Events with Iceni

Here you can find details of all the events we run throughout the year, in date order .. but first a brief description of each type of ride ..

.. group pleasure rides are just that .. time to go out and have a chat, or just enjoy riding round the countryside. No speed restrictions and no vet checks.

.. training rides are usually held early in the year to prepare horses for the competitive season. Because of this, horses may be going faster at these rides. At one of these rides a vet will be on hand to check the horses before and after they go out on the ride, to advise riders about the best way to trot their horses up and to give advice as required (but not a detailed veterinary consultation!)

.. training events may be ridden or non-ridden. Ridden events are usually held early and late in the season. As well as the opportunity to ride a route, these include opportunities to do flatwork; try jumping; have a taste of Le Trec etc. and generally have fun!

.. non-ridden training events can be anything of interest to members! We have held talks at the Newmarket Equine Hospital and at Rossdales regarding veterinary matters as well as other events covering different aspects of endurance riding.


.. Endurance GB (EGB) Competitive rides all include a competitive element. There are three different types of classes, all of which accrue points for local and national trophies:

.. EGB Pleasure rides .. horses have to trot up sound at the start and end of each ride. The maximum distance is 32kms.

.. Graded endurance rides (GERs).. you are not competing against others, rather horses are given a grade according to their speed and finishing heart rate (which must always be below 64 beats per minute (bpm) with a minimum and maximum speed. They have a vet check before the ride; during the ride (if they are competing over 40kms) and after the ride. Distances vary between 32km and 80km.

.. Competitive endurance rides (CERs), for advanced horses and riders .. horses compete against each other for a place. Vet checks take place before, during and after the ride. There is a minimum but no maximum speed (but the heart rate must be below 64bpm at each vet check. Distances vary between 80km and 160km.

FEI (international rides) .. for more advanced, experienced horses and riders. Distances are the same as the CERs but usually faster, with more competition.