To see a detailed map of the Phoenix Ride route, please download the Route Map from the Downloads page.


The route for Class 2 is ridden as one 42km loop without returning to the venue.  The route is now described in two parts.


Part 1: Croydon Hill


From the venue the route heads east and then north to Treborough, joining the Coleridge Way near Court Farms.  It then turns east down through Langridge Wood and up a fairly steep climb to Felon's Oak.  It then turns west to cross a road at Checkpoint 3..  The route continues west to Monkham Hill and then north round the edge of Rodhuish Common, where there are beautiful views to the East.  The route then diverges from the 65km route by turning left, taking a track down hill to Churchtown.   The route then turns south again up the steep climb to the top of Colly Hill and west over Lype Common to Checkpoint 1 adjacent to the B3224.


Part 2: Wimbleball Lake


From Checkpoint 1 the riders cross the road, head south and then east to Gupworthy Farm over private land.  Having turned south for a short stretch on the road, the route bypasses Withiel Florey, again over private land, down through a picturesque valley.  The path then runs adjacent to the banks of Wimbleball Lake (but not too close!) and on to Checkpoint 2 just west of the Lake.


Having left the lake, the route turns north, once again on a private track in Kings Brompton Forest and back to a bridleway which in turn leads to the road to Kennisham Hill, returning to Checkpoint 1 by the B3324.  The route returns to the venue over the Newcombe Farm and Langham Farm Estates.