The following DOWNLOADS are available:

AN ADVERTISING FLYER: Can be used to advertise the Championship

AN OVERVIEW OF THE COMPETITION: Can be used to send to riders who are interested in taking part

GUIDELINES FOR THE RIDER: Helpful hints about how to enroll with Endurance GB as a member of team

GUIDELINES FOR THE TEAM MANAGER / COORDINATOR: Helpful hints about the role of a Team Manager / Coordinator

MASTERCARD GUIDELINES: These guidelines give some help on how to complete the mastercard each time you enter a ride.

WHAT TO WEAR: Guidelines on what all the best riders and horses should wear at an endurance ride!!

FIRST ENDURANCE RIDE: Here is some useful hints and tips on what to expect when you go to your first endurance ride.  Remember, there are always people at the ride who will give you help and advice - just ask!!

READY RECKONER: This is a simple to use ready reckoner that will help you estimate each riders' team score without having to use the more complicated formula that is quoted in the rules.