Governance of Endurance GB

Mission Statement of Endurance GB

"Our mission is to promote and enhance the sport of Endurance (Competitive Long Distance) Riding within the United Kingdom, by providing competition, training and development opportunities that will appeal to all levels of rider from beginner to world class winner. The Society will endeavour to promote and uphold at all times the highest standards of horse welfare’"
"To enable us to carry out this mission we will work closely with other equestrian sporting bodies, namely the BEF and FEI, along with the veterinary and equitation professions, but most importantly our members."

Objectives of Endurance GB

  • To stimulate greater interest and participation in the sport of endurance riding throughout the United Kingdom.
  • To select, support and promote teams for international competition.
  • To encourage progressive stamina of both horse and rider, and to further the breeding of horses, possessing the conformation, temperament and other qualities needed for the sport.
  • To encourage and stimulate horsemanship in long distance riding.
  • To stage a variety of endurance rides, including International (FEI) rides.
  • To offer a programme of fun and relaxation to serious minded pleasure horse owners.
  • To provide education in the form of lectures, training sessions, conferences, demonstrations on all aspects of the sport, including the general welfare of horses, for both members and all interested in endurance riding.
  • To encourage and stimulate horsemanship among junior riders.
  • To promote research into the best methods of caring for horses before, during and after an endurance ride and disseminate the knowledge gained.

 Constitution of Endurance GB

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