Associate Membership

Associate membership allows all riders the opportunity to be involved and enjoy Group and National Pleasure Rides at members rates.

Associate members may join online on the main Endurance GB website. 

A full list of Groups and contacts can be found on the main Endurance GB website  here.

Associate membership allows all riders the opportunity to be involved and enjoy Group and National Pleasure Rides at members rates.

A full list of Groups and contacts can be found here



Category of Associate Member


Joining Fee

Half year starts 1st July


Voting Rights



Adult Member

1 Jan – 31 Dec


£35.00 full year
£21.00 half year

Group Training and Social Rides/Activities at Member rates

Group Newsletter
(as for Full Member)

PR classes at National rides at members rates.

EGB Magazine
EGB Handbook
Eligible for Pleasure Pairs Trophy

Group Meetings- as agreed by Group
National AGMs/EGMs – NONE


Young Rider

£25.00 full year
£15.00 half year

Group Meetings- as agreed by Group if 16yo+
National AGMs/EGMs – NONE


Junior Rider
(8 – 13yo)

£20.00 full year
£12.00 half year

Group Meetings- NONE
National AGMs/EGMs – NONE


The Associate Membership Scheme is administered by individual Groups but an associate member can enter rides or events organised by any EGB Group at member rates as well as national pleasure rides at members rates

An Associate Member can elect to join any EGB Group, not necessarily the closest Group to their address.  They must apply either directly to the chosen Group who will provide enrolment forms and membership cards for their new members or online via the EGB website. 
Associate Member benefits:-

  •          Group Training and Social Rides (Pleasure Rides) or social events at any EGB Group on payment at 
             EGB Members’ rates
  •          Entry to national pleasure rides at members rates
  •          A copy of the EGB handbook which contains details of all the national rides for the season, together with a 
             copy of the rules, recommendations and information about Endurance GB.
  •          Receipt of the EGB magazine
  •          Group newsletter - more information
  •          Insurance - Associate Members will be covered by the current EGB Insurance agreement (Public Liability) 
             only at a Group Ride or event or during a National pleasure ride.  COVER DOES NOT APPLY AT ANY OTHER TIME
  •          If an Associate Member wishes to enrol as a Full Member of EGB there may be a one off initial registration 
             fee to pay plus  the difference in membership value .
  •          Associate Members are eligible to attend Group Annual Meetings - with voting rights decided by each 
             individual Group.  Associate Members can attend National General Meetings but cannot vote.
  •          access to reduced ride fees for Young Riders and Juniors.

Associate Members under 14yo are not permitted to ride unless accompanied by an adult.

Associate Members cannot register their horses for competitions. 

Disciplinary and Grievance - Local arrangements will be made initially, with appeal to national scheme in exceptional circumstances.

Endurance GB Associate Membership Scheme
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Associate Members covered by the EGB Insurance Scheme?
    when they attend Group or National activities as an Associate Member.  Not 24/7 cover which is enjoyed by Full Members (Public Liability)
  2. Will I receive promotional material from sponsors of Endurance GB ? 
    There is a tick box on the associate membership form so you can decide.
  3. Will Associate members have access to the members forum on the website? 
    NO - that is for FULL Members of EGB only
  4. Who assigns the Associate Membership number?
    This will be sent to you by directly by the EGB membership system. 
  5. Do families get a copy of the members’ handbook and EGB Magazine for each member or one copy between them?  One per member
  6. Do you know what time of year groups current associate members have to renew by? This scheme runs from Jan 1st to Dec 31st, like everything else.
  7. If an Associate Member joins after June, do they get a half-yearly rate similar to the Full Membership reduction?  YES
  8. Can I get a copy of all the necessary forms from the EGB Website?   most of the Groups have them on their websites.
  9. Who on each Group Committee will administer this scheme? The South East Group have a Membership Secretary listed here
  10. Are all Associate Membership queries to be directed to Groups?  Ideally - yes - it is a Groups' responsibility to "service the needs" of their Associate Members.
  11. Can an associate member of one Group enter Training or Social Rides held by a neighbouring Group?  Yes - they can enter at Associate Membership rates regardless of the Group.  However, they must put their Associate Membership number on the Entry Form and show their Associate Membership Card at the Ride.
  12. Can the Associate Member ask the Ride Organiser to sign their Ride Record Card?  Yes - the name of the Ride will be entered on the card.
  13. What classifications of Associate Membership do we have?  Full-Riding? Non-Riding? Young? Junior? Veteran?  Life?   Associate Member - is just a single classification for all.
  14. Can an Associate member enter a Graded Endurance Ride?   NO, not unless they register for TBYB or ride an EGB registered horse, they will also have to pay TDM, as it is a competitive ride.
  15. What happens if an Associate Member moves and changes Group as a result - do they get a new number?   NO -  they register with another Group as an Associate Member and the office will tell them to contact the Chairman of the new Group - or if the Chairman already knows, then they will have informed the office. They will keep their Associate Membership number.
  16. How are renewals of EXISTING Associate Members to be handled?  At the beginning of the year, the computer system will have a list of Associate Members that will be lapsed unless their membership is renewed for the new year.  
  17. How is this to be communicated to the office by the Groups?   The Groups are sent regular lists of members who have and have not renewed.
  18. Are Associate Members covered by the EGB insurance?   Only at Group Rides and Group events or Pleasure Rides linked to competitive rides in the national schedule.
  19. Can Associate Members register horses with EGB?   NO
  20. Are Associate Members eligible for National Trophies?   The National Pleasure Ride Trophy is open to all, but you must be registered for this competition with EGB before the first ride. The other national trophies are only for full members of EGB. However Groups may choose to include Associate Member in their annual Trophies.
  21. What happens if an Associate Member wishes to become a full member of EGB   - They can upgrade on line or through the Office. An initial one off registration fee may be required plus the difference in membership subscription. If the upgrade is applied for by post to the Office then there will also be a surcharge
  22. When is the initial one off fee paid- if you have been a full member but then become an Assoc Member if you then go back to being a full member the one off registration fee is not due! It is only due if you have never been a full member.
  23. Can Associate Members register for TryBeforeYou Buy?   Yes providing they have not previously been a full member or already tried out the scheme!