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Results & Trophies
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Endurance GB is the National Governing Body for the sport of Endurance Riding. It encompasses 23 local Groups throughout England and Wales who organise social events and rides from 8km (5miles) which are non-competitive or social/training rides, right up to 160km competitive rides (100 miles) for the most advanced horse and rider - we pride ourselves on offering a full calendar of events for every level and ambition of rider.

Recent News
Shatzar and Bod's 2017 yearShatzar and Bod's 2017 year - (Published:17 September 2017)

At 27 years young now, Shaz  came into endurance at a rather mature age - he started at 20. He came to us as a loan pony, for James and then Peter to start riding with the Pony Club, as Tetrathlon had become 'their' sport, and he competed in cross-country, at Area level with James. By then, Nikki Parsler was getting Pony Club Endurance going, and, as the other rider for Shaz, I was invited to accompany 2 youngsters around the first Milton Keynes ride. The photo Of Shaz and 2 more ginger ponies (and riders, including Hannah Maskell and Kathryn Naysmith) made it into the Pony Club Annual that year.

James also started Endurance rides on Shaz, the first at Cirencester, where he caught up with an ex-racehorse and nearly came in over the elimination speed, and they competed at the PC Championships at Keysoe.

As the boys grew too tall, I have continued to ride him, and we registered with EGB. Although he has reliably given us low heart rates and completed the rides in good times I have not upgraded him out of Novice, feeling that his age was against him, and preferring the 10kph bogey-time! We now ride with my husband on the big Grey, Bod (Captain Snowball).

Bod, now 21, also came to Endurance via Tetrathlon, and has had quite a few months 'off' due to lameness issues. He is steady and acts as a balance to the speedier Shaz, so that by alternating the lead horse, we can aim for that 10kph speed.

At Hanslope 2017, all went well, and the 2 Old boys both achieved Grade 1, over the 34km distance.

 Due to other commitments, we have been unable to ride at more than a handful of EGB rides during the last few years. We have been out with Chiltern Distance Riders, our local group, and that has put the mileage up, if you add the numbers together! I note on the EGB site, Shaz has now completed over 778km on graded EGB rides, and add in the CDR distances for 13-17 (701 and adding, aiming for the group's Gold Award this year), we have clocked up nearly 1500km. Not bad for the Old Boys. Our one regret is that Shaz missed out on our trip to the Golden Horseshoe in 2013, due to a bruised foot, (Bod went, and I rode Frosty, a kind loan to enable me to ride!) maybe we will still manage that in 2018?!!

Jane Alexander

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The Leading Rider Award - Euston Park 5The Leading Rider Award - Euston Park 5 - (Published:11 September 2017)

The Leading Rider Award (formerly the Good Horsemanship Award) is part of the British Protocol for Endurance in the UK, and is designed to reward consistent riding and good horsemanship over the course of a ride. Points are given for presentation times and good veterinary assessments at each vetgate and at the finish, and for maintaining speed over the course. 

The results for Euston 5 are as follows:


1st 164.52 points, KIRSTEN WISCOMBE, YAWL HILL POLLYANNA, GBR (9th in class)

2nd 163.18 points, AHMED AZEALDEIN, MORRO, UAE (1st in class)

3rd 154.50 points, RACHEL JUDSON,  BEN SHAH, GBR (4th in class)

120kms YR

1st 146.58 points, Saeed Salem Atiq Khamis ALMUHAIRI, BULLIO SOLUTE, UAE (only finisher)


1st 215.77 points, EULALIA GONZALEZ GUARDIA,  HISSANE OUSSEGANI, ESP (11th in class)

2nd 206.65 points, Suhail Ali Rashed Ali AL GHAILANI,  AL ASAD, UAE (7th in class)

3rd 205.07 points, Saeed Hamoud Saeed AL KHAYARI , NIMER, UAE (8th in class)

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Endurance GB announces major support packageEndurance GB announces major support package - (Published:04 September 2017)

Endurance GB (EGB), the National Governing Body for the sport of endurance riding in England and Wales, has announced the support it has received in 2017  – both financial and in kind – from HPower Group Endurance (HPGE). This has included over £59,000 of entry fees, received from the Euston Park Rides, which have been donated to EGB.


HPower Group has a long history of organising major equestrian events in the UK and around the world and is behind the hugely successful Royal Windsor Endurance (now five years old) and the Euston Park Endurance rides, run by HPGE for the first time in 2016.


The investment in the Euston Park Rides in particular has allowed HPGE to actively work with EGB to grow the sport of endurance within the UK with the ambition of making Great Britain a strong competing nation in the discipline.


HPGE’s focus will be supporting the core operational areas of Endurance GB, such as technology, IT and general office costs, in order that sufficient resource can be put into the administrative areas that will make a difference long into the future.


With this support EGB will put into action an enhanced programme of activities that will directly benefit its members, event organisers and local Groups all over the country. Horse welfare within the sport will continue to be at the top of the EGB agenda and this increased financial investment will ensure that even more focus is put on ensuring best practice at all UK endurance rides, to position the UK as a world leader.


The latter part of 2017 has seen FEI rides organised by EGB receive additional financial support. The wider support will ensure that the discipline will provide something for everyone, from 10km to 160km competitions. At the same time, much effort will be put into supporting international teams, young riders and para-endurance riders.  It is hoped that more riders will participate at national and international competitions, as a result.


Building upon the excellent events held so far in 2017, Euston Park has been developed into an Endurance Centre of Excellence, with training programmes for officials, vets and trainers. EGB also have access and use of HPGE’s media operation and agencies to assist in promoting and publicising the positive nature of the sport in the UK to a wider audience.


John Hudson, Chairman of EGB, said: “This level of support gives EGB the opportunity to really move UK endurance onto the next level. We are looking forward to developing a close and productive relationship with all our stakeholders and supporters in order to enhance our offering and delivery of services. With additional support, we hope that all our members see a real benefit, and that we are once again able to compete for the top prizes abroad.”

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Inter-Regionals Championship at Cirencester Park - July 14th-16th 2017Inter-Regionals Championship at Cirencester Park - July 14th-16th 2017 - (Published:30 August 2017)

The 2017 Inter-Regionals Championship, held at Cirencester Park, resulted in a win for the North-West team with 186 points and runners-up were the South-West with 175 points.

The aim of the Inter-Regional Championships is to create teams with a good cross-section of members from within each regional group and to encourage participation from all ages and all levels of experience.  The competition introduces individual riders to the concept of a team and also introduces individuals to the role of Chef d’Equipe. It is expected that teams will, where possible, include juniors, young riders, para riders and Pony Club members.

The event itself takes place over two days and a maximum of twelve horses/riders form a team from each regional group, or combination of two groups.  Team members then compete over a range of distances from Novice 30kms to Advanced 80kms and results are calculated using Endurance GB’s Performance Formula.

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The Leading Rider Award updateThe Leading Rider Award update - (Published:30 August 2017)

The Leading Rider Award (formerly the Good Horsemanship Award) is part of the British Protocol for Endurance in the UK, and is designed to reward consistent riding and good horsemanship over the course of a ride. Points are given for presentation times and good veterinary assessments at each vetgate and at the finish, and for maintaining speed over the course. 


The award has now been calculated for Kings Forest Summer, Euston Park 3, Belvoir Castle and Euston Park 4.


Kings Forest Summer



1st Louise Rich, Oakleazefarm Czamak (the only finisher, won a bronze framed horse kindly donated by Kerry Dawson)


Euston Park 3



1st 179.90 Hamdan Mohd Rashed Ghadayer EGHTIBI, FUGACE DES QUEYRIES, UAE (8th in class)

2nd 174.97 Gerard PARES ROURA, ALSTER, Spain (6th in class)

3rd 174.63 Linda Cowperthwaite, EPIS SUMMER BREEZE, British (10th in class)


120km YR:

1st 154.57 Ali Abdulrahman Belghuzooz AL ZAROONI, AINHOA KILUDI, UAE (3rd in class, 3 finishers)

2nd 131.35 Shaheen Yayhya Shaheen Khalfan ALMAZROUEI,  SUGARPLUM TE, UAE (2nd in class)

3rd 121.63 Suhail Ali Rashed Ali AL GHAILANI,  RAZNA MILIN RIANT, UAE (1st in class)



1st 218.08 Humaid Matar Rashed AL MAZROOEI, VAGABON KERADENNEC, UAE (8th in class)

2nd 198.15 Rashid Mohd Ibrahim AL BALOUSHI, EBORY, UAE (6th in class)

3rd 184.82 Saeed Mohd Khalifa AL MEHAIRI,  MUREIB, UAE (2nd in class)



1st 307.93 Mansour Saeed Mohd AL FARESI, UKIRFOLIE, UAE (1st in class, 2 finishers)

2nd 251.88 Alisson ARMAGNAC,  S'TEEM DE LACAM, France (2nd in class)


Belvoir Castle



1st No 22 GRIFF, MEIKE FICKENSCHER, GER, 222.33 points (3rd in class)

2nd No 19  TAKIN DE JANSAVIS, MAIALEN CALVO IBAÑEZ, ESP, 199.08 points (1st in class)

3rd No 11 WARRENS HILL FARRAH, LAURA GRAHAM, GBR, 177.58 points (4th in class)


120km YR:

1st No 17  AINHOA KESDOR, NAROA CALVO IBAÑEZ, ESP, 234.09 points (3rd in class, 3 finishers)

2nd No 20 PROTOCOL DE LAFON,  SAEED ABDULLA BIN HUZAIM, UAE, 225.38 points (1st in class)

3rd No 77  UN ATOUT DE ROUAISSE,  SAEED SALEM ATIQ KHAMIS ALMUHAIRI, UAE  165.73 points (2nd in class)



1st No 40 SAHIB DELAMOUSSERIE,  SALIM SAID AL OWAIS, UAE, 187.80 points (11th in class)

2nd No 25  DEBRETT, MELANIE BRADLEY, GBR, 177.97 points (23rd in class)

3rd No 36  OCTAVIA, JAHAN PERLYASAMY, SRI, 171.38 points (2nd in class)


80km YR:

1st No 31  REENA SCREENA STAR, OLLIE HOLMAN, GBR, 155.12 points (2nd in class, 2 finishers)

2nd No 53  TANNASG SOVEREIGN,  TESS WHELDON, GBR, 120.72 points (1st in class)


Euston Park 4



180.02 1st  No 396 JÓZSEF TÓTH  SHAGYA SOLYMASZ Hungary (29th in class)

179.60 2nd  No 417 ELLEN ANNETTE GUTUBAKKEN AR SHEIKH PACHA Norway (11th in class)

178.23 3rd No 65 ROSE VAN CAUTER  QUENZ EDDAHAB Belgium (6th in class) 

177.63 4th No 80 JUAN DAVID GACIÑO SANTOS SHAGYA ZOZO Spain (39th in class)

177.40 5th  No 164 IAIN PATERSON TANNASG ANSOMROB British (58th in class)



224.15 1st No 18 NARENDRA SINGH RATHORE  RAKIB NIKITA 10 India (17th in class)


214.53 3rd No 266 OLIVIER BOCHER  BALTIC RHAPSODY France (26th in class)

209.90 4th No 244 PAULA MUNTALA SANCHEZ AS ARAPEY Spain (20th in class)

209.43 5th  No 250 SILVIA SIMON CARRASCO GORRI 75 Spain (24th in class)


120km YR:

184.35 1st No 344 BRUNA PUJOLS AUMATELL  MANDANY Spain (9th in class)

179.58 2nd No 208 LEA VANDEKERCKHOVE JQ SAFI SAFRA France (2nd in class)

178.07 3rd No 341  KHALIFA JAMAL KHAMIS AHMED AS FLOR DEL PAGO Bahrain (4th in class)



242.32 1st No 14 Saeed Sultan Shames AL MAAMRI PREUME DE PAUTE UAE (3rd in class)


228.12 3rd No 19 GUILLEM SOLDEVILA ALTARRIBA JM CINNAMON Spain (4th in class)


A full review of the Leading Rider Award will be published in a forthcoming Endurance GB Magazine.

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Don't forget the new National Championships!!Don't forget the new National Championships!! - (Published:12 August 2017)

 National Championship Series

This year Endurance GB is piloting running Novice, Open and Advanced Championships to sit alongside the existing 160km National Championships. In this pilot year, the qualification criteria are as follows:




Qualification Criteria

to be completed as a horse/rider combination during 2017


Novice Championship

3 x Novice GERs, 30-45km

One to be 11kph+

50km Novice GER (Performance Formula)

Open Championship

3 x Open GERs, 40-68km

One to be 12kph+

One to be over 56km

65km GER

(Performance Formula)

Advanced Championship

2 x rides of 63-80km

One to be 80km

80km CER

The National Championship

1 ride of 80km+

160km CER

(over two days in 2017)

 We would welcome your feedback on the pilot, as we hope to develop and expand the concept in future years.

The championship finals will be held at the Red Dragon ride on 29th September-1st October, to coincide with the ride’s 40th birthday. Horse and rider combinations who complete the requisite number of rides will have received or will receive a formal invitation to take part in the finals.

You can see a list of those members who have already qualified here.

The Novice Championship (Class 16)

The Novice Championship will be the 48km Novice GER on Saturday the 30th September.

Placings will be determined by the Performance Formula scores of all the qualified participants in that class.

Please note in the event of excessive demand, an entry limit may be put in place, with Novice/Novice combinations given priority

It is most important to insert the words "Novice Championship" in the Comments box of the entry form please, to indicate that you are entering the Novice Championship.

The Open Championship (Class 13)

The Open Championship will be the 65km GER on Saturday the 30th September. Placings will be determined by the Performance Formula scores of all the qualified participants in that class.

Please note in the event of excessive demand, an entry limit may be put in place, with Open/Open combinations given priority

It is most important to insert the words "Open Championship" in the Comments box of the entry form please, to indicate that you are entering the Open Championship.

The Advanced Championship (Class 8 or Class 9)

The Advanced Championship will be awarded to the highest placed qualified combination in the 80km Little Dragon CER (Class 9) on Saturday the 30th September.

The 80km Little Dragon CER forms part of the Dragon's Tail (Class 8: 80km CER on Saturday and 42km GER on Sunday), so you can also enter the Dragon's Tail to be eligible for the Advanced Championship.

It is most important to insert the words "Advanced Championship" in the Comments box of the entry form please, to indicate that you are entering the Advanced Championship.

 The National Championship (Class 7)

The title of National Champion will be awarded to the highest placed qualified combination in the 160km Red Dragon CER held over the weekend of the 30th September/1st October.

It is most important to insert the words "National Championship" in the Comments box of the entry form please, to indicate that you are entering the National Championship.



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Belvoir Castle International Endurance CompetitionBelvoir Castle International Endurance Competition - (Published:11 August 2017)

This month Belvoir Castle proudly hosted Belvoir Endurance in their first International Endurance competition, which saw 114 riders take part in competitive classes at the Leicestershire castle and the surrounding Vale of Belvoir.

The successful event, held at the castle’s Lakeside venue, saw attendees take part in International Classes CEI 2* 120km and CEI 1* 80km and National Classes, attracting a world class International field with entries from Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, India and the United Arab Emirates.

(Photo from the FEI competition courtesy of David Saunders of Saunders Photography)

Winners from the event were :

CEI 2* 120km
1. Maialen Calvo Ibañez ESP                                      Takin De Jansavis                  17.38 kph
2. Essa Ismail Othman Khalifa  UAE                           Tasheinit Des Eymes             16.92 kph 
3. Meile  Fickenscher GER                                            Griff                                        16.981 kph 
4. Laura Graham GBR                                                    Warrens Hill Farrah                13.81 kph  

CEI YJ 2* 120km
1. Saeed Abdulla Bin Huzaim UAE                              Protocol De Lafon                  19.85kph 
2. Saeed Salem Atiq Khamis Almuhairi  UAE          Un Atout De Rouaisse            19.85kph 
3. Naroa Calvo Ibañez  ESP                                         Ainhoa Kesdor                        19.85kph 

CEI 1* 80km 
1. Fakir Ali IND                                                             Jozami Shalom          18.31kph 
2. Jahan Perlyasamy  SRI                                             Octavia                       17.25 kph 
3. Mohamed Aida  ALG                                                Lauralyn Kasey           17.25 kph 

CEI YJ  1* 80km 
1. Tess Wheldon GBR                                                     Tannasg Sovereign    15.31kph 
2. Ollie Holman GBR                                                        Reena Screena Star  13.14kph 

(Pleasure Ride photo courtesy of Will Turner: pictures may be purchased from the website)
A further 107 riders participated in a Pleasure Ride and Pony Club Ride with distances from 20km to 5km, providing an opportunity for every one of all ages a chance to enjoy the stunning route through the Belvoir Estate’s English countryside.

The organisers of Belvoir Endurance worked closely with the local community to ensure the race route could pass through local land, including Belvoir Fruit Farms who also supported the event with Elderflower Pressé drinks. Belvoir Fruit Farms, alongside Harry Dabbs Saddler, Equerry KBF 99 and TopSpec, all generously provided prizes for those taking part in the event. Speaking of the event, Peverel Manners, Managing Director Belvoir Fruit Farms, said: “Belvoir Fruit Farms was delighted to support the Belvoir Endurance ride, made all the more special with the first event being held on the beautiful Belvoir Estate, right on our doorstep. The buzzing event was pleasure to be a part of and we are sure everyone who took part in the amazing ride enjoyed participating in such a picturesque area.” The Belvoir Endurance event was hosted at Belvoir Castle courtesy of Her Grace The Duchess of Rutland. The castle was given the French name Belvoir – meaning beautiful view – now pronounced ‘beaver’, and remains as one of the most magnificent and beautiful Regency houses in England. Belvoir Castle is the ancestral home of the Dukes of Rutland and the family has lived at Belvoir in an unbroken line for almost a thousand years. 

Her Grace The Duchess of Rutland said: “We feel so very fortunate to be acting as custodians for what is a short time in Belvoir’s many centuries of history – to this splendid historic home and estate. We were delighted to share Belvoir’s many treasures with the riders and visitors to Belvoir Endurance and it is our aim to preserve and cherish Belvoir to enable future generations to enjoy for many more centuries to come.”

The organising committee for the event is now working on plans to expand the event further in 2018 based on the success of the inaugural event and will be announcing details later this year.





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Update on Hat StandardsUpdate on Hat Standards - (Published:13 February 2017)

Permissible hat standards no longer include BSEN1384. In line with the other major equestrian disciplines, all riders must wear one of the standards listed below.


- British PAS 015: 1998 or 2011 provided they are BSI Kite marked

- European VG1 01.040: 2014-12 provided they are BSI Kite marked

American ASTM F1163: 2004a or 04a onwards provided they are SEI marked

- SNELL E2001

- Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 3838: 2006 onwards provided they are SAI global marked


Click here to see an infographic from the British Horse Society that details these standards in pictorial form.


However, we are also aware that several popular brands of Endurance Riding Helmets are aimed at a European market rather than a UK market, and although they carry the VG101.040: 2014-12 standard they do not carry an accompanying UK Kitemark. Having reviewed the situation, and in view of the number of Endurance GB members who already have these hats, we are also prepared to accept VG1 01.040: 2014-12 hats without the Kitemark at Endurance GB rides for the 2017 season.



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Getting Started with Endurance GB

Choose your first ride (Graded or Pleasure) by looking through the handbook or the list of rides on the website.  Remember that your local Group has its own website and will list not only Graded and Pleasure rides organised by the Group, but also Training rides and these are a great ‘low-key’ way into Endurance.   

Graded and Pleasure ride entries can be made online using the national website but Training ride entries will need to be made via your local Group.  All three types of ride can be entered by sending in a paper entry form (CLICK to download), together with your cheque and an SAE for your ride information.  Whether entering online or via post make you sure you do it in good time before the ride close date as popular rides, particularly at the beginning of the season, will fill up quickly.  Even if you enter online you can opt to have your ride info sent to you or you can download it from the website a week or so before the ride.  Once you have your ride info you can plan your journey and check out the route for your class.

Aim to arrive at the Venue in plenty of time, at least 45 minutes before your vet time.  Park up as requested and before you unload go and check in with the Secretary. Take your Membership card, your horse’s Log Book, your Master Card (already filled in with the ride details), and your vet sheet, also completed if you are not collecting one on the day. The Secretary will give you a numbered bib and a couple of stickers with the ride emergency number on them.  You also need to check the notice board for any changes to the route or last minute rider instructions.


Put out buckets of water and hay net up for your return. When you go to vet it’s important your horse is under complete control at all times so use a bridle or ‘controller’ headcollar.  You’ll obviously need to remove travel boots or bandages but you can leave your horse’s rug on if you want.  Don’t forgot to wear your bib and take to take your vet sheet with you to the vetting!


First stop is the farrier then the vet  who will check your horse’s shoes and sign your vet sheet and then you can go to the vet check.  At busy rides there might be a queue and some horses (including yours!) might be nervous and excited so keep an eye on what’s happening around you and wait for the vet steward to call you in at which point you can hand over your vet sheet to the vet writer and take off your horse’s rug.  If you are doing a Graded Ride the vet will want to take your horse’s heart rate and check his legs and back and your horse will be expected to stand still for this procedure so practise at home! The vet will then ask you to trot the horse up for approximately 30 metres and back and if they’re happy they may well you ask to trot again so, once again, practise at home to make sure your horse trots forward energetically from the shoulder on a loose rein. 


Walk back to the trailer and tack up. Put one emergency sticker on your hat and another on your saddle so in the unlikely event of you getting separated from your horse during the ride you can contact the ride organisers.  Make sure you have your map in your map case and a bum-bag with your mobile phone, a hoof pick, a roll of vet-wrap and an energy bar.  If you want to take a drink then use a bottle holder that attaches to your saddle.


Walk to the start, where the timekeeper will give you your start time so make a mental note of it.  Set off quietly and try to ride at a consistent pace. You need to be riding between 8kph and 15kph and around 10kph (a mix of trot and canter) is a good target speed, so 40kms will take 4hours at 10kph.  Obviously your speed will be dictated by the terrain and the going but remember that most horses walk at about 5-6kph so you can see how lots of walking would slow you down!

On returning to the venue (finish) give the timekeeper your number and you’ll be given a ticket with your finish time and your vet time on it.  You have 30 mins from the time you finish to go to the vet check and your horse’s heart rate needs to be below 64bpm to pass.  Dismount and walk back to the trailer, untack, and offer your horse a drink but don’t give him any hard feed, although hay is fine as some horses settle better when they’re allowed to munch on some hay or graze.  Check your horse’s heart rate with your stethoscope and if it’s a bit high and the weather is warm then you will need to sponge him down (neck, back and in between his hind legs).  If the weather is cold then it’s best just to use enough water to remove the worse of the dirt and the mud rather than risk putting too much cold water on him.  Check your horse’s feet for stones.  Keep checking the pulse and when it is as low as you think you can get it then walk quietly to the vet for your final vetting which will be the same procedure as at the start of the ride.


Remember you must present to the vet within 30 minutes or you will be eliminated and again at busy rides you may need to queue so make sure the vet steward knows you are there and keep your horse moving around, especially if it’s cold. Initially you may find you need the full 30 minutes to get your horse’s heart down, however once he gets fitter and gets used to doing rides you will find that his heart rate will drop quite quickly and you can vet as soon as you have a low pulse.  After vetting head back to the trailer and let your horse graze or tie him up and let him have a haynet.  If the weather is cold and wet he may be happier in the trailer.

Allow at least 30 minutes before going to the secretary
for your master card, vet sheet, grade and rosette after your final vetting.  File your master card and vet sheet in your log book for safe keeping.

We hope your first ride is a success but do remember that endurance is a very friendly sport so if you are unsure at any point what to do then ask either a member or the ride organisation or another competitor.  The vets are there to ensure the welfare of every horse so if you have any concerns about your horse’s health then ask!

We hope you have a great time but remember if you have any queries please contact


Past Champions