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Devils Dyke ride cancelled - 21 September 2018
It is with regret that following the recent yellow weather warning for East Sussex on Sunday that we have cancelled the Devil's Dyke ride. Entrants will be contacted about refunds and we hope to be able to rearranged the Weald Trophy final. 
SE Newsletter is no more - 23 July 2018
It is with sadness that we report the demise of the South East newsletter due to dwindling subscriptions which now make it uneconomical to produce. We would like to thank all those who supported it, edited and subscribed to it over the years and we know many will miss this little South East gem. Regards SE Group Committee 
South East Triumph in Inter-regional Championships - 21 July 2018

In sweltering heat over the weekend of 13-15 July, the South East Team were triumphant in the Inter-Regional Championships held at Cirencester Park. 

The first three teams, including their chefs all won medals (Gold first, silver second and bronze third).

1st South East (SE) - 219
2nd Offas Dyke & de Cymru (ODDC) - 200
3rd South West (SW) - 190
4th North West (NW) - 184
5th Wessex (Wex) - 174
6th Mid South (MidS) - 141
7th Iceni, Leicester & Rutland (ILR) - 139
8th Cromwell (Crom) - 130
9th Welsh Dragons (WD) - 124
10th Cotswolds (Cot) - 103
11th Heart of England (HoE) - 76

Special congratulations to Offas Dyke and South East who had all 12 horses complete their classes!!

More details, including the individual awards, can be found here

Performance Formula League Table - 29 March 2018

We have added the Performance Formula League Table to the website.

Supporters - 19 June 2018
Supporters may enter National or Group Pleasure Rides, but are not entitled to enter at member rates. More information can be found here  
Group Pleasure Ride Fees 2018 - 12 February 2018

Group Pleasure Ride Fees for 2018 will now include an Early Bird Discount, for more information click here

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