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Iceni Awards Evening

A very successful evening, with a prosecco reception and a 2 course carvery was enjoyed by all.  

At the ABM acting Chair Elaine Wallbridge gave a comprehensive overview of what has been a very successful year for the Iceni Group, both locally and nationally.

We said goodbye to former Chair Heather Weston and Treasurer Anna Kidd, who have both stepped down from the Iceni committee.  Many, many thanks to both of you for all your hard work over the past few years. 

New officers were appointed as follows:

Chair: Elaine Wallbridge

Vice-Chair: Gemma Conn

Treasurer:  Tracy Keeling

Secretary: Val Chaplin.

Following the meeting we enjoyed a fascinating talk on Equine Flu from Fleur Whitlock from the Animal Health Trust, emphasising why it is so important to keep our horses vaccinations up to date.  Then it was on to the main business of the evening - the awards, which were kindly presented by  former FEI Endurance Director Ian Williams, and beautifully photographed by Evelyn Radnai of Event to Event Photography. Grateful thanks to all three of our guests for helping make this such an enjoyable event.

You can see Evelyn's photographs on our Facebook page.  She has kindly offered that you may feel free to use these picture for private use, including social media.  However for any commercial use or publication you will need to contact Evelyn.  You can also find the photographs on her website.

For the names of all our 2019 trophy prize winners visit the Trophy Page  


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Boyton Hall (Lavenham) Ride




A wonderful weekend at this lovely ride.  The results over the 2 days:

Day One: Iceni Silver Keighley Pomroy, Iceni Bronze Janice Morton.

Day Two: 2 day Boudicca Challenge classes, Kate Curry and Orel won the 2 day 64km, and Dominic Smith and George Bush (pictured) won the 2 day 80km.

In the Novice Championships, Georgia Brenton and Shabara Shabreah was the highest placed Young riders, Charlotte Nowel and El Gringo were the highest placed novice/novice combinations, and Jenny Newby and Nicsar Diamond Jubilee won the class

Winner of the Open Championships : Emma Martin and Lowmilbourne Earl

Winners of the 80km CER: Lauren Mills and HS Jamal

Winners of the 80km FEI and also winners of the Advanced Championships : John Black and CA Jalmeer

Winners of the 80km Tyro CER: Ann Marie Pelc and Montanna

Winners of the 100km were Sam Mowatt and Lateral Thinking, with Gill Campbell and Pstylistic in second place.

Well done to all!

See photos from both days by Event to Event Photography here:




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Team Iceni at the Inter-Regionals 


Some of our team had the right idea and arrived on the Thursday for a pleasant evening setting up camp. Unfortunately those of us who arrived on the Friday were greeted with torrential rain – not much fun setting up corrals in the pouring rain. I think everyone was soaked to the skin and retired to their camping to dry out with pizza, cake and alcohol. Thankfully no-one had to ride in the awful weather!

Day 1, Saturday, was dry and bright. Ella and Chiara were successfully through day one of the 80km. Emma, Gemma and Val all completed in the 66km. Sadly Chris and Richard in the 80CER and Jane in the 2 day 80km all retired on course. The day ended with a lovely evening, the team sitting round and swapping tales in the setting sun.

Day 2, Sunday. Another lovely day, dry but not too hot. A very successful day , Chiara and Ella in the 2 day 80, Hilary in the Open 40, Tracey in the Novice 40 and Keighley in the 30 Novice horse all passed at vetting. We were all disappointed for Nikita in her first EGB ride in the Novice/novice 30 failing the vet.

Congratulations to all, especially Keighley with grade 1 in her class! Team Iceni finished 7th overall, and had a wonderful time. Lots of fun, great team spirit, and plenty of cake!

Many thanks to everyone who took part, riders, drivers and crews – a great team!

Special thanks to who sponsored our lovely T-shirts.


Team Iceni are off to Cirencester!

Good luck to all the Iceni team:

80km CER
Richard Allen and Basil De Mulo
Chris Ryan and Talek Des Godets

64km GER
Gemma Conn and Hugo
Emma Pleasance and Florence
Val Chaplin and One Way

80km GER 2 day
Ella Pomroy and Redwings Milky Way
Chiara Careddu and Against the Rules
Jane Girling and Earl of Kilmurray

40km Open/Adv
Hilary Carr and Boolagh Betty

40km Novice
Tracey Chilvers and Drifter of Coral

30km Novice/Novice
Nikita Milczarek and King Julien

30km Novice horse
Keighley Pomroy and Cloverleas

Chef d'equip – Elaine Wallbridge


July Newsletter

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New Iceni Chair

A huge thank you to Heather Weston, who has stepped down as Iceni Chair. After 4 busy and productive years Heather has handed over to Elaine Wallbridge who has taken on the role of Chair as of our last Committee meeting.

In addition to being Chair, Heather has been responsible for checking that safeguarding procedures are in place for our rides and events, and also trying to make sure that we have enough stewards for all our rides.

Heather will continue to look after these two roles, until the end of the year at the ABM, which this year will be held on November 30th (2019).

The Iceni Committee would like to thank Heather for her commitment, hard work and support and to wish Elaine every success as our new Iceni Chair.




The Endurance GB Inter-Regional Championships will take place at the Cirencester Ride on 20-23rd July 2019, and Iceni would very much like to enter a team. The Inter-Regionals are a fun team event, and our Iceni teams have a great team spirit and party atmosphere!


No matter if you are just starting out as a Novice, are an Advanced rider, para rider, young rider, or Pony Club member you will be very welcome to take part. You can even take part on a 'Try before you buy' ticket if you are not yet an EGB member.


If you would like to try a longer ride, but lack the support of a crew, then a team event is an ideal start, as everyone on the team is there to help out.


Ideally we need a team of 12 riders to enter the following classes:


No Of Riders














80km (40+40)

2 Day GER






Novice Horse




Novice Horse & Rider




Novice Horse



(plus 2 'wild card' entries)


If you would like to ride one of these distances, please contact Elaine Wallbridge ( by 1st June with what class(es) you would be happy to ride.


For more information on the Inter-Regional competition see the EGB website:





Stoke by Clare Village Hall, Ashen Lane, Stoke by Clare, Suffolk CO10 8JA


(For those who do not already know of Sylvia, or her excellent books visit )

Sylvia places huge emphasis on ensuring the comfort of the horse, by riders remaining balanced and in harmony with their mount – important for every discipline and especially so for us, given the hours we spend in the saddle!

The evening will focus on how we can become more aware of our own balance, how it affects our horses and how we can achieve better balance whilst riding. It promises to be both instructive and a lot of fun, with plenty of activity - a one off, very special opportunity for us to benefit from the expertise of one of the best classical riders in the country.

To register for the evening please contact Rosie Marsh asap (these evenings sell fast and places are limited) on 01787 237274 or Email

Tickets cost £29.50 each, to include refreshments at ‘half time’

(apologies for the short notice - Sylvia is much in demand and has to fit these evenings in when she can.)





By Kind Permission of

Mr & Mrs Freeman


Hill Farm, Church Lane, Ford End

Chelmsford Essex



Ford End Ride is through gently undulating farm land, with permission of landowners, across field paths with margins available to connecting lanes for short distances before joining public bridleways and byways.


There are two road crossings on both routes that will be stewarded, other lanes ridden or crossed are reasonably quiet and easily ridden. There is a shallow water splash on the long route. Both rides cross the River Chelmer at a shallow gravel bottom crossing approximately 2 km from home.


Please park where requested and take your litter with you. There is a horse drinking tank in the parking area. Please bring your own buckets to avoid cross contamination


Entry form here


   A day in the Life of an Iceni Endurance Volunteer.


5-7th April saw the weekend of the annual 3day Spring Endurance Ride at Kings Forest in Suffolk


Having ridden my horse Charlie on the 32 kilometres graded ride the previous day (Friday) I was back at the venue once again on Saturday, getting up at 5 am to get there in time for my stint at stewarding.


The weather was freezing cold and windy, but by the time I reached the secretary’s tent to collect my instructions, clipboard, packed lunch and emergency equipment the atmosphere was already buzzing, with everyone preparing for the early morning start of the competitive (race rides).  The race rides set off at half hourly intervals, with the 160k riders leaving first - all were out and on the course before the graded riders began their chosen distances through the Forest.


At about 10.30 I was asked to go out on course to help man check point D .  Three of the loops included this CP, so I had a very good day seeing everyone passing through and checking the numbers off for their relevant distances.  All the Iceni competitors looked in good form and I was very impressed with the fitness of our horses and riders.


Although the day never really got any warmer it was ideal for the horses whilst being ridden and the crews did a sterling job in the hold areas, rugging up, walking and preparing the horses for their next loops.


It was an unusually long day because I had volunteered to shadow the entry secretary to improve the efficiency of the new rides we are introducing. I finally got back to venue at around 5pm - a full 12 hrs from when I got up and I might as well have ridden a ride I was so tired, but being part of such a great competition and seeing how much everyone had enjoyed themselves made it well worth the effort!


Our Iceni Riders were pretty successful too, including:


Keighley Pomroy achieving FEI 120**

Maddie Pomroy winning the Young Riders FEI 80*

Ella Pomroy successfully completing 80k 2day GER

Anna Kidd 2nd in the 80k National CER

Janice Morton and Val Chaplin successfully completing the 64k 2day GER.



   Brilliant Results for Iceni Riders at our first Kings Forest Ride of the season!


This year’s 3 day Spring Kings Forest Ride was a huge success, thanks in no small part to the hard work of our wonderful organisers.


Local Iceni Riders provided some of the best results of the weekend, notably:


  • Keighley Pomroy achieving her first FEI 120** with Hathek who she has brought up from Novice Level in just four years.
  • Maddie Pomroy winning the Young Riders FEI 80* on her new ride Angels Twilight Spirit.
  • Anna Kidd on Whippletree Kay Jellyaby taking 2nd place in the 80k National CER
  • Ella Pomroy successfully completing the 80k 2day GER on the indefatigable little Redwings Milky Way
  • Janice Morton on Mamanuka Bay and Val Chaplin on One Way completing the 64k 2day GER.

Well done to everyone concerned! Please let us know if we have missed your result



   Endurance GB Development Survey - (Published:04 April 2019)

Endurance GB is seeking YOUR opinion on what YOU really want from the sport!


Whether you are a rider, volunteer, coach, ride organiser, official or an individual with an interest in endurance riding, then we want to hear from you. Your input will help decide the future development of endurance riding in the UK.


You can provide all of this information anonymously or if you'd like to be in with the chance to be entered into a free prize draw to win an Endurance GB Full Membership for a one year subscription then please provide your email address.


Please complete the survey here - and help us improve your endurance riding experience.  


Your comments are greatly appreciated and will be collated and acted on. If you have any feedback then please email


(*Closing date 19th April*)


Come and join us for this invaluable training with Maggie Pattinson, who has a wealth of experience to prepare Novice to Advanced for a successful season. SUBSIDISED FOR ICENI MEMBERS ONLY £40 first come first served basis.  More info and entry form here.

How to check your Equine's temperature

by John Dunsford, Equine Veterinary Surgeon

A rise in your horses temperature is a warning sign, although like with us it doesn’t mean it is definitely Influenza, as horses get raised temperatures for other infections, and for other reasons.

We suggest that everyone buys a standard digital thermometer for their own particular horse. These are the ones sold at chemists and supermarkets, just ordinary family ones with a digital read out and a long stem. We suggest you buy it now and start taking your horse’s temperature every day. It is easy to do and now is the time to get used to the technique, and what your horses temperature normally is (though don't forget to tie some string around it first!).

Horses are somewhat surprised by having their tail lifted and a thermometer pushed into their bums, so this is the technique we would recommend. - I am right handed so I will describe this right handed.

First press the button on the thermometer to check it is working and zeroed. Hold the thermometer in your left hand.  Put your right hand on your horse’s buttock and slip it round under your horses dock. At this point your horse will probably lift her or his tail a little.  Place your first finger on your horse’s bum, just pat it, touch it gently with the pad of your finger over the opening. Do not try to put your finger in the opening. Normally they will relax their bum and may pass a little wind. Alternatively they may pucker their bum and then relax it. Touch it again if you need to. They generally lift their tail higher at this point.

Change the thermometer into your other hand and use your left hand to lift your horse’s tail enough to see your horses bum. It can be very dark under there and it is best to have turned your horse tail to the light first. With your right hand you should be able to slip the thermometer in to your horse’s bum all the way to the thermometer’s shoulders. Check that it’s on and zeroed, press the button a couple of times again if it's not. Now let the tail go, and wait until the thermometer chirrups to say it has an answer.

If a horse has just passed droppings, or a significant amount of wind, the thermometer will read under. If this is the case wait ten minutes and try again. When the thermometer is in your horse’s bum angle the top so as to press the tip at the other end against the side lining of the inside of your horse’s bum. If it doesn’t go all the way in easily and meets resistance gently mix and wiggle it in over a few seconds.

A normal temperature is 37.5 to 38.0 C. If it reads under 37.0 it is probably a poorly taken reading, and the actual temperature is probably somewhat higher.If it reads over 38.5 it is a raised temperature, and although possibly higher it will not be any lower. 

Take care, and do not take any risks. There will always be some horses who do not tolerate things and you may not be able to safely do this, but this technique generally works for me.

Start tomorrow to master the technique, get your horse accustomed to it, and to get a feel of what is normal for your horse.

**Poplar Park Pleasure Ride Cancelled**

It is with regret that we have had to cancel the Poplar Park pleasure ride due to the lack of entries.  Undoubtedly this is due to concerns about equine influenza.  Refunds will be made and vouchers will be carried forward to March.  Hopefully the situation will improve before our next ride on 24th March.

Keep in contact!

Please, please, don’t forget to let Heather know if you change your email address, and to amend your details on your EGB account.

EnduranceGB, Iceni Group Trophy Awards for the 2018 season - (Published:26 January 2019)

The trophies for 2018 were awarded at the Iceni ABM and Awards evening on 26th January. 

See the full list of winners here.

And click here for photos 


EGB ROR Elite Endurance Champions 2018 (Published:13 December 2019)

Iceni member Elaine Wallbridge and Against the Rules (Charlie) have been named EGB ROR Elite Endurance Champions 2018. 

Congratulations Elaine and Charlie!

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