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Endurance GB needs YOUEndurance GB needs YOU - (Published:21 August 2014)

Dear Members
Your Board is constantly seeking to improve how best to deliver your needs as Members of Endurance GB, and we’re now writing now to explain how we believe you can help.

As you know the Board comprises 15 Members; currently there are four vacant positions and three existing Directors are due to retire at the AGM in November having completed their 3 year terms. Consequently we have an urgent need to attract experienced and skilled new blood to continue the valuable and challenging work that the Board is doing on your behalf.

One significant change that we have been debating for some time is the size and function of the Board. We feel that the interests of Endurance GB, our sport and yourselves might best be served by a smaller number of 10-12 Directors responsible for more specifically defined functions and responsibilities, supported closely by an enhanced Committee structure with greater involvement of our Members. A closer connection and involvement with the Regional Groups is also seen as highly desirable. Clearly any major change in our governance would require our Constitution to be modified, so it is something that the Membership would need to debate and then vote upon at an Extraordinary General Meeting if thought appropriate.

In the meantime, with the approaching need for nominations and elections for the Board prior to the AGM, we thought it would be helpful to Members if we outlined the qualities and skills needed by your Board Members, and especially those that we would like to attract and strengthen for the coming year to help deliver the Endurance GB Strategy and Operating Plan. This is not intended to frighten people off, but to encourage suitably qualified Members to put themselves forward, or have their arms twisted, to stand for these important roles and responsibilities.

Being a Board Member represents a significant commitment and demand on people’s time and one not to be taken on lightly. However it is not beyond the reach of any Member with the necessary skills and can be most enjoyable and personally rewarding. As well as having their own specialised business, professional and life skills and a good knowledge of endurance at all levels, your Directors need to be flexible, committed to hard work and driven to meet tight deadlines, shouldering their fair share of Board duties. They also need to generate and be receptive to new ideas, improvements and change so that our Organisation continues to develop and grow. Experience of strategic thinking, team working and reaching sound corporate decisions within a professional Board/Committee environment is essential, as is the ability to listen, communicate rationally and be diplomatic.

Specifically this year we feel that the Board needs to attract people who can contribute significantly towards the following four specific roles:

·         National and International rides and rules;

·         PR, marketing , communications and sponsorship;

·         IT systems development and implementation;

·         financial strategy and fundraising.

Members will have the opportunity to assess how individual candidates contribute towards these different roles before voting by reading their election manifestos.

So if you would like to help Endurance GB and think you have some of the qualities and skills needed to be a Board Member, or know someone who has, please start preparing your nomination now. Clearly not every candidate will have all of the above qualities, skills and experience. The key to the future success of Endurance GB is to have a well balanced, proactive and forward thinking Board with the professional skills needed to develop our Organisation and sport at all levels. We look forward to seeing a healthy crop of Members willing and able to take up this important challenge for the behalf of all.

Board of Directors of Endurance GB: 20 August 2014


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Don't Forget Three Rivers 6th and 7th SeptemberDon't Forget Three Rivers 6th and 7th September - (Published:20 August 2014)

The Three Rivers ride this year is on the 6th and 7th September. Entries close on the 25th August. Please support his long standing ride.


Come and enjoy the three counties - the best of Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire will be seen and enjoyed by all. The spectacular views, the great uninterrupted going, lovely venue and warm welcome makes this ride so special.

Don't miss it - enter now and have a great weekend.

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CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Home International 2014CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Home International 2014 - (Published:19 August 2014)

Congratulations to ENGLAND (Chef d'equipe Maggie Pattinson) - winners of the 2014 Home International and WALES (Chef d'equipe Sue Higgins) winners of the 2014 Celtic Challenge.


Every year the four nations battle it out at the Home International and
Celtic Challenge competition. 2014 was no exception and teams travelled to
the borders of Scotland to see who could win the prestigious trophy.

It was an exciting but busy weekend had by all, with combinations competing
in classes from 40km Novice all the way up to the 2day 160km CER. The aim is
for each team to get all their horses home and sound in the quickest time
The course was by no means easy but was excellently marked and showed
competitors some amazing views across the borders of Scotland and
After a lot of hard work by everyone, the results were announced on the
Sunday evening and they were as follows;

Home International

1st England
2nd Wales
3rd Scotland
4th Ireland.

Celtic Challenge
1st Wales
2nd Scotland...
3rd Ireland.

Best Turned Out
1st Scotland
2nd England
3rd Wales
4th Ireland

There were also many individual successes that included Katie Bedwin and
Elayla coming 2nd in their first 2day 160km class and being first Celtic
Challenge/ Home International Horse home. Jackie Lloyd and Zim Nazka winning
the 2 day 120km class and Jessica Sedgwick winning the Novice 40km class.

Katie Bedwin and Elayla
Thanks to SERC for running such a brilliant championships. It was a great
weekend and well done to everyone that competed!
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Social Ride with excellent crewing opportunities! - (Published:15 August 2014)

Cotswold EGB will be running a social ride on Sunday 14th September 2014.

Starting between 11.00 and 12.30 pm.



From Woolstone Farm, Woolstone,  Faringdon, SN7 7QW, up and across The Ridgeway and on and on……….. You will be given a map and talk-round and be counted out and back.


An approximately 16 mile route will include the chance to call in 2 top class hostelries for refreshments.


A shorter, approximately 10 mile route, will return via The White Horse Inn, Woolstone for refreshments. 


If you would like to join us please contact Chris Wensley by phone on 01235 751426 or 07766 280114, or e-mail:


The cost will be:


£11.00 for EGB members (and for Woolstone Farm livery people).


£16.00 for EGB non-members.


We hope to see you there.

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Good Luck to all at the Home International!Good Luck to all at the Home International! - (Published:15 August 2014)

The 2014 Scottish Championships are based in the village of Yetholm which has the advantage of giving riders extended access to the wonderful routes through the Cheviots.


The Home International and Celtic Challenge Team Events have been incorporated into the Championships and we look forward to welcoming everyone to the Borders .




For more information from the HI website click here 

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WEG  Endurance Team GBR Definite Entries WEG Endurance Team GBR Definite Entries - (Published:14 August 2014)

Endurance GB are pleased to announce that the following riders have been chosen to represent EGB at WEG:

Annie Joppe                                       Dilmun

Beth Langley                                      HS Ametista

Annette Masterson                          Millennium Chorus

Catriona Moon                                  Leila

Anna Williams                                   Crystal Wissam

Reserve is Carri Ann Dark and Kate’s Mate

Please support your team #supportingTeamGBR 


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Letter from FEI 1st Vice President John McEwen on Endurance‏ Letter from FEI 1st Vice President John McEwen on Endurance‏ - (Published:12 August 2014)

Please find below a National Federation Update issued by John McEwen, 1st Vice President of the FEI.  The update covers the changes to the FEI rules that have been made in line with the recommendations of the Endurance Strategic Planning Group (ESPG).  Some of you will know that Andrew Finding, CEO of the British Equestrian Federation (BEF), chaired the Endurance Strategic Planning Group (ESPG) on behalf of the FEI. 

The update also highlights a number of initiatives that have been put in place over and above the normal protocols at the World Equestrian Games later this month.    

Over the last few months the Board of EGB has been working closely with the BEF to ensure that EGB plays its part in implementing the excellent work undertaken by the BEF, the ESPG and the FEI.  We applaud the recommendations of the ESPG and the resultant strengthening of the FEI rules.  The update from John McEwen includes a link to a brochure that will help to spread awareness of the rule changes.

Dear colleagues, 

I am writing to you in my role as 1st Vice President of the FEI with responsibility for the discipline of Endurance. You will recall that in June this year, the FEI Bureau, in order to more formally recognise HRH Princess Haya’s previously stated potential conflict of interest with regard to the discipline, voted unanimously to grant responsibility for overseeing Endurance to me, as 1st Vice President, during HRH Princess Haya’s term of office. 

As you are all well aware, Endurance is a discipline that has had its share of challenges in recent times and I wanted to write to all those involved in the sport on the back of the important new rule changes that came into effect on 1 August 2014 and ahead of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ in Normandy.   

The rule changes which include athlete penalties for equine injuries, extended rest periods and the involvement of independent governance advisors, are in line with the recommendations made by the Endurance Strategic Planning Group (ESPG) and are a great step forward for horse welfare and fair play. We strongly believe they address the key issues that the discipline has been facing.  

Established over a year ago in July 2013, the ESPG was independent of the FEI and included officials, vets and athletes with international experience in Endurance. As part of its in-depth review of Endurance, the ESPG consulted extensively with the discipline’s participants and National Federations worldwide. The result of the Group’s work was 41 recommendations together with a five-year strategic plan. The ESPG was disbanded on completion of its final report and its recommendations formed the basis of new rules that came into effect on 1 August 2014. 

The FEI and the National Federations have consistently stressed the importance of putting the new rules in place as soon as possible rather than waiting for a vote at the FEI General Assembly in December, which would have meant delaying implementation until 1 January 2015. So, under Article 20.3 of the FEI Statutes and bearing in mind the positive implications for horse welfare of the changes, the Bureau exercised its right to pass resolutions that are normally voted on at the General Assembly. 

The values of horse welfare, clean sport and integrity were prioritised throughout the ESPG report. The FEI strongly supports the ESPG in its call for all those involved with Endurance, from the FEI, to National Federations and the participants, to recognise our individual and collective responsibilities towards horse welfare and the integrity and reputation of the sport. 

I ask that each of you, as your national governing body, share this letter with the Endurance athletes registered with your Federation, the officials and all involved with the discipline in your region.

 Not only is it important that these rule changes are now in place, it is also critical to the future health of the discipline that there is greater awareness of the commitment to address the issues that Endurance has faced and our determination to overcome them. To help spread awareness, we have produced a brochure – Endurance 2014-15, Delivering a safe and fair sport – which can be viewed online here. Print versions are available on request and will also be readily available at the Games in Normandy. The brochure outlines not only our commitment to horse welfare but also how Endurance is one of the fastest growing equine sports and a discipline we should be proud of.

 We have also put on the website a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions which are designed to address both general and specific issues raised with the FEI regarding Endurance in recent months.

 The eyes of the equestrian world will be on us at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ in Normandy and we also hope to attract a much wider audience, both onsite and across global media, so it is our joint-responsibility to ensure that we have a safe and a fair Games across all our disciplines.

 In addition, and specifically for Endurance, a number of initiatives have been put in place, over and above the normal protocols, to help each of your athletes achieve their goals in an open and transparent environment.

 Here are the main items we have introduced for the competition at Sartilly:

 ·         Fixed and roving video surveillance of the Endurance Stables (24/7), the cooling area and rest areas on competition day.

·         Fixed video surveillance on the entrance to the Vet inspection area and each of the 12 trot-up lanes.

·         All video recordings will be in high definition, recorded continuously and with the possibility to produce individual, HD and colour pictures from the recordings.

·         The Control Unit for the video surveillance is manned continuously and there will be radio contact between an FEI 4* Judge positioned in the Control Unit and the FEI Officials on the Field of Play.

·         Tamperproof GPS units on both the athlete and the horse to provide FEI Officials with a record of the route and distances covered by a combination during the day of competition.

·         Approved FEI Vet Gate Timing system that sends horses to Vet Lanes in strict order of arrival time into the Vet Inspection area, removing any perceived conflict of interest as horses will be automatically diverted away from own nation Veterinary Officials.

·         Approved Heart Rate System programmed to comply with the new Heart Rate Protocol, in the rules from 1 August 2014, to ensure equal timed assessment across all horses.

·         Additional FEI Officials, in excess of those required per the rules.

·         The FEI will be testing more horses in Normandy across all disciplines than at any previous edition of the FEI World Equestrian Games™.

·         The FEI is also offering a Pre-Arrival Testing facility for all horses in the run-up to the Games in Normandy, as we did for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.


I am confident that these measures will ensure a safe and fair sport in Normandy, and am greatly looking forward to being with you in Sartilly. I know that together we will produce a really wonderful day of Endurance sport on 28 August, and beyond.



John McEwen

FEI 1st Vice President

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Welcome to the New Endurance GB WebsiteWelcome to the New Endurance GB Website - (Published:05 August 2014)

We hope you like what we have done, but as with anything new, please be patient until you have found your way around. Here are a few hints and tips:

1. If you previously had a log on to the old site, the same password will work here. Simply click on the "login" link in the menu bar. If you have forgotten your password, click on the reset link on the login form and follow the instructions. If you are still unable to login, please contact us on

2. Once logged in you will have access to your account as before and can edit your details, manage your horses and entered rides through the familiar membership forms.

3. To access the Forum, you must first login here - you will then find the forum on the "Members" menu. You will automatically be signed into the forum. All previous threads and conversations have been brought over to the new site.

4.One of the major changes is the introduction of a site wide search facility. So if you can't find what you are looking for via the menus, try the search box at the top right of every page.

5. The new site is designed to be mobile device friendly. Much of the site will work well even on small screen smart phones. However, there are some areas of the site that we have had to bring in from the older site, such as the  membership management forms and these still require a larger screen to use properly. We will be working to make more of the site mobile friendly over the coming months.

6. The new website takes advantage of several modern web technologies to deliver a good user experience. In order to use the site, please make sure that your browser is up to date as we cannot guarantee it will work in older browsers.

Please post any comments, ideas for improvements or minor issues with the site in the Forum and we will address them as quickly as we can. If you have a major issue, such as being unable to enter ride, please contact us on

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Congratulations and Good Luck to WalesCongratulations and Good Luck to Wales - (Published:31 July 2014)

I am pleased to inform everyone that the following riders and horses have been chosen to ride for their country WALES at the Home International & Celtic Challenge which is this year to be hosted by Scotland at the Scottish Championships at Yetholme.  

 Anita Gordon                      Ibn Al Helal
Charlotte Fleming              Zakhir
Sue Box                               Kazeme
Carol Jones                          Ptolemaeus
Charis Denham                  Mountedgcumbe Maestro
Nicola Smith                        Cariad Charisma
Angie Williams                     Angies Girl
Hannah Maskell                  Jimmi
Emily Cooke                         Lady's Man
June Davies                          Shaman
Alice Newby                         Cash
Bethan Lewis                       Merlin

On behalf of all those involved I would like to thank the following companies who have kindly sponsored our teams this year with clothing and Chaps.
Abbey Equine Clinic
Pegasus Arenas
Just Chaps  
Sue Higgins
Chef d'Equipe

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The revised Tripartite Agreement (TPA) governing the movement of certain categories of horses between the UK, Ireland and France comes into force on 18 May 2014.


What is the TPA?
The TPA is a derogation (agreement to amend) to the European Community Regulation governing the movement of horses. The agreement is between the Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs) of the three signatory countries, the United Kingdom, France and Ireland. The CVOs must be assured that it is effective in managing and tracing movements of horses to control the spread of disease.

The TPA enables horses which are of demonstrably higher health status than the general horse population, and therefore at lower risk of transmitting disease, to travel under the TPA without veterinary health certification.

TPABriefing Notes


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GBR Endurance squad announced for World Equestrian GamesGBR Endurance squad announced for World Equestrian Games - (Published:30 July 2014)

Endurance GB has today announced their squad for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, which takes place in Normandy, France (23 August – 7 September, with the endurance competition taking place 27-28 August in Sartilly).


The selected team comprises (in alphabetical order):


· Annie Joppe (56) from Goonhavern, Cornwall riding her own Dilmun

· Beth Langley (23) from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire riding Mrs Cate Langley’s HS Ametista

· Annette Masterson (44) from Staffordshire Moorlands riding Mrs Ann Harrison’s Millenium Chorus

· Catriona Moon (32) from Howardian Hills, North Yorkshire riding her own Leila

· Anna Williams (29) from Salcey Forest, Northamptonshire riding Mrs Jane Williams’ Crystal Wissam

The non-travelling reserves are (in ranked order):


· Abigail Tennant (24) from Holme Lacey, Hereford riding Delwyn Hall’s Barik

· Carri Ann Dark (23) from Near Devizes, Wiltshire riding her own Kates Mate

· Annette Masterson riding her own El Sabio

Chef d’Equipe Andrea Baker, commented; “This year sees a complete mix of experienced riders and those progressing on from Young Rider level. It’s exciting for some of the young riders selected as this will be there first senior championships; whilst all five boast previous championship experience for GBR. There’s a great team network behind the squad and we’re looking forward to the final push to this summer’s competition.”


Chef de Mission, Will Connell commented; “Equestrian Team GBR were well represented at the Test Event in 2013 so they will have a good understanding of what lies ahead of them. They have prepared professionally and I wish the riders, their crews and the team staff an enjoyable and successful Games."


Endurance GB is also pleased to welcome two Team Sponsors. 

Pioneer Endurance ( have supplied five endurance bridles, one for each of the selected horses at WEG (see the Pioneer website for a photo).  TORQ Fitness ( are also supporting the riders with their nutritional performance products.  Sue Broughton, Chair of EGB's International Committee commented : "We are extremely grateful to Pioneer Endurance and TORQ for their generous support.  Their contribution will further enhance our contribution to WEG as a team".  The details of other sponsors will be announced in due course.


The riders commented on their selection;


Annie Joppe: “It’s like a dream come true, I’m just over the moon. It’s been a whole team effort; I’ve known my crew for a long time and we’ve been working as a team for several years now, so huge thanks to them and especially to my husband. Dil [Dilmun] is an absolute superstar, I’ve brought him up through the ranks and he really is a horse of a lifetime and it will be my second Championship with him. We’ve been working for so long and training so hard and it’s all come together – now we just have to do the job.”


Beth Langley: “It’s my pony’s sixth championships having come up through Young Riders with her, but it’s our first senior Championships so I’m so pleased. It feels completely different to Young Riders but what I’ve been preparing for; really excited about being part of the bigger GB team, I’m definitely going to try and watch other sports out there. My family [who are also Beth’s crew] have never missed a ride and will be out at WEG with me; it’s great to have such great support and backing, and from my sponsors as well.”


Annette Masterson: “Very pleased and honoured to be selected and I’m really looking forward to representing Great Britain out in Normandy. It will be my third championships but I think it will be very special because it’s a WEG. Lenny is a half-brother to El Sabio [Annette’s reserve horse] and will be competing at his second championships, after the Europeans last year.”


Catriona Moon: “I am absolutely thrilled; I’d been shortlisted for Jerez (2002) and Aachen (2006), and had to pull out before Kentucky qualifying so for fourth time round, to make it is indescribable. This is the one I’ve been trying for, it’s just amazing. To have mum there [Jackie Moon, who is head crew for Catriona] is just going to be extra special, and also to be alongside my best mate from university, who’s been crewing for me since 2001, Zofia [also part of Catriona’s crew], is going to be amazing.”


Anna Williams: “I’m absolutely chuffed to bits, it’s been a long journey and I’m really very, very happy. It’s my first senior championships; it’s always something you strive for, to represent your country, and WEG does have a special atmosphere. To see it from a riders take will be a whole different thing; last year we decided to move back to the UK from Switzerland, it definitely feels now that we made the right decision. I owe a huge thanks to my parents, how they’ve supported my move back to the UK and my aim for WEG, and to the whole of my crew. It doesn’t get better than this, it’s the pinnacle, it’s breath-taking.”


All riders compete as individuals at the Championships, as well as representing Great Britain in the team competition. The one-day competition is set over a distance of 160km and sees five vet checks during the course - horses must be declared fit at the pre-ride vetting and each vet gate in order to progress.

Equestrian Team GBR is supported by the UK Sport National Lottery funded World Class Programme; the British teams are very grateful to the support they receive from official Team GBR suppliers Dodson and Horrell, Land Rover, Mears Country Jackets, NAF, NuuMed, Point Two Equine, Tagg Equestrian and Toggi.


For all press enquiries please contact Pippa Wade ( / 07595 763908 / 02476698877) or Fiona Videla of EGB ( / 07841 143032)


Images of selected riders are available on request. Athlete biographies can be located on the Equestrian Team GBR website.


Rider & Horse detail:

*Denotes British bred


Reserve Rider & Horse detail:



F:  EquestrianTeamGBR

T: @TeamGBR



F: Endurance GB

T: @EnduranceGB


Further information about the athletes and the competition format at the World Equestrian Games can be located on the Equestrian Team GBR website.


The 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) takes place in the region of Normandy, France from Saturday 23 August to Sunday 7 September 2014. Eight disciplines (dressage, eventing, jumping, para-equestrian dressage, vaulting, driving, reining and endurance) compete at a World Equestrian Games, which this year takes place across three locations – Caen, Sartilly and Haras du Pin.


For more information about the 2014 World Equestrian Games visit:


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PHOTOS, photos , we need your photos!PHOTOS, photos , we need your photos! - (Published:30 July 2014)

Once again we are on the hunt to find photos that capture the atmosphere and spirit of Endurance.


So please send in your photos over the season and let us all enjoy them. 

Photos need to be landscape preferably and the file should be 1 - 2mb jpeg files.

All photos will be acknowledged, 
all photos selected will be credited, 
all photos will need a signed T&C document (see below) 

Please forward to 

Thank you - look forward to seeing the fabulous photos!

T's and C's


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It's never too early to start planning for next year!It's never too early to start planning for next year! - (Published:30 July 2014)

Endurance rides come in all shapes and sizes, but for very good reasons Golden Horseshoe stands out as ‘something special’ to aim and train for.


Challenge and joy at Golden Horseshoe 2014

Endurance rides come in all shapes and sizes, but for very good reasons Golden Horseshoe stands out as ‘something special’ to aim and train for. Traditionally staged in mid-May on a Monday and Tuesday, many members ask why it isn’t just a usual weekend ride, run in the summer when the weather is better, and horses fitter?

Set in the heart of Exmoor at Exford – to showcase the best of challenging Exmoor- there is no fast main road in or out. Historically many riders have decided to make a holiday break, staying on after the ride. Renting a holiday cottage/stable/turnout for the week (Saturday to Saturday) can be more cost effective, and give more freedom, than B&B (or youth hostel) for rider/family/crew for the duration of the ride. Camping at this time of year is only for the very hardy, and only permitted at certified locations within the National Park – so no camping/corralling at the venue – as one of the highest and most exposed points you wouldn’t want to anyway! The month of May has been judiciously chosen – between winter hunting/shooting and summer holiday makers.

For those who just can’t stay on Exmoor/take time off work’ Sunday 11th May 2014 offered both the 25km Pleasure Ride, 40km GER (including Novice and ‘Try Before You Buy’) – as well as the first day of Exmoor Extra (3x40km). The ever-popular PR continues to attract big numbers of local riders, and EGB members and non-members from further afield in the South West. All really enjoy the chance to ride parts of the Golden Horseshoe route – the easier bits of course

For those with novice horses, or from flatter parts of the country, the PR, or 40km, are a useful introduction to the steep hills, stoney and boggy going of Exmoor, together with river crossings, wild cattle, sheep and ponies - sorting out if rider/horse have the resilience and resourcefulness to be a ‘successful Horseshoe competitor’ in subsequent years.

Exmoor is a challenge in itself, as Organiser Barbara Wigley will attest. Renowned for its high rainfall, rain/mud/vehicles at the venue, 2014 was no exception! But every cloud has a silver lining…. riding from stable to venue proves good protection against tying-up, high heart rates and initial stiffness…

The table below shows final results after penalty points of this year’s Golden Horseshoe with a good numbers of entries in the Exmoor Experience (40+40) and the 40km classes but disappointingly few riders in the ‘big classes’ – The Golden Horseshoe 2x80km, The Exmoor Stag 80+40km and Exmoor Extra (40+40+40). The awards, unique to GHS (Gold/Silver/Bronze/ Completion) are based on riding speed (lower for Novices) with a penalty for pulse over 55bpm which reduces the award level (Gold to Silver, Silver to Bronze etc).

As Becka Northover tells below - Joy was shared by the vast majority of those involved (competitors, crew, helpers and spectators alike) who for their own reasons enjoyed GHS – in parts or whole – not necessarily those who went away with awards. We hope those without the ‘hoped-for’ awards this year, together with those who want ‘to go further’ will be back in 2015 for the 50th iconic Golden Horseshoe.

Becka says “I love riding at GHS, not only the scenery and route challenges but the camaraderie and support from the organisers and all the helpers is amazing (also the Church ladies’ cakes are amazing - take some pennies!). The route has the most wonderful views, although you do have to remind yourself to look up at times! The route is tough, challenging but not impossible, I was warned off attempting the GHS as the route would be 'too challenging' for me, and yes it's great if you can hop on and off for gates, but it is achievable, even for a disabled rider! The sense of achievement for having made it round (pass or fail, gold, silver or bronze) is immeasurable; I am still glowing inside from the ride. You make great friends at GHS on the route and off, your crew really are made to feel part of it as well. But don't treat it like any other ride, it deserves respect! Try and make a holiday out of it if you can, go down for a week, a few days beforehand to acclimatise and a few days to recover before going home and you will enjoy it even more. Train at home as best you can, stony tracks, steep up and downhill’s, river crossings, gates with rope over them, wet, deep ground will all help to get you and your horse as ready as possible - then go there and enjoy, breathe the fresh moor air, take in the stunning scenery and be at one with your horse”.

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News from the Iceni Group about the remaining rides this seasonNews from the Iceni Group about the remaining rides this season - (Published:30 July 2014)

The last competitive rides offered this season by the Iceni group are running fun team challenges within the published schedule.


They are taking place at the PILGRIM'S TRAIL at Beachamwell,Norfolk on 24th August and at the BOYTON HALL ride 6/7 September Boyton Hall Equine Centre, Monks Eleigh.

More information on the PILGRIM'S TEAM CHALLENGE can be found on the EGB Iceni website where the rules appear in full for your consideration.

Why not have a go and give your GER an added dimension? Link up with others to form a team and give yourselves a 'Team Name'.If you are entering the ride anyway a team may be formed on the day.

Special team rosettes and awards. We hope to see you there.


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Come and enjoy a weekend at BonhamCome and enjoy a weekend at Bonham - (Published:30 July 2014)

Come and enjoy the last weekend of August on the beautiful Wilts/Dorset/Somerset borders close to A303 near Mere!

From Bonham airfield - on Saturday we have a 16km ‘Pink’ Pleasure Ride – maybe 2 circuits for the fit horse? (organised by Claire Richards) in the fabulous Stourhead woodlands. See Wessex Group website for details/entry form. And on Sunday the magnificent Bonham ride with a range of classes. Bonham is renowned for its lovely mix of woodland tracks and grassy downland with plenty of cantering opportunities – a real gem in the EGB calendar.

We’re aiming to have different routes for 16km on Saturday and Sunday, and the longer routes are substantially different. 

Five star camping facilities - with flush loos, shower and kitchen – come and join the party! 

Enter early to avoid disappointment as entries are strictly limited.


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The Wolfgar Vet Group has sent another update on Hugh SalmonThe Wolfgar Vet Group has sent another update on Hugh Salmon - (Published:29 July 2014)

Excellent news in the link below about Hugh's recovery from his heart surgery - all the best to Hugh, Ruth and family from all at EGB!!

Hugh, Ruth, David and Charlie are very grateful for your support and good wishes, but respectfully ask for privacy at this time.

Wolfgar Vets


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Want to try Endurance and make the most of the glorious weather and countryside with your horse ?Want to try Endurance and make the most of the glorious weather and countryside with your horse ? - (Published:29 July 2014)

This fantastic offer of a reduced half year membership from 1st July 2014 is a great way to get started.

The half year membership fees are: 

·         Full (senior) membership: £33 (full year is £55)

·         Non-Riding: £18 (full year is £30)

·         Young people (14 to 21): £27 (full year is £45)

·         Juniors (8 to 13): £21 (full year is £35)

·         Associate Members(AM) : £21 (full year is £35)


Log books are still £15 per horse (one-off) and horse registration is £15 per horse.


Half Year membership commences on 1st July, that is a half year member . You can enter rides on or after 1st July .  You will also receive the Endurance GB magazine.


“Full” half year members (excluding AM’s) receive all the other benefits such as entering rides at membership rates, access to the Forum  and voting at the AGM (if over 18), etc. 

Application can be made online or by post  . Please note all postal membership applications are subject to a £5 surcharge except for AM’s. 

Details and application forms can be found online  


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Boconnoc 2014 80km CERBoconnoc 2014 80km CER - (Published:29 July 2014)

 Carri Ann Dark based in Wiltshire and her horse a 10 year old pure Arabian were the top young person combination at the above ride held on the 22nd June riding 80km graded ride in temperatures over 26 degrees.


The course was a true Cornish undulating testing ride and heat just added to the challenge as the course had to be ridden with respect for the conditions. Spirit was awesome and tackled the hills with no problems. As I am originally from Cornwall it is lovely to return to see endurance friends and ride the countryside that I used to ride before leaving Cornwall, and I was so proud of Spirit coping with the heat and obtaining a grade one.

I would like to thank the Saddler’s Company for their generosity and support of endurance and the leather head collar which Spirit looks so smart in.

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GOLDEN HORSESHOE 2015GOLDEN HORSESHOE 2015 - (Published:29 July 2014)

The Golden Horseshoe organising committee is thrilled to announce that the Golden Horseshoe Ride has been invited by EGB to host the EGB National Championships in 2015.

We are planning a four-day event (Saturday to Tuesday 16th to 19th May) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Golden Horseshoe Ride and organised endurance riding in this country, and will be including a tribute to Ronald Duncan and Colonel Mike Ansell, who were the organisers of the first Golden Horseshoe in 1965. 
More details to follow on both the EGB and Golden Horseshoe websites!

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The sad loss of the Chisholms' Grey MedlarThe sad loss of the Chisholms' Grey Medlar - (Published:29 July 2014)

It is with a very heavy and sad heart that I have to announce that my lovely Grey Medlar has lost his battle with an on going problem with colic and other complications over the last 2 months.

 We have been managing it but it has been heart-breaking to watch him lose condition and his joie de vivre that he always had. I was hoping for him to enjoy his retirement for many years as at 23 he was still relatively young. Hard to believe that it was only 2 years ago that he was EGB National Champion and a year ago I won my very last ride I did on him in the Veterans 80k ER at Three Rivers. He was truly a horse of a lifetime and touched many people’s hearts over the years. I will have a very sad heart for a long time to come.
 Jo (& Andrew) Chisholm



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 Well done Steph Brown and Thay Stephenson's Simeric Smooth Criminal Well done Steph Brown and Thay Stephenson's Simeric Smooth Criminal - (Published:28 July 2014)

Linconshire based Steph Brown and Simeric Smooth Criminal (Reggie) recently completed their first two day 80km at North Norfolk. and, despite very hot conditions, the pair finished successfully with a completion at 11.1kph and received the Young Rider award from The Worshipful Company of Saddlers.

Steph, 22, has been riding Reggie for owner Thay Stephenson since he was 5 and last year took  him through his novice season. This year, his first as an open horse, he has already completed a couple of 64km rides, with the aim of upgrading to advanced at the end of the season. Reggie is a 16.2hh 7yo homebred PBA, and not the typical endurance model.  However, he loves his job and both Steph and he are tackling all their challenges with enthusiasm.


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Dates and Deadlines

26th September 5pm: Members Proposals must be received.
26th September 5pm: Nominations for the Board of Directors


Training Rides
Offa's Dyke Fun Ride - (Published:14 August 2014)

14th September 2014 - full details from the Offa's Dyke website



Good Luck to our team at the World Equestrian Games 2014

 The team under Chef d'equipe Andrea Baker is:

Annie Joppe                                       Dilmun

Beth Langley                                      HS Ametista

Annette Masterson                          Millennium Chorus

Catriona Moon                                  Leila

Anna Williams                                   Crystal Wissam

Reserve is Carri Ann Dark and Kate’s Mate

Past Champions
Getting Started with Endurance GB
Endurance Riding

This is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Receiving increasing publicity, more and more riders are finding out what it involves by entering their first 32km ( 20 miles) ride.

Perhaps it is useful to say what Endurance Riding isn't. It isn't a long pony trek, ambling through lanes, it isn't for the faint hearted, and it isn't for the rider who doesn't actually enjoy being in the saddle for long.

So what is it? It is a unique competitive challenge and a supreme sport for learning about equine fitness. Veterinary checks before and after competitive rides - and in the middle too for longer distances - ensures the best possible care is taken of your horse. Any problems can be picked up earlier rather than later.

You, the rider, learn more about the way your horse functions, with the importance of regulating your riding to suit conditions which will affect the way your horse behaves and how he presents to the vet Key factors include:
*          The terrain: is it hilly or flat, sandy or hard ground?
*          The weather: is it cold, wet, foggy, or hot and sunny?
*          The route: does it look to be difficult to follow on the map, or a more simple circular course? 

It's all about Tactics

All of this will present you with things to think about. That is one of the pleasures of Endurance Riding - you think about it, plan your tactics, plot your directions, work: out where your back up crew (for longer distances) will meet you, anticipate how you will ride. An examination of your map, provided by an EGB ride organiser, will raise your awareness on sections which will slow you down and where you may be able to make up time on faster going. Yes, you will learn to read a map!

All Endurance Riders check their whereabouts on a map carried in a case, and never just follow the rider in front.

There are two reasons for this. The first obvious one is, they may be lost too and not admitting it, and secondly it is part of the adventurous spirit of Endurance Riding - you are there pitting yourself and your horse against the elements, riding unknown territory, and finishing' exactly where -you should, back at the venue. A real sense of achievement that gives meaning to the old saying "To finish is to win".All routes are also marked. 

 Enjoy the Camaraderie

Another element is the spirit of camaraderie which exists amongst the riders. ENDURANCE GB  is always happy to put you in touch with a more experienced rider who can advise you; EGB organisers are happy to talk about their rides and EGB regularly stages talks, seminars and demonstrations across the regions. Their support is wide ranging and practical, and in this sense, what is refreshing about the sport is that you need never be alone.

If it is your first ride and you feel a little nervous the EGB Ride Secretary may be able to arrange for you to ride with someone who is familiar with the sport. Set speed rides, for example are competitive only in the sense of personal achievement, so a friendliness between riders is commonplace. You will find sections of the ride where you need to reduce speed for whatever , and part of the fun is the conversation with other riders along the way. When you meet again at another ride, you will be meeting friends both old and new.

 When the going gets tough

The toughest challenges are presented by the Competitive Endurance Rides (CERs), where riders are competing against each other, rather than the clock. The highest level of competition is the 160km (100 mile) CER, the International Senior championship distance.

Something to aim for

Whatever level you are happiest a, Britain's top endurance riders are among the best in the world and you can always learn from them and aspire to follow in their footsteps. Endurance GB is the internationally recognised body for the sport of endurance riding in the UK. Membership of EGB means you and your horse can be considered for British team selection. Each year, EGB puts together young rider, intermediate and senior teams and arranges for them to compete in international endurance riding events.

Building Partnerships

Perhaps the best reason of all for taking up Endurance Riding, is the partnership built up with your horse over these many miles - of new riding ground. You guide him, and he carries you, and the relationship 'which is forged between endurance rider and endurance horse would be hard to equal in any other sport. He has to trust you to lead him back home, and you have to trust him to get you there, and the resulting confidence will stay with both of you in any future sports you may try. That's if you're not hooked on Endurance Riding for life!

To get started

JOIN EGB NOW Call: 02476 697929 or join online