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Endurance GB is the National Governing Body for the sport of Endurance Riding. It encompasses 23 local Groups throughout England and Wales who organise social events and rides from 8km (5miles) which are non-competitive or social/training rides, right up to 160km competitive rides (100 miles) for the most advanced horse and rider - we pride ourselves on offering a full calendar of events for every level and ambition of rider.

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Photos for the Members Handbook and Ride ProposalsPhotos for the Members Handbook and Ride Proposals - (Published:22 September 2016)

PLEASE please please don't forget that Ride Proposals for 2017 need to be submitted by 14th October and we urgently need photos please for the Members' Handbook.  Send both to the Rides and Rules Committee as soon as possible.

Scotland triumphant at the Home International in Ireland - (Published:21 September 2016)

…England were placed second and Wales third, with Wales winning the Celtic Challenge.

It was great to see how successful the young riders were at the Home Internationals/Celtic Challenge recently, especially Jeni Cunning (Ireland) taking first place in her first 160km, with Ian Patterson (Scotland) and Hannah Maskell (Wales) taking 2nd and 4th in the same class.

The course was challenging not only in terrain including a deep sand beach section and horse-scaring seals sunbathing for all classes but also with the constantly changing weather conditions. We have some fantastic up and coming young riders to look forward to. The future is bright for endurance… the future is these youngsters!!

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A quick reminder that online entries for Red Dragon close at 23:59 TODAY Friday 16th September and postal entries close on 16th September (postmarked). 

Apologies if these dates seem a little far in advance of the first day of the ride.  The Organisers and Entries Secretary are taking this approach so that we can administer all the entries in time to be able to send out all the information packs on Wednesday 21st September.  In turn this means you will all receive your pack by the weekend BEFORE the event, giving the competitors plenty of time to digest the information and plan their weekend in Wales with their crews and supporters. 




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Gill Talbot and Sa'da Sekora triumph in Barbury's 80km CERGill Talbot and Sa'da Sekora triumph in Barbury's 80km CER - (Published:14 August 2016)

As predicted, a fantastic Day Two was enjoyed by horses and riders at the Ridgeway Barbury Castle Ride today with a total of 175 starters. 


Ride Organiser, Janet Kenward, had enlisted the help of many of her friends to provide water at numerous locations out on course and there was no gate allowance as she had persuaded friends to act as gate stewards too.  There were lots of Grade Ones achieved in the GER classes and the four finishers in the 80km CER were as follows:  In first place Gill Talbot with Sa'da Sekora at 17.9kph; second was Carina Kane with Evermore Artistic; third was Gill Plumbley with Mirjana and in fourth place Martin Voysey with Duchy Mimosa.  Loads of happy horses and riders - well done RO Janet Kenward, Ride Secretary Maxine Golledge and husband Dave and the army of helpers!!  Roll on 2017!!


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2016 England Home International Squad Announcement2016 England Home International Squad Announcement - (Published:31 July 2016)

The 2016 Home International Squad travel to Ireland  for this year’s competition – 3 days of celebrations in Co Down at The St Patrick’s Coastal Ride.  For the details please click here.

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A message to EGB Young Riders and Juniors from the Chairman of Rand Endurance, South AfricaA message to EGB Young Riders and Juniors from the Chairman of Rand Endurance, South Africa - (Published:01 July 2016)

Rand endurance is hosting the Sanesa National Schools Championships on the 30 September 2017. We would like to get young riders and juniors from over the globe to take part in this spectacular event. The ride wil be held under the auspices of Erasa.

If there are any interested parties we would like to hear from you. On the 14 May 2016 we hosted a ride at the venue where the event will take place, comments and photos can be found on the facebook page Rand Endurance. Maybe we can include a trip to the Kruger Nationalpark. Interested and suitably qualified parties should contact John Robertson, Chair of International


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The Pony Club Endurance ChampionshipsThe Pony Club Endurance Championships - (Published:01 June 2016)

Whaddon Chase Branch are proud to be hosting the Pony Club Endurance Championships on 16th October 2016 from Central Milton Keynes. Running alongside this will be the Grassroots Endurance Championships.


With a 12.5km ride at Grassroots Level 1 and a 21km ride at Level 2, Novice, Intermediate and Open Championships there is much to interest Pony Club riders from age 5 through to Seniors of 13+. Click here for information on Pony Club Endurance, including hints and advice for adult escort riders who are required for all Junior Riders.


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International Seminar – Another Speaker AnnouncedInternational Seminar – Another Speaker Announced - (Published:03 April 2016)
The theme for this year is about reaching for and achieving your POTENTIAL and will be designed to give you food for thought over the winter.

We hope that you’ve got the 5th November in your diaries for this year’s International Seminar to be held at the NAEC, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.


We’ve already announced to you that the world renowned consultant equine cardiologist, Dr LESLEY YOUNG, BVSc DVA DVC DipECEIM PhD MRCVS, will be joining us as a key speaker.  Her talk will be focussed on ‘Training the Heart to its Potential’


We are also very excited to give you details of another key speaker, GEMMA PEARSON, BVMS Cert AVP (EM) MRCVS.  Not only is Gemma a vet but she is also an eminent Animal Behaviourist.  Her talk, 'Nature or Nurture' will intrigue and inspire you.  She will look at the mental attributes that are desirable in the Endurance Horse and how an understanding of equine learning can maximise a horse’s potential.


The Seminar is aimed at those interested in future team participation but will be open to (and relevant for) all levels of competitor.  Everyone is welcome. Register your interest by emailing the Endurance GB office:

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Further Appointments to the International Squad Management TeamFurther Appointments to the International Squad Management Team - (Published:20 March 2016)

Endurance GB are pleased to announce that they have recruited another very experienced Endurance rider to the International Squad Management Team.  Jo Chisholm has agreed to take on the role of Chef d’Equipe for the Young Rider Squad.  Plus Harvey Lymer joins the SMT as Team Farrier to the Development Squad.

Jo Chisholm and Keryel Lotois competing at Windsor 2015

We are very pleased to share with you the news that we have recruited another very experienced Endurance rider to the International Squad Management Team.  Jo Chisholm has agreed to take on the role of Chef d’Equipe for the Young Rider Squad. 


Jo lives on Dartmoor and is a very active contributor to Endurance.  Amongst the many positions she has held, she was joint Chef d’Equipe for the GBR Senior Team in Dubai in 2005.  "I am very honoured to be asked to act as Chef d'Equipe to the Young Riders for 2016. I know most of the riders from competing on the circuit myself, and have seen many of them competing from a young age alongside my own daughters.  I very much look forward to working with them and the rest of the Squad Management Team".


Jo has been a prolific competitor for over 30 years and has completed a staggering 11,492 kms at all distances, including FEI classes. Many of you will remember her horse, Grey Medlar, who received many accolades during his 15 year career, including Overall Champion in 2000.  Jo and Grey Medlar were also part of the Intermediate Team that competed in Belgium in 2002.  


The major fixture on the calendar this year for Jo’s Squad will be the Young Rider European Championships being held in Portugal at the beginning of September.  She’ll be focussing her attention on preparing and selecting a team for Portugal with the help of Team Vet, Tom Eaton-Evans and Team Farrier, Glyn Trundle. 


Endurance GB are also pleased to welcome Harvey Lymer DipWCF as Team Farrier to the Development Squad.  Harvey is known to many Endurance riders as the son of our long-standing Senior Squad farrier, Kelvin Lymer.  Harvey was introduced to Endurance at a young age but is an accomplished farrier in his own right.  In 2013 he won the European Championship for apprentice farriers held in Denmark.  He has been working with the EGB International Squad for some years, including travelling to France with the Development Squad in 2014.   Harvey’s promotion to Team Farrier is well deserved and he says of his appointment, “I’m happy to be part of the Team!”.

Harvey Lymer DipWCF of Sandpitt Forge

International Committee, Endurance GB

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Getting Started with Endurance GB

Choose your first graded ride by looking through the handbook or the list of rides online, entries for a ride can be made online or sending in a ride entry form with a SAE. Send your entry in before the Ride Close Date, then a week before your ride, your ride details will arrive so that you can plan your journey and your ride.  You should have your horse passport with you as the law requires but it probably will not be checked at the ride.           (Photo by Esther Young and Kerry Dawson)

Aim to arrive at the Venue a good 30-45 minutes before your vet time. Before you unload check in with the Secretary, take your membership card, horse registration and log book with your master card already filled in. Collect your numbered bib and check the notice board for any changes to the route or last minute rider instructions


Put out buckets of water and hay net up for your return. Put a bridle on or a controller head collar to ensure your horse is under control. Remove any bandages or travel boots. If cold or clipped leave the rug on. Put your numbered bib on!


Take your horse and vet sheet to the farrier for the shoes to be checked. Then on to the vet who will ask you for your vet sheet. Any rugs will need to be removed. He will take your horse’s
pulse, check his legs and back and then ask you to trot the horse up for approximately 30 metres and back. Hopefully all is well and you can start! They will keep the vet sheet ready for your return.


Walk back to the trailer and tack up. Put an emergency sticker on you and on your horse’s tack. Remember to take your map
case and map, talk round and mobile phone (on). Attach your drink and holder to your saddle if needed.


Walk to the start, the timekeeper will give you your start time make a note of this time.  Set off quietly and try to ride at a consistent pace. You need to be riding between 8 and 15kph, around 10kph is a good target speed (ie a mixture of trotting and cantering, with not very much walking!) So 40k will take 4hours at 10kph.

On returning to the venue (finish) give the timekeeper your number, they will tell you your finishing time. Dismount and walk back to the trailer. You have up to 30 minutes to get the horse’s pulse down to below 64 - hopefully a lot lower. Untack and put head collar on, tie up to trailer.  Offer him a drink but do not feed until after vetting.


Check the horse’s pulse then depending on the reading and the weather, pour or sponge water over neck, back and the big veins on the hind legs unless it is cold and wet!

Try and reduce his heart rate.


Check there are no stones in the horse’s feet.  Keep checking the pulse and, when it is as low as you think you can get it, walk quietly to the vets for your final vetting; the same procedures will occur that happened at the beginning.


Remember you must present to the vet within 30 minutes or you will be eliminated. You may have to queue but, providing you have told the vet steward you are there, that is fine. You may need the 30 minutes to begin with but the sooner you can present with a low pulse the better.


After vetting go back to the trailer, feed, let your horse relax before loading.
Allow at least 30 minutes before going to the secretary for your mastercard, vet sheet, grade and rosette after your final vetting.

File your master card and vet sheet in your log book for safe keeping.

We hope you have a great time but remember if you have any queries please contact


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