Ride Entry Process for Foreign Riders visiting the United Kingdom

Endurance GB welcomes entries from foreign riders who are visiting the UK. Please be aware that there are some rules that you will need to comply with before you compete with us:

If you require any assistance with registering the horse(s) or purchasing the log book and mastercard, please contact the EGB Office


Endurance GB Qualification Levels


Once your horse's entry level has been set, you will then need to qualify your horse in accordance with Endurance GB rules. Before being allowed to do an 'Open' level class under Endurance GB rules, a novice horse must complete three novice level rides of 30-50km at between 8 and 15kph. For these rides to also count as FEI qualifiers, two of them will need to be at least 40km. A horse cannot take part in 'Novice' level competitions under Endurance GB rules until it is 5 years old.


Further information on the Endurance GB 'Novice' qualification criteria is available here: https://endurancegb.co.uk/main/Rules/Novice


Once the horse has been upgraded to 'Open' level, it can then take part in 'Open' level rides of 30-90km. To upgrade to 'Advanced' level under national Endurance GB rules the horse will then need to complete two 'Open' level rides of 65km to 80km at between 10 and 18kph, at least one of which must be 80km in a day. For these to also count as FEI qualifiers, the two rides will need to be 80km and completed at under 16kph. A horse cannot take part in 'Open' level competition under Endurance GB rules until it is 6 years old.


Further information on the Endurance GB 'Open' qualification criteria is available here: https://endurancegb.co.uk/main/Rules/Open

In case of difficulties


We hope that you enjoy your ride(s) in the UK, and we would welcome any feedback that you may have. If you have any questions or queries about Endurance Riding in the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us via enquiries@endurancegb.co.uk