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FEI CLEAN SPORT - Update 25th JanuaryFEI CLEAN SPORT - Update 25th January - (Published:27 January 2015)

 The FEI have released an update regarding Clean Sport on January 25th. The information is of interest to all riders and their horses.


Please see Clean Sport for the full details.

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The Board of Endurance GB (EGB) wishes to invite Expressions of Interest  from suitably qualified and experienced Ride Organisers and / or Members with experience of participating as a Member of a Ride Organising Committee (OC).


This is for the positions that may come available on the OC for the Euston Park Rides in 2015.


Should the Meydan proposed Sponsorship Arrangement with EGB proceed, an EGB OC for the Euston Park Rides will be formed. In light of the timescale and the time required to recruit the OC personnel, the Board wishes to commence at this stage with Expressions of Interest for this voluntary role in the first instance.


Members who have the necessary qualifications and interest should email the Chair of EGB at by 2nd February 2015 outlining their:-


Ø  Experience of endurance ride organising to date and including any FEI classes 

Ø  Knowledge of FEI rules and regulations and experience in FEI rides whether as a competitor and/or as an Official 

Ø  Any specific FEI qualifications held e.g. FEI Technical Delegate 

Ø  Availability throughout the forthcoming season


A copy of your current CV should also be provided.  It would also be helpful if interested members could also identify whether they have officiated in any capacity at any FEI rides held at Euston Park in the last ten years.


The dates for the proposed Euston Park Rides are as follows:-


Ø  7th June 2015 

Ø  9th August 2015 

Ø  30th August 2015


Should the Euston Park Rides be confirmed further information about the OC will be published to those expressing interest, including:-


Ø  Details about the recruitment and selection process including Job Descriptions and Person Specifications 

Ø  Minimum time commitment that will be expected throughout the season 

Ø  The level of expenses payable


In the interim if there are informal questions please do not hesitate to email me.


John Hudson

Chairman EGB

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Volunteers Conference 2015Volunteers Conference 2015 - (Published:18 January 2015)

There will be a Southern Conference on 1st February, at Chisleden near jn 15 M4 and a Northern Conference on 14th February at Woodkirk, near jn 21 M62.


All Ride Organisers (national, Group or potential), all TS's (experienced, trainees, potential) and any Group officials will be welcome to attend.

It will be a full day of training and updating!

Please email if you wish to book a place. As lunch will be provided please indicate any dietary restrictions.

9.45 Coffee and registration 

10am Introduction                                                                Jeni Gilbert 

10.05 Changes for 2015 

10.35 So you think you know the rules…….. 

11.15 Endurance GB in 2015                                            John Hudson 

11.45 Finance for Organisers                                            Jeni Gilbert 

12.25 Organising Group Events                                       Jo Claridge/Kerry Dawson(N) 

1pm till 1.145 Lunch 

13.45  A-Z of H&S forms                                                     Brian Floyd Davis/Kerry Dawson 

14.15 Scenarios and situations                                        John Hudson &

                                                                                                Brian Floyd Davis 

15.15 Questions and Answers                                          All 

15.35 Finish


Detailed directions will be forwarded nearer the time.





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Withdrawal of Riding Hat Standard BS EN 1384 – What does it all mean?Withdrawal of Riding Hat Standard BS EN 1384 – What does it all mean? - (Published:13 January 2015)

Some of you may have heard that the EU Commission has withdrawn the European Equestrian Riding Hat Standard (BS) EN 1384. This was because the old standard was due for an update but members of committee failed to agree on a new specification so the standard had to be withdrawn before the Official Journal of the European Union is published any time now.


Manufacturers who rely on BS EN 1384 as a standard will now need to have their helmets re-certified to the CE mark using a different standard.


A new standard is currently in development but no date has been given for its implementation, however once a hat has been manufactured to a standard it does not become unsafe and non standard once the standard has been withdrawn.


What does this all mean ?

Basically the removal of the standard withdraws the presumption of conformity for the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) directive so therefore hat manufacturers can no longer use  BSEN 1384 as their reference for CE certification and without that there can be no CE mark on the product.


However the good news is that there are still a wide range of CE marked Riding Hats that use other standards to obtain this mark, namely hats manufactured to PA015, ASTM F1163 and Snell 2001 standards.


How does this effect me?

Basically at the moment there is no need to do anything as hats that have been manufactured to the old standard are still current and safe.

If you have a hat that is manufactured to PAS 015, ASTM F1163 or Snell 2001 then your hat is still CE certified and will be in the future.


As far as Performance Equestrian hats are concerned all our Troxel, Tipperary and Zilco hats are currently CE cerified under the ASTM F1163 standard as well as the now deleted BS EN 1364.


Thank you to Steve Beresford at Performance Equestrian for this information. He has also kindly offered to try and answer any queries you may have - if you contact him on 01933 624624 he will try and help.



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Changes to the World Anti-Doping Code for 2015Changes to the World Anti-Doping Code for 2015 - (Published:08 January 2015)

Changes to the World Anti-Doping Code for 2015 came into effect on 1 January 2015. It is critical that all athletes (competing at both a national and international level) and their support personnel and partners appreciate that the anti-doping system applies to them and ensure that they are fully aware of the changes made in the 2015 Code


The document of Key Changes to the 2015 Code is housed on the UK Anti-Doping 2015 Code microsite; to visit the site here


It is extremely important that you update yourself on the changes by visiting the site.  

You are solely responsible for banned substances for any banned substance you use or attempt to sue or is found in your system regardless of how it got there and whether there was an intention to cheat or not.

The minimum sanction for deliberate cheating is now 4 years and there is less leniency for carelessness – you are more likely to receive a 2 year ban for inadvertent doping.

 There are two new Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRV) to be aware of: 

New ADRV: Complicity - If you help to cover up, are involved in, or support someone else to avoid being detected for an ADRV, you may be banned

New ADRV: Prohibited Association - If you ‘associate’ with a person such as a coach, doctor or physio who is either banned for doping, or has been sanctioned in some other way for similar behaviour, you will be required to stop that association. If you refuse, then you may be banned


Key information for athletes, including a breakdown of the key World Anti-Doping Code Changes can be located here


UKAD have pulled together a useful Frequently Asked Questions document, which highlights key changes and the implementation timeline, the FAQs can be found here 

The Code is frequently revised to better protect clean athletes around the world; it is the internationally agreed set of anti-doping rules that apply to all athletes, in all countries that are Signatories to the Code.


Further information can be found here or if you have a general enquiry, please contact UKAD

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An Update from The Board of Endurance GBAn Update from The Board of Endurance GB - (Published:06 January 2015)

A majority of Endurance GB’s Members have voted ‘Yes’ in the recent ballot regarding proceeding with a proposed sponsorship agreement with Meydan.

The overall turnout was 55.2% (1010 Members), with 56.4% (570) votes in favour of accepting the sponsorship, with 40.1% (405) against and 3.5% (35) abstentions.


The Board of EGB will therefore proceed to contract discussions with Meydan.


The proposed agreement, which offers benefits for all levels of the EGB Membership, will enhance EGB’s ability to realise its long term strategy and vision: to enable more people and horses at all levels to enjoy the sport of endurance to the highest standard of excellence.

For more information please Login to the members area.


John Hudson

Chairman EGB

Endurance GB Board


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Golden Horseshoe versus Tevis by Sally ToyeGolden Horseshoe versus Tevis by Sally Toye - (Published:27 December 2014)

Sally Toye (who calls herself an ‘almost Wessex member’ as she enjoys the routes and atmosphere of Wessex rides so much) writes about her Exmoor Extra (3 days of 40km) experience. She came to the Wessex 2013 BAM to talk about her Tevis Cup experiences in USA – fascinating – and she has attempted to draw parallels between GHS and Tevis.


Sally writes:  With an excellent third endurance season so far, I entered my 9 year old mare into the Exmoor Extra class. 120k over three days. I wasn’t sure how it would go or if “we” were fit enough and after last year’s 80k over 2 days. Exmoor can throw at you curved balls and I hoped our preparation work on a variety of hills and with gates would all come together. This ride is a great test for any combination and we had come away from the previous year having so learnt. Time to see if she was a three day horse.

At the venue before the start there was a bit of time to hang out before the evening briefing. Here some people asked if I was going to the Tevis Cup again after my previous successes (and failures!) And then I get the inevitable question, “is Golden Horseshoe as hard as Tevis?”


These two rides are very different and also very similar. These rides both involve terrain and a time limit and yet there is no fog, sleet, wind or sideways rain in California and no mountains in Somerset!

At Tevis you will see your crew just twice for an hour and it will be over in one day, albeit a very long one. Plus mentally doing 50 miles then having a break overnight before doing another is hard: with Tevis you just keep going on this linear ride! At GH you are vetted every 40k whereas at Tevis it is almost every 10 miles sometimes less. Both rides have a huge number of helpers and how the organisers make it look so flawless has to be down to a huge amount of work and dedication on their part. That takes a lot of work.

For me endurance is about a tough ride and riding my horse to those conditions that the day dictates with our combined strengths. I hope to start fit for purpose and to take care of my horse using whatever water and doing whatever pace for the terrain which means that we both finish in good condition. This means I do get off my horse and sometimes “tail” up the hills and jog down them with her, she loves this as if alone this means I take the lead from her which will give her a break.


Both rides test me and both rides I love.

So back to Exmoor and Day 1 started with a hilly south loop of 40k. This had lots of water and chances to use my sponge to cool her down in between the hills. The winds were so strong a few gates had to be shut on foot, the noise of the wind above the moor seemed to stop my brain from thinking! Just prior to the venue was a rather concave hill which we tailed up before arriving at the venue and vetting with a nice 44 pulse on silver time. Crew and rider had done well. Another briefing and bed for all of us. 

Next day a fresh looking mare and we set off to the north and some staggering views of Porlock, the moor and yet more sloshing water from many sources. The devastation in the forest we had seen from previous winters making a great recovery and riding on old paths and quintessential English countryside. Due to some rather heavy going we went slower and this I paid for in a vetting where she was not tired enough and shivered with so much excitement at the fun we were having. We got a pulse penalty and our precious silver time dropped to a bronze. Bother! Briefing and bed though and happy to be still in the game. We would see how the morning trot up would go.

A great trot up for the vets and away on Day 3. Back to the south route with a hotter day….. and a much fresher pony who cantered out of the start! I was glad of the lower ring on the bit to calm that pace down and we had a lovely day just enjoying ourselves knowing we could, as this was the final day and the finish was not far away. On this loop we saw the bravery of an Exmoor Stag Class rider who had a crashing fall and she just got on again and continued. She never showed her pain and the pair went on to finish to well-deserved accolades. Meanwhile we just jogged around and cantered over the finish, this time to a better vetting of a 50 pulse and a calmer pony.


I learnt so much about my mare and the work it takes to bring a pony out for 3 days of  competition. The aftercare, stretching and massages she gets seemed to really help. I wish I got the same…

(Photos courtesy of Judy Phillips)


And finally a view from one of the lovely ladies helping at the Horseshoe (Claire Ryall)…


I was a helper on the Sunday of Golden Horseshoe in 2014. I got to the field at 7.30, having stayed the night at Porlock with a good friend. The wind was blowing a gale and as soon as I opened my car door a MVF bag launched itself out and across the field, much to my embarrassment!


I helped with some car/4x4 parking, mostly waving my arms frantically to keep my hands warm as I had forgotten my gloves, and another helper (very nice gentleman) did the actual 'very organised space allocation'. Everyone was really friendly and could make sense of our multi-lingual sign language, I was rewarded by a much appreciated hot drink and very tasty pasty at 10am, then drove off to my next stop.


Comer's Gate was just down the road and I was protected from the wind by a lovely hedge! I actually found it really exciting, waiting for the riders to come into sight as I am hoping to start doing PR's this year. I managed to hold open the gate, whilst taking some photos, and sometimes stopping traffic from clattering over the cattle grid whilst horses and ponies were walking alongside all at the same time! I religiously closed the gate after letting riders through - just in case some crafty sheep were waiting to charge through behind me, and this was mostly because I was having such a great time, enjoying being outside, the sun was shining and it was stunning Exmoor.


Later in the afternoon, my good friend and host came to keep me company - and took over whilst I wandered across the moor looking for a suitable clump of bushes......I didn't like to ask the horsebox drivers behind me....After the last...and then the proper last riders (I think) had come through, I went back to the car park and was again offered a very welcome hot drink and a huge torpedo roll (thank you very much), before a walk around the stalls then back to Porlock to gather my overnight bag, then a drive back to the Yeovil area, with suntanned cheeks and wind weary bones, I cannot imagine how the competitors felt!


I can honestly say that it was a brilliant day for me, really inspiring and the riders and crews showed their appreciation continuously. It was a really fantastic energy to be around, such positive attitudes, people doing what they love and people helping each other too. I didn't get to see so much of the longer distance endurance riders and horses … maybe next time.


I have a smile whilst writing this, it really was an enjoyable day for me, as I am desperate to be able to ride across fields and open moorland, and this is my summer goal, to build confidence with my pony to take part myself.

(Photos and article courtesy of Claire Ryall)

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FEI level I and II Course 21/22nd February - (Published:01 December 2014)

An FEI Level I and level II Judges course will be held on February 21/22nd 2015. The course is open to all existing FEI officials and those wishing to become involved. The course will be held at the Derbyshire Hotel, South Normanton, Derbyshire DE55.


Course Director(s) :

Ian Williams, John Robertson

Language / Langue :

English / anglais

Participation :

All FEI Judges and those wishing to train


Applications must be sent to :


Enquiries and applications to

Olwen Bryer


+442746 697929

Deadline for applications :


1st February 2015

Programme & Time table :


Will be sent to participants after receipt of their application

Participation Fee :

£150.00 Course only to include tea and coffee throughout the two days, lunch on both days and course dinner on the Saturday evening.

Payments by bank transfer. Details below:

Account name: Endurance GB

Account number: 00233101

Bank name: LLoyds

Branch name & address: 23 Fore St, Williton, Taunton


Sort code: 30-19-57

Alternatively call the office on +442467 697929 

Accomodation available at

The Derbyshire Hotel (Principal Hayes Company)
DE55 2EH +44 1773 812000
A number of rooms have been reserved - quote FEI Course. Remember Saturday evening Course dinner is included in course fee price so make sure you only order B&B.


Alternative accomodation at the Premier Inn 3min walking distance to venue. DE55 2DY


Or at Travelodge Mansfield NG17 4HG 3 milesNorth East on A38 to venue

Or Travelodge Alfreton DE551HJ 3 miles South West on A38 to venue


East Midlands Airport (EMA) 23 miles south on M1

Alfreton Rail Station 2.3 miles


Participants will be responsible for their own transport, accommodation and meal costs not provided as stated in the course fee.

The above information serves as an official invitation.





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We can see clearly now..........We can see clearly now.......... - (Published:24 September 2014)

Thanks to the kind generosity of Liz Hinings, all registered para riders and their escorts have special new blue bibs!


The blue bibs have a number and a prefix  P for Para or E for escort. Please can all riders seeing these please give special consideration to the riders.

 Any registered para rider may receive their bib by contacting Julie Martin

When entering a ride, a para rider must let the Ride Sec know that they wish to use their special bib and what number it is, so it can be recorded for the ride paperwork.



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GOLDEN HORSESHOE 2015GOLDEN HORSESHOE 2015 - (Published:29 July 2014)

The Golden Horseshoe organising committee is thrilled to announce that the Golden Horseshoe Ride has been invited by EGB to host the EGB National Championships in 2015.

We are planning a four-day event (Saturday to Tuesday 16th to 19th May) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Golden Horseshoe Ride and organised endurance riding in this country, and will be including a tribute to Ronald Duncan and Colonel Mike Ansell, who were the organisers of the first Golden Horseshoe in 1965. 
More details to follow on both the EGB and Golden Horseshoe websites!

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Dates and Deadlines
2015 membership is now OPEN
Volunteers Conference 2015 - South 1st February, North 14th February
2015 Rides program can be viewed here,
The full list of trophies and winners is here
Ride Cancelled:
Wadebridge has had to be cancelled due to loss of forest access
Training Rides
Stourton Snowdrop Ride - Wessex Group - (Published:11 January 2015)

Sunday 8th February - 20 or 12 kms in Stourhead woods.  This ride is now FULL, but helpers are still needed please!  Virtually all off road.  Good pre-season training or ideal first ride for young horses.  Entries limited to 75 due to limited parking.  Entries filled up very quickly last year, so please get forms to Claire Richards as soon as possible.  Contact details on the

Wessex website
Northern Endurance Training Day - 8th March - (Published:27 January 2015)
The Northumberland and Tyneside Group is very excited to announce the EGB Northern Training Day will be held this year at Park End Equestrian on Sunday 8th March!
Get your horses (and yourselves) prepped for the season ahead, whatever your plans, with a fantastic line up of coaches all here to help you get the most out of your endurance year.   There is an entry form here and click here for more details.
Horseshoe Training / Fun Ride at Wheddon Cross - (Published:13 January 2015)

Sunday 8th March from the Auction Field at Wheddon Cross - details on the Wessex website's Rides and Events page.


Hannah Maskell and Joyce's Choice, 2014 Supreme Champion of Endurance GB and Young Rider Champion
Ruth Chadwick and Aragorn, 2014 Senior Champion of Endurance GB


Keighley & Madison Pomroy and Redwings Milky Way, 2014 Junior Champion of Endurance GB



Past Champions
Getting Started with Endurance GB
Endurance Riding

This is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Receiving increasing publicity, more and more riders are finding out what it involves by entering their first 32km ( 20 miles) ride.

Perhaps it is useful to say what Endurance Riding isn't. It isn't a long pony trek, ambling through lanes, it isn't for the faint hearted, and it isn't for the rider who doesn't actually enjoy being in the saddle for long.

So what is it? It is a unique competitive challenge and a supreme sport for learning about equine fitness. Veterinary checks before and after competitive rides - and in the middle too for longer distances - ensures the best possible care is taken of your horse. Any problems can be picked up earlier rather than later.

You, the rider, learn more about the way your horse functions, with the importance of regulating your riding to suit conditions which will affect the way your horse behaves and how he presents to the vet Key factors include:
*          The terrain: is it hilly or flat, sandy or hard ground?
*          The weather: is it cold, wet, foggy, or hot and sunny?
*          The route: does it look to be difficult to follow on the map, or a more simple circular course? 

It's all about Tactics

All of this will present you with things to think about. That is one of the pleasures of Endurance Riding - you think about it, plan your tactics, plot your directions, work: out where your back up crew (for longer distances) will meet you, anticipate how you will ride. An examination of your map, provided by an EGB ride organiser, will raise your awareness on sections which will slow you down and where you may be able to make up time on faster going. Yes, you will learn to read a map!

All Endurance Riders check their whereabouts on a map carried in a case, and never just follow the rider in front.

There are two reasons for this. The first obvious one is, they may be lost too and not admitting it, and secondly it is part of the adventurous spirit of Endurance Riding - you are there pitting yourself and your horse against the elements, riding unknown territory, and finishing' exactly where -you should, back at the venue. A real sense of achievement that gives meaning to the old saying "To finish is to win".All routes are also marked. 

 Enjoy the Camaraderie

Another element is the spirit of camaraderie which exists amongst the riders. ENDURANCE GB  is always happy to put you in touch with a more experienced rider who can advise you; EGB organisers are happy to talk about their rides and EGB regularly stages talks, seminars and demonstrations across the regions. Their support is wide ranging and practical, and in this sense, what is refreshing about the sport is that you need never be alone.

If it is your first ride and you feel a little nervous the EGB Ride Secretary may be able to arrange for you to ride with someone who is familiar with the sport. Set speed rides, for example are competitive only in the sense of personal achievement, so a friendliness between riders is commonplace. You will find sections of the ride where you need to reduce speed for whatever , and part of the fun is the conversation with other riders along the way. When you meet again at another ride, you will be meeting friends both old and new.

 When the going gets tough

The toughest challenges are presented by the Competitive Endurance Rides (CERs), where riders are competing against each other, rather than the clock. The highest level of competition is the 160km (100 mile) CER, the International Senior championship distance.

Something to aim for

Whatever level you are happiest a, Britain's top endurance riders are among the best in the world and you can always learn from them and aspire to follow in their footsteps. Endurance GB is the internationally recognised body for the sport of endurance riding in the UK. Membership of EGB means you and your horse can be considered for British team selection. Each year, EGB puts together young rider, intermediate and senior teams and arranges for them to compete in international endurance riding events.

Building Partnerships

Perhaps the best reason of all for taking up Endurance Riding, is the partnership built up with your horse over these many miles - of new riding ground. You guide him, and he carries you, and the relationship 'which is forged between endurance rider and endurance horse would be hard to equal in any other sport. He has to trust you to lead him back home, and you have to trust him to get you there, and the resulting confidence will stay with both of you in any future sports you may try. That's if you're not hooked on Endurance Riding for life!

To get started

JOIN EGB NOW Call: 02476 697929 or join online