Club Membership

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What is Club Membership?

Club membership is an opportunity for Pony Club members, affiliated Riding Club members and members of RoR to enjoy the sport of endurance riding.

Club membership allows riders to enter a novice Graded Endurance Ride (GER) of up to 40km at members rates.

This allows club members to experience their horse being vetted, be able to see what speed must be achieved, and see how their horse copes with the distance.
Photo by David Saunders Photography

For Pony Club members  - Endurance is part of the Pony Club disciplines and endurance rides organised by Endurance GB allow the riders to progress and compete in the Pony Club Endurance Championships. For more details please see here

For Riding Club members - There is the opportunity to compete in  endurance teams and qualify for the British Riding Club Team Event . For more details please see here

For Retraining of Racehorses members - There is an opportunity to compete for a chance to win the Retraining of Racehorses Endurance Trophy. This trophy is aimed at those competing in endurance for the first time and logs pleasure ride mileage. More info here. 

Successful completion of the ride is rewarded with an appropriate rosette, based on the results of their vetting!  However, no trophy points will be accumulated and no progression towards novice qualification can be gained. This offer just allows club members to experience what it is like to enter and enjoy a competitive ride.


How to Apply for Club Membership

Applicants must complete all the details on the Registration Form. After registering successfully you will be sent by email your special EGB membership number and password.

Using this you will then be able to LOGON using your Club membership number and password, then select Your Account (where you can change your password if required). You can then make and pay for a ride entry to the ride of your choice online. Payment for the ride entry will be taken by credit or debit card.

Please remember to LOGON before trying to enter a ride - otherwise you will only be able to enter a Pleasure ride!
Once you have your registered for this scheme, your details will be stored, then when you enter a ride all the information will be present.

Also you must enter the ride online, you cannot enter using a ride entry form and post.


For more on terms and conditions look at the Club Membership Terms & Conditions Page.