Important Safety Notice - K'vall Stirrups  *updated*Important Safety Notice - K'vall Stirrups *updated* - (Published:22 March 2017)

We would like to notify you of issues concerning the safety of K'vall type stirrups, with dual fixings, which the Board has decided should not be permitted at EGB events due to the danger of the foot not releasing and causing injury to the rider and the horse.  This decision was made further to information received by EGB concerning their lack of acceptability by other BEF disciplines and the FEI. We have a duty to protect our members' safety and well-being when an issue is raised with us.

We appreciate that those using the stirrups may be concerned about what alternative they can use. We welcome a discussion with all the Riders affected and ask that you email Emma Darwood by the 31st March, to let us know you are using them at EGB events.  We will be in contact with the members concerned to understand their needs and create a plan that can be implemented by the 30th June.

Safety of our competitors will always come first, but it is certainly not our intent to impede our members' enjoyment and progression within our wonderful sport.

Endurance GB launches initiative to boost participationEndurance GB launches initiative to boost participation - (Published:21 March 2017)

In a move designed to make Endurance riding more inclusive and to validate the key role played by supporters of the sport, Endurance GB has launched a new initiative proposing that non-riders, who are nevertheless involved in endurance at all levels, register and become a Supporter. 

This new category is aimed at, but is not exclusive to; support crews, officials, volunteers, riders not competing due to injury or other reasons, anyone wishing to make an online Pleasure Ride entry, and parents. There is no cost associated with registering, and the benefits for Supporters will include an e-version of the Endurance GB magazine, two ride entries under the Try Before You Buy scheme and will also enable Supporters to make online entries for Pleasure Rides. 

It’s hoped the new initiative will give an identity for key supporters ensuring they are not left on the periphery of the sport they enjoy so much. The Board of Endurance GB believes that Supporter registration will give the society a better picture of the true participation in the sport of endurance riding. After all, on the day of a competition, there are far more people who could be classed as 'active participants' than just the riders.

John Hudson, Chairman of Endurance GB, commented that 'launching a new category for Supporters will aid Endurance GB's mission to become a more inclusive society and is a significant step forward in terms of tracking participation. The new category will also enable us to better understand who the volunteers are in our sport and help us recognise their contribution which makes the sport what it is today.'

Register to becomme a Supporter here. 

Hardy's Ride on Sat 8th April NOW FULL (21/03)Hardy's Ride on Sat 8th April NOW FULL (21/03) - (Published:18 March 2017)

The route has been revised and there are changes to some classes  click here for more details from the Wessex website.

International Squad Day - UpdateInternational Squad Day - Update - (Published:10 March 2017)

On the 18th February Endurance GB’s International Committee held a ‘meet-up day’ for both International Squads at Abbey Park. The International Committee, Squad Management Teams and many riders and crews attended the day. The day was for riders who are currently CEI 1* qualified or above and there will be other events later in the year for those who have not yet started their FEI qualifications.

The day consisted of a welcome from EGB’s Director of International, John Robertson before the Chef d’equipes Jo Chisholm and Liz Finney addressed the riders and met with their separate squads. Hannah Kelly, International Squad Vet, then gave an interesting and informative talk on training endurance horses and the various techniques that can be used. Young Rider Squad Vet Tom Eaton-Evans then discussed keeping horses healthy in the run up to championships (and other major competitions) which provided useful tips and information for all. Fuelled by a very tasty lunch, the afternoon sessions began starting with a session on ‘how the physio can help your horse’ by Katie Dorman, International Squad Physio. Katie gave the riders lots to think about which was followed by Kelvin Lymer, International Squad Farrier, who discussed the importance of hoof care, another interesting talk with lots of great tips for riders to take away.

 All of the talks focussed on a different subject and provided lots of useful tips for the riders to use at home, there was plenty of time left for questions and answers at the end for which the International Committee and Squad Management Teams were at the front to answer. The day was a great start to the season and has laid the foundations for what will hopefully be a great year for the British endurance teams.   

Welsh Team for the Home International/Celtic ChallengeWelsh Team for the Home International/Celtic Challenge - (Published:09 March 2017)

Time is fast approaching where the Welsh Team Management will be looking at members who would like to ride for Wales in the Home Internationals/Celtic Challenge Teams.


These are open to all EGB members living in Wales and/or have Welsh ancestry.
Each Team consists of six riders from first year novice riders to those riding 160km. Junior riders are also needed (16 or under at 1/1/17).


If you would like to be considered for the Teams or have any questions please email the Team Chef  at<>.


Please could all trophy winners from 2015 return their trophies to the following address by the beginning of April.


Golden Horseshoe c/o Map Marketing Ltd
Unit 4-6 Hatherleigh Industrial Estate
Hatherleigh, Devon EX20 3LP



or by prior arrangement to Wadebridge Ride, Hardy's Ride or Kings Forest Ride where I will be attending. If you are returning trophies via a third party please let me know.
Thanks, Jo Chisholm

Lead Safeguarding Officer - Job descriptionLead Safeguarding Officer - Job description - (Published:07 March 2017)

We are welcoming applications for the Lead Safeguarding Officer. 

The Lead Safeguarding Officer is the designated person in Endurance GB, with primary responsibility for managing and reporting concerns about children and for putting into place procedures to safeguard children, young people and adults at risk in the Endurance GB, including supporting club, county and Group Safeguarding Officers and Health, Safety and Welfare officers at rides and activities run by Endurance GB (EGB).

Full job description here.

 Any interested parties should apply to Nicki Thorne.

An exciting new scheme launched to recognise the performance of Endurance Futurity GraduateAn exciting new scheme launched to recognise the performance of Endurance Futurity Graduate - (Published:28 February 2017)

The Endurance Futurity Graduate Scheme has been launched under the auspices of Endurance GB to recognise the performance of endurance horses that are realising the potential identified at BEF Futurity evaluations when they were foals to three year olds.

Rosettes, sponsored by Phoenix Fields Arabians, will be awarded to all Futurity Graduates registered  with Endurance GB successfully achieving their first  Novice, Open, Advanced and International (FEI) level at Endurance GB rides. This includes all horses graduating since 2009 when endurance first became part of BEF Futurity evaluations, and annually into the future. The Scheme aims to recognise and encourage the breeding and early assessment of high performance endurance horses, and their subsequent development by responsible owners and trainers to attain their highest potential.


It is also planned to award three Trophies annually, sponsored by Hornshill Farm, to the highest performing horses at different levels and ages according to strict criteria in order to encourage careful and responsible development and protect horse welfare.

The resulting database of endurance horses evaluated at BEF Futurity events and subsequently graduating with Endurance GB into equine athletes will be invaluable in guiding and tracking the breeding and development of performance horses for future competition at all levels.



Endurance GB (EGB) and the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) have announced plans to develop a new British protocol for all future international endurance rides held in Great Britain, aimed at maximising horse welfare in the sport.  

Acknowledging the major challenges facing the discipline of endurance, EGB and the BEF will be working together to develop a long-term UK strategy, with horse welfare at its heart, with the first step in this process being the creation of a new British protocol. The protocol will be established by a working group, led by BEF Board Director, Dr Tim Watson, and will consist of key stakeholders including veterinarians, the National Federation, event organisers and technical delegates.  

The British protocol will be implemented as a pilot study at British events in 2017, and will be refined after the season based on the experience gained from the events. It is hoped that it will be ready for the first FEI rides of the year, at Kings Forest (14-16 April), Haywood Oaks (28-30 April), Royal Windsor (12 May), and Euston Park (20-21 May).  

Horse welfare has long been at the forefront of the endurance agenda, and the British protocol will, amongst other areas, look to set parameters around optimum speed, heart rate and recovery times, appropriate to the competition environment here in the UK. The new protocol will also seek to go a lot further this year and will include policies on the appointment of officials, the event calendar and how to increase British participation rates.   

Whilst steps to improve horse welfare in endurance events have been initiated by others on the international stage, including the FEI, the ambition is that the British protocol will create rules specifically tailored to British climate and terrain. 

Clare Salmon, Chief Executive of the BEF said; “Horse welfare is an ongoing priority for the BEF and EGB and by initiating this new British protocol, we hope this will ensure a safe sport in which the wellbeing of the horses is paramount. The aim of the protocol is to implement modifications that will ultimately reform the sport by changing the mind-set of trainers and riders competing in this country.”


News from the International CommitteeNews from the International Committee - (Published:14 February 2017)

As a committee, it was decided that in order to ensure continuity and consistency between squads, there would be two squads moving forward rather than three. This sees the Development and Senior Squads merge to become the International Squad and the Young Rider Squad to remain as it is. The committee would like to thank all those that have been part of the squads in the previous year, both riders and SMT, for their hard work and dedication. 


We are confident that the new two squad system will be of benefit to all current squad riders and those considering joining.
• Riders will be supported in their development by the same SMT, enabling the SMT to have a better understanding of those combinations progressing through the levels • The emphasis will be on developing and nurturing talent worthy of representing Team GB 
• There will be a greater level of knowledge sharing from experienced riders with those starting the FEI ladder for the first time.  

For more details please see the International pages

Update on Hat StandardsUpdate on Hat Standards - (Published:13 February 2017)

Permissible hat standards no longer include BSEN1384. In line with the other major equestrian disciplines, all riders must wear one of the standards listed below.


- British PAS 015: 1998 or 2011 provided they are BSI Kite marked

- European VG1 01.040: 2014-12 provided they are BSI Kite marked

American ASTM F1163: 2004a or 04a onwards provided they are SEI marked

- SNELL E2001

- Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 3838: 2006 onwards provided they are SAI global marked


Click here to see an infographic from the British Horse Society that details these standards in pictorial form.


However, we are also aware that several popular brands of Endurance Riding Helmets are aimed at a European market rather than a UK market, and although they carry the VG101.040: 2014-12 standard they do not carry an accompanying UK Kitemark. Having reviewed the situation, and in view of the number of Endurance GB members who already have these hats, we are also prepared to accept VG1 01.040: 2014-12 hats without the Kitemark at Endurance GB rides for the 2017 season.