2019 Volunteer Conferences2019 Volunteer Conferences - (Published:15 January 2019)

The dates for our 2019 Volunteer Conferences are as follows:


2 February - Northern Conference @ Corbridge Parish Hall, Hexham

9 February - Midlands Conference @ Kegworth Village Hall, Kegworth

16 February - Southern Conference @ The Radnor Hall, Salisbury


Everyone is welcome at these conferences, from ride organisers to technical stewards to gate openers through to anyone who just wants to find out a bit more about volunteering and wants to make new friends.


The days will each cover: 

- 2019 rule changes

- Health & Safety

- Volunteering

- Safeguarding

- Technical Steward overview

- An overview of IT project which will deliver a new IT system for Endurance GB in 2020

- Publicising endurance


There is no charge for attending and lunch will be provided (one of Kerry Dawson's legendary buffets)


We are also running a Welsh ride organiser, volunteer and strategy day on 2 March, at the Henderson Hall, Talybont, LD3 7YQ. This will pick up some elements of the other volunteer days, but will also focus on identifying how Endurance GB can help promote endurance riding in Wales.


If you would like to attend any of the conferences please e-mail estheryoung@endurancegb.co.uk



An important communication from the FEIAn important communication from the FEI - (Published:14 January 2019)

Please click here to go to the International News page.

Junior and Young Rider Training Day - 23rd FebruaryJunior and Young Rider Training Day - 23rd February - (Published:14 January 2019)

An exciting opportunity for Juniors and Young Riders at a Training Day in the New Forest.  Click here for full details and access to the online booking form.

Senior riders you haven't been forgotten! Please save the date of the 23rd + 24th of March (note amended date please) for a training camp with UKCC Level Two Endurance Coach Amanda Barton in the New Forest. Further details will be released soon!

The 2019 ride calendar is now OPEN! The 2019 ride calendar is now OPEN! - (Published:10 January 2019)

We have many rides on offer for every level of horse and rider, from 8km pleasure rides right through to 160km in a day and the European Championships. Why not try one of our new 'Foundation' Novice Graded Endurance Rides which are 20-29km long (12-18 miles)?


Visit our ride page to start planning your  season:   https://endurancegb.co.uk/main/Rides/List-of-Rides


Endurance GB Coaching Scheme For AllEndurance GB Coaching Scheme For All - (Published:07 January 2019)

Dear Member,

 The Endurance GB Coaching Scheme for All has now opened for 2019! We will be contributing funding towards five places for a UKCC Level 1 coaching qualification. So we are looking for applications from Endurance GB members, aged 16 or over, who would like to further their own education and the education of their fellow members.


Please see below for further details on the application process and the link to the online form. The deadline for applications is the 4th of February.


There will be opportunities later in the year for existing coaches to be supported in their move up to the next level. We are grateful to sponsors, H Power, for their support with this scheme.


Alex Tennant

Development Director



EGB Coaching for All Scheme

Five places are available with 50% funding towards a UKCC Level 1 coaching course.

These candidates will be supported throughout their training and progression.

Link to application form https://goo.gl/forms/aSNZrCSEaIGFz6dG2

Applications will close on the 4th of February




SUMMARY OF 2019 RULE CHANGESSUMMARY OF 2019 RULE CHANGES - (Published:05 January 2019)

We are very nearly ready to open the calendar for the 2019 season. Please find below a summary of rule changes for 2019 and a few clarifications.

1) Ride organisers can now offer 20-29km Novice 'Foundation' GERs. These will not attract conventional trophy points, although a special trophy may be offered for this category of ride at the end of the season. These new GER distances were brought in following a member vote at the AGM. Please note: First season novice restrictions also apply to Novice Foundation rides. 3 x novice GERs of 30km or above will still be required to upgrade to Open level.

2) Escorts of junior riders in Graded Endurance Rides can now elect to enter hors concours at half the normal entry fee. Escorts entering hors concours must be qualified for the class entered and will not receive trophy points for their ride, but the distance completed will still be added to the horse's lifetime distance. This change was brought in following a member vote at the AGM.

3) Pleasure rides of more than 34km in a day are no longer permitted on welfare grounds. Riders wishing to ride in longer distance classes should enter a Graded Endurance Ride with a full vetting.

4) Donkeys and mules have been officially brought into the rule book. We have a number of donkeys and mules already riding with us, and it was time to regularise their status in the rule book.

5) Hat standards are remaining as per 2017 and 2018 until the new European hat standard has been approved by the EU.

6) Novice horses can now only take part in GERs of over 45km if they have already successfully completed three Novice GERs of between 30 and 45km.

7) Team physiotherapists. Rule 3.7.10 has been clarified: A British Team competitor at a championship event will only be financially responsible for the cost of accommodation, food and travel expenses for the vet, Chef d’Equipe, physiotherapist and farrier.

8) Hold times. Any ride of 80km or more should have at least one vet hold which is at least 40 minutes in length. This change has been made on welfare grounds.

9) Vetting procedures in GERs. No examination likely to irritate or distress the horse should take place until after the pulse has been taken. This change was brought in following a member vote at the AGM.

10) Responsibilities of ride organisers. For clarity, a reminder has been inserted into the rule book that ride organisers must ensure that signed hard copy entry forms for all entrants who did not enter through the Endurance GB online entry system are forwarded to the Endurance GB office after the ride. Please note, this applies to national rides and FEI rides, and is particularly important for day members. If the rider on the day is not the rider who originally entered, a fresh entry form must be completed and signed and evidence of qualification for the class entered must be provided. This is not a change to the current process.

Note: If local groups are using a bespoke online entry provider for their social rides, these electronic entry forms must include the appropriate disclaimer for each individual as per the paper ride entry forms. Copies of the completed online ride entry forms must be sent to the office after the ride along with any paper entry forms.

11) Escorts of junior and Para-Equestrian Endurance riders. The procedure for agreeing a suitable escort and managing mid ride changes of escort has been clarified. Escorts will need to sign either an Escort Agreement Form (juniors) or a Para Escort Form (Para-Equestrian Endurance Riders). This change has been brought in on safeguarding grounds.

12) Hatcams. Our insurance company have relaxed their restrictions on hatcams. Hatcams are no longer completely banned, and can be used at the rider's own risk.



Improving Confidence and Mobility WorkshopImproving Confidence and Mobility Workshop - (Published:21 December 2018)

10am – 4pm Sunday 10th February 2019


Risley Memorial Hall

111 Derby Road


DE72 3SS



This exciting new interactive workshop is open to all EGB Members and Non-Members. Participants are encouraged to bring along their own saddles to the workshop.


10th February 2019 – Risley Memorial Hall, Derbyshire – 10am till 4pm


The itinerary for the event will include:


·      Morning - a number of sessions run by a team of Master Saddlers including an Olympic team saddle fitter. The purpose of these is to increase knowledge around correct saddle fitting, pressure and to discuss tack adjustments to aid mobility.


·      Afternoon – a session led by UKCC Endurance Coach Cindy Russell aimed at improving confidence.


Lunch is included but places are limited. Free for PARA members, £40 EGB Members, £60 Non – Members.


Thank you to the Worshipful Company of Saddlers for their sponsorship of this event.


Please complete the booking form (click here) and email paraendurance@endurancegb.co.uk


If you have any queries, please contact alextennant@endurancegb.co.uk


Merry Christmas!


Alex Tennant

Director of Development, Welfare, Young Riders, Futurity and Para Equestrian Endurance.


T: 07871 310221



The Leading Rider award was designed in conjunction with the British Equestrian Federation as part of the British Protocol for Endurance. The award is designed to reward consistent riding in CERs and FEI rides and takes into account presentation times, vetgate results, and consistent loop speeds. 


We are very pleased to announce that the following riders were the highest scoring British riders in their categories for 2018:


80km Senior: Sarah Keeley & Autumn Reflection: 90.88% (Cirencester)

80km YR: Katie Bedwin & Elayla: 80.27% (Kings Spring)

90km+ Senior: Ruth Chadwick & Aragorn: 82.79% (Cranwell)

90km+ YR: Ollie Holman & Bronze Nadhir: 73.79% (Cranwell)


The winners of the remaining Leading Rider awards from 2018 were: 

Euston Park 2:

80km: MARIJKE VISSER, Castlebar Gameboy: 85.19% (1st in class)

80km: BHOM SINGH CHANAN SINGH, GAIVOTA DA AMEIRA: 67.90% (5th in class)

120km: SHAHEEN YAYHYA SHAHEEN KHALFAN ALMAZROUEI, Upedro: 71.05% (1st in class)

160km: JAAFAR MERZA ABDULNABI HASSAN, As Flor Del Pago: 90.21% (6th in class)



80km: Belinda Stewart, Penny Clawd: 87.10% (3rd in class)

80km veteran: Sarah Keeley & Autumn Reflection: 90.88% (1st in class)

80km YR: Sophie Moorhouse, Crystal Wissam: 71.38% (3rd in class)

100km: Heather Whiteley, Distance Oasis: 78.62% (1st in class)


Euston Park 4:

80km: Nicki Thorne, L M ASHIRTA: 88.62% (40th in class)

80km YR: NICO HELTA, HERONIMO OX: 79.84% (6th in class)

120km: BRUNA PUJOLS AUMATELL, JM DIMINUTA:  89.81% (12th in class)

120km YR: SHAHEEN YAYHYA SHAHEEN KHALFAN ALMAZROUE, Zulo: 77.37% (2nd in class)



Boyton Hall:

80km: Gill Campbell, Pstylistic: 40.82% (1st in class)


Red Dragon:

80km: Nicky Sherry, Silver Zourra: 65.63% (3rd in class)

160km: Belinda Stewart, Penny Clawd: 77.68% (4th in class)



80km: Sue Box, HS Shaman: 75.17% (3rd in class)


The highest scoring rider in each class, where that rider has scored at least 70% of the points available to them, wins a £10 Endurance GB voucher. Congratulations to all.


Nb Unfortunately it was not possible to calculate the Leading Rider award for a couple of the events, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.  


Esther Young

Operations Director


Endurance Temporary Committee holds first in-person meeting at FEI HQEndurance Temporary Committee holds first in-person meeting at FEI HQ - (Published:13 December 2018)

Here is the official press release from the FEI covering the first face to face meeting of the Temporary Endurance Committee:


Lausanne (SUI), 12 December 2018

Endurance Temporary Committee holds first in-person meeting at FEI HQ

The Temporary Committee, established by the FEI Board in October to urgently review the Endurance rules in order to address the issues currently affecting the discipline, held its first in-person meeting at FEI Headquarters in Lausanne (SUI) today.

Dr Sarah Coombs (GBR), who chairs the Temporary Committee, said after the meeting: “Today’s meeting generated really strong and productive debate and, together with input from a broad spectrum of stakeholders, we have already drawn up a list of our key focus areas. Your voices are being heard. We are under no illusions about the challenges of the task ahead, but the future of the discipline is under the spotlight and we will do whatever is necessary to rebuild the trust of our community and restore the image of a discipline that has every right to remain a part of the FEI, provided the rules are adhered to and enforced to ensure that our horses are protected and cheating is stamped out.”

The Temporary Committee has already received a huge amount of feedback from the Endurance Community on a number of key areas, including:
• Increased testing of horses for prohibited substances;
• Increased sanctions for horse abuse;
• Review of speeds;
• Reassessment of rules on mandatory rest periods;
• Redefinition of elimination codes (particularly Catastrophic Injury);
• Elite athlete status and “jockey riders”;
• Qualifications, including qualification as a combination;
• Increased completion percentage before allowing upgrade to next level;
• Reinstate and redefine two-hour invasive treatment rule;
• Hyposensitivity screening (the use of the FEI Hyposensitivity Control System (HCS) was voted in at last month’s FEI General Assembly for implementation in 2019);
• Heart rates and presentation times at Vet Gate;
• Definition of and registration of trainers;
• Over-training/over-competing;
• Mandatory medication logbook and out of competition testing;
• Extended provisional suspension for horses testing positive to Banned Substances
• Course design 
• Tack and equipment
• Crewing numbers

This first meeting also provided the Temporary Committee with the opportunity to establish the methodology it will use to fulfil its remit to carry out an in-depth review of the rules that will bring the discipline back to its original roots of Endurance riding as opposed to Endurance racing, with horse welfare and horsemanship at its core, while still maintaining the competitive aspect of the sport. The Temporary Committee also agreed a consultation process that will involve further liaison with stakeholders to avail of their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the discipline.
In addition to the chair Dr Coombs, the other members of the Temporary Committee are Endurance athlete and member of the FEI Athletes’ Committee Tarek Taher (KSA), chef d’équipe of the Dutch Endurance team Pieter Wiersinga (NED), FEI Veterinary Committee member Dr Tim Parkin (GBR), who heads up the scientific research conducted at the University of Glasgow as part of the FEI’s Global Endurance Injuries Study (GEIS), and Valerie Kanavy, a former member of the FEI Athletes’ Committee and the Athletes’ Representative on the Endurance Committee (2014-2018).

FEI Vice President Mark Samuel (CAN) joined today’s meeting and will facilitate communications between the Temporary Committee and the FEI Board. The FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez, FEI Endurance Director Manuel Bandeira De Mello, FEI Veterinary Director Göran Akerström and other FEI staff members also attended the meeting.

The Temporary Committee will hold its next in-person meeting on 15 January 2019 and there will be a dedicated Endurance session at the FEI Sports Forum 2019 (15-16 April) during which the Temporary Committee will provide an update to delegates.

FEI Media Contacts:
Grania Willis
Director Communications
+41 78 750 61 42

Shannon Gibbons
Manager, Media Relations & Media Operations
+41 78 750 61 46




Results of Endurance GB & SERC member consultation on FEI rulesResults of Endurance GB & SERC member consultation on FEI rules - (Published:11 December 2018)
On 1st December Endurance GB and SERC members were offered the chance to feed into the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee review of the FEI rules.

We would like to begin by thanking everyone who took the time to complete the survey. 

Endurance GB and SERC members identified the following as areas that the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee should focus on first: 

64% of respondents cited speeds as one of their primary concerns, and 49% of respondents asked that the FEI review penalties for rule breaches. These two priorities were key for FEI riders, crews and officials alike, and for both Endurance GB and SERC members. Other top priorities were the anti doping rules, types of FEI course, horse and rider qualification processes, and weights. 

The full results of the member consultation have now been sent to the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee in advance of their first meeting on the 12th December. 

Endurance GB and SERC fully support the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee in its stated mission to bring the discipline back to its original roots of Endurance riding as opposed to Endurance racing, with horse welfare and horsemanship at its core, while maintaining the competitive aspect of the sport. 

Rebecca Kinnarney, Chair, Endurance GB 

Marina MacArthur, Chair, Scottish Endurance Riding Club 

John Robertson, Endurance GB International Director

Are you getting excited about the 2019 Endurance season?Are you getting excited about the 2019 Endurance season? - (Published:09 December 2018)

Endurance GB has 23 Groups covering England and Wales - so have a look on the Groups page for links to activities in your local area.

Just to whet your appetite here is the link to the Mid South's website and their plans for next year!  Also check out the Training page and the Social/Pleasure Rides info.

FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List 2019FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List 2019 - (Published:04 October 2018)

The FEI Bureau has approved changes to the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List (EPSL) brought forward by the FEI List Expert Group. These changes will be published on our website here so that our National Federations and athletes and their entourage can start the process of familiarisation with the changes.
The changes to the EPSL will come into force on 1 January 2019.
The consultation process for the 2020 FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List process will commence early in 2019.
Please contact caterina.termine@fei.org if you have any questions regarding the changes.


Concerns over anabolic steroids in RegumateConcerns over anabolic steroids in Regumate - (Published:03 October 2018)

Please see the attached memo from the British Horseracing Authority concerning the use of Regumate. This has been prompted by some anabolic steroid positives in Australian racing. Testing of Regumate in the UK has revealed the presence of an anabolic steroid, trendione. 

Although trendione is not itself on the FEI prohibited substance list it is a metabolite of the banned substance trenbolone. Therefore, until further clarification from the FEI, the use of Regumate in competing horses should be viewed as extremely risky. We are waiting to hear further from the BEF on this matter.

BHA Notice - Regumate 2009181.pdf

Graffham Down - POSTPONEDGraffham Down - POSTPONED - (Published:07 April 2018)

Graffham Down is very sadly postponed due to a waterlogged venue; a rather soggy route; and yet more heavy rain forecast for this week.
We will be running the ride later in the year and a new date will be announced in the coming days. 

Suz Crichton-Stuart

International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018 - (Published:26 September 2017)

*Date for your Diary*
International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018
Venue:  Woodside, Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2AL
More details to follow