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The Harlequin Middle of the Road Trophy - 21 July 2016

We are very pleased to announce that we have a lovely new trophy for our annual awards - The Harlequin Middle of the Road Trophy, kindly presented by The Herriott Family. To be awarded to the horse gaining the highest number of points in it's ten best Graded Endurance Rides of 60-89km, whether single or multi day. For more information click here

Friston Forest EGB ride - 01 July 2016

There have been some changes to the classes at Friston Forest EGB. There will be no 40 km classes. The online entry form will be updated as soon as possible.

Newsletter Subscription - 14 July 2016

You can now subscribe for Issues 3 & 4 of the fabulous South East newsletter for £7.00 

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New for 2016- The Gold Standard Award Rosette - 17 January 2016

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our new Gold Standard Award rosette for 2016 kindly sponsored by Sue Cooper.

Awarded to each horse which completes the entire 2016 with no fails (including retirements) on their mastercard for GER and CER classes AND which has successfully completed seven or more competitive rides (GER and/or CER) during 2016.  
The rides can be at any distance offered as a competitive class (i.e. 32-160k) and multi-day rides with an overnight hold will be counted as one ride.  
Pleasure rides, both vetted and unvetted, will not count towards this award.

2016 South East Rides - 19 January 2015

To find out about the rides and events we are holding in the South East Region click here

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Rides and Events click here for more details

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