Frequently Asked Questions on Rules
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Register Your Horse

Why do I need to register my horse?


When you join EGB you must register your horse if you wish to do endurance rides as opposed to pleasure rides. When you register your horse for the first time you receive a log book and a green master card. All the results for Graded Endurance Rides (GERs) and Competitive Endurance Rides (CERs) will be recorded on your horse’s master card. If your horse is not registered you will only be able to enter Pleasure Rides. Only  registered horses are eligible for Trophies.


Can I try a competition without joining EGB?

Non members can register for our Try Before You Buy scheme. By registering on line for TBYB you will be able to enter two GERs online. You will have to enter as a non member and the class must be a novice class with a maximum distance of 40kms. This will introduce you to competitive riding and allow you to see if Endurance is your new sport!  For full details see TBYB


Can a non member ride my registered horse?

Non members can ride a registered horse in novice classes (40km max). A non member pays temporary day membership to compete in the novice class and if successful then the distance and points count and are added to the horse’s trophy record


I belong to the Pony Club.  Can I do Endurance rides?

Endurance is a Pony Club discipline and so Pony Club members can enter GERs. The Pony Club have developed a series of rides and championships which involve entering EGB rides of various distances at members rates. Junior riders (less than 14yo ) must be accompanied by an adult, Junior riders must be 8yo or over  to ride. For more details see the Pony Club.


Green Master Cards


Yellow Master Cards

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