Cerne Giant 2019
Sunday 5th May 2019

Downloads - See Ride Info - (Published:23 April 2019)

Some changes have been made to the downloads, although all the info you require should have been emailed to you!!

I do hope so!

Official - Bib Numbers & Vetting Times now listed - (Published:20 April 2019)

Check entries & results for bibs & times

The ride is now closed -- We are Full - (Published:20 April 2019)

Thank you to everyone who has entered our ride, please enjoy the day.

Photographer & sponsors - (Published:19 March 2019)

See tab to the right -- heading "sponsors" for all info which can also be downloaded.

Horse Flu Info - (Published:17 March 2019)

Information about horse flu has been added to the bottom of this page.

Ride Is Open - (Published:03 March 2019)

Welcome all,

Our ride is open to enter and is already filling up, so get your entries in quick.

Click on entries/results to see who is riding which distance.

Maps can be viewed and downloaded BUT please be aware routes may change slightly closer to ride date.

Thanks -- ride organisers 

Ride Organiser Word - (Published:03 March 2019)
Cerne Giant Ride Sunday 5th May 2019

Cerne Giant is back to its original one-day format (having found that 2018 didn’t attract enough entries to warrant the organisation/costs for 2 days of riding and 2 day classes).

The Ride benefits from a sheltered venue and some pretty wonderful bridleways in this scenic part of Dorset. No matter how hard I’ve tried I just can’t get away from the fact that the safe and enjoyable loop, with few gates to open, is 42km.  And 32 km is just not possible without taking riders in a different direction, with lots of gates, and lots more route marking… no 32km.  

The quiet 16km route remains - and has often been complimented as offering an excellent start for novices.

NEW in 2019:  the opportunity to enjoy a 22km Foundation GER based on this quiet route – and timed to avoid main ride ‘hurly-burly’. Although 22km route forms part of 52km, the tracks are used early for 52km, and later for the second loop of longer classes.

58km is offered again. It proved popular in 2018 as a ‘Try a Vetgate’ class with only 16km after the vet gate.

ALSO NEW in 2019:

64km (42 + 22).

And, listening to riders comments, the 80 km (which has always been simply 2 main loops/1 vet gate) now has 2 vet gates and more local crewing.

Entries are limited – with no Late Entries – so enter early to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Janthea and her wonderful team of helpers.

More Content

What you need to know about Horse Flu. 


What do I need to CHECK before entering an Endurance GB ride?

OK if flu passport records show:

·         Your horse has annual boosters within the last 4 years (each less than 365 days apart)

·         AND 8 days have elapsed since their last vaccine

·         If you started, or re-started, a vaccine programme:

-  1st and 2nd jabs must be 21-92 days apart

-   THEN provided 8 days have elapsed before Ride Day, YOU CAN ENTER!

EGB ask you to send in a copy of your records with your entry, for us to check.

We will REFUSE your entry (and refund any entry fee paid) if:

·         ANY Booster in the last 4 years is more than 365 days apart - UNLESS you have restarted the course and meet the above requirements.

·         1st, 2nd & 3rd vaccine intervals do not meet requirements.

YOUR HORSE’S passport must be brought to the ride.

PLEASE STAY AWAY (and request refund):

·         if your horse is showing signs of illness - or if they have had recent direct contact with a horse that is showing signs of illness.

·          if they have had direct contact with a horse that been recently (within the last 21 days) imported into the UK