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An update from Maddie Pomroy

First off, winter is over! The new season has finally arrived and now it’s time for me to prepare for my biggest season yet! My name is Maddie Pomroy, I'm a young rider and currently competing at FEI 1* level, however, I'm hoping to be competing in my first 2** at some point this season (120k).


This year is very different for me, mainly because I'm not competing on my grandmother’s mare Zaferan, instead, I've been lucky to be given the opportunity to loan another horse called Angels Twilight Spirit (Odie). I had a lot of anxiety about being provided with such an amazing horse, however this all went away after competing in our first ride together at Concrete Cows. The route was challenging and technical, however he was an absolute star the whole way through the ride and came back with a respectable heart rate of 46, even though he was whinnying for his friends.


This ride was essential for us to be able to build our bond for Kings Forest this weekend (6th April). I follow the mindset of endurance being the special bond between you and your horse, if you have that bond then you can pretty much achieve anything together. For me, it isn't just about the horse carrying you a certain distance then dropping you off at the end, it's about the journey you take to get there, working together as a team. I have respect for Odie and he has respect for me, and that's all I can ask for, no matter what the result might be at the end. 


Fingers crossed for everybody competing this weekend, I wish you the best of luck!



Congratulations to Maddie and Odie on their first place in the the FEI 1* YR class at Kings Forest!