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Please note that HALF YEAR MEMBERSHIP is available to NEW MEMBERS and to lapsed members from 1 July of the current membership year.

Payment Due [2019]

Option Joining Fee Full Year
£15.00 £62.00
£15.00 £62.00
£15.00 £42.00
£15.00 £52.00
£15.00 £650.00
£0.00 £30.00
£0.00 £40.00
£0.00 £25.00
£0.00 £30.00
£0.00 £0.00

Payment Due [2019]


Personal Details

If you are not a UK Citizen then you must seek permission to compete from your National Federation. Please contact the EGB Office for further details.
Please provide your date of birth if you are 25 years old or under to help Endurance GB contribute to the PE & Sports Strategy for Young People. You must provide your date of birth if you are a Junior or Young Rider (see below).
Note: Address and email should be that of the Parent or Guardian if under 18.
To be eligible for Veteran Awards (Optional) please tick here if you are a Veteran Rider, that is 60 years old or over in the current membership year.
To be eligible as a Para Rider, your application will need to be approved by the Para Rider Committee. For more information click here.

Club Details (Optional)

If you intend to enter BRC Team or Pony Club competitions, please complete the details in this section.
Club Type

Club Membership No.
Club Name


The annual membership period is from 1 January to 31 December.

IMPORTANT: Current members of Endurance GB should note that their insurance will lapse on the 31 December unless their membership for the new membership year is renewed before then.

All membership not renewed before 1 April of the current membership year will be deemed as lapsed and set to type "Supporter".

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