Results of the KBIS BRC Endurance Team Final at Lion's Tail on 18th September

Highest Placed Novice Team

New Forest (79.41 points)


Team Trophy

1st: Cheshire Challengers (106.6 points)

2nd: National Forest Friends (100.57 points)

3rd: Rogate Rabble (92.98 points)

4th: National Forest Foxes (90.97 points)

5th: Cherwell Valley Chargers (89.98 points)

6th: Barnard Castle and Friends (82.45 points)

7th: New Forest (79.41 points)

8th: Hinckley Dressage (63.55 points)


Top Young Rider

1st: Constance Smale and Jeff (30.79 points)

2nd: Sammie Webb and French Clover (27.59 points)


Top Individual

Victoria Lickorish and Tilly (16.26 points)


Top Horse

Kilteeven Ginger Mist ridden by Lisa Hayworth (44.44 points)


Best Presented Team

1st: Llandudno Mad Batters

2nd: West Oxfordshire Wanderers

3rd=: Cherwell Valley Chargers

3rd=: Westmoorland Warlicks

Results Updated Today - 23rd August - (Published:23 August 2016)

Results have been updated today - 23rd August.

We are now preparing to issue the invitations to the Final at Lion's Tail on 18th September.  This weekend is the last chance to enter a qualifier for the Finals.


Sponsored by KBIS British Equestrian Insurance

Endurance GB is very grateful to KBIS British Equestrian Insurance for sponsoring the KBIS BRC Endurance Team Event in 2016, their sixth year of being involved in the event.  It would not be possible to offer the attractive monetary prizes for the final of this competition without the support of KBIS British Equestrian Insurance.

KBIS British Equestrian Insurance is one of the largest independent horse insurance companies, providing all types of insurance for the equestrian including equine insurance, horsebox insurance, specialist bloodstock cover, personal accident, liability for equestrian businesses and equestrian property insurance.

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Overview of the Competition

If you are a member of an affiliated British Riding Club and you and some friends from your Club would like to have a go at endurance, then why not get together to form an endurance team and enter the KBIS BRC Team Endurance Event   The event is organised and hosted by Endurance GB.


Potential endurance competitors do not need any special equipment, particular breed or type of horse to get started.  Only the rider, their horse and normal riding tack is required.  Riders do not have to be members of Endurance GB in order to compete, but they must be current members of their affiliated Riding Club.


You can have as many teams in your Club as you like, but each team must be made up of at least three and a maximum of six combinations.  The teams can compete at any EGB ride throughout the country.  These are called “qualifying rides”.  Team entries can be made at membership rates by registering as Club Members on the EGB website.  A team who completes a qualifying ride successfully will have a team score entered into a League Table for the Region in which the Club is based.  A team can then enter further qualifying rides with scores from subsequent qualifiers replacing that already in the League Table if it is higher than the existing score.


Please see below for more information on Club Membership.


The top teams throughout the country will be offered a place in the KBIS BRC Team Endurance Event Final at The Lion's Tail Ride on Sunday 18th September 2016.  Some wild card places may also be offered at the discretion of the national organisers.  There are cash prizes available for the top teams at the final (see "Prizes and Awards" below for more details).


Remember – you don’t have to enter the KBIS BRC Team Endurance Event necessarily with the aim of getting to the final.  Why not just form a team or teams and just come along to some qualifying rides and enjoy a day out riding in the countryside.  You can ride all together as a team, in pairs, or each team member can ride on their own – starting and finishing at different times.


The rules of the competition and full details of the KBIS BRC Team Endurance Event can be found on the Rules tab.


If you have any immediate questions or would like to discuss the event further then please do not hesitate to contact Jane Hudson on 01398 332089 (before 9.00pm) or by email to jane.e.hudson@hotmail.co.uk.

Club Membership of Endurance GB and Entering Rides Onlline

Please click here to find out more about Club Membership of Endurance GB.

Please click here to register as a Club Member of Endurance GB.

Registering as a Club Member of Endurance GB will enable you to login into the EGB website (see "Login" on the right hand side of the menu bar) and then enter rides online and pay by credit or debit card.

You can download more detailed instructions on how to register as a Club Member of Endurance GB and how to make an Online Entry by going to the Downloads page of this website.

Click here for more information on the Terms and Conditions of Club Membership.

Prizes and Awards

The Organisers are pleased to announce that the following cash prizes and awards will be presented at the Final on Sunday 18th September 2016.  The organisers are very grateful to KBIS British Equestrian Insurance for their kind generosity in providing the cash prizes.

  • Overall Winning Teams: cash prize of £300 for first, £200 for second and £100 for third place
  • Highest placed team which has no riders who are members of EGB and no horses registered with EGB: cash prize of £100
  • Highest placed combination riding as an individual: cash prize of £100
  • Best presented team: Trophy and other prizes
  • Horse with the highest performance score: Trophy and other prizes
  • Highest placed Junior / Young Rider: Trophy and other prizes