Help with Map Reading


Types of Map

You will usually get a photocopied colour map with your ride pack. You are strongly advised to go out and buy anOS map of the area, either Landranger (1:50000 scale), or Pathfinder or Explorer 1:25000 (more detailed). The ride details you receive will usually tell you which Landranger map(s) covers the ride route. Pathfinder maps are currently being updated to Explorer, which are the same scale but cover larger areas, and may be double sided.

Map Reading for all

The Ordnance Survey have produced a series of guides to map reading. 'Being able to read a map will help you get so much more out of your time outdoors – whether it is walking, cycling, horse riding or touring. Our guides and videos will help you develop your map reading and navigation skills'.

 Map reading videos with Simon King

Renowned film-maker and naturalist Simon King presents a series of map reading videos that take you through the basics of understanding how to read one of our maps and how to use a compass.

Follow this link to see the video guides that explain all!

Information in this article is provided by the Ordnance Survey.