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Download the Expression of Interest form for 2020 to get involved in International teams by clicking here

5th January 2020 - 

Due to circumstances that have just come to light a proposed International event for 2nd February will not now go ahead.

The feedback from the recently sent out questionnaire has given the International Committee a lot of information and suggestions to take on board and it was felt that holding an event so quickly into the New Year did not given sufficient time for a new chair at the helm plus new committee members to put together an attractive programme, therefore the event on the 2nd February will not go ahead.

The appointment of members of the squad management teams are almost complete and once this has been concluded notification will be sent out.

With both World and European Championships to plan for in September this year the International Committee are keen to receive expressions of interest from combinations who might be interested in being considered, as well as combinations that would like to come onto the International pathway. Interested combinations should download and complete the expression of interest form then send into the email address on the form. This will ensure their inclusion in future International events alongside support from the squad management teams. Note that expressions of interest can be submitted at any time during the season.

The International committee are currently looking to recruit a deputy Chef d' Equipe for the Senior squad - details can be viewed and downloaded below - and would encourage interested members to consider applying. The closing date for applications is midnight on Monday 20th January, 2020

Deputy Chef d'Equipe advert

Application form

Role Description

18th September 2019 -

Information about International Squad Management Team vacancies now posted on the Home page click here to view.

28 July 2019 - 

Please click below for the Endurance GB International Team Assessment Pathway European Championships 2019:

Endurance GB International Team Assessment Pathway European Championships 2019.pdf

23 January 2019 - 


GBR have been invited to nominate a maximum of 2 horse and rider combinations, and one additional rider/horse combination as spare entry, to take part in the above ride.

The Organising Committee have detailed their eligibility criteria in the attached invitation.

Expressions of Interest are invited from suitably qualified combinations not later than 3rd February 2019 using the form below.

Completed forms should be sent to Lindsay Wilson –lindsaywilson@endurancegb.co.uk<mailto:%E2%80%93lindsaywilson@endurancegb.co.uk>

All Expressions of interest will be considered on merit after the closing date and successful combinations advised not later than 5th February 2019.

Click here for Expressions of Interest form and here for details about expenses etc.

14 January 2019 – An important communication from the FEI

FEI Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations - Impact on Endurance

Dear National Federations,

The updated FEI Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations effective as of 1 January 2019, as approved by the last FEI General Assembly, will have an important impact on the endurance discipline. An automatic provisional suspension of the registered trainers in banned substance cases and in cases with two or more controlled medication substances has been implemented since then. This will not only effect the trainers themselves but will also have an indirect impact on athletes, owners and other support personnel.

The athlete remains the person responsible for the rule violation and a provisional suspension and other applicable sanctions will be imposed accordingly, as it was already established with the previous rules. 

In light of the rule changes, we have prepared the enclosed letter (click here) with the most essential “need-to-know” information for registered trainers in the endurance discipline. We kindly ask you to forward this to them at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to share it as well with the athletes, owners, support personnel and other members of the endurance community so that they can also familiarise themselves with the changes.

Should you have any questions please contact Anna Thorstenson at Anna.Thorstenson@fei.org or Ana Kricej at Ana.Kricej@fei.org.

Yours sincerely,

Lucinda Arsenio
Manager President's Office, NF Liaison Officer & Athletes Committee


28th November 2018




GBR have been invited to nominate a maximum of 2 horse and rider combinations, and one additional rider/horse combination as spare entry, to take part in the above ride.


The Organising Committee have detailed the following as their eligibility criteria in the attached invitation


Expressions of Interest are invited from suitably qualified combinations not later than 30th November 2018.

Apologies for the short notice but the invitation has only just been forwarded to the Director of International.

Click here to download Expression of Interest form.

The letter of invitation may be downloaded here and further information about expenses etc may be downloaded here.


17th September 2018 (updated 22nd September)

International Squad News
We had a large number of members of the international squad competing at the Festival of Endurance at Euston Park at the weekend of August 17-19th and it was very encouraging to have the British team finish in 4th place, behind the UAE, Spain and France in the CEIO 120km class.
Carri Ann Dark with Bey Sahli was the first team member to finish, followed by Bella Fricker with Spanish Heir and Nicki Thorne with Kamilcia. Annie Joppe and Annette Masterson both failed to complete with minor issues.
We also had riders successfully completing the 3*160km class, giving them the qualification for next year's European Championships at Euston Park and the 1* 80km.
As I write this, I have just returned from WEG. We were all devastated that the endurance competition was abandoned before any riders got to finish. 
We are planning now for next year, starting with a Riders' Day on Sunday October 14th at Abbey Park, Kenilworth. The programme will include talks from the team physios and vets, as well as discussing ride plans for 2019. It is for senior and young riders who are interested in starting to compete in FEI classes or who are already competing internationally, together with any crew members who can attend.
Full details of the programme will follow with details of cost and how to book.
Riders hoping for team selection will need to attend one of the two assessment days in March/April planned for Bristol area and Lancashire. Further training days will be run prior to the final team selection towards the end of June.
As always, we welcome anyone is interested in joining  the squad to complete a EOI form which is on the webpage and send it to Lindsay Wilson.  
Liz Finney

28th May 2018

We have held three assessment days in March and April and all were well attended. It was good to see new horses and riders, some who are just starting on their FEI qualifications and some with new horses, as well as previous team members. It was encouraging to meet some of our young riders at Solihull and Edinburgh.

The management team have also seen horses competing at Kings Forest and Royal Windsor and we have some very promising combinations looking forward to 2019 European Championships.

The next squad training day is on June 21st at Euston Park when the management team will be assessing the progress of the horses and discussing future plans.

The day will be structured to suit each horse and rider depending on their competition plans and whether they are competing in the FEI classes at the weekend of June 23rd-24th.

The Euston Park event in August, 17th-19th, is going to be a chance to see riders working together in teams.

Plans are slowly developing for our team to compete at WEG in September, which will be a tough, hilly ride and need sound and very fit horses, but I’m sure our riders are equal to the challenge.

We are always looking for members to join the international squads, so please send an Expression of Interest form, which is on the international page, to Lindsay Wilson.


3rd April 2018

Update- International Squad Regional Assessment

We have now confirmed the final April regional assessment day which will be held at Leyland Court EC Winterbourne, Bristol on Sunday 29th April. Please contact Lindsay Wilson and copy in Liz Finney if you wish to book this date. The cost will be £30 for the day.

26th February 2018

International Squad Bulletin for Spring 2018

We are now planning a programme for the International Squad leading up to the European Championships in 2019.

Our aim is to involve riders aiming at WEG, the European Championships in 2019 and those who are just about to start their FEI career.

Please send an Expression of Interest form to Lindsay Wilson if you have not already done so. The form can be found on the EGB website and informs us that you want to be on the squad along with some information about you and your horse(s). The more we see of your horses and follow you at rides, the better chance we have of developing a really strong squad for 2019 and the better chance you have of being selected for the team.

The SMT will be attending the following rides in order to watch those combinations that are competing:

·         Kings Forest – April

·         Windsor – May

·         Euston Park – June and August

·         Seacliff – 16th June

·         Lowther Park – 11th August

Once we have a clearer idea of a rider’s ride plans for the year, we can attend more rides to see you ‘in action’.

We are running regional assessments days in indoor arenas, in March and April for horses and riders.

March 11th – Solihull Riding Club (south of Birmingham)

April 21st or 22nd – venue near Edinburgh

April 28th or 29th – venue tbc; Hartpury or another venue nearby.

The dates for April will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Please book into which date you prefer by contacting Lindsay Wilson and also copying in Liz Finney. The cost for each one will be £30. Stabling is available at roughly £30 per night, depending on the venue.

The aim is to check the horses to pick up any problems, assess the level of the horse’s fitness, check horse and rider balance and discuss your future plans.

A training day will be held on June 21st at Euston Park, prior to the FEI ride on the 23rd to monitor progress.

We hope to have other training days in different regions.

We intend to organise two, possibly three, teams to compete at Euston Park on August 18th in either the 160 3*or 120 2* classes.

We have six riders hoping to compete at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon on September 12th and are hoping we can arrange for some horses to travel from the UK, though the logistics are proving difficult.

Liz Finney – International Squad Chef D’Equipe

Key Dates





11th March


Assessment day

22nd April


Assessment day

28th April

Hartpury [tbc]

Assessment Day

14th April

Kings Forest

Viewing ride

21st June

Euston Park

Squad training day

18th August

Euston Park

Team competition

10-16th September [ tbc]

Tryon, USA

World Equestrian Games

14th October

Abbey Park, Kenilworth

Squad rider day


Young Rider Squad Bulletin for Spring 2018

Young Riders and their crews met up with Squad Management at the International Squad Day on February 4th at Abbey Park where all the riders present told us their hopes and plans for the next few years.

There has also been a Junior and Young Rider Training Weekend at Hornshill Farm, Guildford by kind permission of Rosemary Attfield on February 24/25th with a packed weekend of demonstrations, schooling, vetting and vet gate practice along with a visit to the local bowling alley.

We currently (at the time of writing) have 2 combinations qualified for the European Championships for Junior and Young Riders this year which is at San Rossore, Italy in July 2018. Being so early in the year means that any riders still trying to qualify will have to do so by the end of May which we know is a very short lead time. We are therefore also concurrently working on a 2 year plan leading up to the 2019 World Championships for Junior and Young Riders which will be also at San Rossore (qualification to be achieved by mid July 2019) – this gives YR combinations more time to qualify. For this year however, we are still hopeful that we will be taking at least 2 or 3 combinations to the Europeans which will give us a great opportunity to get to know the layout and the terrain at San Rossore to prepare for the Worlds in 2019.  By experiencing the event this year, we should then be armed with the knowledge to help the team train and prepare specifically for the World Championships next year.

YR Squad Management will be attending some of the FEI rides at which many of the Young Riders are hoping to qualify during the season, and we are intending to view the riders at Kings Forest in April rather than have an assessment session, because of the short time available to the qualification cut-off date.

Young Riders from the north and in Scotland that are interested in coming onto the YR Squad can attend assessments alongside the Senior Squad which will be held 21/22 April near Edinburgh, please contact Lindsay Wilson if you would like to be included.

Junior and Young Rider Camp is scheduled for the week of 30th July at Euston Park; more details on this to follow. We may have a YR team to compete at the Euston Park on August 18th in either 80 km 1* or 120 km 2* alongside the Senior International Squad team(s) again we will update you on firm plans for this ASAP.

Jo Chisholm – Young Rider Squad Chef D’Equipe  

Key Dates





14th April

Kings Forest Ride

Viewing ride

22nd April


Assessment Day


Euston Park

Viewing and final selection ride


Pisa, San Rossore, Italy

European Championships

18 August

Euston Park

Team competition

14th October

Abbey Park, Kenilworth

Squad rider day


Key Contacts

Jo Chisholm (YR Chef D’Equipe): jochisholm@endurancegb.co.uk

Liz Finney (International Chef D’Equipe):  lizfinney@endurancegb.co.uk

Lindsay Wilson (International Committee): lindsaywilson@endurancegb.co.uk

John Robertson (Director of International): johnrobertson@endurancegb.co.uk



Upcoming event:


With the Support of 

HPower Endurance Ltd


An International Endurance Seminar

Date: Friday, 13th July 2018

Venue: Euston Park, Near Thetford IP24 2QP


  FEI Rules & Regulations - Endurance 

Presenter: Ian Williams (FEI 4* Judge, Technical Delegate, Course Designer and Level 3 Steward)


A full day conference examining all aspects of FEI regulations governing Endurance Competitions at International Level

The programme is designed to support and assist all those existing and prospective International Endurance Athletes, Horse Owners, Trainers and Competition Officials.

Those attending will have the opportunity to actively participate in theory, practice and scenario content sessions.

Lunch and coffees will be provided and conference attendees will each receive a 'take home’ Conference Pack that can be used as a reference source going forward. 

Places will be limited and so early booking is recommended.




17th January 2018

World Equestrian Games – Endurance - Tryon – 12th September, 2018

Expressions of Interest are invited from all suitably qualified riders/horses to be considered for selection to a GBR team at the above event.  Click here for the Expression of Interest form for WEG.

The EGB International Committee invites Expressions of Interest from riders and their horses who want to join or remain on the international or young rider squad.

The expressions of interest form (see above) should be completed and submitted as per the instructions in the document.  Forms should be submitted as soon as possible and certainly by 1st February to ensure inclusion in the first Rider Day which will be held on Sunday 4th February.


15th January 2018 


International and Young Rider Squads - Meeting for riders on February 4th


Current members of the above, along with any member that is interested in expressing an interest in becoming a member are invited to attend.


There will be a meeting at the EGB offices Abbey Park, on February 4th after the seminar on the 3rd, for all riders who either already are competing at international level or are planning to in 2018.


This will be a chance to meet the international management teams for both squads and have informal discussions on fitness training, individual ride plans for 2018, horse management etc.


We will plan out the assessment and training day programmes, try to accommodate your individual needs and to develop a strong international squad for the future.


We will also give up-dates on WEG at Tryon, 2019 European Championships and the Young Rider European Championships 2018.


I hope as many as possible of you will attend, this is your chance to have input into our international programme for 2018 and beyond.


The meeting will start at 9.30am and should finish by about 2.0pm


Tea, coffee and biscuits  will be provided, but we will not be providing lunch.


Please contact Lindsay Wilson   to say if you will be attending and if any of your crew will be with you.