T&C's for Club Membership

Terms & Conditions for EGB Club Membership

  • The CM scheme is only available online and customers are only able to enter rides online through the scheme.
  • Non-members must register for the CM scheme through the online form before entering any rides.
  • The customer applying for Club Membership must enter their personal details on the online form, and Date of Birth is compulsory.
  • Club Members must abide by the rules for Pony Club or Riding Club entries.
  • Club Members are able to login to their "members" account but will have the same restrictions on access as Associate Members.  They are able to enter rides using the standard online entry facility BUT they will be restricted to Novice Graded Rides or Pleasure Rides or withdrawals.
  • Club Members will be able to enter rides on unregistered horses.
  • CM's are only allowed to enter Novice GER classes of no more than 40km.
  • When the ride entry is accepted, the online system will take the customer to the SagePay gateway for entry of credit or debit card details. All payments by Credit Card will incur a 2.5% surcharge and this surcharge is not refundable. Payment by Debit Card does not incur this charge.
  • The entry form emailed to the Ride Secretary will make it clear that this is a Club members (the membership number will appear as CLUBnnnnn).
  • Club Members who have registered in the way described above are able to upgrade to full membership online.
  • All CM applicants must abide by the rules of Endurance GB as set out in the current Members’ Handbook.  A copy of these rules will be available to view at all rides.
  • A copy of the General Rules, which are a subset of the full rules, can be viewed here.
  • All riders in Endurance GB classes may be subject to random drug testing by the BEF.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all information provided in the application for Club membership is correct to the best of their knowledge
  • Club Membership may be withdrawn at any time.