Auto Renew Terms & Conditions

The recurring payment (auto-renewal) for your membership fee will be taken on the day on which the new membership renewal year is opened.  You will receive your new membership card by email as confirmation that your membership has been renewed.


No payments other than the membership subscription will be taken as a recurring payment.  Specifically you should note that horse registrations will not be auto-renewed.


The opening date of the new membership renewal year will be published on the EGB website in advance.

The membership fee will be taken from the current debit or credit card, that is the last one used for a payment transaction to Endurance GB.  For example, if your last payment was on a debit card for a ride entry then the recurring payment will be taken from that debit card.

If the current debit or current card has expired or is not valid for any reason, then the recurring payment will fail.  Unfortunately, we may not be able to advise you that the payment has failed.

If the membership fee is taken from a credit card, then the current credit card surcharge will be levied automatically in the usual way and is not refundable.

EGB’s membership subscription rates increase from time-to-time.  The auto-renewal is variable so that the current subscription rate for your grade of membership will be debited automatically.


The recurring payment can be removed at any time by unticking the relevant tick box.