New endurance competition for ex-racehorses and free Club Membership

Endurance GB and Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) have launched a new endurance competition for 2016 aimed at pleasure riders. The competition is designed to introduce ex-racehorses to riding in some of the country’s most beautiful places at lower speeds and distances than the competitive rides, so it gives the horse some real brain food as part of a holistic retraining programme. 





What's the Competition?

Pleasure Rides will count towards the new Retraining of Racehorses national trophy, the distance over which a combination should compete must be between 10km and 35km with a completion speed between 8 and 12kph (5 and 7.5mph). Only Pleasure Rides at national rides can be counted. Points towards the trophy will be accumulated for each Pleasure Ride successfully completed. The horse must be passed as sound at the beginning and end of the ride. 

A maximum of ten national Pleasure Rides may be entered in any one season.

On registration you will receive notice of your EGB Club Membership number and password by email and an Event Results Card in the post on which the Pleasure Ride results will be recorded at each event.

More information can be found here. 

ROR Elite Endurance Award

When you are ready to progress there is the RoR Elite Endurance Performance Award/Trophy in association with Endurance GB (EGB) which in 2016 will offer a first prize of £2,500 and a second prize of £500.

To qualify your horse must have raced in GB and be registered with RoR and Endurance GB. The horse must be ridden by an EGB member.  To encourage competition, all previous winners (1st placed horses) from the RoR series 2010 onwards will no longer be eligible to win 1st place in the same competition in subsequent years.

All Graded Endurance Rides and Competitive Endurance Rides listed in the official Endurance GB Ride Programme for the current year are eligible to count towards the Trophy.

More info available here. 

Getting Started with EGB

Endurance GB offers a over 100 competitive rides and even more pleasure rides during the riding season. Going to your first ride can be daunting, but worry not, there is always someone who will offer assistance and guidance. For some tips on getting started and going to your first ride please click here. 

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Retraining a Racehorse for Endurance

What’s in it For the Competitor?

Owners of racehorses registered with Retraining of Racehorses can now become a Club Member of Endurance GB free of charge. As a result, they will be able to enter Pleasure Rides at any of the hundred Endurance GB endurance events throughout the country at members rates.

(Lorna Kidson and Jack Dawson - winners of the ROR Elite Endurance Trophy 2013)

Why an ex-racehorse excels at endurance

The thoroughbred typically has bags of stamina, a very low heart rate when fit, is used to travelling long distances to an event and is brought up from an early age to understand the routines of every day handling, shoeing, clipping and has good stable manners. The ex-racehorse will have trained in a string and will love riding out in company, which is why pleasure rides are perfect for them. Most Pleasure Riders work at trot with short canters but there’s no shame in a leisurely stroll either if that’s where your horse is up to in its’ retraining programme.  

(Anna Collins and Diamond Destiny)

The Challenges of Re-Training

The challenge in retraining an ex-racehorse for any discipline, especially endurance include teaching them to ride in a rhythm or cadence that works them efficiently and simple schooling manoeuvres that will get you safely through a gate, being tied to a trailer rather than attended to in a wagon or standing still whilst you get on. 

When introduced to endurance, they can be a little uncertain of their surroundings as they will probably not have seen muddy puddles, low hanging branches or uneven terrain but they soon get the hang of it and seem grateful that they have a new job and the freedom to enjoy themselves. 

Thoroughbreds also tend to be a little taller than the average endurance horse so being able to re-mount on course is useful but there’s usually a friendly person willing to open a gate for you if needed. 


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