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Endurance GB is the National Governing Body for the sport of Endurance Riding. It encompasses 23 local Groups throughout England and Wales who organise social events and rides from 8km (5miles) which are non-competitive or social/training rides, right up to 160km competitive rides (100 miles) for the most advanced horse and rider - we pride ourselves on offering a full calendar of events for every level and ambition of rider.

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Endurance Temporary Committee holds first in-person meeting at FEI HQEndurance Temporary Committee holds first in-person meeting at FEI HQ - (Published:13 December 2018)

Here is the official press release from the FEI covering the first face to face meeting of the Temporary Endurance Committee:


Lausanne (SUI), 12 December 2018

Endurance Temporary Committee holds first in-person meeting at FEI HQ

The Temporary Committee, established by the FEI Board in October to urgently review the Endurance rules in order to address the issues currently affecting the discipline, held its first in-person meeting at FEI Headquarters in Lausanne (SUI) today.

Dr Sarah Coombs (GBR), who chairs the Temporary Committee, said after the meeting: “Today’s meeting generated really strong and productive debate and, together with input from a broad spectrum of stakeholders, we have already drawn up a list of our key focus areas. Your voices are being heard. We are under no illusions about the challenges of the task ahead, but the future of the discipline is under the spotlight and we will do whatever is necessary to rebuild the trust of our community and restore the image of a discipline that has every right to remain a part of the FEI, provided the rules are adhered to and enforced to ensure that our horses are protected and cheating is stamped out.”

The Temporary Committee has already received a huge amount of feedback from the Endurance Community on a number of key areas, including:
• Increased testing of horses for prohibited substances;
• Increased sanctions for horse abuse;
• Review of speeds;
• Reassessment of rules on mandatory rest periods;
• Redefinition of elimination codes (particularly Catastrophic Injury);
• Elite athlete status and “jockey riders”;
• Qualifications, including qualification as a combination;
• Increased completion percentage before allowing upgrade to next level;
• Reinstate and redefine two-hour invasive treatment rule;
• Hyposensitivity screening (the use of the FEI Hyposensitivity Control System (HCS) was voted in at last month’s FEI General Assembly for implementation in 2019);
• Heart rates and presentation times at Vet Gate;
• Definition of and registration of trainers;
• Over-training/over-competing;
• Mandatory medication logbook and out of competition testing;
• Extended provisional suspension for horses testing positive to Banned Substances
• Course design 
• Tack and equipment
• Crewing numbers

This first meeting also provided the Temporary Committee with the opportunity to establish the methodology it will use to fulfil its remit to carry out an in-depth review of the rules that will bring the discipline back to its original roots of Endurance riding as opposed to Endurance racing, with horse welfare and horsemanship at its core, while still maintaining the competitive aspect of the sport. The Temporary Committee also agreed a consultation process that will involve further liaison with stakeholders to avail of their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the discipline.
In addition to the chair Dr Coombs, the other members of the Temporary Committee are Endurance athlete and member of the FEI Athletes’ Committee Tarek Taher (KSA), chef d’équipe of the Dutch Endurance team Pieter Wiersinga (NED), FEI Veterinary Committee member Dr Tim Parkin (GBR), who heads up the scientific research conducted at the University of Glasgow as part of the FEI’s Global Endurance Injuries Study (GEIS), and Valerie Kanavy, a former member of the FEI Athletes’ Committee and the Athletes’ Representative on the Endurance Committee (2014-2018).

FEI Vice President Mark Samuel (CAN) joined today’s meeting and will facilitate communications between the Temporary Committee and the FEI Board. The FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez, FEI Endurance Director Manuel Bandeira De Mello, FEI Veterinary Director Göran Akerström and other FEI staff members also attended the meeting.

The Temporary Committee will hold its next in-person meeting on 15 January 2019 and there will be a dedicated Endurance session at the FEI Sports Forum 2019 (15-16 April) during which the Temporary Committee will provide an update to delegates.

FEI Media Contacts:
Grania Willis
Director Communications
+41 78 750 61 42

Shannon Gibbons
Manager, Media Relations & Media Operations 
+41 78 750 61 46




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Results of Endurance GB & SERC member consultation on FEI rulesResults of Endurance GB & SERC member consultation on FEI rules - (Published:11 December 2018)
On 1st December Endurance GB and SERC members were offered the chance to feed into the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee review of the FEI rules.

We would like to begin by thanking everyone who took the time to complete the survey. 

Endurance GB and SERC members identified the following as areas that the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee should focus on first: 

64% of respondents cited speeds as one of their primary concerns, and 49% of respondents asked that the FEI review penalties for rule breaches. These two priorities were key for FEI riders, crews and officials alike, and for both Endurance GB and SERC members. Other top priorities were the anti doping rules, types of FEI course, horse and rider qualification processes, and weights. 

The full results of the member consultation have now been sent to the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee in advance of their first meeting on the 12th December. 

Endurance GB and SERC fully support the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee in its stated mission to bring the discipline back to its original roots of Endurance riding as opposed to Endurance racing, with horse welfare and horsemanship at its core, while maintaining the competitive aspect of the sport. 

Rebecca Kinnarney, Chair, Endurance GB 

Marina MacArthur, Chair, Scottish Endurance Riding Club 

John Robertson, Endurance GB International Director

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Are you getting excited about the 2019 Endurance season?Are you getting excited about the 2019 Endurance season? - (Published:09 December 2018)

Endurance GB has 23 Groups covering England and Wales - so have a look on the Groups page for links to activities in your local area.

Just to whet your appetite here is the link to the Mid South's website and their plans for next year!  Also check out the Training page and the Social/Pleasure Rides info.

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A message to the membership from the new Development DirectorA message to the membership from the new Development Director - (Published:26 November 2018)

Dear all,
As the new Development Director my portfolio includes the following responsibilities: 
•Training and Development 
•Young Riders 
I welcome all applications from the membership to join these sub committees to share ideas and help assist me in serving EGB and the development of our sport. Please get in touch! 
I would also like to inform the members that at any time I am very open to suggestions / ideas regarding EGB and I welcome communication via email, phone or in person at rides and events.


New Board for Endurance GBNew Board for Endurance GB - (Published:25 November 2018)

On 25 November the new Board of Endurance GB met for the first time to agree their roles following the election of Sue Box, Rosemary Henderson, Alex Tennant and Kerry Dawson to the Board at the Endurance GB AGM on 24 November.  

Nicki Thorne, Chair of Endurance GB for the  2018 season, has very sadly decided to resign from the Board for personal reasons.  

In light of the above, the Director Responsibilities for  2018/19 are now as follows: 

Chair: Rebecca Kinnarney  

Vice Chair & Finance Director: Sue Box 

Governance Director: Ann Dark (Company Secretary)  

Operations Director: Esther Young  

Development Director: Alex Tennant 

International Director: John Robertson  

Groups and Volunteering Director: Rosemary Henderson 

Communications Director: Kerry Dawson  

SERC Director: Constance Newbould 

We would like to thank Nicki for her hard work and dedication to the sport and we wish her well for the future. 


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Office ManagerOffice Manager - (Published:12 November 2018)

EnduranceGB, the governing body for the sport of endurance riding, is looking to recruit someone to manage all day to day aspects of its busy office.  The suitable candidate must have excellent communication skills in order to liaise with the members of this equestrian society and its large volunteers’ network including the Board of Directors.  

Suitable applicants must be cheerful, enthusiastic, with an active interest in horse sports, and an understanding of volunteer organisations.  Qualifications must include a robust knowledge of IT including the ability to use a bespoke in-house membership package, and to enable the implementation of future IT projects.  Literate and financially adept, you will have proven experience of working in a busy administrative office dealing with a wide range of tasks as required.  You will have the ability to manage and work within a small team on site, and with a wider voluntary team based nation wide. A flexible, hands on and personal approach will be necessary, and the role will include some level of out of hours or weekend working to facilitate handling of members’ queries and occasional attendance at off site events.  This role is based at the British Horse Society Offices at Kenilworth, Warwickshire, and is a full time office based position. Hours approx. 9 to 5pm, 5 days per week,  Salary c £27,000.   Please send your cv and application to

Closing date for applications - 5:00pm Friday 16th November 2018.


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Endurance GB take steps to restructure office supportEndurance GB take steps to restructure office support - (Published:04 November 2018)

Endurance GB will be undergoing a restructure of its office support and as a result we are sad to report that Sarah Travers, current Executive Officer of Endurance GB, will no longer be working for the Society. Nicki Thorne, Chairman of Endurance GB, commented that ‘Sarah has been extremely enthusiastic in her approach with the society and we all wish her well for the future’. 

During her time with Endurance GB, Sarah has no doubt become a familiar point of contact for many members and said that she ‘has really enjoyed her time at Endurance GB and is planning to volunteer in the future’, we look forward to seeing her out and about at next year’s events.


The Board is currently finalising the new structure and job descriptions and adverts will be published in due course. It is the Board’s intention for the office to be fully staffed once again well ahead of the start of next season. In the meantime, please direct all office queries to ‘’.


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A very sad message from the Lancashire GroupA very sad message from the Lancashire Group - (Published:21 October 2018)

It’s with deep sadness that we have to advise you that Sue Taylor-Green has passed away peacefully with Alan by her side. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time. 

We will inform you as soon as we know the funeral arrangements.

Statement on RegumateStatement on Regumate - (Published:19 October 2018)

In September the BHA issued a notice advising trainers to be cautious when using products containing altrenogest, which is the active ingredient in Regumate. This advice was issued as a result of reports from an Australian laboratory that trace levels of an anabolic steroid had been detected in products containing altrenogest.

The use of Regumate in mares has been permitted under FEI regulations for a number of years and altrenogest is not on the Equine Prohibited Substances List. The use of Regumate in mares is, therefore, not currently prohibited.

The BEF has sought clarification from the FEI and the advice received is that it remains permissible to use Oral Regumate in mares in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions, until such time as the FEI confirms that this policy should change.

However, please note that any injectable altrenogest products should not be used.

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FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List 2019FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List 2019 - (Published:04 October 2018)

The FEI Bureau has approved changes to the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List (EPSL) brought forward by the FEI List Expert Group. These changes will be published on our website here so that our National Federations and athletes and their entourage can start the process of familiarisation with the changes.
The changes to the EPSL will come into force on 1 January 2019.
The consultation process for the 2020 FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List process will commence early in 2019.
Please contact if you have any questions regarding the changes.


Concerns over anabolic steroids in RegumateConcerns over anabolic steroids in Regumate - (Published:03 October 2018)

Please see the attached memo from the British Horseracing Authority concerning the use of Regumate. This has been prompted by some anabolic steroid positives in Australian racing. Testing of Regumate in the UK has revealed the presence of an anabolic steroid, trendione. 

Although trendione is not itself on the FEI prohibited substance list it is a metabolite of the banned substance trenbolone. Therefore, until further clarification from the FEI, the use of Regumate in competing horses should be viewed as extremely risky. We are waiting to hear further from the BEF on this matter.

BHA Notice - Regumate 2009181.pdf

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Graffham Down - POSTPONEDGraffham Down - POSTPONED - (Published:07 April 2018)

Graffham Down is very sadly postponed due to a waterlogged venue; a rather soggy route; and yet more heavy rain forecast for this week.
We will be running the ride later in the year and a new date will be announced in the coming days. 

Suz Crichton-Stuart


Please check out the Development page on this website for details of upcoming events all over the country!

International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018 - (Published:26 September 2017)

*Date for your Diary*
International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018
Venue:  Woodside, Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2AL
More details to follow


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