Pen Ddol Y Gader
**Hosting the Welsh Championship**
31st August & 1st September

Hosting Welsh Championships - (Published:04 March 2019)
The South and West Wales group are pleased to announce that Pen Ddol Y Gader will be hosting the Welsh Championships. This is an 80k GER open to advanced and open horses. The winner will be decided on performance formula.
An exciting new sponsor will be announced soon!
Accomodation - (Published:01 March 2019)
You can book your stabling, camping and corralling direct with venue owners Tim and Vicky (07790001840). Plenty of space there and proper Loo's!
Vicky will be catering both days, there is also a BBQ on Saturday evening so bring some food along and you can join in the fun :)
Wild pony stallion - (Published:28 February 2019)
The wild pony stallion that caused a few people an issue in 2016 has been removed from the mountain for the ride. So fear not, he won't be lurking anywhere!
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Ride reviews

“The marking is reassuringly good. You get a wonderful combination of woods and wide open space and a sense of uncluttered freedom in a lovely part of the world”. (Piers Geddes)

“Thanks a lot for putting on the ride, it was a long haul for us from Milton Keynes but an absolutely fantastic experience for my novice horse. Loved the BBQ on Saturday. (Rebecca Parsler)”