Weald Trophy rules



     A New Goal




Following the success of the Weald Trophy in 2017, it will run again in 2018.  Therefore all entries in South East Group Pleasure Ride and South East National rides will count towards qualification for the final on 23rd September at Devils Dyke. There will be no need to complete any other entry forms. You will be notified once you have successfully completed your three qualifying rides for the Final.      

Any three of the Pleasure  rides must be successfully completed between 8.0 kph and 9.5 kph to qualify for the final.

Don’t panic! The actual times you will be aiming to ride between will be stated on your ride details when you receive them: eg 16k class to be ridden between 1hr 41m & 2hrs 0 m.

NB.  If the ride is completed faster than 9.5kph, it will not be counted as a qualification for the Weald Trophy, even though it will still be a successful pass as a ‘normal’ PR for the competitor at that ride.

Non-members are very welcome to enter the Championships but you will need to register as a Supporter before entering rides. This does NOT entitle you to enter at member rates. As a Supporter you will have an online account which will speed up your entry to a national ride and a copy of the Endurance GB magazine emailed to you. As an Associate or Full member of EGB, you will not need to pay £8 temporary day membership and can enter at membership rates. More information on membership types and costs can be found here

Your horse does not need to be registered with EGB for Group Pleasure Rides but will need to be registered as a Pleasure Horse for National Rides

You do not have to do two ride helps to qualify to take part, as with the end of season awards, but volunteers are always very welcome to ensure our events can take place and it is an excellent way of learning more about endurance.. 

There is no additional entry fee to enter the Weald Trophy Pleasure Ride Championships.

A results table will be updated on EGBSE’s Website/Facebook throughout the season.

An email notification reminder will be sent to all those who have qualified to confirm that they are eligible to enter the Championship Ride at Devils Dyke which decides the 2018 trophy winner.



Devils Dyke Ride September 23rd 2018, 32km PR Class, (20 miles) to be successfully completed between 10.0kph and 11.0kph, riding time: 2 hrs 54 mins – 3 hrs 12 mins. 

NB.  If the ride is completed at a faster or slower speed than this, it will not be counted towards the Final placings even though it may still be a successful pass as a ‘normal’ PR for the competitor at that ride. 

Horses also to pass post-ride vetting with HR of 64 or below and sound as per normal vetting rules. 

All those qualified for the Championship who complete between the given speed parameters will be awarded points calculated on the Weald Series Formula, and a Trophy and placing rosettes to be awarded at the ride.  Weald Series Formula = heart rate divided by speed, with the horse with the lowest number of points being the winner.  E.g. Final HR 40, Speed 11.0kph = 3.64 pts.  Final HR 36, Speed 10.5kph = 3.43 pts etc



Open to all: EGB members and Associates from all Groups & Supporters (Non-members). 

Open to all :  horses which are registered with EGB or unregistered

Rider must complete all three Qualifiers and the final Championship ride at Devil’s Dyke but can substitute another horse if necessary during the series.  The substituted horse must complete at least one of the Qualifiers with the rider before being entered for the Final.                                                                   


                                                                                                         Trophy kindly presented by

                                                                                                               Rosemary Attfield