Social Media Policy

Social Media can be an excellent platform for sharing knowledge, seeking advice and generally supporting one another. It can however, also be a negative space. Endurance GB aims to use Social Media to promote positive news stories about our Society and our Sport. We wish to engage with our members and followers in an encouraging and promotional manner, highlighting interesting stories, articles for discussion, information on our sport and news from Endurance GB. We do not seek to quash participation or opinion provided that comments remain productive and constructive. Endurance GB will not accept or allow any post, share or comment (either from a member or follower) submitted on one of its social media platforms which is malicious, misleading, threatening, derogatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, disparaging, racist, discriminatory, menacing, inflammatory, blasphemous, intimidating or defamatory.

We expect all members of Endurance GB to be respectful of the Organisation, its members and its Governing Bodies. Whilst Endurance GB only has control of its own Social Media pages, we would also request that members posting on any other Social Media pages also consider how other people reading a post, or who may be the subject of said post, might react before they publish any remarks. It is important to remember that social media carries the same obligations as any other kind of publication and should follow the same ethical and legal standards. 

Any members referring to, or otherwise disclosing, their Endurance GB membership status in any way on social media must make it clear that they are speaking on their own behalf and that their views do not represent those of Endurance GB. Endurance GB may remove posts, threads and any other form of submissions from its own Social Media pages which are in breach of this Policy without explanation.

Any breach of this Policy by any member may result in procedures relating to misconduct and complaints contained within our existing disciplinary policy. If you as a user identify potentially damaging content, or content that is in breach of this Policy, or have any concerns in this regard, please contact Endurance GB directly


21 March 2018