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Endurance GB is the National Governing Body for the sport of Endurance Riding. It encompasses 23 local Groups throughout England and Wales who organise social events and rides from 8km (5miles) which are non-competitive or social/training rides, right up to 160km competitive rides (100 miles) for the most advanced horse and rider - we pride ourselves on offering a full calendar of events for every level and ambition of rider.

Recent News
Online entries and flu vaccination records - an updateOnline entries and flu vaccination records - an update - (Published:17 March 2019)

Any entries made through the Endurance GB online entry system from today will be automatically prompted for a copy of their horse's flu vaccination certificate as part of the entry process. 

You will be able to upload your certificate as follows, when prompted by the online software: 

1. Scan or take a photo of your 'flu Vaccination Record, ensuring it includes any 'flu vaccinations given in the past four years.  

2. Save (export) it as a jpeg, gif, png or pdf file of under 4MB in size. 

3.Once saved on your computer, click "Browse" below and find the file you saved. Then click "Upload". 

4. If this works, the system will say "Success" 

Alternatively you may send a copy to the Entries Secretary by post, but your entry will not be accepted unless the record has been received in advance of the ride, and you may be turned away if the record is not received. If you are posting a copy to the Entries Secretary, you must also include a copy of the horse ID page, the name the horse is entered under (if different) and details of the class that you have entered.  


Please note: You can only upload one page at a time. If you need to send in more than one page, please upload your first page, complete and pay for your entry, and then go back in to 'edit' your entry to upload the next page.


Riders who have entered a ride  before the introduction of the auto-upload facility will be able to “edit” their entry and upload the flu vac certificate retrospectively. 

Riders will also be able to upload a replacement certificate if they change the horse on an existing entry 

You will still need to take your horse's passport and vaccination records to the ride with you, and additional biosecurity measures may be in place. Please read your ride information carefully when it arrives. 

IMPORTANT NOTE RE REFUNDS: Any withdrawals of entries where the entry was made after 18 February 2019 will now be subject to Endurance GB's normal refund policy and refunds after the closing date will not automatically be given if the horse's vaccinations are out of date. This is because at the time of entry it will have been clear to the entrant that up to date flu vaccinations were required. Refunds after the closing date will therefore only be given on receipt of a note from a doctor, vet, physio or farrier, or on receipt of a copy of the horse's mastercard showing that they had been eliminated on veterinary grounds in the 16 days prior to the ride. 

Esther Young - Operations Director

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EGB SENIOR TRAINING 23rd and 24th MARCHEGB SENIOR TRAINING 23rd and 24th MARCH - (Published:04 March 2019)

Endurance GB Development director Alex Tennant would like to welcome members and non-members to attend this senior training event.

Grateful thanks to HPower and Meydan for their support with Endurance GB training initiatives.

All details may be viewed here.




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International Competition Grooms Group LaunchedInternational Competition Grooms Group Launched - (Published:24 February 2019)

The International Competition Grooms Group (ICGG) has been launched to support any groom that works at international level competitions, whether in the UK or abroad.


With representatives from each international circuit, the Group gives the opportunity for members to share their concerns and important opinions.


The International Reps will work with the British Grooms Association (BGA) to collate, represent and feedback to governing bodies, organising committees and competition organisers - this is the smart and professional way to be heard; giving a united voice at this elite level.


In addition the ICGG will also offer support to less experienced competition grooms and give them a friendly representative from their sport, who they can contact to get practical advice and support.

The International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) President, Ingmar De Vos said, “We welcome the creation of the International Competition Grooms Group, which will give a stronger voice to these incredibly dedicated members of our community. The FEI set up a grooms working group in 2017 and we hope this new international organisation will be fully representative of this important group of people and will enable us to have an even better communication channel direct with the grooms. We look forward to a close collaboration with the ICGG.”


Alan Davies, Head Travelling Groom to Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester added, “I am extremely proud to be an Ambassador for the BGA. It is informative and supportive on many levels and always striving to improve all aspects of our lives as grooms. The new International Competition Grooms Group adds another dimension, giving even more support for those of us facing the challenges of travelling the world.”


Joining Alan on the team of ICGG Reps for dressage is Heidi Troniseck (Richard Davison), for show jumping Daniel Tarpey (Harry Charles), Zoe Herbert (William Funnell) and Sara Shears (freelance) and heading up the eventing grooms is Jess Errington (Harry Meade) and Debbie Carpenter (freelance).


To join the ICGG simply go to, select a membership option and on check out simply select ‘I groom at international level competitions as part of my job.’

For more information and to join go to  


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The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has been preparing for when the UK leaves the European UnionThe British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has been preparing for when the UK leaves the European Union - (Published:22 February 2019)


The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has been preparing for when the UK leaves the European Union on March 29th 2019.

Although the conditions of the UK’s departure are not yet clear the BEF has been working closely with the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) as well as vets and other leaders in the equine industry to make sure horse owners are well informed of the preparations they need to make in the event of the UK leaving with No Deal. The government has today issued guidance to owners here


New guidance on the movement of horses and other equines in a no deal scenario - GOV.UK<>
The Government has today issued guidance for owners of horses, ponies and other equines on the preparations they need to made in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Leaving the EU with a deal ...

The chief concern for owners will be transportation as there will be significant changes to the way that equines are moved to the EU from the UK.

Owners should take steps to prepare for a potential No Deal and should consult a vet at least six weeks before they intend to transport their equine as blood tests will be required to prove the absence of certain diseases.

There will also be changes to the documentation required for an equine to travel from the UK to the EU.

The BEF and DEFRA have compiled a FAQ on what action owners need to take. This can be found on our website under Brexit:

As the conditions under which the UK leaves the EU become clearer, the BEF will continue to work closely with government and provide the most up-to-date information to owners.


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EGB Equine Flu PolicyEGB Equine Flu Policy - (Published:21 February 2019)

In consultation with the Animal Health Trust and the British Equestrian Federation, Endurance GB have drawn up the following policy with regard to flu vaccination and vaccination records. This policy remains in place during the current Equine Influenza outbreak but may be subject to change as this is an ever changing issue.

Please click here to view the policy.

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EEF Working Group has been established to define principles, proposals and a vision for the future


The first meeting of the EEF (European Equestrian Federation) Endurance Working Group provided plenty of positive momentum when representatives from a wide range of active stakeholders in the continental Endurance landscape gathered in Paris, France on 19 December 2018.


They have come together in a “think tank” that reported to the EEF Board, EEF member NFs and FEI stakeholders. As newly-appointed EEF President Theo Ploegmakers explained in his opening address that their brief is to provide guiding principles with rational solutions that will strengthen the sport across Europe and ensure its credibility worldwide.


The EEF Endurance Working Group, chaired by Quentin Simonet, International Relations Coordinator for the French NF, believes that Endurance has a positive future, provided the unacceptable behaviours of a few in the community are addressed and rectified. It is true sport when practiced in a fair way, giving access to all, from beginners to the most experienced and talented athletes, and with the emphasis on the partnership between an educated rider and a well-trained horse. 

On almost all of the most important topics the participants shared the same vision to counter current drifts (doping, corruption and any other kind of cheating) and provide a sustainable future for this discipline. 


The core statement was to underline that when the current regulations are applied, as it is the case in most of the European events, there is nearly no room for drifts.

By consequence they first agree on the strict application of these regulations and on the reinforcement of the points which will help to do so: consistent application of sanctions, reinforcement of anti-doping program, limitation of crew members, imposition of strict weight control, certification of timing and heart-rate providers, upgrade of a strong FEI officials monitoring program.


Working Group members also addressed veterinarian suggestions, such as: the decrease of intermediate presentation times to 15 minutes, conservation of current heart rate principles and the extension of the rules to avoid horses being transported immediately after competition from 2 Star events. Moreover they agreed upon being against  the eventual reintroduction of  the 2 hours invasive treatment rule.


This is a progress report and the EEF Endurance Working Group will come up with more details and new recommendations in due time. The Group is looking forward to cooperating with many other stakeholders who have a similar vision. 


The participants list and minutes of the first meeting of the EEF Endurance Working Group are available on:

20 FEBRUARY 2019


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Saturday - Grassroots Endurance Rider + Crew Day


A mounted or unmounted day that includes:


* An introduction to Endurance


* Arena polework & gymnastic exercises with UKCC endurance coach Amanda Barton


* Session with Confidence Coach Cathy Sirett – confidence building and taking on new challenges


*Crew and rider map reading session


*Interactive session for your Crews with highly experienced crew.


*Mock vetting with 15km training ride in the New Forest. Crews can practice crewing techniques on course with trainer.




Riding place £50 including lunch / Dismounted + Crew Place £15 with lunch



Sunday - Health, Welfare + Anatomy


An unmounted day that includes sessions with experts on a wide range different topics:


*Confidence Coach Cathy Sirett  talks about practical steps to achieve your goals for the 2019 season


*UKCC Endurance Coach Amanda Barton is running a practical session to review gymnastic exercises to improve your horses way of going


*Masterson Method Practitioner Lorraine Dearnley will be showing you how to identify common physical problems in your horses and will be talking about ulcers, hind gut issues and nutrition of the endurance horse


*Movement Analyst and Elite Gymnastics Coach Claire Pier will be running a bodywork session on rider balance and symmetry in the saddle


*Amanda Barton will be talking about how your horse moves and how to translate good quality movement to distance riding


£30 including lunch



Venue - Tilefield Equestrian, Brockenhurst, New Forest, SO42 7UE




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Endurance GB are following the British Equestrian Federation guidelines in respect of our response to the current Equine Flu outbreak. These can be found on the British Equestrian Federation website:  

Currently, the BEF are advising that all horses attending events run by national governing bodies must be vaccinated against Equine Influenza. Yearly boosters are acceptable but six monthly boosters are strongly recommended, at least while the current outbreak is ongoing.  

A newly vaccinated horse requires two injections for primary vaccination against equine influenza given no less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart. Seven days must have elapsed after the second vaccination before it is deemed to be fully covered and be able to arrive at a venue. The horse will then require a third vaccination between 150-215 days after the second. 

The BEF are also advising that horses do not attend events if they, or any horses they have had recent contact with, are showing signs of sickness. Likewise, horses should not attend events if they have been imported into the UK in the preceding 21 days, and horses who have been in contact with a recently imported horse should also stay away.  

Additional biosecurity measures may be put in place on a ride by ride basis, depending on local veterinary advice. Please read your ride information carefully and abide by any measures in place. 

If you now have to withdraw from a ride because your horse is not sufficiently vaccinated, you will be entitled to a full refund. Please note that refunds will only be given to those who withdraw before the ride. If your horse's vaccinations are found to be insufficient on arrival at a venue, a refund will not be given. 

You will need to provide a copy of your horse's vaccinations with your ride entry. If you have already entered a ride, the organisers will be in touch to explain how they want you to submit a copy of your horse's vaccinations. 

You will need to bring your horse's passport to the ride with you, and it will be checked. Horses who are not sufficiently vaccinated will unfortunately be turned away.  

Thank you for your continued support.  

Esther Young - Operations Director


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Endurance GB and The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) note the latest update from the Animal Health Trust (follow @equiflunet on Twitter for more details) reporting more positive tests for equine flu in Sussex, Worcestershire and Leicestershire.

Endurance GB and The BEF continue to urge horse owners to be vigilant for signs of equine flu and to alert their vet if they think their horses are showing symptoms.

As has been demonstrated in this outbreak, vaccinations are vital in tackling the spread of the disease so all owners MUST ensure their vaccination records are up to date. If it’s been longer than 6 months since the last vaccination, we strongly recommend discussing a booster with your veterinary surgeon.

Endurance GB and The BEF note that some venues are insisting – as they are perfectly entitled to – that all horses must have received a booster within the last 6 months. This is a decision based on a local veterinary risk assessment so we would remind participants to check the requirements of venues before they set off.

We also remind owners that any contact with recently imported horses represents an increased risk so owners should follow veterinary advice by isolating any recently imported horse for a period of at least 21 days.


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A Message from the ChairA Message from the Chair - (Published:01 February 2019)

Good morning all!


Well, February is here and we're just over 4 weeks away from our first ride of the season. We know that you're all busy training your horses, as we've lots of ride entries coming in every day. For those of you hit by snow today, we're reliably informed (if weather forecasts are ever reliable!) that it won't last and we can all get back to spending more time riding than shuffling around trying to keep upright!


As you may know, the Board had a strategy weekend in the middle of January and we just wanted to share with you our strategy, together with our tactics for this calendar year: Endurance GB 2019-2024 Business Plan

We hope and are sure that you will all support us with our vision to tell as many people as we possibly can about the benefits of endurance riding and how we have something to offer to everyone, whether your goal is a 16km pleasure ride or 160km in a day. All are welcome!


We also wanted to let you know the current decision re: the vacant position on the Board of Directors. Having carefully examined all of the applications for the role and deliberated long and hard, we have decided, as a Board, to leave the responsibility for that role with Rosemary Henderson. Rosemary will be seeking external help, in particular with the review, and will be having support from the office, as well as from her Board colleagues, obviously.


Many of us are off to the first Volunteers conference of the year tomorrow in Corbridge. We hope to see lots of you there and at the Midlands, Southern and Welsh conferences over the coming weeks.


Meanwhile, have a great February and roll on Spring!


Rebecca Kinnarney



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New Clothing Range from Custom Club ClothingNew Clothing Range from Custom Club Clothing - (Published:26 January 2019)

Endurance GB are delighted to announce the launch of its new clothing range which can be purchased through Custom Club Clothing at

There are fully personalised options to add, for example, your name, your horse's name, your group name or your team name.  The only thing that will appear as standard is Endurance GB ;)

There are a number of colour combinations to choose from.  Go and have a browse and get yourself kitted out for the new season.  

We'd love to see your photos of you wearing your new kit!



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An important communication from the FEIAn important communication from the FEI - (Published:14 January 2019)

Please click here to go to the International News page.

SUMMARY OF 2019 RULE CHANGESSUMMARY OF 2019 RULE CHANGES - (Published:05 January 2019)

We are very nearly ready to open the calendar for the 2019 season. Please find below a summary of rule changes for 2019 and a few clarifications.

1) Ride organisers can now offer 20-29km Novice 'Foundation' GERs. These will not attract conventional trophy points, although a special trophy may be offered for this category of ride at the end of the season. These new GER distances were brought in following a member vote at the AGM. Please note: First season novice restrictions also apply to Novice Foundation rides. 3 x novice GERs of 30km or above will still be required to upgrade to Open level.

2) Escorts of junior riders in Graded Endurance Rides can now elect to enter hors concours at half the normal entry fee. Escorts entering hors concours must be qualified for the class entered and will not receive trophy points for their ride, but the distance completed will still be added to the horse's lifetime distance. This change was brought in following a member vote at the AGM.

3) Pleasure rides of more than 34km in a day are no longer permitted on welfare grounds. Riders wishing to ride in longer distance classes should enter a Graded Endurance Ride with a full vetting.

4) Donkeys and mules have been officially brought into the rule book. We have a number of donkeys and mules already riding with us, and it was time to regularise their status in the rule book.

5) Hat standards are remaining as per 2017 and 2018 until the new European hat standard has been approved by the EU.

6) Novice horses can now only take part in GERs of over 45km if they have already successfully completed three Novice GERs of between 30 and 45km.

7) Team physiotherapists. Rule 3.7.10 has been clarified: A British Team competitor at a championship event will only be financially responsible for the cost of accommodation, food and travel expenses for the vet, Chef d’Equipe, physiotherapist and farrier.

8) Hold times. Any ride of 80km or more should have at least one vet hold which is at least 40 minutes in length. This change has been made on welfare grounds.

9) Vetting procedures in GERs. No examination likely to irritate or distress the horse should take place until after the pulse has been taken. This change was brought in following a member vote at the AGM.

10) Responsibilities of ride organisers. For clarity, a reminder has been inserted into the rule book that ride organisers must ensure that signed hard copy entry forms for all entrants who did not enter through the Endurance GB online entry system are forwarded to the Endurance GB office after the ride. Please note, this applies to national rides and FEI rides, and is particularly important for day members. If the rider on the day is not the rider who originally entered, a fresh entry form must be completed and signed and evidence of qualification for the class entered must be provided. This is not a change to the current process.

Note: If local groups are using a bespoke online entry provider for their social rides, these electronic entry forms must include the appropriate disclaimer for each individual as per the paper ride entry forms. Copies of the completed online ride entry forms must be sent to the office after the ride along with any paper entry forms.

11) Escorts of junior and Para-Equestrian Endurance riders. The procedure for agreeing a suitable escort and managing mid ride changes of escort has been clarified. Escorts will need to sign either an Escort Agreement Form (juniors) or a Para Escort Form (Para-Equestrian Endurance Riders). This change has been brought in on safeguarding grounds.

12) Hatcams. Our insurance company have relaxed their restrictions on hatcams. Hatcams are no longer completely banned, and can be used at the rider's own risk.



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Results of Endurance GB & SERC member consultation on FEI rulesResults of Endurance GB & SERC member consultation on FEI rules - (Published:11 December 2018)
On 1st December Endurance GB and SERC members were offered the chance to feed into the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee review of the FEI rules.

We would like to begin by thanking everyone who took the time to complete the survey. 

Endurance GB and SERC members identified the following as areas that the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee should focus on first: 

64% of respondents cited speeds as one of their primary concerns, and 49% of respondents asked that the FEI review penalties for rule breaches. These two priorities were key for FEI riders, crews and officials alike, and for both Endurance GB and SERC members. Other top priorities were the anti doping rules, types of FEI course, horse and rider qualification processes, and weights. 

The full results of the member consultation have now been sent to the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee in advance of their first meeting on the 12th December. 

Endurance GB and SERC fully support the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee in its stated mission to bring the discipline back to its original roots of Endurance riding as opposed to Endurance racing, with horse welfare and horsemanship at its core, while maintaining the competitive aspect of the sport. 

Rebecca Kinnarney, Chair, Endurance GB 

Marina MacArthur, Chair, Scottish Endurance Riding Club 

John Robertson, Endurance GB International Director

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Are you getting excited about the 2019 Endurance season?Are you getting excited about the 2019 Endurance season? - (Published:09 December 2018)

Endurance GB has 23 Groups covering England and Wales - so have a look on the Groups page for links to activities in your local area.

Just to whet your appetite here is the link to the Mid South's website and their plans for next year!  Also check out the Training page and the Social/Pleasure Rides info.

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Concerns over anabolic steroids in RegumateConcerns over anabolic steroids in Regumate - (Published:03 October 2018)

Please see the attached memo from the British Horseracing Authority concerning the use of Regumate. This has been prompted by some anabolic steroid positives in Australian racing. Testing of Regumate in the UK has revealed the presence of an anabolic steroid, trendione. 

Although trendione is not itself on the FEI prohibited substance list it is a metabolite of the banned substance trenbolone. Therefore, until further clarification from the FEI, the use of Regumate in competing horses should be viewed as extremely risky. We are waiting to hear further from the BEF on this matter.

BHA Notice - Regumate 2009181.pdf

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Graffham Down - POSTPONEDGraffham Down - POSTPONED - (Published:07 April 2018)

Graffham Down is very sadly postponed due to a waterlogged venue; a rather soggy route; and yet more heavy rain forecast for this week.
We will be running the ride later in the year and a new date will be announced in the coming days. 

Suz Crichton-Stuart

International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018 - (Published:26 September 2017)

*Date for your Diary*
International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018
Venue:  Woodside, Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2AL
More details to follow


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