iceni Group about the remaining rides this season - (Published:30 July 2014)

The last competitive rides offered this season by the Iceni group are running fun team challenges within the published schedule.


They are taking place at the PILGRIM'S TRAIL at Beachamwell,Norfolk on 24th August and at the BOYTON HALL ride 6/7 September Boyton Hall Equine Centre, Monks Eleigh.

More information on the PILGRIM'S TEAM CHALLENGE can be found on the EGB Iceni website where the rules appear in full for your consideration.

Why not have a go and give your GER an added dimension? Link up with others to form a team and give yourselves a 'Team Name'.If you are entering the ride anyway a team may be formed on the day.

Special team rosettes and awards. We hope to see you there.


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Want to try Endurance and make the most of the glorious weather and countryside with your horse ?Want to try Endurance and make the most of the glorious weather and countryside with your horse ? - (Published:29 July 2014)

This fantastic offer of a reduced half year membership from 1st July 2014 is a great way to get started.

The half year membership fees are: 

·         Full (senior) membership: £33 (full year is £55)

·         Non-Riding: £18 (full year is £30)

·         Young people (14 to 21): £27 (full year is £45)

·         Juniors (8 to 13): £21 (full year is £35)

·         Associate Members(AM) : £21 (full year is £35)


Log books are still £15 per horse (one-off) and horse registration is £15 per horse.


Half Year membership commences on 1st July, that is a half year member . You can enter rides on or after 1st July .  You will also receive the Endurance GB magazine.


“Full” half year members (excluding AM’s) receive all the other benefits such as entering rides at membership rates, access to the Forum  and voting at the AGM (if over 18), etc. 

Application can be made online or by post  . Please note all postal membership applications are subject to a £5 surcharge except for AM’s. 

Details and application forms can be found online  


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Boconnoc 2014 80km CERBoconnoc 2014 80km CER - (Published:29 July 2014)

 Carri Ann Dark based in Wiltshire and her horse a 10 year old pure Arabian were the top young person combination at the above ride held on the 22nd June riding 80km graded ride in temperatures over 26 degrees.


The course was a true Cornish undulating testing ride and heat just added to the challenge as the course had to be ridden with respect for the conditions. Spirit was awesome and tackled the hills with no problems. As I am originally from Cornwall it is lovely to return to see endurance friends and ride the countryside that I used to ride before leaving Cornwall, and I was so proud of Spirit coping with the heat and obtaining a grade one.

I would like to thank the Saddler’s Company for their generosity and support of endurance and the leather head collar which Spirit looks so smart in.

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GOLDEN HORSESHOE 2015GOLDEN HORSESHOE 2015 - (Published:29 July 2014)

The Golden Horseshoe organising committee is thrilled to announce that the Golden Horseshoe Ride has been invited by EGB to host the EGB National Championships in 2015.

We are planning a four-day event (Saturday to Tuesday 16th to 19th May) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Golden Horseshoe Ride and organised endurance riding in this country, and will be including a tribute to Ronald Duncan and Colonel Mike Ansell, who were the organisers of the first Golden Horseshoe in 1965. 
More details to follow on both the EGB and Golden Horseshoe websites!

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Successful weekend for the Brits abroad - (Published:08 September 2014)


A successful trip was had by the British contingent competing at Monpazier in the South of France on the 5th and 6th September over what can only be described as a tough, technical course with steep climbs and descents, hard stony tracks, deep sand, mud and lots of twists and turns. All the classes had large entries with a lot of professional riders competing from a variety of nations making it a truly International competitive event. Over the weekend the temperatures reached 30 degrees with very high humidity. 

In the CEI 3* 160km class Tricia Hirst with Madjin des Pins finished 8th at a speed of 17.36kph. The first loop was completed in complete darkness in the forest creating a challenging start to the day. 
Nikki Malcolm was competing in the CEI 2* 130km class on Radja Al Mels where they finished 4th at a speed of 19.43kph and completed the last loop at 25kph winning a racing finish with five other horses to claim 4th place.
Carol-Ann Smith Van Blerk was also competing in the same class and finished 51st at a very creditiable 15.98kph.
On the second day of the competition Georgina Hirst competed on Vlacq Bronze Image in the CEI 1* 90km class and finished 25th at an average speed of 17.4kph having completed the last loop at 21kph.     

General :International


AGM Dates and Deadlines

26th September 5pm: Members Proposals must be received.
26th September 5pm: Nominations for the Board of Directors
Forms may be downloaded here

7th November: Close of ticket sales for Awards Dinner
Form may be downloaded here

All AGM/Awards info will be found here

Training Rides
Lions Tail Group Social ride - (Published:14 September 2014)

On Saturday 20th September there will be group social ride classes (unvetted) of 21kms, 17kms, 9kms before the Lions Tail national ride starts.

Entry fee £7 for full members and associate members, £15 for non-members.
The Saturday social ride classes can only be entered using a postal entry. To download an entry form and details please use the website link.

The closing date for Saturday entries is Monday 15th September.


SE Group - winners of the Inter Regionals
WALES - winners of the Celtic Challenge
ENGLAND - winners of the Home International
Past Champions
Getting Started with Endurance GB
Endurance Riding

This is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Receiving increasing publicity, more and more riders are finding out what it involves by entering their first 32km ( 20 miles) ride.

Perhaps it is useful to say what Endurance Riding isn't. It isn't a long pony trek, ambling through lanes, it isn't for the faint hearted, and it isn't for the rider who doesn't actually enjoy being in the saddle for long.

So what is it? It is a unique competitive challenge and a supreme sport for learning about equine fitness. Veterinary checks before and after competitive rides - and in the middle too for longer distances - ensures the best possible care is taken of your horse. Any problems can be picked up earlier rather than later.

You, the rider, learn more about the way your horse functions, with the importance of regulating your riding to suit conditions which will affect the way your horse behaves and how he presents to the vet Key factors include:
*          The terrain: is it hilly or flat, sandy or hard ground?
*          The weather: is it cold, wet, foggy, or hot and sunny?
*          The route: does it look to be difficult to follow on the map, or a more simple circular course? 

It's all about Tactics

All of this will present you with things to think about. That is one of the pleasures of Endurance Riding - you think about it, plan your tactics, plot your directions, work: out where your back up crew (for longer distances) will meet you, anticipate how you will ride. An examination of your map, provided by an EGB ride organiser, will raise your awareness on sections which will slow you down and where you may be able to make up time on faster going. Yes, you will learn to read a map!

All Endurance Riders check their whereabouts on a map carried in a case, and never just follow the rider in front.

There are two reasons for this. The first obvious one is, they may be lost too and not admitting it, and secondly it is part of the adventurous spirit of Endurance Riding - you are there pitting yourself and your horse against the elements, riding unknown territory, and finishing' exactly where -you should, back at the venue. A real sense of achievement that gives meaning to the old saying "To finish is to win".All routes are also marked. 

 Enjoy the Camaraderie

Another element is the spirit of camaraderie which exists amongst the riders. ENDURANCE GB  is always happy to put you in touch with a more experienced rider who can advise you; EGB organisers are happy to talk about their rides and EGB regularly stages talks, seminars and demonstrations across the regions. Their support is wide ranging and practical, and in this sense, what is refreshing about the sport is that you need never be alone.

If it is your first ride and you feel a little nervous the EGB Ride Secretary may be able to arrange for you to ride with someone who is familiar with the sport. Set speed rides, for example are competitive only in the sense of personal achievement, so a friendliness between riders is commonplace. You will find sections of the ride where you need to reduce speed for whatever , and part of the fun is the conversation with other riders along the way. When you meet again at another ride, you will be meeting friends both old and new.

 When the going gets tough

The toughest challenges are presented by the Competitive Endurance Rides (CERs), where riders are competing against each other, rather than the clock. The highest level of competition is the 160km (100 mile) CER, the International Senior championship distance.

Something to aim for

Whatever level you are happiest a, Britain's top endurance riders are among the best in the world and you can always learn from them and aspire to follow in their footsteps. Endurance GB is the internationally recognised body for the sport of endurance riding in the UK. Membership of EGB means you and your horse can be considered for British team selection. Each year, EGB puts together young rider, intermediate and senior teams and arranges for them to compete in international endurance riding events.

Building Partnerships

Perhaps the best reason of all for taking up Endurance Riding, is the partnership built up with your horse over these many miles - of new riding ground. You guide him, and he carries you, and the relationship 'which is forged between endurance rider and endurance horse would be hard to equal in any other sport. He has to trust you to lead him back home, and you have to trust him to get you there, and the resulting confidence will stay with both of you in any future sports you may try. That's if you're not hooked on Endurance Riding for life!

To get started

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