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23rd October 2017

International Squads SMT Vacancies

The International Committee is now accepting applications for the International Squad and Young Rider Squad SMT.  If you are interested in a role, please read the role descriptions below and complete the relevant application form (there is one for Chef d’Equipe and one for all other positions) and return the application form by Friday 3rd November to johnrobertson@endurancegb.co.uk 

Application form Chef d'Equipe                                                     Application form for other positions

Role Descriptions:  Chef d'Equipe          Farrier          Logistics Manager          Physio          Vet




8th October 2017



The International Committee of Endurance GB has received an invitation to nominate a maximum of 2 horse and rider combinations, and one additional rider/horse combination as a spare entry, to take part in the above ride. If you are interested in being considered, please thoroughly read this including the eligibility criteria and return the expression of interest form to Lindsay Wilson at lindsaywilson@endurancegb.co.uk<mailto:lindsaywilson@endurancegb.co.uk> by no later than 1st November 2017.



*Date for your Diary*
International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018
Venue:  Woodside, Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2AL
More details to follow

17th September 2017

The British team at Brussels European Championships  2017

The event was called unique and challenging by the FEI technical delegate at the chefs d’equipe meeting prior to the event on Thursday, August 17th.

Based in the Bois de la Cambre which is part of the Sonian Forest, the venue was in the centre of Brussels. The Brussels Equestrian Endurance Masters 2017 included the senior European Championships, 160km ride on August 17th, followed by the Ladies 120km Championships on the 18th and finally the World Championships 120km for young horses on the 19th.

This was the first time that a European and a World Championships have been held at the same time and venue.

The first challenge was to find the venue. The Sat Nav struggled to make sense of the roads around the park and a one-way system added to the problems. Team vet Hannah Kelly and myself saw many more parts of central Brussels than we should have and finding some of the crew points was difficult.

The next challenge was the venue itself. Based in a large park which was very popular with members of the public, the stables were in one long line on a tarmac road, with a constant stream of people walking and cycling along the path running alongside the security fence. The vetgate was not much larger than a tennis court and the cooling and rest areas were also compact. However, the organisers had made the best of what area they had and we all made it work. There was one small area that horses were allowed on to graze, but they had to stay off the rest of the park’s grass.

By ride day, our British team of Rachael Atkinson with Tannasg Psysches Realm, Caroline Cowley with HS Bellini, Harry Ingram with Warrens Hill Chayze, Annie Joppe with Fantom and Nicki Thorne with LM Bolena had all settled into the stables, crews had found the crew points, horses had all passed the pre-ride vetting and the team had received many compliments on their turnout, especially for the Fairfax and Favor boots which the company had kindly provided for the riders.

The 70 riders from 20 countries, with 13 teams competing for the medals, set off down a narrow track through the trees and onto the first loop. The course was very demanding as the surface was continually changing, the route was twisty and there were numerous obstacle to avoid, so concentration was essential all the way.

Annie Joppe had the worst experience within 3km of the start when Fantom tied up. She was able to walk him back to the venue where Hannah met her and he was taken to the clinic for fluids.

The remaining four came into the first vetgate together and all vetted through within minutes of each other, so were still together through the second loop.

Sadly, Bolena was eliminated at VG2 and Bellini at VG 3 so we were reduced to two riders, but they put up a fantastic performance to finish in 16th and 17th places at over 17km/hr with very efficient crewing and presentation times of about 2 mins at each vetgate. Both horses looked really well at the final vetting and were complimented by the officials.

The ride was won by Sabrina Arnold, a very experienced international rider from Germany with an amazing horse, Tarzibus, who had phenomenal recovery rates and finished at 22.5 km/hr.

The Spanish riders finished in 2nd , 3rd and 4th places to take the team gold.

Very few teams had 3 riders complete, so after Italy finished three riders for the silver medal, it was the Swedish team who had 4 riders cross the finish line over three hours after the Spanish team who won the bronze medal. France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands were among the countries who didn’t finish with a team.

We had high hopes for our team with a strong group of horses and riders who had worked throughout the year to have their horses in peak condition for the Championships, with total commitment.

They all worked extremely well as a team in Brussels; riders and crews all helping each other and it was a very enjoyable few days.

Although we weren’t successful this year, we have a strong group of horses as a base for the future and look forward to welcoming even more riders onto the International Squad.

Our thanks go to Fairfax and Favor for providing the beautiful boots for the riders and to Science Supplements for supplying their products for each horse.

Liz Finney
Chef d’equipe


18th February 2017

News- Recent International Squads Day

On the 18th February Endurance GB’s International Committee held a ‘meet-up day’ for both International Squads at Abbey Park. The International Committee, Squad Management Teams and many riders and crews attended the day. The day was for riders who are currently CEI 1* qualified or above and there will be other events later in the year for those who have not yet started their FEI qualifications. The day consisted of a welcome from EGB’s Director of International, John Robertson before the Chefs d’Equipe Jo Chisholm and Liz Finney addressed the riders and met with their separate squads. Hannah Kelly, International Squad Vet, then gave an interesting and informative talk on training endurance horses and the various techniques that can be used. Young Rider Squad Vet Tom Eaton-Evans then discussed keeping horses healthy in the run up to championships (and other major competitions) which provided useful tips and information for all. Fuelled by a very tasty lunch, the afternoon sessions began with a session on ‘how the physio can help your horse’ by Katie Dorman, International Squad Physio. Katie gave the riders lots to think about which was followed by Kelvin Lymer, International Squad Farrier, who discussed the importance of hoof care, another interesting talk with lots of great tips for riders to take away. All of the talks focused on a different subject and provided lots of useful tips for the riders to use at home, there was plenty of time left for questions and answers at the end, for which the International Committee and Squad Management Teams were at the front to answer. The day was a great start to the season and has laid the foundations for what will hopefully be a great year for the British endurance teams.   

14th February 2017

The International Committee now consists of:
John Robertson (Chair of International) - Johnrobertson@endurancegb.co.uk
Ann Dark - anndark@endurancegb.co.uk
Liz Finney - lizfinney@endurancegb.co.uk
Lindsay Wilson - lindsaywilson@endurancegb.co.uk
Beth Stokes - bethstokes@endurancegb.co.uk
Jo Chisholm - jochisholm@endurancegb.co.uk

As a committee, it was decided that in order to ensure continuity and consistency between squads, there would be two squads moving forward rather than three. This sees the Development and Senior Squads merge to become the International Squad and the Young Rider Squad to remain as it is. The committee would like to thank all those that have been part of the squads in the previous year, both riders and SMT, for their hard work and dedication. 
We are confident that the new two squad system will be of benefit to all current squad riders and those considering joining.
• Riders will be supported in their development by the same SMT, enabling the SMT to have a better understanding of those combinations progressing through the levels • The emphasis will be on developing and nurturing talent worthy of representing Team GB 
• There will be a greater level of knowledge sharing from experienced riders with those starting the FEI ladder for the first time.  
The SMT for the two squads is confirmed and we would like to thank them for their continued support:

International Squad:
Chef- Liz Finney
Vet- Hannah Kelly
Farrier- Kelvin Lymer 
Logistics- Lindsay Wilson
Physio- Katie Dorman 
Young Rider Squad:
Chef- Jo Chisholm
Vet- Tom Eaton-Evans
Farrier- Glyn Trundle 
Logistics- Andrew Chisholm
Physio- Lee Clark
Support Farrier to both squads: Harvey Lymer 

We are confident that we have a strong team of professionals to support the squads in achieving the best results possible.

We would like to welcome those who are interested in being part of a squad to contact Lindsay Wilson via lindsaywilson@endurancegb.co.uk , please also contact Lindsay if you have been part of a squad this year and wish to continue. You will then be sent further information and key dates regarding the International Squads. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

The International Committee of Endurance GB 


17 March

Vacancy: Team Logistics Co-ordinator for our International Squad

Our International Committee is looking to add to the Squad Management Team and need the expertise of a Logistics Co-ordinator to help plan, organise and manage the logistical needs of the International Teams. 

Applications are invited by the 31st March.

Full details are available here.

Application form available here.

16 Feb 2016

Endurance GB appoints new Chef d'Equipe to International Squad

Endurance GB is very pleased and excited to share with you the news that Sally Hall has agreed to join the International Squad Management Team as a Chef d’Equipe.  


Sally will be known to many as a previous member of Endurance GB’s International Team, representing Team GBR a total of 7 times at both European and World Equestrian Games, winning Gold and Silver medals along the way.  She has ridden an incredible 7,000 Endurance kms over the years and continues to compete regularly.  

(Sally Hall (second from left) pictured with her fellow team mates Pat Fowler, Jo Trego and Jill Thomas after winning the Team Gold Medal at the European Championships in Morlaix, France, in 1995.)

Sally is a UKCC Level 3 Endurance Coach with a great skill set to bring to the Squad.  She runs the Urchinwood Manor Riding and Event Centre near Bristol and is an accomplished rider and instructor in several disciplines. In addition to her Endurance successes, she has competed at the Burghley Horse Trials and also at Grand Prix level dressage.

Sally says of her appointment, "I am much looking forward to working with the Squad.  I have had a lot of fun with Endurance GB and riding around the world and feel I am privileged to be able to look at it from the other side of the fence".

Sally’s experience is hard to beat and the International Committee of Endurance GB look forward to working with her.  Her first role will be to join the other members of the Squad Management Team at a meeting later this month to finalise plans for the year ahead. 

(Sally Hall and Barn Owl on their way to achieving the only Gold Award in the Golden Stag class on Exmoor in 2008.  Photo Credit:  Eric G Jones )



01 February 2016

International Endurance Squads 2016 

There are just a few short weeks until the start of Endurance GB’s ride season.  Most of you will have your training well underway and have probably already put your entry in for your first event.  The International Committee have their focus on those of you that are FEI riders and interested in representing your country at International events this year and beyond.  With this in mind, the International Committee are looking for our British talent to express their interest in joining the International Squad, with a view to being selected for Team GBR.   Have your received your invitation? 

In 2016 there are two major Endurance Championships that GBR will be invited to send a team to:    

  • Young Riders European Championships in Rio Frio, Portugal, 2 – 4th September 
  • World Endurance Championships in Dubai, 10 – 17th December 

As well as the above, a squad will also be offered the opportunity to take part in the ‘Dry Run’ for the 2017 European Endurance Championships being held in Brussels 19-21st August this year. FEI registered riders and horses can apply for the International Squad for the above events if they meet the following criteria:  
  • Rider - FEI 2* or above
  • Horse - FEI 2* or above 
  • As a combination to have successfully completed at least 1 x CEI ** or above in the period 1st January to 31st December 2015 
  • As a combination commit to attending Assessment Sessions held in GBR to be determined by the International Committee
  • As a combination compete at rides or classes identified by the International Committee as important for assessing performance 

 If you and your horse fit these criteria but you have not yet received your invitation to put yourself forward for the Squad, please email Lindsay Wilson for an application form at johnrobertson@endurancegb.co.uk  

 Applications need to be in by the 15th February.


13th January 2016

2016 International Seminar planned for the Autumn


Endurance GB’s International Seminar has become a popular annual event on the calendar and we have a bumper day planned for you.  

It has proved difficult to put everything in place for a pre-season Seminar so this year it will be held in the Autumn.   You will have something to look forward to as the season is finishing. 


The theme this year is about reaching for and achieving your potential.  There will be unmissable contributions from highly esteemed vets and professionals with many years’ experience.   

The Seminar is aimed at those interested in future team participation but will be open to (and relevant for) all levels of competitor.  Everyone is welcome. 


The venue will be the NAEC at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. 

Further details to follow.  Register your interest by emailing the Endurance GB office on:  enquiries@endurancegb.co.uk 


29th December 2015


British Endurance riders head to the deserts of Dubai


2016 kicks off with two of our most experienced British riders travelling their horses to the UAE to take part in the ‘HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup’.  The competition takes place on the 9th January 2016 at the Dubai International Endurance City in the UAE.  It is a CEI 3* 160km event organised under FEI rules, with much of the course running through the desert.


As in previous years, the Dubai Equestrian Club has extended an invitation to riders around the world to join them for this major annual event on their Endurance calendar.  The Organising Committee have stipulated a preference for previous medal winners and Elite endurance riders.  The invitation includes the cost of transport and accommodation for the horse, rider and two crew members. 


Endurance GB is pleased to announce that we will be well represented at this International event by two very experienced riders, Carri Ann Dark and Nicki Thorne. 



24 year old Carri Ann has clocked up an impressive track record.  In 2012, she was the highest placed British team member in our Bronze medal winning team at the FEI European Young Rider Championships in Mont le Soie.  She has been competing at FEI level for many years, including representing TeamGB at Championships on four occasions.  She competed at this event in 2015 so will be able to draw on that experience.  “To say I was thrilled to be invited would be an understatement. I am hugely grateful for the opportunity.  Our Christmas has definitely been put on hold as there is also a lot of preparation to do, not only with training and packing but also with making sure we have complied with various regulations in order to travel the horse to Dubai, such as vaccinations and blood tests. 

As the time till departure nears, it is becoming more and more exciting. 

My crew are my fantastic mum and dad, who are always there to support me. They have been super helpful and are getting excited (plus a little anxious and stressed) with all the last minute preparations before we hit the road.  We are looking forward to the challenge and will do our best. We just hope to do ourselves, our country and everyone back home proud.

Thank you to everyone that supports us. It is lovely receiving your positive messages and comments.”

Photo:Carri Ann Dark and HS Drift in training at last year's event in Dubai


Nicki Thorne, 44, from Norfolk, has also been competing in FEI events for some years and has travelled all over the world
to competitions.  She is currently ranked 4th in the World in the ‘
Open Riders World Endurance Ranking’ and was the only British finisher at the FEI European Championships in Samorin, Slovakia 2015.    Nicki is very much looking forward to the trip, “This is a first for me, so it is very exciting and interesting sorting all of the details out.  Training has progressed as well as possible given the time of the year and the weather challenges.  I know that we are headed to extremely different, challenging terrain and weather conditions. However, all is good so far and I am very privileged to be given this invitation and opportunity. I love a new opportunity and the chance to compete somewhere total different, most especially to ride in the desert - the home of the Arabian horse - is incredibly special.”


Photo: Nicki Thorne competing in the Tevis in 2013

Carri Ann has elected to take her previous Dubai mount, HS Drift, owned by her mother, Ann Dark.  “It was a tough decision but after a lot of thought we have chosen HS Drift. I feel there is a lot to take into account for an event such as this as it is not only the fitness for the ride itself but the travelling to/and from as well as the mental ability of the horse, to feel relaxed for the duration of the stay and for the ride itself.”  HS Drift is an 11 year old grey gelding by HS Etiquette out of Gai Radiant Dream.  He has several wins to his credit, including coming 1st in the CEI3* 160km at Madine, France, in 2014. 


Nicki’s chosen ride is LM Bolena.   She is a 10 year old chestnut mare, originating from Argentina.  Nicky successfully competed her several times in Buenos Aires before importing her back to the UK in 2015. 


Carri Ann and Nicki’s horses will meet up with the specialist transporters in Holland for onward road transport to Belgium, from where the horses will fly to Dubai – a total journey of around 4,000 miles.  On arrival they will have access to the best facilities to help them acclimatise to the hot Dubai conditions. 


We have every confidence in our two talented riders to make us proud of them and trust them and their crew to take the best care of their horses in this tough environment.  We feel it is a great opportunity for two of our International Squad members to get valuable experience ahead of the World Endurance Championships scheduled to be held at the same venue in Dubai in December 2016.  Their experience will be of value to all Squad members. 



July 2015

Equestrian World Class Programme name change 

To align with UK Sport and other sporting National Governing Bodies, the Equestrian World Class Programme is changing the name of its internal Programmes with immediate effect.  The ‘Performance Programme’ will now be known as Podium, and the ‘Development Programme’ will be known as Podium Potential.
The aims, objectives and structure of the programmes will remain very much the same; Podium will support athletes with realistic medal winning capabilities at the next Olympic/Paralympic Games and Podium Potential will support athletes whose performances suggest that they have realistic medal winning capabilities at subsequent Olympic/Paralympic Games.  The Equine Pathway remains unaffected. 
The equestrian World Class Programme’s mission is to identify talent, develop potential and sustain medal-winning performances at the Olympic and Paralympic Games and other major championships, and inspire others in support of the long term growth of British equestrian sport. 
UK Sport strategically invests National Lottery and Exchequer income to maximise the performance of UK athletes. It currently supports around 1,300 athletes across all sports at Podium and Podium Potential levels. The equestrian World Class Programme currently supports around 70 athletes at Podium and Podium Potential, and many more horse/rider partnerships through the Equine Pathway and other discipline-specific programmes.