Ridgeway Barbury Castle 2017

12th & 13th August 2017

VETTING SHEETS - (Published:05 August 2016)

Sorry but we have been unable to send out vet sheets to some of you so please pick up a vet sheet from the secretary’s tent on arrival and please give yourself a little more time so as to feel them in.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Barbury ride

Volunteers & Helpers - Free Camping & Corralling - (Published:24 July 2016)

Barbury ride is a fantastic opportunity to ride some of the most beautiful countryside in Wiltshire and to run a ride of this size takes a lot of work and organising.

For this reason we are offering FREE CORRALLING & CAMPING to everyone who will give one day to helping, we need your support to keep our sport progressing & this is a great venue to help at.

Please contact:

Janet OR Sue (details under contact us)


NEW 2 DAY EVENT - A can't miss event! - (Published:23 June 2016)

Come and stay for free --- all we ask is that you ride one day and help the other.

Plenty of room - Corralling & Camping


Entries now open for this year's ride - (Published:21 June 2016)

Entries are now open for this year's Barbury castle.

Saturday & Sunday Rides - 16km PR to 80km CER

Helpers are needed, please get in touch if you can help! Thank you.


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Sponsors of the Ridgeway Barbury Castle Ride: