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Results for Red Dragon 2016

The trophy and class results for Red Dragon 2016 have now been published on this website.

The results for all the trophies are shown below on the home page.

The individual class results are shown under the "Entries/Results" tab above.

Please note that the class results are yet to be ratified by the EGB office and are subject to change following ratification.

Trophy Results for Red Dragon 2016 - see Entry/Results tab for individual class results on each day
Trophy Winner / Placings Comment
Trophies in order of presentation
The British Horse Feeds' Little Dragon 14 starters
1st: Evermore Artistic ridden by Carina Kane 13.96 kph; 12 months supply of feed presented by British Horse Feeds
2nd: Golden Dream ridden by Sam Mowatt 13.96 kph, 6 months supply of feed presented by British Horse Feeds
3rd: Firebird ridden by Abigail Chisholm 13.92 kph, 6 months supply of feed presented by British Horse Feeds
4th: Ben Shah ridden by Rachel Judson 13.56 kph
5th: Cha Cha Cha by Fiona Griffiths 12.82 kph
6th: Loti Du Caussanel ridden by Robert Newall 12.82 kph
7th: Penny Clawd ridden by Belinda Stewart 12.34 kph
8th: Burfield Goodie Two Shoes ridden by Katie Bedwin 12.21 kph
9th: Sakeena Sky Zayin ridden by Paul Simmons 12.09 kph
10th: My Marco ridden by Amy Theodorou 12.09 kph
11th: Sachiya ridden by Mary Stubbs 11.06 kph
12th: Kyneton Poppers ridden by Jess Smith 10.25 kph
13th: Penhwnllys Seline De Mon ridden by Helen Barrett 10.25 kph
Best Condtion in the The British Horse Feeds' Little Dragon Firebird ridden by Abigail Chisholm Headcollar presented by Pioneer Endurance
Pioneer Endurance Handling and Presentation Award for The British Horse Feeds' Little Dragon My Marco and Amy Theodorou Photo, puzzle and Dragon presented by Allan Quinney
Best Shod in the The British Horse Feeds' Little Dragon Ben Shah ridden by Rachel Judson Pint mug presented by Hawthorns
Napoleon Welsh Cob Award (Best Welsh Cob) Marl Joclyn ridden by Laura Robinson Bridle presented by Plas Equestrian
Cornrwg Trophy (Best Competitor in Wales) Tricia Hirst riding Vlacq Bronze Image
Gunner Trophy (best pony under 14.0hh) Poppet ridden by Ronald Watt Trophy not collected.
Equi-Trek Red Dragon Team Award 1st: The Unforgetables (656 points) Goodie Bags presented by In The Saddle.
2nd: The Only Way is Wessex (370 points)
3rd: Cotswold Dragon Flies (237 points)
Presceli Cup (Best Junior GER) Annabelle Lyndon Trophy not collected.
Cambrian Cup (Best Novice GER) Jonathan Frances-Scott riding Dalcotes Lakelander Bath Oils presented by Honey Brook. Trophy and prize not collected.
Cariad Cup, Best GER Horse & Pony Psyzan ridden by Penny Rawnsley Trophy not collected.
Cawdor Honey Trophy, The Saddle Exchange Dragon's Egg Sovreign IV ridden by Jessie Lethbridge Stirrups presented by Saddle Exchange. Trophy and prize not collected.
Equi-Trek Dragon's Days Trophy 1st: Ja Noor ridden by Sue Speed Trophy not collected.
2nd: Zamil de Paute Red Dragon fleece presented by Equi-Trek.
TORQ Fitness Dragon's Flame Distance Oasis ridden by Heather Whiteley Trophy and prize collected prior to prize giving. Goodie bag presented by TORQ.
Performance Equestrian Golden Dragon Cup Alison Thorne riding Phoebe Rose
Top Young Rider in the Speedi-Beet Red Dragon or the British Horse Feeds' Little Dragon donated by Equimaze Abbie Chisholm Correcion
Three Laws Equestrian Best Homebred Horse in the Speedi-Beet Red Dragon or the British Horse Feeds' Little Dragon Yawl Hill Maverick ridden by Kirsty Wiscombe To be presented at a later date.
Clarach Bay Cup, winner of the Fibre Beet Dragon's Tail 1st: Mary Stubbs riding Sachiya
2nd: Paul Simmons riding Sakeena Sky Zayin
3rd: Fiona Griffiths riding Cha Cha Cha
The Red Dragon Award for the Speedi-Beet Red Dragon 12 starters
1st: Tricia Hirst riding Vlacq Bronze Image 12.06 kph, 12 months supply of feed presented by British Horse Feeds
2nd: Charis Denham riding The Red Viscount 11.94 kph, 6 months supply of feed presented by British Horse Feeds
3rd: Rachael Cratchley riding Open To Offers 11.57 kph, 6 months supply of feed presented by British Horse Feeds
4th: Kirsty Wiscombe riding Yawl Hill Maverick 10.08 kph
5th: Gillian Mann riding HS Parnasse 10.05 kph
Best Condition in the Speedi-Beet Red Dragon Vlacq Bronze Image ridden by Tricia Hirst Headcollar presented by Pioneer Endurance
 Tyro Award TBA  
Best Shod in the Speedi-Beet Red Dragon The Red Viscount ridden by Charis Denham Pint mug presented by Hawthorns
Pioneer Endurance Handling and Presentation Award for the Speedi-Beet Red Dragon Karen Jones and Treasured Moonbeam Trophy not collected.
Dragon's Staff Award The Royal Welsh Showground Estate Team Trophy collected the following day by prior arrangement.
The British Horse Feeds' Best Crew Award David Hirst

Ride Dates, Location and Thanks

Friday 30th September, Saturday 1st October and Sunday 2nd October 2016.

Please see below for more details of the opening & closing dates for entries.

Builth Wells, Powys, Royal Welsh Show Ground, LD2 3SY, OS Map Nos 147 & 148, Grid Ref SO040520.

The Organisers wish to thank all the landowners over whose land the ride runs; without their cooperation the ride would not be possible.

Thank you to all our sponsors and trade stand exhibitors for their support over the three days of the event.

Finally, our sincere gratitude goes to the army of volunteers and other workers that all come together to help run this ride year after year - your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Title Sponsor - British Horse Feeds

The organisers are pleased to announce that British Horse Feeds have continued their long association with the Red Dragon by agreeing to be Title Sponsor for another two years.  Will I'Anson, Sales Director for British Horse Feeds said “I am so pleased that we are continuing our long association with this prestigious ride.  We look forward to the event continuing to grow and become even more popular as a celebration of endurance riding at all levels”.

British Horse Feeds supplies the Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet products.

British Horse Feeds are not only Title Sponsors but are also supporting the three main classes as follows:



The Speedi-Beet Red Dragon (2 x 80km CER)

The Fibre-Beet Dragon's Tail (80km CER + 42km GER)

The British Horse Feeds' Little Dragon (80km CER)


The prizes for EACH of these classes will be:


1st - A year's supply of feed (Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet vouchers)

2nd - A six month supply of feed (Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet vouchers)

3rd - A six month supply of feed (Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet vouchers)

  We very much welcome the sponsorship and support offered to the Red Dragon Festival of Endurance by British Horse Feeds.  
About this Website

Welcome to the website for the British Horse Feeds' Red Dragon Festival of Endurance.


Below on this home page you will find:

  • The Opening and Closing Dates for Entries
  • Details of the guest speakers for Saturday evening
  • A List of Sponsors and Awards
  • A list of Trade Stands
  • A Summary of the Special Awards
  • Details of Dragon Food and Bar

Under Classes you will find an overview of the classes for each of the three days followed by the rules and scoring methods for each of the Special Classes.

Under Entries and Results you will find the Entries and Results for the ride listed under the three separate days.  We will do our best to update these as regularly as possible, the entries in the run up to the event and the results during the course of the ride, although delays may occur subject to workload!!  We will also post updates on Twitter during the course of the three days.

Under the Ride Info menu item you will find:

 Under the Accom / Catering menu item you will find details of B&B, camping and food at the venue.  There is also a list of offsite B&B, stabling, hotels and self-catering establishments at the bottom of the page, with links to the relevant websites when known.

Under the Merchandise menu item you will find details of the branded clothing that is available either by pre-order for collection at the ride, or for purchase during the weekend.

Under Sponsors you will find additional information about our main sponsors with links to their website(s).  The logos on the right hand side of the home page also link to the relevant website.

Under the Downloads menu item you will find:

  • An Entry Form in Word format
  • An Entry Form in pdf format
  • The route map with distances to each checkpoint
  • A Google Earth image of the venue
  • A diagram of the venue

Postal entries can be made by sending the completed entry form and the appropriate cheque payable to "Endurance GB" to the Entries Secretary, whose address can be found by clicking on Contact Us.

If you have any questions about the British Horse Feeds' Red Dragon then please do Contact Us.  The organisers will be more than happy to answer any question, give advice or just have a chat about the event.

Opening and Closing Dates for Entries



All entries open on Monday  1st August 2016

Postal entries close on Friday 16th September 2016 (postmarked)

Online entries close at 23:59 on Friday 16th September 2016



Late entries are not being accepted, either postal or online, so late entry fees do not apply.


Apologies if these dates seem a little far in advance of the first day of the ride.  The Organisers and Entries Secretary are taking this approach so that we can administer all the entries in time to be able to send out all the information packs on Wednesday 21st September.  In turn this means you will all receive your pack by the weekend BEFORE the event, giving the competitors plenty of time to digest the information and plan their weekend in Wales with their crews and supporters.


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in submitting your entries on time - and please spread the word to your friends who might not look at this website!

Guest Speaker on Saturday Evening - Nikki Alexander

Nikki Alexander is the principal practitioner at Fleximetry and is based locally to the Powys area.

During her presentation on Saturday evening, Nikki will discuss the issues that endurance horses have generally.  She will examine how they might be helped with good warm up routines and look at simple massage techniques that can be of great value at mid-ride and end of ride vet checks.  She will also give some advice on maintenance programmes for the horse between endurance competitions.  This will cover musculoskeletal problems, pathology and the alignment of the “atlas” specifically for the endurance horse.

With an MSc in McTimoney Animal Manipulation she is a qualified and approved McTimoney Animal practitioner.  She is also trained in animal physiotherapy, myofascial release and massage techniques, including Merishia Massage therapy. She has owned, ridden and trained horses for over 40 years.

We look forward to an enthralling and informative presentation from Nikki with the opportunity to ask questions afterwards.


Sponsorship and Awards

We are grateful to the following companies and supporters of the British Horse Feeds' Red Dragon Festival of Endurance for their sponsorship:


British Horse Feeds

Aloeride: Sponsors of the Venue Vet Gate

Performance Equestrian: Sponsors of the Golden Dragon

   TORQ Fitness: Sponsors of the Dragon's Flame

Equi-Trek: Sponsors of the Dragon's Days

  Saddle Exchange: Sponsors of the Dragon’s Egg

"In The Saddle" Dragon's Teams

Prizes are also being donated by ALL OF THE OTHER TRADE STANDS (see separate list of Trade Stands below).



The Pioneer Endurance Presentation and Handling Award will be awarded for the Red Dragon and Little Dragon classes (which also applies to the first part of the Dragon’s Tail).  Presentation and handling will be judged at the initial vetting of both classes on the afternoon of Friday 30th September.

Thanks to everyone for their support.

Trade Stands

The following trade stands have booked space in the main office at the British Horse Feed's Red Dragon Festival of Endurance this year.

Don't forget we also offer free tea & coffee in the Ride Office before, during and after the ride, so come and help yourself and browse the trade stands.  The bar will be open later in the afternoon too!!

British Horse Feeds


Performance Equestrian


Reactorpanel / Saddle Exchange



TORQ Fitness Consultancy


 Aloeride  www.aloeride,com

Hawthorn's Gift Shop

No Website

David Saunders Photography


Equi-Trek Tregaron


Plas Equestrian  www.plas.equestrian.co.uk

Pioneer Endurance


In The Saddle  www.inthesaddle.com
 Honey Brook Animal Supplies No Website

Summary of Special Classes

The four Special Classes listed in the table below are run as separate classes on each day and are recorded on the Mastercard as separate classes:

Class 8  Dragon's Tail Saturday: 80km CER, Sunday: 42km GER
Class 10 Golden Dragon      Saturday: 80km GER, Sunday: 42km GER
Class 1 Dragon's Days Friday: 42km GER, Saturday: 48km GER, Sunday: 36km GER
Class 14    Dragon's Egg Saturday: 42km GER, Sunday: 36km GER.  See note below.

This means that, for example, in the Dragon's Days, a combination can pass the first two individual classes (on Friday and Saturday) and fail the third (on Sunday), but still have the distance and trophy points attributed to them for the first two. However the combination must pass all three classes to be eligible for the Dragon's Days competition.

Dragon's Egg: When entering this class as a NOVICE combination the online entries system will claim that you are not qualified for the class.  Please ignore this message and continue to pay for and therefore enter this class as it is definitely available to NOVICE combinations.

Class 11: The Dragon's Flame (130km GER, 65 + 65)

The Dragon's Flame is a two day class.


Red Dragon's Teams

Dragon's Teams are made up of any four combinations regardless of class but only from those competing in classes on Saturday and Sunday.  Declarations of Teams are to be made by completing a form available from the ride office and can be submitted on the Friday of the event  or at the latest by 9.00am on Saturday.


More Information

More information about the Special Classes can be found on the Classes page.


Dragon Food and Bar

As usual we have made arrangements for the Neuadd Henllan Residential Centre on the Showground to make a two course meal available for Friday and Saturday.


Here is a sample menu (which may vary according to availability):

Beef Carvery

Steak & Kidney Pie


Chicken Curry or Chilli

Brocolli Bake

A selection of sweets


The really good news is that the Neuadd Henllan now has a brand new extension / conservatory at the front of the building that makes much more restaurant space - and it has a bar!!  Photos of the new extension can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on "More Info" on the menu bar.  This year some improvements have also been made to the accommodation.


Meal tickets at £14.00 each or £8.00 for children under 10 years old.  Meal tickets can be purchased in advance only with your entry (not on the day) and should be collected by requesting them from the ride office.

If you are entering the ride online, then you should pay for the required number of meal tickets by entering the correct amount in the “Other Fee” box and specify the number of tickets needed for each night in the “Comments” box.  If you are entering by post, then please enclose a note to indicate the number of tickets for each night.   In both cases please make clear the number required for children (if any).

And yes there will also be a bar open in the main office building (Hafod A Hendre) from 17.00 to 23.00 each day.