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We will be posting the trophies and rosettes to the winners and runners up of each class in the next couple of days.

Once again, our thanks go to Paul Simmons and the Zayin Arabian Stud for the sponsorship of the Phoenix Pairs this year.


Place Bib Horse Rider Speed Pulse Grade PF SCORE
1st 102 Sabi Waseem David Hawes 10.3 56 C 18.93
103 Remynisce Susan Mary Hawes 10.3 60 C 17.67
TOTAL 36.60
2nd 109 Ty Shute Meadow Sarah Jayne Bishop 10.5 50 FAIL 0.00
110 Hia Zimbabwe Rachel Anna Smith 10.4 40 4 27.00
TOTAL 27.00


Place Bib Horse Rider Speed Pulse Grade PF SCORE
1st 116 Muromets Aladja Maria Baverstock 12.9 54 4 29.26
113 Bey Sharim Anya Langmead 12.9 50 4 31.60
TOTAL 60.86
2nd 112 Kachine Carrie Francis 12.0 52 C 26.92
117 Tresmeake Bay Megan Seedhouse 12.0 48 4 29.17
TOTAL 56.09
3rd 114 El Borann Helen Mary Newton 11.7 46 3 29.13
120 Blue Karmacan Tam Russell 11.7 50 4 26.80
TOTAL 55.93


Place Bib Horse Rider Speed Pulse Grade PF SCORE
1st 125 G L Destiny's Angel Janthea Newman 11.3 44 1 32.44
126 S C Soraya Cree Alex Newman 11.3 61 C 23.93
TOTAL 56.37
2nd 121 Psymitar Sarah G A Ollis FAIL 0
123 Blue Eyes Sue Soame 11.3 62 C 23.55
TOTAL 23.55



Place Bib Horse Rider Speed Pulse Grade PF SCORE
1st 156 Charterlands Stilton Philippa Verry 10.2 48 2 25.83
157 Charterlands Melitta Charity Edwards 10.2 48 2 25.83
TOTAL 51.76
2nd 139 Khartoum With A K Nikki Malcolm 9.2 36 1 28.89
164 Akala Shaheen Nathan Sweeney 9.2 48 4 21.67
TOTAL 50.56
3rd 155 Freedom Lucy Hernaman 9.1 46 3 22.17
159 Barton's Urchin Cathy Hernaman 9.1 38 1 26.84
TOTAL 49.01
4th 131 Elenora Maxine L Golledge 10.2 56 C 18.57
132 Hs Cicero Ellie Byrne 10.2 48 2 21.67
TOTAL 40.24

Pleasure Rides: Class 6 - 20 miles and Class 7 - 10 miles, in support of the Devon Air Ambulance

The Organisers are delighted to confirm that there are two Pleasure Ride classes available, where a share of the entry fee will be donated to the Devon Air Ambulance.

Class 6: 34km (20 miles)

A beautifully scenic route over Lype Common and then down to WImbleball Lake using mostly private land that can only be ridden at the Phoenix Ride.

Entry Fee: £31.00

(20% discount for 13 yo & under, 10% discount for 21 yo & under)

Class 7: 16km (10 miles)

A shorter route compared to Class 6, but equally scenic over Lype Common and Kennisham Hill.

Entry Fee: £26.00

(20% discount for 13 yo & under, 10% discount for 21 yo & under)

Refreshments will be available at the venue.

You can enter in one of two ways:

Register with Endurance GB (FoC) by clicking here and enter online


EMAIL us for an entry form at Organiser and we will take the payment for the entry over the phone

Stabling List now available - (Published:28 June 2019)

A list of stabling is now available as a download; click here.

Further stabling is available by contacting the organisers.

Change of ride date confirmed - (Published:20 April 2019)

It has been necessary to change the date of the Phoenix Ride to a week later than advertised.

It will now be held on Sunday 4th August 2019.

It has emerged during the last month that the original date clashed with a 4x4 vehicle event adjacent to the route.

About this Website

More information is available below (on the home page) under the following headings:


  • Ride Date, Location and Thanks
  • Support of the Devon Air Ambulance
  • Opening and Closing Dates for Entries
  • Route and Route Map
  • Riding for Non-Members (Classes 5, 6 and 7)
  • Venue, Stabling, Camping and Corralling
  • Phoenix Pairs Competition

If you have any questions about the ride then please contact us.  Jane & John will be more than happy to answer any question, describe the route or just have a chat about the event.

Ride Date, Location and Thanks

The Phoenix Ride will be held on Sunday 4th August 2019.

The venue is at Treborough Hill Cross Country Course, postcode TA23 0LG (do not follow signposts to Treborough Village).  The OS Grid Reference on Landranger Map No 181 is ST006352 or Long/Lat N 51o 6´ 23” W 3o 25´ 17”.  The venue is four miles east of Wheddon Cross on the B3224.  The best junction to exit the M5 is number 25 to Taunton and then follow the A358, turning left on to the B3224 just after Bishops Lydeard.  The venue will be signposted as it is approached on the B3224 from both directions.

The Organisers wish to thank all the landowners over whose land the ride runs.  Over 70% of the route is on private land, so without their cooperation the ride would not be possible.

Finally, our sincere gratitude goes to the volunteers and other workers that all come together to help run this ride year after year - your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Opening and Closing Dates for Entries

If you like what you see on the website and want to enter, then online entries are open already and will remain open until midnight on Monday 22nd July 2019 inclusive, with late entries being available online until midnight on Monday 29th July 2019 with a late entry fee of £10 per entry being due.  Online entries are available by clicking On-Line Entries.


We very much prefer entries online but postal entries are available to everyone and will be accepted when postmarked dated on or before Monday 22nd July 2019, with no late entries by post.  An entry form is available from the Downloads page.  Sadly we cannot accept ANY entries on the day.

Route and Route Map

The route consists of three loops which combine to make up the required class distances:

  • A 34km loop south of the venue, to Wimbleball Lake
  • A 31km loop north of the venue, to Croydon Hill
  • A 16km loop west of the venue to Kennisham Hill

The 65km graded class takes in the northern loop, returning to the venue for mid-ride vetting and then goes out over the southern loop.  The 42km graded classes combine the southern and northern loops without returning to the venue.  The 34km graded classes ride the southern loop to Wimbleball Lake.  The 34km Pleasure Ride class also uses the Wimbleball Lake loop whilst the 16km class uses the Kennisham Hill loop.

The route map  for this year is available from the Downloads page.

Riding for Non-Members (Classes 5, 6 and 7)

Non-members of Endurance GB are welcome to join in the fun at The Phoenix Ride.  There are two Pleasure Ride classes to choose from, as follows:

Class 6 is a 34km (20 miles) circular route to Wimbleball Lake, much of it over private land that you would otherwise not be able to ride.

Class 7 is a 16km (12 miles) circular route to Kennisham Hill.

The entry fee for Pleasure Rides for non-members of Endurance GB is £28, with a share of the profits being donated to the Devon Air Ambulance.

Online Entries

We very much prefer online entries to the pleasure rides please; click here to display some tips on how to register with EGB as a Supporter free of charge and then enter a Pleasure Ride at Phoenix.

Postal Entries

If you would prefer to enter by post then an entry form can downloaded by clicking here for the downloads page or can be emailed to you by contacting the organisers.  Alternatively send an SAE to the organisers so that an entry form can be posted to you.  The entry form can be copied as many times as you like.

Class 5

Non-members can also compete in Class 5, the 34km Graded Endurance Ride, provided that they are either riding a horse registered with EGB for the current season by an EGB member, OR if they sign up to the free "Try Before You Buy" scheme. Click on TBYB for more details of this scheme.

If you have any questions about riding at the Phoenix Ride for non-members then contact the organisers - we are here to help.

Venue, Stabling, Camping and Corralling

The venue for The Phoenix Ride is on Treborough Common by kind permission of the owners of the land, Sarah and Mike Weatherlake.  It is situated on the east side of Exmoor, about 25 miles west of Taunton on the B3224 to Wheddon Cross, Long/Lat N 51o 6´ 23” W 3o 25´ 17”, OS Map 181, Grid Reference ST006352.  This venue provides easy access from the road and ample parking for both trailers and lorries of any size.

Stabling is available at local establishments close to the venue.  A list of stabling and accommodation is available from the Downloads page. 

Separate camping and corralling areas will be designated at the venue.  Camping charges are £5 per night per lorry, trailer or tent.  Corralling charges are £5 per horse per night.  The venue is totally enclosed with fencing and hedges.  Campers should ensure that all gates leading out of the venue are closed at all times until the beginning of the ride so that any loose horse does not escape.  Portable toilets will be available on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

One word of warning!  Treborough Common is open and fairly high (1,250 feet), so the weather can be "interesting".  If sleeping under canvas, then tents should be of good quality.  Bring waterproof clothing and of course the barbeque!  On a clear day the views are breath-taking.

The Zayin Arabian Stud Phoenix Pairs Competition

As usual we are running the Phoenix Pairs competition again, which is open to pairs of combinations in Classes 1 to 5.

Pairs can only declare on the morning of the ride (by completing a simple form either on the day or by downloading it from the downloads page).  Both members of the pair must be entered in the same class.  Pairs have the option of riding together or separately.  We will be flexible on start times if you have been given different ones in your information pack.  The results of the competition will be determined using the Performance Formula.  Both combinations must complete successfully in order to be eligible for the awards.

The results of the Phoenix Pairs Competition will be announced on the website by Tuesday 6th August 2019 at the latest.