Tillingham Valley Pleasure Ride (non vetted)

Sunday 11th June

Parsonage Farm, Udimore, Rye
TN31 6AX



 Picture courtesy of LRG

Class 1. 8km PR 

Class 2 16km PR     Weald Trophy Qualifier

Class 3  32km PR (2 loops of 16km route)




Non Member


Class 1

8 km

5 miles



Class 2

16 km

10 miles



Weald Championship Qualifier

Class 3

32 km

20 miles



16km loop twice

Weald Championship Qualifier


Ride Entry Form Click here

Send your completed form together with your cheque made out to "Endurance GB SE"  to the Ride Secretary, address below

 A stunning ride through the beautiful Tillingham Valley. Mostly fields and headlands, small pieces of woodland, and two very short stretches of private driveway, nice going for barefoot horses. One bridge crossing and a few gates which will mostly be opened. Fairly flat with a few small undulations.

No crewing is possible, as there is no access to the route by road

Please post your ride entry form with a cheque made out to "Endurance GB SE" and a large SAE to the Ride Secretary


Toilets, first aid and photographer. Refreshments available

No water at the venue- please ensure you bring plenty of your own

Under 18's

The parent or legal guardian of any under 18 year old entering an event or ride with Endurance GB or any of its Groups must complete a Parental Permission Form.

All Junior Riders must be accompanied by a nominated mounted adult (18 years old or over) until they have reached their 13th birthday (i.e. their actual birthday and not the year in which they become 13 years old). All adults accompanying junior riders must sign the entry form consenting to the acceptance of the responsibility. 
An adult may accompany no more than two junior riders. Only a child’s parent/guardian can nominate an escort. If the nominated escort cannot carry on for any reason, that person cannot nominate someone else unless they have written permission signed by the parent and this matches the signature on the ride entry form. This applies to grandparents as well. It is only the parent/guardian who can give agreement.

All young people at the ride are the responsibility of their accompanying adult.

The parental consent form should be enclosed in a sealed envelope and given to the Ride Secretary to hold for the duration of the event. It will be returned at the end of the ride. It will only be opened in an emergency.


Parental Consent Form


Ride Organiser and Secretary :          Leonie Wheeler

Address:              Parsonage Farm, Udimore, Rye TN31 6AX

Telephone:                  01797 222009

Email:                          wheelersflp@googlemail.com