An Endurance Newbie gets hooked.

31 May 2015
Endurance was always something I wanted to do with my horse, Mila. I wanted to explore the countryside together and have some fun.  I wanted a successful career for my mare and the chance to meet like-minded people. However, I thought it was a sport for professional riders only and I never thought I would ever be able to take part."

"Horses for Courses"

24 May 2015

There is endurance and there is endurance: poles apart or just a variation on a theme?  On the surface these two extremes of endurance might bear no resemblance to each other but, having just competed at Royal Windsor last Friday and the Golden Horseshoe on the Monday and Tuesday, the similarities as well as the differences are apparent.

Blogs for Everyone

18 May 2015
We’re going to be asking members, experts and friends to contribute as guest bloggers on a wide range of subjects.  We’re hoping that we can educate, entertain and engage all levels of rider and give you many positive views of Endurance.  If you’re not yet involved in Endurance, we hope to show you why you should be.

Are you fit to ride?

18 May 2015
We all know having a horse means a major time commitment, the hours of care and training that go into a successful endurance horse are mind boggling (don’t tally them up, you’ll realise that you spend more time with a horse than humans). But what I commonly see is dedicated riders, producing exceptional horses but letting them down by not training themselves. Just riding is not enough to make you a strong balanced rider. 

Tell us why you #LoveEndurance

18 May 2015

No matter how often people compete in Endurance or what distances they ride, what unifies endurance riders is a real passion for the sport.   Tell us why you #LoveEndurance... 

'Training - Quality not Quantity'

18 May 2015
'Training - Quality not Quantity'
As we progress through the season and horses are out competing again, it’s important to focus on the quality of the training we are putting our horses through. As horses become fitter their body systems make adaptations, heart rates come down for the same piece of work, muscles grow in size and develop better blood supply for example.