British Endurance riders head to the deserts of DubaiBritish Endurance riders head to the deserts of Dubai - (Published:29 December 2015)

 2016 kicks off with two of our most experienced British riders travelling their horses to the UAE to take part in the CEI 3* 160km, ‘HH Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup’.  

The competition takes place on the 9th January 2016 at the Dubai International Endurance City in the UAE.

Endurance GB is pleased to announce that we will be well represented at this International event by two very experienced riders, Carri Ann Dark riding HS Drift and Nicki Thorne riding LM Bolena. 


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Revised equine prohibited substance list for 2016Revised equine prohibited substance list for 2016 - (Published:22 December 2015)

  The 2016 version of the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List will come into force on 1st January 2016.  There are some  changes.


For the detail you should look at the revised Equine Prohibited Substances List here

Possibly the most significant change is the addition of HARPAGOSIDE, more commonly known as DEVIL’S CLAW,  as a Controlled Medication.  This is an anti-inflammatory product with pain-relieving properties that comes from the Harpagophytum procumbens root. 

CAUTION: Devil’s Claw is frequently used in equine supplements.  It is important that competitors check all supplements that they may use and discard any that contain Devil’s Claw ahead of the introduction of the new Equine Prohibited Substances List on 1st January 2016. 

Competitors are advised to be extremely careful when using any supplements; there are no guarantees that any supplements are free of prohibited substances so riders should assess the need and assess the risk before embarking on the use of supplements. 

Other changes to the list are: 
Ammonium Sulphate and Ammonium Sulphide added as Banned Substances.
Codeine re-listed as a Controlled Medication (previously a Banned Substance).
Phenibut added as a Banned Substance. 

The BEF’s National Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Rules (BEFAR) adopt the FEI’s Equine Prohibited Substances List in its entirety so the changes that come into effect on 1st January 2016 will also apply at National level. 

BEFAR applies to all riders, drivers and vaulters competing in any affiliated competition and competitors are reminded that testing can take place at competition of any level

The presence of a prohibited substance in a horse’s sample can result in a minimum sanction of a period of ineligibility of 6 months, disqualification from the event at which the sample was taken, a fine and an order to pay costs. 

For more information regarding Equine Anti-doping please visit here



Christmas opening hoursChristmas opening hours - (Published:18 December 2015)

The Endurance GB office will be closed from noon on the 24th December, until 09:00 on the 4th January.


We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Good luck and happy riding in 2016.

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Statement on rest periodsStatement on rest periods - (Published:16 December 2015)

The Board of Endurance GB is committed to implementing rest periods for the 2016 season. At the recent Endurance GB Annual General Meeting, a Board proposal was put forward regarding rest periods, which was subsequently withdrawn due to the FEI rules having just been updated. 


There is some clarification required as to whether the new FEI rules apply to all national classes. The Board are in contact with the FEI and will look to clarify this over the next few weeks, at which stage we will inform the members of any updates. You have the Board’s assurance that rest periods will be implemented to ensure the highest standards of horse welfare in 2016, whilst having the least impact on our existing ride calendar. 


There are currently no plans to call an EGM at the moment, but if one is required then the Board will consider this at their next meeting in mid-January after clarification has been received from the FEI.


National Nature Reserves - access for ridersNational Nature Reserves - access for riders - (Published:12 December 2015)

Find out where the public access rules have been relaxed so that you can ride a horse or cycle on an NNR in England.

For each area there is a map to show the areas or routes where you can ride a horse or cycle on an National Nature Reserve (NNR) in England.


Places include Ainsdale Sand Dunes, Beacon Hill, Castle Eden, East Dartmoor, Humberhead Peatlands, Ingleborough, Pewsey Downs, Westleton Heath and Wye.

For maps and up to date info please see the Gov.UK website



Update from the new BoardUpdate from the new Board - (Published:04 December 2015)

Following the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 28th November 2015 at 12.30pm Hinckley Island Hotel, Watling Street, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 3JA, a Board meeting was held on Sunday, 29th November 2015 and the following roles confirmed:

Chair - John Hudson

Finance & Vice Chair - Andrew Chisholm


Welfare & Quality - Brian Floyd Davis


Operations - Sue Box


International - John Robertson


Groups - Kerry Dawson


Communications, Marketing & Sponsorship - Harry Ingram


Development - Ann Dark


Information Technology - To be confirmed


SERC Representative - Constance Newbould


Jane Tennant was elected to the Board of EGB with 297 votes. Unfortunately she felt unable to take forward any of the positions that were offered to her and as such she resigned from the board effective 04.12.2015


National Awards for 2015, CONGRATULATIONS to ALLNational Awards for 2015, CONGRATULATIONS to ALL - (Published:29 November 2015)
For a full list of awards and winners see here
From Racing to EnduranceFrom Racing to Endurance - (Published:24 November 2015)

 Beths Choice (14yo) owned and ridden by Lynn Harvey from Dorset was named as RoR Elite Endurance Champion 2015. Trained by Milton Bradley Beths Choice ran a total of 15 races on the flat and over jumps winning one race in his career before retiring.

Lynn, who has worked in racing yards for most of her life and now works for Harry Fry, is ‘hooked’ on endurance, said;  “Over the past 5 years Harry has surpassed anything I could have dreamt of and he shows just what former racehorses are capable of. He has completed four 80km and five 60 plus km rides, winning two of the 80km rides. We have often been out over varied terrain, ground conditions and in appalling weather but this makes it all so worthwhile.”


Lynn was presented with her £2500 prize at the RoR Awards Ceremony held in Newmarket on Monday 16th November. The RoR Awards night, which was hosted by guest presenter and RoR Patron Clare Balding, recognises the achievements of former racehorses adapting and excelling in their new careers. Runner up – scooping £500 was Claire Freeman and Arabian History.



RoR is British horseracing’s official charity for the welfare of horses that have retired from racing.  It raises funds from within racing to provide facilities for the care, retraining and re-homing of former racehorses, and to promote awareness of the suitability of the retrained racehorse for other equine careers.


The top 5 RoR horses this year were:-




Qualifying Points



Beths Choice


Lynn Harvey


Arabian History


Claire Freeman


Against the Rules


Elaine Walbridge


Diamond Destiny


Anna Collins




Lindsay Sparrow



To qualify for the RoR Endurance competition, horses must have raced in Great Britain and be registered with RoR and Endurance GB. The horse must be ridden by an EGB member.  All Graded Endurance Rides and Competitive Endurance Rides are eligible to count towards the Trophy.


Standard Endurance GB trophy points are used on an accumulative basis for the RoR Trophy.  The Trophy is for the horse, not the rider. However, only the best TEN scores count towards the total for the Trophy in any year.


Anna Collins, who rides with the Cheshire Group has been competing with her ex-racehorse Diamond Destiny since 2010 explains the pros and cons of ex-racehorses in endurance, “the thoroughbred typically has bags of stamina, a very low heart rate when fit, is used to travelling long distances to an event and is brought up from an early age to understand the routines of every day handling, shoeing, clipping and has good stable manners. The challenge in retraining an ex-racehorse for any discipline, especially endurance include teaching them to ride in a rhythm or cadence that works them efficiently and simple schooling manoeuvres that will get you safely through a gate, being tied to a trailer rather than attended to in a wagon or standing still whilst you get on but that’s the rewarding part, when it comes together. When introduced to endurance, they can be a little uncertain of their surroundings as they will probably not have seen muddy puddles, low hanging branches or uneven terrain but they soon get the hang of it and seem grateful that they have a new job and the freedom to enjoy themselves. They are used to training in a string so riding in company is great but ask them to stretch out and go alone and it’s like flying!


Thoroughbreds can suffer from poor foot confirmation but nothing that is too difficult to manage with a good diet and farrier who understands the job that the horse is expected to do. They also tend to be a little taller than the average endurance horse so being able to re-mount on course is vital. Ex-racehorses are so giving, especially when they finally have a person to call their own and I would encourage anyone who is thinking of bringing a new horse into the sport to consider an ex-racehorse.


Anna has enjoyed successes with Diamond Destiny including 7th place in the Novice Championships and being part of the North West winning team in the Inter-regional Championships 2010. Being Placed 3rd in the RoR Championships and winning ‘best shod’ in the 2014 Inter-Regional Championships. She has just taken on a second ex-racehorse who she hopes will be ready to compete in his novice season in 2016.


For more information visit




The Long Trot - John o' Groats to Land's End!The Long Trot - John o' Groats to Land's End! - (Published:13 November 2015)

After eight years, I have just completed a book on my 2007 trip from John O’Groats to Lands’s End with horse Marv. This is the story, told in mostly diary format, of that adventure, in the hope that others may undertake similar travels.


My main riding experience was gained when I served as a Captain in the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, a ceremonial mounted unit of the Army, then based in St John’s Wood London.

After my time in the Army I moved to Edinburgh and in 2005 began work as a project manager in the construction industry.  It was a time of transition in my personal life and career and I frequently reminisced about the exciting challenges experienced whilst in the Army.  I still hankered after adventure and conceived the idea of a long distance journey in the UK by horse, trying to recreate the mostly forgotten experience of long distance travel pre 20th century.  With my affinity with horses, passion for exploring new places and skills in logistical planning, I thought I had relevant skills to undertake the challenge of traversing the length of Britain with a horse.


With the decision to complete the trip made, I was lucky to obtain a 3 month sabbatical from work, as I was prepared to forgo my employment to complete the journey. Marv (a 16hh Clydesdale cross) was bought from a farm in East Lothian in the January and soon thereafter commenced the fitness training and logistical planning required. We set off from John O’Groats on the last day of April, as this was when it is thought to be warm enough to be able to travel without rugs for Marv but also early enough in the year to escape the dreaded midge when traversing the Highlands.


Keeping away from the main roads we explored the fascinating byways, tracks and minor roads through rural Scotland and England with me often sleeping in the same field as Marv. The generosity and genuine welcome received in every village we visited was uplifting. My Scottish highlights included: having to construct a makeshift enclosure next to a remote bothy in Sutherland; traversing stunning and remote Strath Vaich; the high level crossing of the Corrieyairack Pass from Fort Augustus to Laggan and cantering along a grassy former Roman Road (Dere Street) just south of Jedburgh deep into the Cheviots towards the border with England.

When passing through the industrial north of England, we utilised the canal towpaths where possible and also the newly created Pennine bridlepath. Later on, it was with good fortune that we managed to stay just ahead of the terrible flooding which hit the south of England that year, only needing to divert from their planned route once near Evesham.


We averaged no more than 20 miles a day with at least every Sunday taken as a day off. I rode Marv daily for a limited time in trot and canter (if the ground was suitable), also frequently dismounting and walking with Marv for longer periods each day. The rationale behind this was, riding Marv in walk would have been no faster, and by walking, the daily pressure on Marv’s back was substantially reduced. Marv would therefore be more likely to remain healthy for the duration and a sound Marv was paramount to the success of the trip. 

Although the trip was not originally planned to be undertaken for charity, we did manage to raise £10,000, split between the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) and Cancer Research UK. Many donations were from people we met on the road.




This adventure was a great opportunity to test and combine my military endurance experience, navigational and equestrian training whilst also seeing parts of the country that so often get missed. With no back up or replacement horse, we arrived exactly on the planned completion date at Land’s End, some 1100 miles and just over 11 weeks later. I had purposefully planned a slightly longer route rather than a more direct one to ensure I could share the trip with friends and family.

The Long Trot by Grant Nicolle




Gift Vouchers are not just for Christmas..................Gift Vouchers are not just for Christmas.................. - (Published:13 November 2015)

Endurance GB sells gift vouchers - the best present for an endurance rider, a present that lasts all year. 


Gift vouchers can be ordered in multiples of £5 and they can be used to pay for membership, horse registration, ride entries, awards fact any EGB service can be paid for with a voucher!


You can now redeem vouchers from your members account on the website, rather than just through the office!


Order your voucher here and make some ones day !


Statement on behalf of the BoardStatement on behalf of the Board - (Published:10 November 2015)

Endurance GB (EGB) is shocked and deeply concerned by the recent revelations in the press regarding lower limb amputations in horses, allegedly connected with endurance in the Middle East.

EGB strongly believes that this practice has no place in equestrian sport and that horse welfare must be absolutely paramount. EGB supports the FEI and World Horse Welfare in taking swift and appropriate action.

The key endurance principles of always riding horses within their capabilities and the constraints of the terrain must cross geographical borders and always be adhered to.  Endurance GB is totally committed to promoting the highest standards of horse welfare and fair competition at all events that it organises. 

Bobby - what an amzing horseBobby - what an amzing horse - (Published:08 November 2015)

Ex-endurance horse Bobby, now in his 30s, enjoys a gentle Halloween outing with Helen Helme.


Bobby started his career in 1991 and over the years has tackled every type of class and every distance. Ridden by Donna, Lucy, Rebecca and now Helen, he has allowed them all to enjoy endurance.


In his hay day Bobby completed over 6000 competitive kilometres including several 160km championship rides. 


What a star!

FEI consumer SurveyFEI consumer Survey - (Published:30 October 2015)
The FEI are interested in your feedback regarding their online services. Please follow the link and record your views. FEI Survey
Congratulations Kirsty Congratulations Kirsty - (Published:30 October 2015)

Congratulations to South West rider, Kirsty Wiscombe who became one of only three FEI Elite Riders in the UK at the beginning of the month.


To be an Elite rider you must complete 10 160km 3* races, Kirsty completed her 10th at Raid des Côtes de Meuse Madine in France riding her homebred stallion, Yawl Hillbilly.

It was the stallions 4th successful 160km - a great achievement!






Kirsty joins Tricia Hirst and Nikki Thorne as our 3rd elite rider.



Can YOU help ?Can YOU help ? - (Published:30 October 2015)

Would you be interested in being the Members’ Liaison Officer for Endurance GB?

The present Members’ Liaison Officer has now completed her three year term.  Therefore we are asking for expressions of interest in taking on this role for the next three years from 1st January 2016.  Terms of Reference for this role can be obtained from the EGB office by post or by email at  Initial expressions of interest should be sent by post to the EGB office marked for the attention of the Company Secretary or by email to no later that 31st October please. 


Have you got time to help Endurance GB?Have you got time to help Endurance GB? - (Published:21 October 2015)

Under the new Board structure every member of the Board will have strategic and operational responsibilities.  As a result of the reduction in the size of the Board, there will be a need for more involvement of the membership. 


Indeed the contribution of the membership will be instrumental in the success of the governance changes.  Therefore we ask that you consider offering your skills, expertise and time to work on one (or perhaps more) of the Sub-Committees that are so crucial to the successful administration of Endurance GB. 

The main Sub-Committees that are currently in place are: 

·         Finance

·         Rides & Rules

·         Health & Safety

·         PR, Marketing & Communications

·         International

·         Information Technology


Other areas of interest that could gain from assistance from the membership as a whole are: 

·         Pony Club

·         The Riding Club Endurance Team Event

·         Para-Equestrian

·         Juniors and Young Riders

·         Futurity Evaluation

·         Volunteering 

If you need more information on what is involved in any of the above roles or If you feel that you can help us in one or more of these areas, then please contact the Chairman, John Hudson, either by email at or by phone on 01398 332089 (not after 9.00pm please).



Sa’da Sekora meets the Red DragonSa’da Sekora meets the Red Dragon - (Published:20 October 2015)

A week before Red Dragon and Welsh Team Member Hannah Maskell has a lame horse and sadly has to withdraw from the 160km class – Jane Tennant rings me to ask if I would consider riding for Wales as I have an entry in the Red Dragon 160km CER and Sa’da Sekora is slotted into the vacant position.


The Friday before the ride is busy as a team member, but also good fun as we parade around the show ground with the Irish, Scottish & English Teams.  Later that evening we welcome the visiting teams to Wales with drinks and canapés followed by wonderful singing from the local Welsh children and a hugely entertaining speech from the local Mayor of Builth Wells. 

Saturday morning arrives, the mist is present and it’s cold.  There is a good entry of 17 starters in the 160km class this year and we start out in the mist behind the car along the road.  Sekora is quite chilled out in this her 2nd CER mass start and quite bemused by some of the antics going on around her.   She settles into her wonderful ground covering trot and we are soon striding our way to the top of the first hill.  We canter and trot through the mist to the first CP, take a slosh and trot off down the very familiar road...familiar to me that is.... my three companions suddenly veer off to the right, up the hill and away.... I am slightly behind them at this point so a bit bemused as I was not aware of a route change.  As I get to the right turn I realise the markers are still taking me to the left so I trot on and shout at the top of my voice that they are going in the wrong direction!

The mist comes and goes which obscures the scenery but the turf rides extremely well, bit slick in places but far less mud around than in previous years.  We are soon heading into the first vetgate and riding a section of route completely new to me. 

Rob is waiting with a slosh and bucket, we check the pulse as I dismount, dropping nicely and settling well at 59 bpm so we pull off the saddle and head toward the vetting area....we are about to present in first place.....our  ‘Team’ is hovering around us, ready to offer assistance if needed....  It is at this point I realise the vetting is to take place in a cow shed – now Sekora can be tense about strange surroundings, especially if they include cows, but before I can consider the implications, Rob has presented us... I try to hover by the doorway, but Sarah Coombs is having none of it, “all the way in Gill please”...  I watch Sekora’s head start to raise, her nostrils flare and her eyes widen as she enters the gloom of the ‘shed’ - she seems OK, her head starts to lower and her breathing is good and regular.... then the horse in the next lane skids towards us on the concrete floor.... Sekora flinches, her body stretches upward to its full 15’3” and I watch the pulse in her neck strengthen...her breaths become dragon like...”sorry Gill, it’s 66”   Rob rushes off to get rugs and a pulse monitor.  I try to keep her near to the doorway as I know there is nothing more I can do to lower her pulse other than let her ‘see’ others vetting without incident in the shed and keep her warm.  My riding companions all start to present so we soon have lots of horses entering and leaving the shed, trotting up and down.  We can’t take a risk and present her again too quickly, I have to be sure she is happy – otherwise our ride will be over.  We hover around, let her see and smell the shed, listen to the echo of the horses hooves and after 6 minutes we present again....... ’52 / 44’ and a sound trot up. 

We head to the crew area to feed her and get ready for the Begwyn loop!  I have been told by John Hudson this is a most beautiful area to ride and the views will blow me away, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Sekora eats, drinks and stales in text book fashion and we are soon heading out of the vetgate on our own.  As we head up the hill out of Painscastle the mist gets thicker and by the time we arrive at the first crew spot the mist drops and I really cannot see where I am going – so much for the views!  Rob tells me to keep left and ‘if’ I could have seen the markers, they are heading off up the slight hill and to the left. We head out into the fog and we are soon lost.   More by luck than judgement we find markers and eventually hear voices ahead and the metal ‘clunk’ of a gate.  So pleased to find Kathy Carr and Fiona Kirk at this gate and enjoy Kathy’s company round the steep Begwyn route, out of the fog and back into the vetgate.

I decide not to present immediately, I want Sekora to see the shed again.  I check my pulse monitor before dismounting and it’s dead – or Sekora is - so we call for help from the Welsh Team, pull off her tack with a good pulse of 56 and wander her over to the vetting area where I walk her round and let her look at the cow shed again.  She is not interested, her head is low and her heart rate is dropping so after 5 minutes we present 48 / 44 and a sound trot up.

The ‘spare’ pulse monitor fitted we set off for home.  Our journey is interspersed with 80km CER riders, Sekora happily leads and chases them along the tops of the hills.  We lose our companions as we drop down to Aberedew, attack the long climb back up the hill, face the fear of the snapping, snarling, chained up sheep dogs and enjoy the wonderful canter along the top, back down the hill and home into the overnight hold in 5th position.  Day one accomplished.

Day two soon arrives, Sekora is trotted up sound and tacked up.  We make our way down to the start, a very different start to yesterday as we ride alone into the mist.  By the time we reach the top of the first hill, the sun is shining and this sets the standard for the rest of the day.  Sekora is quite chirpy and happy to bowl along as we ride alone through the crew spots to be greeted and crewed by Rob, the Irish and the Scotts.  Lots of encouragement from everyone we meet along the way.

Into the 1st vetgate I once again want caution, just in case, so we allow Sekora time and let her look at the cow shed again!  Not a problem today 56 / 52 a sound trot up and we are quickly through and soon cantering back out of the vetgate still holding our 5th position.

We ride the Begwyn loop alone, take in the superb, breathtaking views (no fog today!) stop for a while and listen intently .... silence, nothing but silence – what a magnificent place to be alone with your horse.  I have a quiet word with Pat and tell her how much she would like this mare.  Sekora happily canters and trots back into the vetgate - she is now fully aware of where we are going.  No need to hesitate with the presentation, tack off and straight in 56/52 a sound trot up we head into the hold area and our Irish friends wander over and offer to hold Sekora and help Rob with the water containers.  We have to re-present 15 minutes before exit from this last vetgate, this done we tack up and to the cheers and encouragement from the Irish and Scotts we head for home.  Sekora is homeward bound – and knows it!  She carries me forward, quite happy with just me for company.

As we trot along to the last crew spot at CP4 the Scottish contingent shout encouragement, the Irish throw water on us, Rob dashes back to the venue.  Up the last steep hill, past the gnashing teeth of the chained sheep dogs for the last time, we canter over the top and look down on the Show Ground.   Sekora does her best to drain the dew ponds before powering down the hill.  We shout sincere thanks to the couple sitting there and once back on the road Sekora tries to dictate the pace back to the venue – she is flying, yes, she definitely knows home is very close now!

As we enter the showground many of the Welsh Team line the finish, they shout, whoop and cheer (as do the Scottish crews out on the road)....Sekora power trots across the line – I think she really enjoyed that finish!

As we head to the crew area we are surrounded by our fellow team members and friends, they offer water, bring rugs and it really feels like a party.  Back at the car I find a small cut on Sekora’s heel, slight pressure shows she is feeling it, so we decide to get her into the final vetting quickly before she decides it actually hurts.   We present to vet, her pulse is taken - 44 – we trot, but we are asked to trot again, I bite my lip, hear the Welsh supporters all standing anxiously at the far end of the trot up start to sigh and shuffle..... I don’t look at them as I ask Sekora to trot again... I listen to the footfalls and she definitely sounds OK..... the 3 vets scribble on their scraps of paper and hand them to Liz Hining as Georgina Hirst completes Sekora’s metabolic check – all is good - Liz steps forward and tells me Sekora has passed the trot up! – Jane Tennant raises her arms, the Welsh Team and friends cheer and clap – what a wonderful feeling – such a relief.  What a special and talented mare she really is - Sekora has completed the 160km Red Dragon in 4th place and completed the 2nd day entirely on her own from start to finish.  What a tough cookie she is proving to be.

The ‘Team’ congratulate us and send for the Welsh winner of the Red Dragon 160km ride, Beth Langley, then produce some ‘fiz’ and chocolate cake to celebrate the Welsh Team’s 1st  and  4th positions! Perfect!

Later that evening the Home International results are announced and rosettes handed out – Wales are the Winners of the 2015 Home International  AND the Celtic Challenge!  What a result for the Home Team! .. and of course Rob, Sa’da Sekora & I were very proud to have been a part of it!

Huge thanks to my husband and crew Rob, Karen & John Jones, Gina Harris, the Irish & Scottish crews for all their crewing support and of course, the Welsh Team of wonderful people who allowed us to join them and supported us at Builth Wells.

Gillian Talbot & Sa’da Sekora


Nominations for Special awardsNominations for Special awards - (Published:19 October 2015)

The Board of Endurance GB would like to invite nominations for the Special Awards that are made annually at the national Awards Dinner. The Special awards are described in the handbook (p129) or under the AGM pages on the web.


The awards are:

.         The Rosettes Direct Award (Unsung Hero)

·         The National Assistance Award (Unsung Hero)

·         The John Yeats Memorial Bursary

·         Young Volunteer of the Year

Members are invited to forward details of the person nominated to the Chairman c/o the EGB office,  by post or email - to be considered, nominations must be received by 30th October 2015.

De Cymru riders have fun in the sun!De Cymru riders have fun in the sun! - (Published:14 October 2015)

Fantastic Support for Fun Ride organised by De Cymru Branch in conjunction with Bridgend Rotary Club in support of Mesothelioma UK.


In July 2015, a sub – committee was created to search for suitable routes and venues in the area between Swansea and Cardiff. This culminated in a special ride to raise funds in support of the charity, Mesothelioma UK.

On Sunday 11th October, the De Cymru Branch welcomed 50 riders to the South Wales Equestrian Centre in Bridgend for a fun ride of approximately 18km of good going across open moorland tracks, quiet lanes and a little forestry.  Jointly organised by Jenny Myerscough and June Davies with support from Richie Davies, our timekeepers, Sheila and John Woolvin and volunteers from Bridgend Rotary Club who manned checkpoints and gates where possible.

As our Indian Summer continued into October, Jenny reported the going remained good with lots of skylarks, buzzards, kestrels, kites and even peregrine falcons to spot. Also as the weather was good, the riders were treated to fantastic views up to central Wales and down over the Channel.

Also thanks to Gill De Vita and Alessia De Vita who both came to help with the charity merchandise, Vicky Harrison and Lyndsey Lewis who helped with route reccying as part of the sub – committee group.

The De Cymru Branch members are thrilled to be able to make a donation of £500 to Mesothelioma UK

In memory and respect for lives lost to this form of cancer but especially Sue Box's father, Robin Thomas Austin Box of Evesham, who passed away in 2010 and Gill De Vita's husband, Enrico De Vita of Newport, who passed away in December 2014.

Celia Saunders

Chair of EGB De Cymru Branch


Results of Blue Cross SurveyResults of Blue Cross Survey - (Published:13 October 2015)

The results of the National Equine Survey carried out by the Blue Cross have been announced.


The survey report can be downloaded here

To  be involved in the 2016 survey please register here


The Development Squad go to France!The Development Squad go to France! - (Published:13 October 2015)

The development squad recently travelled to Madine to take part in the CEI 2* and 3* competitions. For some of the  riders, it was their first trip abroad. They competed on Saturday 4th October in North Eastern France, near to Verdun.

A challenging ride starting from the beautiful Lac De Madine awaited the riders. The team were supported by Chef D’Equip, Mary Stubbs; Farrier, Harvey Lymer and Vet, Zofia Lisowski.  

Congratulations to the following successful combinations:

120 km 2*
Nicki Thorne - 4th 
Constance Newbould - 10th

120km 2* YR
Bella Fricker - 2nd

160km 3*
Kirsty Wiscombe - 5th

Commiserations to those who did not complete, it was a learning curve for all and we look forward to the next trip abroad with the squad. 


Success at RoyaltiesSuccess at Royalties - (Published:13 October 2015)

Endurance GB's newest FEI ride was welcomed by riders at Royalties on Sunday 10th October as part of the end of season 3day event.


The FEI 1* ride attracted 11 entries of experienced and new riders. The going was good, the weather was good and all seemed to enjoy the day. The course however did pose some challenges and so congratulations to the successful finishers and commiserations to those whose day did not go to plan!

The results were:

1st Richard Allen
2nd Tricia Hirst
3rd Charlotte Strang
4th Bella Fricker


Congratulations also to Daisy Strang, winner of the 3day 170km CER class - a great end to the season.


CONGRATULATIONS Wales!CONGRATULATIONS Wales! - (Published:05 October 2015)

Congratulations to the Welsh Endurance Team and Chef Jane Tennant - winners of the 2015 Home International and The Celtic Challenge.



 Wales, Winners of the Home International

Jane Tennant Chef of the winning Welsh Team said :
 "This was a great weekend for Welsh Endurance. There's such camaraderie on the team with riders of all levels trying their hearts out for their country. Every one of them played a part. They prepared meticulously remained cool, calm and focused throughout and with luck on our side we reaped the rewards.

Winning not only the Home International but we also scooped the other championship title, the Celtic Challenge. Winner of the Festival's toughest and longest ride the Red Dragon, our Welsh Team member Beth Langley also scooped the awards for Best Condition, Best Welsh Rider, Best Handled Horse and Best Shod Horse. 
The Winning Home International Team was : Gill Talbot, Sue box, Nicola Smith, Fiona Valentine, Hannah Maskell and Emily Redman. Emily also won the Best Novice Home International horse. 
The Winning Celtic challenge Team was : Beth Langley, Amy Theodorou, Angie Williams, Emily Cooke, Rachel Lima, and Lindsey Walters. Emily also won Best Junior Celtic challenge Horse and Lindsey Best Novice. 
Special mention must also go to all the crews on the ground supporting each rider who worked tirelessly all weekend as did my assistant Chef Chris Wray and our Chair Charlie Fleming. The English, Irish and Scottish teams were great competition and good fun, capturing the true spirit of the sport. "

Home International

1st Wales

2nd Scotland

3rd Ireland

4th England

Winners of the Celtic Challenge

1st Wales

photo by Nicola Smith


SUCCESS at the Red DragonSUCCESS at the Red Dragon - (Published:05 October 2015)

A sunny and successful Red Dragon Festival of Endurance has drawn to a close. Kindly sponsored by British Horse Feeds the event attracted riders from all over Great Britain.  Beth Langley and  HS Ametista had a very successful weekend!


Winner of the Speedi-Beet Red Dragon (80+80)km class HS Armetista also won the Best Shod, Best presented and Best Condition.

Eight out of the 14 starters in this challenging class completed successfully


The Results for the British Horse Feeds' Little Dragon (80km) CER  with 21 starters:

Results of the Fibre-Beet Dragon's Tail:

Finally special prizes from the Red Dragon:

A great time was had by all and thank you to our sponsors, helpers riders and all at the Red Dragon



Foxghylls Folly has now retiredFoxghylls Folly has now retired - (Published:04 October 2015)

Red Dragon was the scene of Foxghylls Folly final competitive ride. Henry enjoyed his last visit to the Dragon in the sunshine.


Owner and rider Kath McGhee has decide that at 23 it is time for Henry to take things more easily. He will still be active but no more competitive endurance.

Henry has been an amazing and consistent horse, competing at all levels. Second only to Archimeades he has achieved more than 9600 successful kilometres.

Henry - we all wish you a long and happy retirement.



Good Luck Cornwall in the Celtic ChallengeGood Luck Cornwall in the Celtic Challenge - (Published:24 September 2015)

A full team from Cornwall is heading to the Red Dragon next week to take up the Celtic Challenge.


The selected horses and riders are:

160km CER 2day

Annie Joppe and Fantom

Reserve Nicky Sherry and Silver Zourra 

80km CER

Lesley Nott and Firebird 

80km 2day (4x42kmGER)

Jo Chisholm and HS Fayrouz

Selina Burger and Pavots Dreamboy 

48km GER

SJ Scrase and Pollensa Bay 

42km GER

Zoe Hyslop and CS Chimera

Reserve Jessie Lethbridge and Silver Zaanif

Good Luck to all and have a great time!


AGM Proposals and NominationsAGM Proposals and Nominations - (Published:24 September 2015)

Proposals and nominations are now open for the 2015 AGM. They should be emailed to They should also be sent in paper format with original signatures to the office in time to be received by 5pm on Friday, 2nd October 2015 at the latest.

Forms are available on the website here.

Any queries please email contact

Calling all Pleasure Pairs!Calling all Pleasure Pairs! - (Published:22 September 2015)
Did you register for the new Pleasure Pairs competition this year?
Please remember to send back your registration card to the EGB office. Your results can not be considered unless you return your card with all your results on! 
KBIS British Riding Clubs Endurance ChampionshipKBIS British Riding Clubs Endurance Championship - (Published:22 September 2015)

10 riding clubs and 40 riders took part in the KBIS BRC Endurance Championships at the Lions Tail on the 19th & 20th of September. The Cheshire Challengers were victorious, after 5 years of taking part.

They won the elusive title with 123.95 points, well clear of 2nd place. The Cheshire Challengers team was made up of Pat Guerin, Jane Wyatt, Jean Spearing and Joy Toomer. Long standing Endurance GB member, Pat Guerin, had formed the team after persuading her friends from the riding club to give endurance a go. Pat commented that the "team had a great time and were absolutely delighted with the result".   

Second and Third place were close run positions with National Forrest team clinching 2nd with 109.24 points and Swansea just behind with 108.21.  Alison Smale from the Swansea team commented that "this year we've attracted 18 new members to our team who have all been competing at the qualifying rides, enjoying the thrill of long distance riding. All have committed to regular training and it's been great to see the horses getting fitter, taking part in a sport they naturally enjoy."  

KBIS Insurance once again sponsored the championships and we are extremely grateful for their continued support. 


Photo courtesy of West End Photography

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Passing of Sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammed Al MaktoumPassing of Sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum - (Published:21 September 2015)

Endurance GB would like to pass our sincere condolences to the Al Maktoum family following the tragic death of Sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammed A Maktoum, who sadly died following a heart attack on Saturday 19th September, aged just 33.


Sheikh Rashid was an avid endurance rider who competed both internationally and in the UK. He last competed in the UK in 2007 at Euston Park.

Category: General

Extraordinary General MeetingExtraordinary General Meeting - (Published:19 September 2015)

Results from the Extraordinary General Meeting 

Special Resolution 1 - 91.4% In Favour 

Special Resolution 2 - 87% In Favour

Special Resolution 3 - 82% In Favour

Therefore all resolutions have been PASSED. Please find more information in the members area. 


Postal entries need to be in the post by the latest postmarked Friday afternoon by First Class post please! All the Ride Information will be in the post to riders on Wednesday or Thursday next week. Category: General :UK Rides

Are you going to the RED DRAGON Festival of Endurance?Are you going to the RED DRAGON Festival of Endurance? - (Published:16 September 2015)

Come to the Red Dragon and be part of the team - we need helpers to join the team and make this event truly memorable. This year it is host to the Home International, so come and be involved in this exciting competition.


As a helper you will be well looked after with food, entertainment and shops on site and plenty of time to chat and see friends!

You will be welcome for the whole weekend or odd days or help and ride on alternate days.

Vet gate out on course

For those wanting peace and quiet - we need gate stewards, and road crossing stewards - all in beautiful locations!

At the Venue we need assistants to help the Timekeeper, and write for the Farriers,

For those wishing to stay inside(!) we need scorers and commentators.

Please contact John or Jane Hudson as soon as possible and see how you can be involved in this Festival of Endurance






Veteran success at the CollegeVeteran success at the College - (Published:15 September 2015)

The College Ride was a very special ride for  Julia Harman and Cardinal Panache and Jeni Gilbert and Flurrie.


Both horses started competing with EGB in 2002 and both horses are now 20yo and still active.
In the sunshine of the College ride, both horses completed and passed the 8000kms milestone of success, much to the delight of their riders.

Photo by Rebecca Kinnarney

In fact this is a good year for several of our older horses:
Kath Mcghee's Foxghylls Folly (23yo) is still competing regularly and has achieved more than 9600kms
Carolyn Cuming's Peterbrook Sunset Surprise (19yo)  is another who started in 2002 and has now passed 9000kms
Carol Jones with Ptolemaeus (22yo) has also passed the 8000k milestone.

8000kms(5000 miles) is approximately the distance between London and Beijing...............


100% Success at Long Mynd100% Success at Long Mynd - (Published:10 September 2015)

The sun shone all day at the Long Mynd Ride on Sunday 6th September and the Ride had a 100% Pass rate across all the classes, so there were lots of happy horses and riders at the finish.

The results for the 66km PF Class were
1st   Nicky Sherry and Silver Zourra  31.43
2nd  Pam Jordan and Oriole The Gold  25.78
3rd   Denise Nancarrow and Southern Comfort  24.17


The Riding Club Teams had some fantastic results too. Almost 50% of the Novice horses in the 32km and 44km classes came away with a well earned Grade1.

The Long Mynd is a challenging Ride with lots of steep ascents and descents, but with wonderful cantering tracks along the crest of the hills and fabulous views in all directions. There were lots of lovely comments about this fantastic Ride and how it really is the perfect training ground for the Red Dragon in 4 weeks time.

Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to make this Ride such a success.


The Welsh Team for the Home International announcedThe Welsh Team for the Home International announced - (Published:08 September 2015)

Chef of the Welsh Endurance Team Jane Tennant is proud to announce the team for the Home International 2015.


This year due to the high level of support and some brilliant individual performances by Welsh Combinations in competition, in addition to the Home International and Celtic Challenge Teams Wales will also run a Welsh Development Team. This team aims to identify horses/riders who have potential for future Home International / Celtic Challenge Teams. The Teams will also be supported by Assistant Chef Chris Wray and Team Farrier Eilian Williams. 

The team combinations can be found here

Congratulations to All and Good Luck!


Home International - STOP PRESSHome International - STOP PRESS - (Published:07 September 2015)

Following the original announcement below on Monday, please welcome another addition to the England Squad .... Rebecca Kinnarney and Seren Rigel.


After another tough selection process, Maggie Pattinson Chef d’Equipe England is proud to announce the following Squad Members to defend the Home International Crown at The Red Dragon Festival of Endurance in October:

Sally Toye & Emira Bint Letifa
Gillian Mann & HS Parnasse
Sally Farrall & Silvretta  Grand Marnier
Sally Spencer & Tonton Georges
Carol Chapman & Silver Prince Sadik
Heather Weston & Vlacq Flint Accolade
Judith Yarnold & El Azraff Amirah
Roz Plail & Angels Twilight Spirit
Archie Moffat & Solstice Sunrise
Alicia Reeves & Woodie Woodpecker
Annabelle Lyndon & Lacey
Rachel Mullen & Billy Banks Will.I.Am
Sarah Davenport & Blakeswater Wilfred
Naomi Saunders & Foxhills Double Crown

The Squad will be accompanied by Chef d'Equipe Maggie Pattinson, Asst Chef Lorraine Brown, Veterinary Jo Woodman and Team Physio Liz Hadland.

Please join me in wishing each of the Squad Members, their horses and crews a fun and successful Home International Competition.

Photo by Lorraine Brown - The Winning 2014 England Squad 

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Pony Club Endurance Championships 2015Pony Club Endurance Championships 2015 - (Published:06 September 2015)

The Endurance Championships was held at The Pony Club Championships at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire, with the route running through the beautiful Castle grounds and surrounding areas including the Bolesworth and Harthill Estates on Tuesday, 25th August.


With a beautiful setting in front of the Castle and fine weather for most of the day, thirty three competitors from 15 different Branches took part in the Senior Open, Junior Open, Senior Intermediate, Junior Intermediate, Senior Novice and Junior Novice.  Two Branches, Amman Valley & District & Meynell Hunt were competing at the Championships for the first time with the Amman Valley & District Members taking 1st place in the Junior Open, 1st & 2nd in the Senior Novice section and 2nd place in the Junior Novice Team.  Meynell Hunt took 1st place in the Junior Novice Team and 2nd, 4th & 5th in the Junior Novice Individual, so very well done to you all and hopefully see you all again next year.

This year there were two Hornshill Perpetual Shields, kindly donated by Rosemary Attfield, awarded to the Senior and Junior competitors who achieved the highest points in the Tack and Turnout.  The Senior award went to Cerys Hill - Amman Valley & District and the Junior award to Bella Peel, Hampshire Hunt, so great to see a good standard of turnout by the Endurance competitors.

Very many thanks go to Robert Blane (Chairman, Pony Club Endurance), John and Jane Hudson (Chairman - EGB & Technical Steward), Jo & Peter Claridge (Time Keeper/Starter), Rosemary Attfield, Nikki Parsler and Jessica Clack (Tack Checkers), Bryony Parsler, Pauline Coster, Janice Carnegie, Emma and Sheila Harris, Tess Wheldon & Mother, Isobel Meadows (Checkpoint/Road Crossing Stewards, Bethany Stokes, Charlie Chadwick, Willow Cottam, Bethany Nickenson-Scott, Nicola Harries (EGB Chief Vet) and the Liverpool Vet and everyone who helped to make this Endurance Championships a great success.

For full results please see here





Bonham Ride Cancelled - (Published:03 September 2015)
It is with the utmost regret that we have to inform you that the Bonham Ride this coming weekend has to be cancelled.  Unfortunately, due to the bad weather during August, the farmer of the venue area and another farmer out on course have been unable to complete their harvest and it is highly probable that both will be combining on Sunday, which will make the venue and part of the route unsafe for us to use.
BOYTON HALL - Sunday 6th September - (Published:03 September 2015)

Boyton Hall has had to change to a one day ride due to clashing with other local events. However on Sunday you can enjoy the lovely going and a warm welcome.


Entries will be accepted online until Friday night and on the day so there is still time to enter! Please support this lovely ride and have a great time.

Category :General

10 rides to the end of the 2015 season!10 rides to the end of the 2015 season! - (Published:01 September 2015)

Only 10 more rides left, but 15 more ride days so its time to  plan your Autumn riding and enjoy the last months of the 2015 season.


Enjoy the final rides of the year - there is still time to enjoy or try something new. The remaining classes range from 10km to 170km, there is a class for every one. Multiday rides, single day rides the choice is yours and you will have a great time whichever you choose.

No horse? come and help, be involved, but with time to chat  and enjoy the day.

The Home International this year is at the Red Dragon, please enter early or please offer to help!

The Lions Tail is host to the Riding Club Team event which is hotly contested.......

The College at Keysoe is the final 2* FEI ride with classes up to 120km

Royalties is a new FEI 1* ride and a great 3day weekend ride.

Rufus is the final of the South Coast Tournament

Not forgetting day rides at Bonham, Boyton, Camelford, Clent, Devils Dyke, Long Mynd, White Horse Wander,


There is still 16 weeks till Christmas so you do not need to go shopping yet!

photo by Esther Young


Rides and Rules Update - (Published:24 August 2015)

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that Jeni Gilbert has decided to step down as Chair of EGB’s Rides and Rules Committee with immediate effect. 

We all know how much Jeni has contributed during the years that she has undertaken this role, so clearly her hard work and dedication will be sadly missed, both by the Board and by the members of EGB. 

Jeni says that after nearly 6 years of being involved in R&R it is time for a new person to take over this important role.  She thanks all those that have supported and helped her in that time and has confirmed that she is happy to help and support them over the next few months of transition. 

Sue Box, who is a current member of the Rides and Rules Committee, has agreed to take on the role of Chair on a temporary basis until a permanent replacement can be appointed.



FEI Course for Endurance StewardsFEI Course for Endurance Stewards - (Published:20 August 2015)

An FEI STEWARDS COURSE will be run at Abbey Park, Stareton, Warwickshire. on the 31st October 2015.


This course is suitable for those wishing to be FEI Stewards or those requiring maintenance or Promotion. 

Open to all - you do not have to have been a steward before, or a technical steward, everyone welcome, but please book early to avoid disappointment (minimum age 21).

Cost of the course is £65 including tea, coffee, lunch and paperwork.

More details and the application form for all participants can be found here




Congratulations Tracy - winner of the Northern Championships 2015Congratulations Tracy - winner of the Northern Championships 2015 - (Published:18 August 2015)

 The Endurance GB Northern Championship and Hexham Trophy Ride took place over the weekend of 1st and 2nd August at Cooks House Farm.


Endurance competitors and pleasure riders enjoyed two days riding through forest routes around Slaley on the Saturday and over Hexhamshire Common with glorious views on Sunday. From the 13km “taster” pleasure ride to the 110km Northern Championship (spanning both days),  an evening barbeque and social for those staying at the venue, and the Urban Horse trade stand on the Sunday there was something for riders and horses at all levels. Due to generous sponsorship there were prizes for every class.

This year, the prestigious and testing Northern Championship (110km over 2 days) was won by Tracy Thompson and her 11 year old gelding Just Giles.

Tracy said “I bought Giles from York horse sales as an unbroken 4 year old. He was only about 13.1hh and was very scrawny. We had a rather challenging time as he was a nervous wreck and we really did wonder if we would ever win his trust. He is still a quirky little horse but he is a lovely forward going ride and never gives up. We really enjoyed Hexham and found it a real challenge as the terrain is quite tricky. It was Giles first attempt at a two day ride so we were thrilled with the result. We were amazed by the generous sponsorship from Baileys”


Best condition results:

Class 4 – 2 day 60km Graded  Baileys Horsefeeds: Carolyn Cummings on Peterbrook Sunset Surprise

Class 5 – 40km Graded Dengie: Julie Banks on Mill Starlight

Class 6 –  40km Novice  Dengie: Kathleen Mcghee on Sulan Electric Prince (also Best Shod horse on Saturday)

Class 8 –  30km Novice  Saracen: Jo Woodford on Linnelwood Digby

Class 8 –  30km Novice  Saracen: Ann Spiers on Rusadia 

Class 9 – 30km PR  Urban Horse: Joyce Casson – Kavanagh

Class 13 – 65km Graded   Classic Upholstery & FOAM:  Rachel Fothergill on Royal Olympian 

Class 16 – 40km Novice Blue Chip:  Blue Chip: Kathleen Mcghee on Sulan Electric Prince

Class 17 – 30km Graded  Scott Mitchell Associates: Barbara Austin and Bonnie Lass for Best Condition and Veteran Best Condition 

Class 19 – 40km Pleasure Ride  Equine Body Worker Katy Carr: Amanda Mackin on Kochanski

Class 20 – 25km Pleasure Ride Urban Horse: Celina Whittaker on Khurafa Amir

 Class 21 – 19km Pleasure Ride  Scott Mitchell Associates: Kathryn Parker on Prince 

Class 22 – 13km Pleasure Ride Urban Horse: Nikki Dawson on Sea Warrior

 Best Shod horse on Sunday – Sharon Morrison riding Bella



Iceni, Leicester & Rutland - the new Inter-Regional ChampionsIceni, Leicester & Rutland - the new Inter-Regional Champions - (Published:17 August 2015)

This weekend riders took part in the Inter-Regional championships at the Cranwich Ride. The home team - Iceni Leicester & Rutland took top spot closely followed by the North West Team.

Results of the IR Championships:


1st Iceni Leics & Rutland - 66 points

2nd North West - 67 points

3rd Cromwell - 79 points

4th South East - 88 points

5th Heart of England - 89 points

6th West Riding - 108 points

7th Team Cotswold - 113 points

A very close run competition - well done to all that took part.


Individual class winners:


81km CER - Anna Williams - Cromwell


65km GER - Christine Smythe - South East


80km GER (2 day) - Maddie Pomroy - Iceni Leics & Rutland


42km GER - Jessica Sedgwick - South East


33km GER - Lilly Gibbon - North West




The Hills are alive!The Hills are alive! - (Published:07 August 2015)

Entries welcome at Harwood, Heapey and Peak District - come and enjoy the hills, the views and the welcome at these wonderful rides.


Please enter online if possible or contact the Ride Secretary, look on their websites for full details..........please support these marvellous rides.


New National YR Champion for 2015New National YR Champion for 2015 - (Published:05 August 2015)

Congratulations to Kate Atkinson on winning the YR National Championship at Hanslope


Kate Atkinson, riding DNS Ronaldo rode the whole way with fellow young rider, Katie Bedwin who rode Elaya. In an exciting sprint finish, Kate claimed the title by just half a length. 


This was the first time the National Championship for young riders had been run over 120km, an increases from 80km, to bring it in line with other YR championships. This year the event was held at the Hanslope ride and the class was kindly sponsored by Pioneer Endurance.



European Endurance Championships 2015European Endurance Championships 2015 - (Published:05 August 2015)

Following successful completion of the qualifying criteria, two combinations have applied to compete in the European Endurance Championship.


Nicki Thorne riding L M 42 and Fiona Griffiths riding Oliver Twist IV wish to compete at Samorin, Slovakia on a self-funding basis.  Plans will be finalised and discussed with the team management at a meeting on the 8th & 9th of August. A management team of Sarah Coombs (vet) and Kelvin Lymer (farrier) will be available at the Championship itself.  

We would also like to congratulate a number of other British combinations who have qualified for these championships, but have decided not to put themselves up for selection this time.   

Nicki Thorne, having already completed 10 FEI rides this year across 3 different continents, is the epitome of an international endurance rider. Her horse L M 42 stormed to victory in the 160km 3* Kings Forest ride in July and is an exciting prospect to represent Team GB.  

Fiona Griffiths and Oliver Twist IV are experienced competitors, having competed consistently across continental Europe in the last few years. Fiona qualified with Oliver Twist IV at this years' spring Kings Forest ride.


TEVIS Cup 2015TEVIS Cup 2015 - (Published:02 August 2015)

British riders take part in one of the world’s toughest endurance rides. Dace Sainsbury and Charlotte Fleming started out on the infamous 100 mile ride in the USA.


Dace was riding last years’ winner - French open and led for the majority of the ride. Sadly Dace was out at the 94 mile mark. Charlotte rode a consistent ride and crossed the line hand-in-hand with French rider Meryl Dalla Villa to take 50th place. There were a whopping 198 combinations who set off on the challenging ride. 



Sad News - (Published:02 August 2015)
Endurance GB is very sad to report that Ijaaz, a horse ridden by Danielle Gray, has been euthanised after referral to a veterinary clinic following a lameness incurred during the Hexhamshire Trophy Ride on August 1st 2015. As with incidents of this nature, Endurance GB will fully investigate the facts. 
Statement by the Board of Endurance GBStatement by the Board of Endurance GB - (Published:28 July 2015)

We welcome the news that the UAE federation has signed an agreement with the FEI to improve issues with horse welfare and compliance via wide ranging actions and stringent enforcement measures.

This is a positive step and we hope the measures that have been agreed will lead to a marked change and improvement in the sport of Endurance in the UAE. Endurance GB continues to be committed to horse welfare and clean sport. We fully support the FEI in their efforts to improve the situation in the UAE.  

 We can also confirm that no FEI rides will take place at Euston Park in 2015. Two dates of the proposed Euston Park rides were kept on the calendar in case we wanted to use the dates for alternative rides. This has not been necessary and they have now been removed from the FEI calendar.

We are pleased to be supporting our existing, remaining, international rides; Hanslope, Keysoe and Royalties (Medlam). We hope that those of you who compete at this level will enjoy the rides that are left on the 2015 calendar.


TopSpec Lindum 2015TopSpec Lindum 2015 - (Published:28 July 2015)

The TopSpec Lindum Spirit's 25th Anniversary certainly had the party atmosphere, enjoying it's highest ever entry over the five days, and seeing massive support for the social events and fundraising.

Wednesday kicked off very busily with over 70 forward for the early evening classes, and Thursday followed the same trend with 9 teams making for a competitive day.West Riding who fielded two teams came out top from Derbyshire and Lindum. 


The multi day Graded Endurance Ride classes again proved the most popular option with good entries for both the Trekker 109 km over 3 days and the new Wolds Challenge 129km over 4, Max Wilson on Hilin Dollar coming out top on performance formula on the former and Ann Harrison on Shoshana the latter. The Competitive Endurance Ride classes were sadly lacking in entries. Amber Sole on Basford Showman , the only starter in The Epic, sadly vetting out lame at the end of the 122 km. Both the 170km and 92km classes saw only 2 starters, and both only one finisher, with Helen McFarland on She Stoops to Conquer triumphant and adding the best condition in The Spirit, and Gillian Mann and HS Parnasse successful in the Little Lindum.


Photo by Fiona Griffiths

The new ride office gave everyone the best possible outlook over the proceedings, and there was a wealth of happy helpers throughout making for very smooth relaxed running. There were special awards at the ball for 3 key team members, Jane Calvert, Carol Burnell and Graham Hilder who are integral to the events continuing success.


The icing on the cake was the superb support for this years chosen charity, The Mark Davies Injured Riders fund and it looks likely the event has raised well in excess of £3000


Next year’s provisional date are July 27th - 31st with a Rio theme 


Young Rider Camp - Announces New SponsorsYoung Rider Camp - Announces New Sponsors - (Published:21 July 2015)

We are pleased to announce that this years Young Rider Squad camp will be supported by Baileys Horse Feeds, NAF and Nettex.

We are pleased to announce that this year's British Young Rider Squad Camp is being supported by both Baileys and NAF. Both companies have been very generous and are making donations for all young riders attending camp. NAF will be donating a goody bags for every rider attending. Baileys will be donating goody bags for all attendees along with some Baileys vouchers which will be some of the prizes for the competitions at camp. We are very grateful to both Baileys and NAF for their support as camp is a self funded week and relies heavily upon volunteers.


For those who haven't managed to get their booking in yet you will be pleased to know we have extended the deadline. All bookings and FULL payment must be made by the 1st of August. Please contact YR Chair Beth Stokes for a booking form or with any questions.


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Welsh Championships for 2015Welsh Championships for 2015 - (Published:18 July 2015)

Once again Plas Equestrian are kindly sponsoring the Welsh Championships of 2015. There are five classes so check out the list and see if you qualify for this years Championships.


The Welsh Championship comprises 5 Classes as follows:


Mynydd /Mountain Class- awarded to the High Point  Rider and Horse combination

 Prize for 1st  place and Rosette for 2nd


Coed/ Woodland Class- awarded to the High Point Rider and Horse combination counting Rides of up to 50km only


Afon/River Class-awarded to the High point Young Rider and Horse combination 


Cwm/Valley Class awarded to the High Point Junior Rider and Horse combination


 There will be prizes for the winners and rosettes for runners-up


Cymraeg/ Welsh Class-awarded to High Point Rider and Horse combinations

from Wales – with prizes  and rosettes  for the High point Junior, Young and Senior Riders

Qualifying Rides for 2015 are :


Wentwood in Spring-  

Mynydd  y Crug  

Pen Ddol y Gader  


 Wentwood in Summer  

The Red Dragon  

(NB dates as shown in Schedule and Handbook)


To qualify a minimum of 3 Single Day GERs by the same Ride Horse and Rider must  be completed and NO MORE than 2 days at the Red Dragon will count. In the event of a Ride being cancelled only 2 days will need to be completed but 1 must be before Red  Dragon


Any EGB registered member and horse  Rider and Horse combination will be eligible  but need to submit their signed Welsh Championship Card . Cards will be available at Welsh Rides.If a Rider is competing more than 1 horse the one entered in the majority of Classes will be considered eligible. 


 Wentwood is an early season Ride in mostly Forestry and woodland but with stunning views and  when run in Summer will ride rather differently Mynydd y Grug is a mixture of quiet country lanes , some Forestry and woodland and moorland with some steep climbs! Pen ddol y Gader is in Red Kite country- again a few lanes , a little bit of forestry and lots of fantastic going over the beautiful Llanllwni Mountain. Trawscoed again has fabulous views and good going through woodland and forestry And  if you haven't been to Red Dragon – well you need to go for the experience and to create your own description!


Basically all the Welsh Rides share a challenge but with some of the best going and most breathtaking views of all EGB Rides !


 The Sponsors are the well established Plas Equestrian ( run by partners  Lise Cooke and Gill Green)- the Welsh based  makers and suppliers of a large range of endurance equipment, driving harness , show bridles and halters – in addition to supplying training and schooling aids.  The full range is made in Wales using first grade Sedgwicks leather, BioThane or polypropelene webbing. All sizes are catered for and a bespoke service is available Plas equestrian are based in the heart of Welsh Cob country and hence their products  are durable and hard wearing- tough like cobs!


The  winners of the Welsh Championship will be announced at the Red Dragon

Ride  Awards Ceremony held at Builth Wells in the first weekend of October


The Co-ordinator is Hilary Cuming ( for any queries

British Success at Kings Forest 12th JulyBritish Success at Kings Forest 12th July - (Published:14 July 2015)

Sunday 12th July saw riders from GB, Netherlands and Ireland compete in the international classes at Kings Forest, close to Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. This was the second international ride there this year, organised by Dianne Luke.


The CEI3* 160km winner, Nicola Thorne, riding L M 42 led the pack for the majority of the race and also took Best Condition.

 In second place was Annette Masterson, who represented GB at the 2014 World Equestrian Games, on Millenium Chorus and third went to Louise Rich on Oakleazefarm Cziko. Fourth went to Dutch rider, Donna Oudshoorn riding Sera.

Donna rode at the 2012 World Endurance Championships at Euston Park for the Netherlands on her horse, Karrimh, who tragically fell and died shortly after in Newmarket. Donna made the trip over to England to compete her new horse Sera in his first 3* to commemorate Karrimh.

 In the 120km CEI2* the win went to Harry Ingram riding Warrens Hill Chayze, second to David Yeoman on Trop Vite Azureen, who also won Best Condition and third to Andrea Champ on Druimghigha Luxor.

The 80km CEI1* winner Kathy Carr riding Aberllwyd Femme Fatalle won Best Condition. Second place went to Sharon Parr who was also riding a Warrens Hill horse, Warrens Hill Troy.

The next International ride is to be held at Hanslope, in Milton Keynes on the 1st August.

Strangles in the South West ? - (Published:11 July 2015)

Strangles have been confirmed in the Caradon Hill area of the South West. We have consulted our Chief Vet for advice regarding our Penpont ride on the 19th July. The Vets are happy for the ride to run as the outbreak is 10miles away.


The situation will be monitored and normal bio security measures will be in place.

For more information please see the SW group website


Last call for Young Riders CampLast call for Young Riders Camp - (Published:09 July 2015)

This year’s Young Rider camp is at Onley Equestrian Centre, near Rugby, Warwickshire. Camp runs from the 10th to the 14th August.

Young Rider Squad Camp is a fantastic week, for all young and junior riders.  You can meet new friends, learn more endurance tips as well as having some fun! This year we will have UKCC endurance coaches on hand and have visits from a number of experts in their field, such as an equine nutritionist and an equine thermographer.  Amongst other horse related activities, there will also be plenty of down time for everyone to get to know each other better and enjoy a range of social activities. 

 If you are worried about not knowing anyone... don't! Many riders attend camp who do not know anyone else and you will soon make friends. You will be put into two different teams, one for riding and one for social activities. The social teams add a competitive but friendly element to camp and there will be various challenges set throughout the week for the teams to complete. Points will be awarded and these will culminate in a prize giving on the final day. 

Camp is first and foremost a week to spend with fellow junior/ young riders, getting to know each other and having some fun! A range of riders usually attend and this adds to camp meaning you can learn and talk with riders of all ages and levels. There will be plenty of tips to pick up along the way and we also hope to have some experienced endurance riders attending to tell us all about their endurance experiences. 

This summer holidays spend the week at camp, make some new friends, learn some new tips and have some true endurance fun! 

If you’re interested in attending, or would like more info, please email our Young Rider Rep - Beth Stoke: 


Join Endurance GB and save money!Join Endurance GB and save money! - (Published:08 July 2015)

Now July has started you can join Endurance GB at a special rate and enjoy the rest of the season. You can join as a full member or an associate  the offer applies to all classes (except Life!)


There are more than 3months of national competitions, more than 40 national ride days, the Group rides and events continue through winter, there is the AGM and awards dinner.

Joining now gives you all the benefits for the rest of the 2015 year  see here for details

Joining can be done online now

High Tatras Cup 2015  17 - 19th July 2015High Tatras Cup 2015 17 - 19th July 2015 - (Published:04 July 2015)

17 - 19th July High Tatras Cup 2015, Mengusovce

Hattalova 12/C, 831 03 Bratislava 


For details of schedule see here, all entries must be via the EGB Office.


Home International secures new headline sponsorHome International secures new headline sponsor - (Published:27 June 2015)

We are pleased to be able to announce a new sponsor for the championship, Aloeride - the organic Aloe Vera supplement.


The Home International Championship, due to be held at the British Horse Feeds Red Dragon ride on 2nd- 4th October will bring together some of the most successful combinations, competing at all levels across the United Kingdom. We are pleased to be able to announce a new sponsor for the championship, Aloeride - the organic Aloe Vera supplement.

The team championships aims to encourage riders at all levels competing in two teams of six (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland) across a range of distances from 25 miles to 100 miles over two days.

Han Van De Braak, MD of Aloeride is delighted with the association saying:

“Endurance horses require very different nutritional needs from other disciplines and Aloeride is able to deliver these across the spectrum. To be involved at this level with such a fantastic event offered us the perfect opportunity to highlight our synergy with the endurance world”

Endurance GB Chairman comments:

"We are delighted to welcome Aloeride as headline sponsor to the Home International and thank them for their generosity. We hope that the Championship will be well supported and as competitive as ever."

The competition will be known as the 'Home International sponsored by Aloride' and prizes will be on offer for the winning team.  


Change in voting ageChange in voting age - (Published:26 June 2015)

We are pleased to announce that the minimum voting age for Endurance GB will now change from 18 to 14. The Board voted overwhelmingly in favour of a proposal made by the Young Rider Committee to the Board of Endurance GB to lower the voting age.


Engaging with the next generation of endurance riders is a key priority for Endurance GB. We feel that at the age of 14, young people are already starting to make decisions about their future and have the maturity to be involved in the democratic process of EGB.
We look forward to welcoming the Young Riders to our Annual General Meeting.

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Top Lot at Lindum Charity Auction on 26th July ..............Top Lot at Lindum Charity Auction on 26th July .............. - (Published:25 June 2015)

There is to be a charity auction at Lindum Spirit on Saturday evening 26th July in aid of the ride’s chosen charity this year, the Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund.  

The Fund supports people who have suffered from an accident around horses and where other relief is inadequate or unobtainable and they have nowhere else to turn. We help those from all walks of life and irrespective of whether an accident has happened on or around horses and at home or at a riding event.

The prize …………. A fabulous holiday for up to 6, in Montaigu-de-Quercy, situated in Midi-Pyrenees region, in the south-west of France.

The holiday is for 7 to 10 days, dependent on the successful bidder's flight arrangements. (East Midlands to Bergerac, owners will meet at airport, self-drive car hire recommended.) 

Self-contained accommodation attached to owners' house, kitchenette, barbecue, swimming pool. Accompanied hacking on beautiful trails by arrangement. Local to Montcuq, and Monpazier only an hour away.

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British Young Rider Squad CampBritish Young Rider Squad Camp - (Published:25 June 2015)
Young Rider Squad Camp is a fantastic week, for all young and junior riders.  You can meet new friends, learn more endurance tips as well as having some fun!

This year we will have UKCC endurance coaches on hand and have visits from a number of experts in their field, such as an equine nutritionist and an equine thermographer.  Amongst other horse related activities, there will also be plenty of down time for everyone to get to know each other better and enjoy a range of social activities. 


If you are worried about not knowing anyone... don't! Many riders attend camp who do not know anyone else and you will soon make friends. You will be put into two different teams, one for riding and one for social activities. The social teams add a competitive but friendly element to camp and there will be various challenges set throughout the week for the teams to complete. Points will be awarded and these will culminate in a prize giving on the final day. 

Camp is first and foremost a week to spend with fellow junior/ young riders, getting to know each other and having some fun! A range of riders usually attend and this adds to camp meaning you can learn and talk with riders of all ages and levels. There will be plenty of tips to pick up along the way and we also hope to have some experienced endurance riders attending to tell us all about their endurance experiences. 

This summer holidays spend the week at camp, make some new friends, learn some new tips and have some true endurance fun! 

If you’re interested in attending, or would like more info, please email our Young Rider Rep - Beth Stoke: 

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The Boconnoc Ride 2015The Boconnoc Ride 2015 - (Published:24 June 2015)

The Fortesque family at Boconnoc Estate, Cornwall hosted the Endurance GB ride again this year on 20/21st June. The historic stately home was a fabulous backdrop for over 200 riders to compete within its deerpark, around its huge lake and ancient woodland. There was a wedding at the main house, the bride was very excited to have the horses at the venue! 

Nicky Sherry from St Breward on Silver Zourra won the event (grey crabbet Arab mare) Nicky has now won this class twice over the years and has represented GBR numerous times The event had over 100 volunteers, friends/family/riders who rode one day volunteered the next.  

Vet Ruth Varcoe from Penmellyn veterinary clinic presented Ginny Gidley with Best Condition award 

Riders camped and corralled horses within the estate which made the summer solstice event magical. Mobile Munchies and the woodfire pizza company ran out of food due to there excellent catering and hungry competitors! The Fortesque family also indulged in the food and Anthony & Elizabeth Fortesque helped around the course both days manning gates to keep stock and horses safe at all times. The estate's obelisk in the centre of the route was the main crew point seeing horses clover leaf around the course. Dr Peter and Mrs Jo Claridge said the course rode incredibly well with all but one 80km rider across the two longer distance classes finishing successfully. Jo Chisholm and her daughter Abby entered the 80km GER but unfortunately Abby's pony was eliminated at the second vet gate leaving Jo to continue on her own with her up and coming HS Farouz who dug deep and completed on his own all credit to this combination as the route was very similar in places making it a very tactical ride with mental strength as well as physical over the east Cornwall terrain. 

The four riders are 1st Nicky Sherry, 2nd Ginny Gidley, 3rd Lesley Nott, 4th Tanya Southworth - Arab Race horse trainer Paul Simmons was 5th and Gill Plumbley 6th . All entries completed this 80km class (the other entry for the class, Vicky Wyatt, withdrew the night before as her horse had a reaction to something in the field and came out in lumps!)

The two day 80km (40/40km) Deer Park Challenge sponsored by Phoenix Field Arabians & Woof Wear was won by Rosemary Henderson from North Somerset and her horse Argentina, previously owned by Christine Yeoman

Farlap photography were the official photographers for the event 

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Update on Stabling for Cirencester Ride 2015 - (Published:22 June 2015)

 Sorry but there was a digit missing from the telephone number for the first stabling.

 Overley Stables, Daglingworth

07557 513 962

 Additionally there is stabling available at the old kennels in Cirencester Park (from Bex Hibberd).

We are £35 per night inc secure lorry park and one bale of bedding all rubber matted and about 5 min hack walk to venue

For booking they can contact me via email Phone

07931944992 - if no answer please text ... don't leave a voicemail as I may not pick up the voicemail.

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Stabling for Cirencester Ride 2015 - (Published:17 June 2015)
There isn't any stabling available in the park this year but there is corralling, albeit in a different field (behind the polo club) to that used previously.
Stabling is available at Overley Stables, Daglingworth  0755513962
and Horseplay Central, Duntisbourne Leer. Jackie Evans 07771814851.
Click here for map of corralling location.

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CONGRATULATIONS, Birthday honours for AlisonCONGRATULATIONS, Birthday honours for Alison - (Published:16 June 2015)

Life member of Endurance GB, Alison Harris, was awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List on 12 June 2015 for services to the British Horse Society and to equestrian sport in Yorkshire.


In addition to her many years of service to the British Horse Society and to Riding for the Disabled, Alison has been heavily involved in Endurance GB, and the Endurance Horse and Pony Society before it, for over 30 years. She spent much of that time serving on national and local committees and she also organised several national and local rides including the South Yorkshire ride. Her two purebred welsh cobs, Okeden Frenin and Okeden Meteor, still rank among the top 20 highest lifetime mileage horses in the UK. 

The picture shows Alison receiving her retirement gift, a painting of her welsh part bred, Okeden Orient Express, from the West Riding Group in 2013.

Photo by Kery Dawson


BEF UKCC Level 4 Qualification BEF UKCC Level 4 Qualification - (Published:14 June 2015)

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) and British Rowing are working with the University of Gloucestershire to deliver the UKCC Level 4 Coaching Qualification.


BEF UKCC Level 4 Qualification - Professional Practice in Sport Coaching

Introduction and Background

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) and British Rowing are working with the University of Gloucestershire to deliver the UKCC Level 4 Coaching Qualification. The course consists of a bespoke programme, which has been developed specifically for both sports. This advanced syllabus of professional education is intended for high performing Coaches with significant experience who have already completed the UKCC Level 3 (or equivalent) qualification.


The UKCC Level 4 Coach

The Level 4 Coach is expected to have considerable experience in their environment. However, whilst the Level 4 qualification is designed for ‘high performing’ Coaches, it is not exclusively for those Coaches working in a ‘high performance environment’.  Those who are high performing in other environments are encouraged to apply. For example, this might include coaches who are primarily working with adults in a participation environment or Coaches primarily coaching young athletes.


The Vision for a UKCC Level 4 Coach:

UKCC Level 4 Coaches will be visionary and knowledgeable decision makers who display exceptional skills, behaviours and the highest professional and ethical standards. They will advance their own and others development, lead cutting-edge programmes, or a specialist part of a programme, and make a positive impact on sport performance and behaviour.


For Coaches to be successful at this level, they will need to:


·         Develop as highly motivated active learners

·         Be able to work autonomously and manage their own learning process

·         Take responsibility for identifying their own learning needs and aspirations


The Combination of UKCC and PGDip II Qualifications

The BEF UKCC Level 4 Qualification incorporates the opportunity for Coaches to gain a Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip) in Professional Practice in Sport Coaching and is designed to support and credit learning within the workplace.  Forming an integral part of the UKCC Level 4 qualification for high performing Coaches, the PG Dip element has been created around work-based learning (WBL) modules that are focused on the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to develop professional practice, as well as the ability to manage academic learning.

Please note: The BEF will be the awarding body for the UKCC Level 4 Qualification, whilst the PG Dip element of the course will be awarded by the University of Gloucestershire.


Using a range of flexible work based learning situations the course enables coaches to explore the following areas: reflection on practice, action learning, critical enquiry to support methods of coaching and advancement of professional knowledge and practice. This provides a broad structure, appropriate to the needs of the professional Coach’s working environment.


There will also be an opportunity for Coaches to undertake an additional dissertation in their third year, to gain a Masters qualification. This would be at an additional cost to the Candidate.


Course Outline and Commitment

The programme runs over two years, with the course commencing in September 2015 and concluding with a final panel presentation for completion in September 2017.


The PG Dip Course consists of six taught days per year, arranged in three two day blocks. These are scheduled to take place in October, December and February (dates and venues tbc). In addition to these days, the programme will include on-line webinars, one to one tutor support, project work and field based visits in your coaching environment from both University and technical mentors.


The following modules are covered during the course programme :


·         Reflective Practice for the Coaching Professional

·         Coach Development Models and Systems

·         The Expert Coach in a High Performing Setting

·         Work Based Project

·         Academic Recognition of CPD in Sport Coaching

·         Work Based Dissertation (for Coaches who wish to continue to the Masters qualification – additional to the UKCC Level 4 process).


The “BEF level 4” element of the programme requires coaches to maintain a reflective log over the period of the programme. The purpose is to record the impact of personal development on coaching practice. The log will combine reflections of the PG Dip learning on personal development, feedback from the 360 reviews and input from a technical mentor.

 Coaches will be required to identify a ‘technical’ sport based mentor, with considerable expertise in both the equestrian discipline and the context in which the Coach is working. The mentor must be approved by the relevant BEF Member Body as appropriate for this role.


Coaches will be required to evidence the nature of their high performing coaching activities in specific contexts or environments. For 2015, these have been identified as follows :


·         Elite Performance (ie. World Class, International)

·         Performance Development (ie. International and National Federation & Member Body Development Programmes for Athletes aged 14 – 25yrs)

·         Adult Performance (ie. National, Regional, competitive engagement)

·         Adult Participation (Local, competitive and non-competitive)

·         Youth (in age groups between 8yrs and 18yrs, competitive and non-competitive)


Entry Pre-requisites.

Coaches will be required to demonstrate the following:

·         Hold the UKCC Level 3 or recognised equivalent qualification

·         Recognition as a “high performing” Coach in a specific environment and a minimum of 5 years experience demonstrating high performing characteristics aligned to the level 4 criteria. On request, two references who are able and prepared to verify the Coach’s expertise and experience.


As part of the full application process, it will also be necessary to demonstrate that :


·         The Coach can provide a range of evidence of on-going professional development

·         The Coach can provide evidence of their current “high performing” coaching practice

·         The Coach employs an athlete centred approach to their coaching

·         The Coach is capable of holding an ambassadorial role in equestrianism

·         The Coach can identify a mentor who will support with specialist, sport based, “technical development”


Enrolment will take place annually (dependent on numbers of applicants)


Course Costs.

Course fees for the UKCC Level 4 Qualification, including the Postgraduate Diploma, total £5,000 which will be split into two annual fees. The first year payment of £3,000 will be due in September 2015, with the second payment of £2,000 due in September 2016.


Coaches may eligible for support from their County Sports Partnership or other grant-aiding organisation. Coaches will be required to investigate and pursue funding individually. Previous level 4 candidates have successfully achieved grant contributions towards their level 4 fees.


Level 4 Information Day

The BEF will host a Level 4 Information Day on the 29th June 2015, at BEF Head Office, Stareton Park, Warwickshire. The day is designed to provide potential Candidates with a clear understanding of the academic expectation, commitment and potential impact of taking the qualification. Course administrators, including representatives of the University of Gloucestershire and current Level 4 Candidates will available to answer questions and provide relevant information. Potential UKCC Level 4 Candidates are recommended to attend. Please book your place on this day by emailing Alex Walker at the BEF :


How to Apply.

Applications should be completed on the appropriate form and be returned:


By email to :             


By post to :                         UKCC L4 Applications

British Equestrian Federation

Equestrian House

Abbey Park




 CV8 2RH.


Note closing date is 6th July 2015. As part of the application assessment the BEF will consult with the applicant’s Member Body to seek an endorsement. Suitable applicants will be invited to Interview on the week beginning 3rd August 2015. A timeline for applications and interviews is shown below.


UKCC Level 4 Application and entry pathway 2015



 The CEI Kings Forest Event took place on the 30th and 31st May 2015 and saw a host of both International and National competitions ranging from the CEI3* 160km, CEI2* 120km and CEI1* 80km distances right through to 16km Pleasure rides.


This major event on the 2015 Endurance GB Competitive Ride Calendar, is organised by Dianne Luke and supported by local volunteers .

The CEI3* event saw a total of 7 entries with representatives from both Great Britain and France who were met by a truly international panel of veterinarians, along with typical British weather, at the pre-ride vetting on Friday afternoon. All horses passed the vetting requirements and lined up the following morning in beautiful sunshine with the dreary, grey skies of yesterday a distant memory. Some early eliminations saw the field reduced dramatically and a trio of combinations emerged to remain consistently in the lead.

Sadly Lesley-Ann Parkers Velvet Echo, who has been a member of the British Senior Squad in the past, failed to qualify for the final 16km loop for lameness reasons. Lesley-Ann had ridden most of the way with compatriot Chris Wray and he was faced with a solitary last loop to complete the competition and gain his qualification for the European Championships later this year. Chris, the eldest competitor in the field and a member of the Offas Dyke Endurance GB Group, partnered his 12 year old homebred mare Takwenya to a strong final loop and the pair leisurely crossed the line to take top honours in the CEI3* 160km. Chris commented ‘Takwenya was absolutely great all day. We trotted most of the ride, only cantering if she wanted a change of pace. But on the final loop we cantered more than the previous five loops put together – she just ate up the ground. Her trot-ups were amazing all day. I’m so proud of my wonderful mare!’

Fiona Griffiths (GBR)  took second place aboard her striking 15 year old gelding Oliver Twist IV. Oliver Twist IV took part in his first International competition 5 years ago and are a fine example of continuing success over many seasons.

The line-up for the CEI2* 120km (75 mile) class included many well-seasoned international riders. Amongst them was current World Number Two Nicola Thorne (GBR) competing with her 12 year old American bred gelding LR Bold Greyson. With a 3rd place CEI3* 160km finish in October 2014 this combination looked a formidable force and had to be considered one of the favourites alongside Tricia Hirst (GBR) who would be tackling the CEI2* with her part bred Arab Vlacq Bronze Image. Tricia and ‘Imistormed to victory in the CEI3* 160km Haywood Oaks just 2 months ago and would no doubt be looking to continue their string of good form. However, whilst the two favourites left together in first place on the last loop, it was to be Carri-Ann Dark aboard Bey Sahli who came out victorious from the nine combinations who started the competition. It was the 7 year old geldings first attempt at this distance having completed his CEI1* in 2nd place at the CEI Cirencester (GBR) last season. However, he seemed to take every step in his stride and gave Carri-Ann the last loop that every rider dreams of coming in ahead of the rest of the field with nearly 2 minutes to spare finishing at an average speed of 18.46kph. An incredibly exciting racing finish completed the podium positions with LR Bold Greyson crossing the line a nose ahead of 3rd placed Vlacq Bronze Image. Just under an hour later Lorna Kidson was the last successful finisher with Sallie Dudley's beautiful mare Sheer Bliss crossing the line in a riding time of 7 hours, 24 minutes and 38 seconds.

With just one entrant in the CEIYJ2* 120km class, Cromwell Endurance GB Group member Bella Fricker had a lonely day ahead as she carefully rode Kirsty Wiscombes 7 year old bay gelding Maverick to his first 2* completion at 12.38kph.

The CEI1* 80km event fielded the highest number of starters with an impressive 77% completion rate. Top honours went to Jacqueline Lloyd who partnered her 8 year old bay gelding stealing the show at his very first FEI event. From the two starters in the CEIYJ1* 80km only Rebecca Bertram completed successfully aboard her horse Marcus Aurelius at an average speed of 17.74kph.


‘Kings Forest is a special ride in the UK. We are very lucky, with the support of ADR and the Forestry Commission, to give unique access to horses and riders to probably some of the best riding in the country. Weve only just finished this event and we, alongside many riders Im sure, are already looking forward to our next event taking place on the 11th and 12th July 2015.Dianne Luke, Ride Organiser


Event Official Photographer :  David Saunders who has kindly provided these images . Further images upon request from David Saunders.




Passports - where do YOU keep your horses passport?Passports - where do YOU keep your horses passport? - (Published:04 June 2015)

Every time we travel our horses, the horse passport must go as well! By law the passport must accompany the horse.


We must ensure the vaccinations and treatments are kept up to date. If you attend an EGB ride the passport is not usually checked - but it may be asked for...........

Rides at racecourses will need to check the vaccinations are correct.

If there are FEI rides on the day you are competing you may be asked for it.

If you are selected for testing under the BEFAR scheme you will be required to show it. Not having a passport with you will not avoid a test, it will mean more paperwork!

So please make sure you have the right passport for the right horse when you travel.



SERC Scottish Championships are on the moveSERC Scottish Championships are on the move - (Published:03 June 2015)

Due to circumstances outwith its control, the organising committee of the SERC Championships has been forced to relocate and reschedule the 2015 Championships.


They were planned to be in Perth. They will now take place on 31 July and 1 and 2 August at Seacliff in East Lothian. All classes remain unchanged. For further information please visit the SERC website,


Amazing Endurance HorsesAmazing Endurance Horses - (Published:02 June 2015)

To celebrate the longevity of our endurance horses we have now a page devoted to those who have successfully completed more than 5000kms in competition.


Archimeades is our all time great but the toughness and longevity of all our fabulous horses should be celebrated!

Select Results>Distance League Table,  Distance League Table

if you have more info to add please contact R&R. The information will update as ride results come through but if you think there are any missing please say.




Hanslope to host the 2015 Young Rider Championship Hanslope to host the 2015 Young Rider Championship - (Published:01 June 2015)

The Young Rider championship is now to be held at Hanslope. It will be a 120k ride for FEI and national riders. Thank you to Organiser Bella Fricker for inviting the YR championship to Hanslope.


For full details please check the Hanslope website


The Young Rider National Champion will be the EGB member, resident in the UK, completing successfully, in the fastest time, in class 2 and 6.


Berkshire Downs host to the Southern Championship Berkshire Downs host to the Southern Championship - (Published:27 May 2015)

 Many congratulations to Malcolm Greenaway and Suchaking, who won the newly resurrected Southern Championship at Berkshire Downs on May 25th.


Fifteen riders started the 80km Championship class, and Sue Speed riding Ja Noor was a close runner up.


The Young Rider award, kindly sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Saddlers, was won by Katie Bedwin on Burfield Goodie Two Shoes, and the best Novice horse was Rancar Borealis ridden by Renee Patience.


A huge vote of thanks must go to all the helpers and officials who helped make this ride such a success on the day.

The going and weather were both perfect, and as usual the Ridgeway rode well, with riders able to enjoy the spectacular views.


Congratulations to our new National Champion for 2015Congratulations to our new National Champion for 2015 - (Published:19 May 2015)

The National Championship for 2015 was held at the Golden Horseshoe. Congratulations to Gill Talbot and Sa'da Sekora who successfully completed the 2day 160km Golden Horseshoe Class. Congratulations also to  the runner up Georgina Hirst and Polaris.


Gill who has competed in this ride since 1991 found that the gale force wind gusts, hail, torrential rain and extreme low temperatures made this such a difficult 50th  Anniversary ride both to compete in and to manage your horse successfully over two very testing days.  A real test for riders, hard working crews - (huge thanks to my husband Rob) and horse.

 Photo by Rob Edwards


Nearly there now .......................Nearly there now ....................... - (Published:13 May 2015)

Just to maximise the excitement about the 50th anniversary of the Golden Horseshoe Ride here is a photo from today when the Horseshoe at the Start/Finish line was erected ... please note that Ian Wigley had his spirit level at the ready to make sure the Horseshoe is upright!

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Sad News from the South WestSad News from the South West - (Published:11 May 2015)

Endurance GB is sad to announce the death of Janet Lander. Janet was a long time member of EGB and we pass our condolences to her family.


Janet was the Organiser of Brentor ride for many years, she worked hard for the SW committee and EGB members. She will be sadly missed by her colleagues and friends.




ROYAL CRANWELL at RoyaltiesROYAL CRANWELL at Royalties - (Published:23 April 2015)

ENTRIES are still welcome - in fact a warm Lindum welcome awaits all at Royal Cranwell.

The ride this year is located, thanks to Thay, at Royalties so all the glorious tracks can be enjoyed in spring this year.

Please see the schedule here and some of the maps are available here


Royal Cranwell has a full range of classes, there will be the Saturday night buffet in the marquee and C&C is available.

Jane and her team are ready for your entry so the sooner it is sent in the sooner you will get your map so you can start planning.

Come and enjoy this new ride and have a great time

Photo by Kerry Dawson


Golden Horseshoe in the Horse and HoundGolden Horseshoe in the Horse and Hound - (Published:21 April 2015)
A few weeks ago six-time winner of Badminton Lucinda Green rode out with Barbara Wigley on Exmoor to get a taste of Endurance and the Golden Horseshoe. There is an article on her experience in this week's Horse and Hound, which is well worth a read! Category:General :UK Rides
Hardy's Ride 2015Hardy's Ride 2015 - (Published:20 April 2015)

The sun shone and over 80 riders enjoyed the beautiful Dorset countryside.

Our very grateful thanks are due to

The competitors who took part

The very efficient  ride officials

The volunteer helpers

Raynet and the Trail bikers

The owner of the venue and the landowners over whose land we rode.

The vets who were particularly nice and helpful

Richard Read Recovery for providing Easter Eggs to competitors and helpers alike

We had good feedback on the route but realise we need to improve the signing where routes converged and diverged. We already have plans in place to do this for next year and very much hope you will all return to support this lovely ride.

Our congratulations go to

Alison House and Gill Campbell 1st and 2nd in the 80km class

Nic Wigley and Nicky Sherry 1st and 2nd in the 66km class.

While taking the markings down last night we found a red water bottle holder in the track near CP2: please let me know if you own this and I can return it to you.

Anyway thank you to you all for coming- for mostly being lovely smiley people and also to those of you who have taken the trouble to write today with appreciative comments which makes it all worthwhile.

Lovely photograph of Dace Sainsbury is courtesy of AGC Photography: photos are already uploaded to his website so we hope you will support him.

See you Next Year!

Liz Ashmead & Lynn Harvey

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RAF Cranwell - important updateRAF Cranwell - important update - (Published:18 April 2015)

RAF Cranwell is not able, this year to run at its usual venue and so it has been relocated (thanks to Thay Stephenson) to our Royalties Venue.


The RAF Cranwell entries have now all been refunded and a new ride has been set up for Royal Cranwell. Please support this new ride, there is a full range of classes and all will have a great time!

There will be no late entry charge as this is such a special situation but please help Jane by entering as soon as possible.

Entries close today for Cerne Giant Ride…… Entries close today for Cerne Giant Ride…… - (Published:17 April 2015)

You need get your entry in before midnight MONDAY 20th April if you’d like to enjoy either 36km, 40km or 50km routes on this wonderful ride in stunning scenery. 

·         Running under a new organiser from the same great venue in Cerne Abbas, the ride has revised routes (hopefully with very few gates to open).  Also, and much simpler for riders and crew, the longer routes (two loops of 36km and 40km) have just one vet gate back at the venue.

·         We have negotiated at least 3, and maybe 4, crewing points off the highway, but very accessible, which eligible 3.5t lorries are welcome to use.

·         To encourage new riders into our sport we will continue taking entries up to, and including ride day, BUT ONLY for the 10 mile (16km) Pleasure Ride. This route has NO gates and gives the opportunity to ride private tracks not normally available!!!  So tell your friends and horsey neighbours because we’d love to see them!  (Entry form downloadable here)

·         As camping and corralling are on offer we look forward to welcoming those from farther afield to this beautiful part of Dorset.

·         And finally, Performance Formula will be applied across the 50km classes with EGB vouchers to third place to recognise the merit of those entering these classes – and part pay for your next ride!

See you on the trail.

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Important Notice about the Golden Horseshoe RideImportant Notice about the Golden Horseshoe Ride - (Published:15 April 2015)

Due to the enthusiastic uptake of places in the Sunday Classes, The GHR organising committee have reluctantly decided that they need to limit entries into the Sunday classes to the following numbers:

Class 1 – NO LIMIT


Class 2 - The Exmoor Extra - 20 entries

Class 3 - The Exmoor 40 - 20 entries (now FULL)

Class 4 - The Exmoor Novice - 35 entries

Class 5 - The Wessex Horseshoe Pleasure Ride - 80 entries 

This decision has been taken on Health and Safety grounds, and also taking into account the impact on the moorland ground conditions after discussion with Exmoor National Park Authority.

 When the limits are reached, we will hold a ‘waiting list’ in case of withdrawals and will contact riders in order of receiving their proposed entries.

The National and Young Rider Champions will be judged from those in the highest award category of their class.  They must also be current members of Endurance GB and resident in the UK.

A ‘Performance Formula’ (see below) will be applied to find the winners.

    (Actual Speed-5)  x 100__

           (Final Pulse)-20


The National Champion will not necessarily be the winner of the Premier Award, as this has the additional criteria that the horse is also judged to be most capable of continuing for another 40km.


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Congratulations Rachael and AdamCongratulations Rachael and Adam - (Published:12 April 2015)

Congratulations to Rachael and Adam on the birth of their son Oliver John Farley. Adam Farley & Rachael Claridge are thrilled.


Oliver's grandparents Jo & Peter Claridge can't wait to show off their newest endurance crew member over the next few weeks.


Hardy's Ride information now available here and has been posted!Hardy's Ride information now available here and has been posted! - (Published:11 April 2015)

The ride details for the Hardy's Ride on Saturday 18th April have now been posted out, but may also be downloaded here.

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SUCCESS at Haywood OaksSUCCESS at Haywood Oaks - (Published:08 April 2015)

Tricia Hirst won the FEI 3* 160km endurance race at Haywood Oaks, Nottinghamshire last weekend. Tricia was riding her 12 yr old part bred Arab mare Vlacq Bronze Image.


The race started at 6am in the dark and Tricia crossed the finish line after a gruelling long day at 8.30pm beating the second placed combination Katie Bedwin by 15 minutes. Katie, taking time off from her studying, was riding her own Elayla. Both horses and Katie were contesting their first 160km. Both horses completed at Championship qualifying speed.

Imy joined Tricia Hirst's endurance team after her vet daughter Georgina found her on a dealers yard in Leciestershire and recognised that she was a full sister to Tricia's International horse Vlacq Diamond Sparkle. Imy was still unbroken as a 9yr old so Georgina bought her for £450! 


Tricia had success with Imy last year coming 2nd in the two day 160km race at the Red Dragon ride, Builth Wells. However, after that Imy underwent major surgery at the end of October as she had a very large cyst growing in her sinus. She recovered exceptionally well and restarted her training in December in preparation for the race at the weekend.  

Since the ride she has been enjoying the sunshine, what a star!

Photo by David Saunders Photography


Royal Windsor Horse show FEI 2*Royal Windsor Horse show FEI 2* - (Published:30 March 2015)

Important information for all GBR riders that wish to compete in the FEI2* at the Royal Windsor Horse Show Endurance event.


ALL GBR entries MUST be emailed to the EGB office by Sunday 26th April so that a list can be sent to the OC on Monday 27th.

Please use the International Ride Entry form.  A ballot will be used, depending on the number of entries. Once your place has been confirmed by the OC, the EGB office will notify you and send details of how to pay entry fees and order stabling etc.

Fees must then be paid by 1st May (Definite entry date) in order to secure your place. Please contact the EGB office if you have any questions.’



CLOCKS go forward this weekendCLOCKS go forward this weekend - (Published:26 March 2015)

Sunday, 29 March 2015, 01:00:00 clocks are turned forward 1 hour so it becomes 
Sunday, 29 March 2015, 02:00:00 local daylight time instead

********* Make sure you change your alarms, don't be late for Ravendale *******

Leicestershire and Rutland Social Ride on 12th AprilLeicestershire and Rutland Social Ride on 12th April - (Published:23 March 2015)

This ride, starting from Home Farm at Peatling Parva near Lutterworth will have options of 5 miles, 7.5 miles and 14 miles and the entry fee is £7 for EGB members and £15 for non members.  Please see the Leicestershire and Rutland website for further information and an entry form.


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NEW Level 1 UKCC course to be held in South YorkshireNEW Level 1 UKCC course to be held in South Yorkshire - (Published:23 March 2015)

We are delighted to announce our first UKCC Level One course to be run in conjunction with Sport Structures.


If you wish to find out more or book a place please follow this link 

Your local county sporting partnership often offers bursaries for Level 1 course please check out their website.

Places on this course are limited to 8 candidates so please don't delay if you are thinking of attending.  Please note that the cost includes all fees including assessment day.  Accommodation costs are additional. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Julie Martin, but do be aware that we can no longer take bookings for courses - all bookings are now done via Sport Structures.”

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A Brief History of the Golden Horseshoe RideA Brief History of the Golden Horseshoe Ride - (Published:20 March 2015)

There are records of a few organised ‘Long Distance Rides’ before the Second World War – one of which was organised by Country Life and Riding Magazine in 1938.

However, this emerging sport appears to have come to a standstill until the summer of 1965, when the British Horse Society ran its first Golden Horseshoe Ride on Exmoor, promoted by author Ronald Duncan and Colonel Mike Ansell, and sponsored by the Sunday Telegraph. The idea was so popular that organisers had to close entries a month early, having reached the limit of 110 entrants.

The route was linear, starting at Malmsmead, and finishing at Mr Duncan’s home in Welcombe, Devon.

There were no markers, and riders had to find their own way, including navigating across ‘The Chains’ with the help of several local people riding Exmoor ponies.

There was also no minimum speed and one couple were seen to have their own chauffeured car following them on the roads, enabling them to stop for a picnic on the way.

At the finish, Glenda Spooner and John Oaksey were waiting to check the horses to ensure that they were in good condition, and all who completed at 6mph or above received a gold-painted horseshoe.


The Golden Horseshoe Ride was born, and organisers and participants agreed that it was a really good test of a horse’s fitness, and rider’s horsemanship.

Originally, the event moved to a different location each year, including Brighton and Yorkshire, until 1974 when it returned to Exmoor permanently, and became based in Exford.

The ride became more ‘organised’ with routes being marked first of all with  painted horseshoes fixed on poles, and later by Jim Collins of the Exmoor National Park Authority with flags made out of fertiliser bags, which ‘marched across the moor’ to give excellent visibility (except for when the Exmoor mist descended!). 

Rules also became more stringent, with speeds of 8mph or above required to achieve a Gold award. Vetting procedures also advanced to ensure that the horses were protected from abuse.

Today we have seven competitive classes to choose from, and the ride is a far cry from that first 50 mile competition. Can you imagine going on an Endurance Ride over Exmoor without any markers? Or having a picnic on the way? In 1965 there were also no vets, no RAYNET communications, no St John Ambulance on standby, and certainly none of the amenities that are now taken for granted at any Endurance Ride.

The riders on that first Golden Horseshoe Ride were certainly pioneers in our sport.

Check out the Golden Horseshoe website for news of this year's ride.

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The Royal Windsor Horseshow FEI 2* is now open for entriesThe Royal Windsor Horseshow FEI 2* is now open for entries - (Published:19 March 2015)

Entries are now open for the Windsor FEI 2* ride. The schedule is now available on the FEI website and the GBR entries need to be submitted on the International Ride Entry form V2015, downloadable from the EGB website.


All GBR horses and riders must be members of EGB and registered with the FEI.

Please note submission of your entry does not necessarily mean that your entry has been accepted as there may have to be a ballot if the number of entries exceeds the total acceptable.

For more details please see the schedule.


Due to fertilizer treatment on the venue field, RO Jane Holdsworth has had to find an alternative site and the new venue will be the Didmarton Point to Point course.  This will be clearly signed on the day and more details will be available next week.

Also more HELPERS are urgently needed for the ride, so if you are available, please contact Jane or Kit whose contact details are in the Members' Handbook.

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Crabbet Organisation celebrates Endurance successCrabbet Organisation celebrates Endurance success - (Published:16 March 2015)

The Crabbet Organisation celebrated its first Endurance awards for Crabbet or Crabbet related Arabians who had competed with Endurance GB, SERC or the FEI during 2014, or the young stock graded by the BEF at Futurity events.

In its first year 30 horses applied for the new awards introduced by new committee member Rachael Claridge who herself has a 100% Crabbet Arabian stallion and competed for Team GBR as a Young and Senior rider with Crabbet related gelding Silver Mistrahl. The formula for the pilot awards encouraged Crabbet Organisation members to submit their horses’ endurance master cards or futurity scorecards at the end of the 2014 season. The highest mileage horses were then recognised in the Novice, Open, Advanced and FEI categories.  Special categories were also recognised for Young Riders who had ridden Crabbet or Crabbet related horses during 2014, young stock graded on their potential to become endurance horses and also former committee members were thanked officially for their voluntary contribution.

The Compass Inn's stunning Orangery, near Badminton, Gloucestershire was the venue for the awards held on Saturday 28th February. Forty members travelled from across the country to attend the event which was generously supported by The Pure Feed Company, Ariat Europe, Brinicombe Equine, Verm-x, Blue Chip Feed, Horse Scout and West Kington Stud.

Endurance GB Board member Jo Claridge, AHS President Anne Brown and The Pure Feed Company founder Lou Talintyre presented the awards (follow link to full results). Chair of the Crabbet Committee Natalie Tindall thanked former committee members Susan Hawes, Lindsay Thain, Lynne Humphreys and Suzanne Cruise for their voluntary contribution to the small but international breed society and presented them with an Arabian horse belt buckle.

For details of all results see here


For further information about the 2015 Crabbet Organisation Endurance Achievement Awards or for membership queries please contact or telephone 01454 238942

Rachael Claridge




FEI suspends UAE National FederationFEI suspends UAE National Federation - (Published:12 March 2015)

The FEI Bureau has suspended the National Federation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for an indeterminate period following an investigation by the FEI into major horse welfare issues and non-compliance with FEI Rules and Regulations in the discipline of Endurance.


The Bureau, chaired by FEI President Ingmar De Vos, was unanimous in its decision to suspend the UAE National Federation.


Under the terms of the suspension, which has been imposed immediately, the UAE National Federation may not attend or be represented at any session or meeting of any body of the FEI, may not organise any international events, and its members cannot participate in any international events. However, the Bureau has ruled that UAE athletes from disciplines other than Endurance may compete under the FEI flag in international competitions organised outside the UAE.


The Bureau has clearly outlined to the UAE Federation that any potential reinstatement to FEI membership is dependent on the UAE Federation signing an agreement with the FEI under which the UAE Federation pledges to take such action as the FEI Bureau deems necessary to assure the FEI and all stakeholders that the UAE Federation is protecting the welfare of the horse and complying fully with the FEI Rules and Regulations.


"The decision to suspend a National Federation is not something that is taken lightly and we only should do this if no other remedy can be found,” the FEI President said. “Sadly this was the only option left, but we have to take our responsibility and must never be afraid of tackling major issues head-on. Where horse welfare is concerned the FEI has to show leadership and solve problems in a structural way without making any concessions.


"We were confident that strict enforcement of the new rules implemented on 1 August 2014 following adoption of the recommendations from the Endurance Strategic Planning Group would be effective in reducing the numbers of catastrophic injuries and fatalities in the UAE, but regretfully this has not been the case. There have also been other major non-compliance issues, so in the end we had no other choice than taking this drastic measure to deal with an unacceptable situation.”


As an interim emergency measure to protect horse welfare and preserve the integrity of FEI rules and regulations at FEI events while the FEI Bureau was considering the Executive Board’s recommendations for further action, the Secretary General Sabrina Zeender removed the two remaining Endurance events in the UAE from the FEI calendar two weeks ago, a move that garnered widespread support from National Federations and welfare groups.


The UAE National Federation has been notified of the suspension by the FEI Secretary General today, 12 March 2015. The UAE Federation has 30 days to appeal the suspension to the FEI Tribunal.


Separately, the FEI has requested the Equestrian Community Integrity Unit to conduct a full investigation into allegations of fake events and the duplication of results at FEI Endurance events in the UAE.


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Haywood Oaks - important announcementHaywood Oaks - important announcement - (Published:09 March 2015)

All those interested in entering Haywood Oaks our first FEI event of the 2015 season, please read.


Dear Members

Recently some queries have been raised concerning sponsorship of The Haywood Oaks Ride on 4th April 2015.  Following the suspended negotiations of the sponsorship agreement with Meydan, at this time Haywood Oaks will not be a qualifier  for the Sheikh Mohammed Cup in 2016.


John Hudson

Chairman, Endurance GB

For and on Behalf of the EGB Board


A Training Ride with a difference on Sunday 12th AprilA Training Ride with a difference on Sunday 12th April - (Published:06 March 2015)

Check out the Training Rides section on the right hand side of this page for an interesting event being run by the Cromwell Group - scroll down to the item on the Sissons Farm Ride!

Calling all teams - the Inter Regionals are at Cranwich this yearCalling all teams - the Inter Regionals are at Cranwich this year - (Published:05 March 2015)

CRANWICH (Sheila Parrot Memorial Ride) is on 15th/16th August 2015, it will be host to the Inter Regionals competition organised by Ellie Head and Janetta Haverson. All Group teams are welcome to this competition.


(Photos by Mandy Yarnold)



Aims and objectives


1] To create teams with a balanced cross section of all members and participants from within the Groups


2] To encourage participation from all ages and levels of experience

3] To produce a Championship, a Major Event in the ride calendar


Proposals and reasoning


The event will take place over two days, longer distances and CER’s on the first day and shorter distance GER’s on the second.

Team members can support each other and learn from those more experienced.
The Team should ideally include juniors/young riders and Para Riders.
A maximum of 12 horse/riders form a team. The same horse may not compete in more than one class.


A maximum of two Groups may combine to field a team.


This event will give riders at all levels, experience of competing within a Team environment.   They will be riding within a protected, secure competition where they can benefit from the support and encouragement of their Chef d’Equip and more experienced Team members.
Team training events should be encouraged by all the participating Groups for maximum benefits.  


The Inter-Regional Championship also provides an opportunity for Selectors and Chef to see up and coming talent that can be encouraged to progress to Home International and eventually International Teams.

Please see the Inter Regionals page for details of classes and criteria.



Let the Games begin – ENJOY!                                                      February 2015  



Hugh Salmon - a celebration of his lifeHugh Salmon - a celebration of his life - (Published:01 March 2015)

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that Hugh Salmon passed away late last week.  He was the gentle giant of endurance in this country  and gave so much to our sport.


His jovial but professional manner as a vet will be greatly missed.  Our thoughts are with his wife Ruth and his sons David and Charlie at this very sorrowful time.

Hugh has requested no formal funeral wear ie black tie.  Please wear colour,
as bright as you like.  Ladies lovely outfits please.

Donations in lieu of flowers to Papworth hospital charity. Again you can either contact them direct
for details on how to donate or we will be taking cheques and cash on the
day and information will be on the order of service for bacs payments.

Please find the following information regarding the date for Hugh's
celebration of life.

Saturday 14th, 10am at East Budleigh Crematorium

If you have a look at their website you can find directions and any other
information you need.

After we will be returning to Throwleigh Village Hall to start his wake.
Refreshments will be provided.  There is a lovely pub, the Northmoor Arms,
that is expecting those who want to stay on to continue the celebration.
This pub has been particularly significant and important to us both and we
have had some of our funniest times there.


Update on the Meydan sponsorship negotiationsUpdate on the Meydan sponsorship negotiations - (Published:28 February 2015)

We regret to inform you that, after much deliberation, taking into account the recent announcement by the FEI and following consultation with the BEF, the Board of Endurance GB has decided that the sponsorship negotiations with Meydan will be suspended until further notice. 

This has been an extremely difficult decision but we believe, in view of the current national and international sensitivities and pressures surrounding the sport of endurance, it would not now be in Endurance GB’s interests to enter into a sponsorship agreement at this time. 


As a consequence of this decision, we are unable to proceed with the three rides scheduled for Euston Park in 2015. 


I hope you will understand and respect our decision which has not been taken lightly. We will be looking at ways to try and deliver at least some of our exciting plans to improve the sport of endurance for all Members, although without sponsorship this will be a significant challenge. However this does not affect our normal activities which will continue to offer a wide range of local, national and international rides at all levels throughout England and Wales.


Best regards




John Hudson

Chairman EGB

For and on Behalf of the EGB Board

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FEI removes UAE international Endurance events from official calendarFEI removes UAE international Endurance events from official calendar - (Published:26 February 2015)

Following the first meeting of the new FEI Executive Board, chaired by recently elected President Ingmar De Vos, Secretary General Sabrina Zeender has removed the two remaining international Endurance events scheduled to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in March 2015 from the FEI calendar in an emergency measure to protect horse welfare and to preserve the integrity of the FEI rules and regulations at FEI events.

The move follows a mandate from the FEI Bureau to the Executive Board to urgently investigate horse welfare issues and non-compliance with FEI rules and regulations in the UAE. The Executive Board will now finalise its recommendations to the Bureau. 


“We have made this our top priority and will make our conclusions as speedily as possible so that the recommendations can be presented to the Bureau for urgent consideration”, the FEI President said after the meeting, which was held at FEI Headquarters in Lausanne (SUI).


The Executive Board meeting was attended by the FEI President, 1st Vice President and Chair of the Jumping Committee John Madden (USA), 2nd Vice President and Chair of FEI Regional Group VII HE Sheikh Khalid Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa (BRN), Chair of the Dressage Committee Frank Kemperman (NED), Chair of the Athletes’ Committee Maria Gretzer (SWE), and FEI Secretary General Sabrina Zeender (SUI). Luiz Roberto Giugni (BRA), Chair of FEI Regional Group VI, was unable to attend due to meetings in Brazil on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


The Endurance Rules were strengthened last year specifically to protect and promote horse welfare following recommendations from the Endurance Strategic Planning Group. The widely supported measures include additional dope testing, injury surveillance and reporting, athlete penalties for equine injuries, and extended rest periods. Other measures increase the responsibility and accountability of riders, trainers and officials, as well as steps to address any conflicts of interest.


Notes to Editors:

The removal of international events from the FEI calendar is covered in the FEI General Regulations. Article 112 states: "The Secretary General shall have the authority to remove any Competition and/or Event from the Calendar if justified circumstances relating to a Competition or the Event are established."

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HORSE WELFARE - a statement by Endurance GBHORSE WELFARE - a statement by Endurance GB - (Published:12 February 2015)

 I know that, like me and the entire Board, many EGB members are distressed by the recent reports and photographs of the injuries to Splitters Creek Bundy at the Al Reef Cup in Abu Dhabi that are in circulation.  These images have shocked us all.

I would like to reassure Members that Endurance GB continues to maintain and promote the highest standards of horse welfare in Great Britain. We have also introduced additional controls to further safeguard welfare, to protect the integrity of endurance and that of EGB, all of which are of paramount importance.


We are committed to encouraging the highest possible standards of horse welfare throughout the equestrian community and in all parts of the world. 

On this basis the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has agreed to write to the FEI expressing our concerns, at our request.


John Hudson

Chairman, Endurance GB


Website Performance Monday 2-Feb-2015Website Performance Monday 2-Feb-2015 - (Published:02 February 2015)

Our apologies for the slow running and loss of service this evening. This was due to a server reset and there should be no further problems.

SUNDAY is the day!SUNDAY is the day! - (Published:30 January 2015)

On Sunday 1st February, all 2014 members who have not renewed will be marked as lapsed.


Lapsed members do not have access to the members area or the Forum.

However when you do rejoin there is no joining fee if you were a full member last year.

Endurance GB is also pleased to announce that more than 1000 members have joined/rejoined for 2015 - this exceeds the total for 2014!

We are also pleased to announce that young riders and juniors will receive a discount for all ride entries and can join as associate members at a reduced rate!


FEI CLEAN SPORT - Update 25th JanuaryFEI CLEAN SPORT - Update 25th January - (Published:27 January 2015)

 The FEI have released an update regarding Clean Sport on January 25th. The information is of interest to all riders and their horses.


Please see Clean Sport for the full details.

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Withdrawal of Riding Hat Standard BS EN 1384 – What does it all mean?Withdrawal of Riding Hat Standard BS EN 1384 – What does it all mean? - (Published:13 January 2015)

Some of you may have heard that the EU Commission has withdrawn the European Equestrian Riding Hat Standard (BS) EN 1384. This was because the old standard was due for an update but members of committee failed to agree on a new specification so the standard had to be withdrawn before the Official Journal of the European Union is published any time now.


Manufacturers who rely on BS EN 1384 as a standard will now need to have their helmets re-certified to the CE mark using a different standard.


A new standard is currently in development but no date has been given for its implementation, however once a hat has been manufactured to a standard it does not become unsafe and non standard once the standard has been withdrawn.


What does this all mean ?

Basically the removal of the standard withdraws the presumption of conformity for the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) directive so therefore hat manufacturers can no longer use  BSEN 1384 as their reference for CE certification and without that there can be no CE mark on the product.


However the good news is that there are still a wide range of CE marked Riding Hats that use other standards to obtain this mark, namely hats manufactured to PA015, ASTM F1163 and Snell 2001 standards.


How does this effect me?

Basically at the moment there is no need to do anything as hats that have been manufactured to the old standard are still current and safe.

If you have a hat that is manufactured to PAS 015, ASTM F1163 or Snell 2001 then your hat is still CE certified and will be in the future.


As far as Performance Equestrian hats are concerned all our Troxel, Tipperary and Zilco hats are currently CE cerified under the ASTM F1163 standard as well as the now deleted BS EN 1364.


Thank you to Steve Beresford at Performance Equestrian for this information. He has also kindly offered to try and answer any queries you may have - if you contact him on 01933 624624 he will try and help.



FEI appoints Endurance Independent Governance AdvisorsFEI appoints Endurance Independent Governance Advisors - (Published:10 January 2015)

The FEI has named three Independent Governance Advisors (IGAs), with the first due to start work this weekend. FEI 4* judge Roderick Fisher (GBR) will be the first IGA to attend an Endurance event in this new role, travelling to the CEI 3* Dubai (UAE) tomorrow, 10 January.

The IGAs were created following the recommendations of the Endurance Strategic Planning Group (ESPG). The IGAs will travel to CEIs and provide a detailed report to the FEI on the organisation of the competitions, the venue and the course, and the performance of the on-site officials. The IGA will also suggest areas for improvement if required. 

The two other IGAs named by the FEI are Carlos Ponferrada (ESP) and Maurizio Stecco (ITA). The three Advisors have been appointed for a period of two years. In accordance with FEI Endurance Rules, during this period they cannot accept any other FEI officiating positions. 

The IGAs will be travelling to selected events throughout the year. 

“The FEI is diligently proceeding with the implementation of the recommendations made by the Endurance Strategic Planning Group,” FEI President Ingmar De Vos commented. “All three Independent Governance Advisors are highly experienced officials and I am confident that their input will be extremely valuable and will be beneficial for the entire discipline.”


Media contacts:

Grania Willis

Director Press Relations

+41 78 750 61 42



Changes to the World Anti-Doping Code for 2015Changes to the World Anti-Doping Code for 2015 - (Published:08 January 2015)

Changes to the World Anti-Doping Code for 2015 came into effect on 1 January 2015. It is critical that all athletes (competing at both a national and international level) and their support personnel and partners appreciate that the anti-doping system applies to them and ensure that they are fully aware of the changes made in the 2015 Code


The document of Key Changes to the 2015 Code is housed on the UK Anti-Doping 2015 Code microsite; to visit the site here


It is extremely important that you update yourself on the changes by visiting the site.  

You are solely responsible for banned substances for any banned substance you use or attempt to sue or is found in your system regardless of how it got there and whether there was an intention to cheat or not.

The minimum sanction for deliberate cheating is now 4 years and there is less leniency for carelessness – you are more likely to receive a 2 year ban for inadvertent doping.

 There are two new Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRV) to be aware of: 

New ADRV: Complicity - If you help to cover up, are involved in, or support someone else to avoid being detected for an ADRV, you may be banned

New ADRV: Prohibited Association - If you ‘associate’ with a person such as a coach, doctor or physio who is either banned for doping, or has been sanctioned in some other way for similar behaviour, you will be required to stop that association. If you refuse, then you may be banned


Key information for athletes, including a breakdown of the key World Anti-Doping Code Changes can be located here


UKAD have pulled together a useful Frequently Asked Questions document, which highlights key changes and the implementation timeline, the FAQs can be found here 

The Code is frequently revised to better protect clean athletes around the world; it is the internationally agreed set of anti-doping rules that apply to all athletes, in all countries that are Signatories to the Code.


Further information can be found here or if you have a general enquiry, please contact UKAD

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Wessex Progression AwardsWessex Progression Awards - (Published:07 January 2015)

There have been very few claims for Wessex Progression and First 80km Awards this year - if you have forgotten to claim yours and are coming to the Wessex Awards Dinner on Saturday, please contact Liz Hinings by email before 9:00pm on Friday - details on the Who's Who page of the Wessex website.


An Update from The Board of Endurance GBAn Update from The Board of Endurance GB - (Published:06 January 2015)

A majority of Endurance GB’s Members have voted ‘Yes’ in the recent ballot regarding proceeding with a proposed sponsorship agreement with Meydan.

The overall turnout was 55.2% (1010 Members), with 56.4% (570) votes in favour of accepting the sponsorship, with 40.1% (405) against and 3.5% (35) abstentions.


The Board of EGB will therefore proceed to contract discussions with Meydan.


The proposed agreement, which offers benefits for all levels of the EGB Membership, will enhance EGB’s ability to realise its long term strategy and vision: to enable more people and horses at all levels to enjoy the sport of endurance to the highest standard of excellence.

For more information please Login to the members area.


John Hudson

Chairman EGB

Endurance GB Board


Endurance GB Statement Endurance GB Statement - (Published:19 September 2015)

The investigation into the horse fatality following the Hexhamshire Trophy Ride has been concluded. The findings were that Ijaaz suffered a freak accident, the details of which have now been communicated to the Board.

Following communications from some concerned members, EGB will be reviewing its processes and rules. However, any review will not be a direct result of the findings of the investigation or the incident in question. Any proposed changes will be discussed and put forward to the members at the Annual General Meeting in November.


The original venue for Tresham has recently been fertilized and is not available to use, so Jane has secured the Didmarton Point to Point course as an alternative.  Access to the new venue will be clearly signed and there will be further details from Jane next week.

Also more helpers are urgently required for this ride, so please contact either Jane or Kit, whose contact details are in the Members' Handbook.

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