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4th, 5th & 6th October 2019

_______________________________________________Important Notice_______________________________________________

Flu Vacc Certificates

Please help us to process your entries to Red Dragon quickly and efficiently by ensuring that you upload your Flu Vacc Certificate at the same time as you make your online entry.

Closing Date for Entries

Please remember that online entries close at midnight on Friday 20th September.  Postal entries must be postmarked on Friday 20th September.

Hosting the Home International, the Celtic Challenge and the

British Horse Feeds' BRC Riding Club Endurance Team Final

Support the Wales Air Ambulance

Click here for more details of how you can enjoy a scenic 25km (15 miles) Pleasure (Fun) Ride on Sunday 6th October

AND help the Wales Air Ambulance.

About this Website

Welcome to the website for the British Horse Feeds' Red Dragon Festival of Endurance.


Below on this home page you will find (just scroll down):

  • News
  • Videos of the Ride
  • Information about the Home International and the British Horse Feeds' BRC Endurance Team Final
  • The Opening and Closing Dates for Entries
  • A statement about Flu Vaccination Certificates
  • Information about off-site Overnight Corralling
  • Information about the Title Sponsor
  • Ride Dates and Location
  • A Summary of the Special Classes
  • A List of Sponsors and Awards
  • A list of Trade Stands
  • Details of Dragon Food and Bar (evening meals served at the venue on Saturday & Sunday)

Under Classes you will find an overview of the classes for each of the three days followed by the rules and scoring methods for each of the Special Classes.

Under Entries and Results you will find the Entries and Results for the ride listed under the three separate days.  We will do our best to update these as regularly as possible, the entries in the run up to the event and the results during the course of the ride, although delays may occur subject to workload!!  We will also post updates on Twitter during the course of the three days.

Under the Ride Info menu item you will find:

 Under the Accom / Catering menu item you will find details of B&B, camping and food at the venue.  There is also a list of offsite B&B, stabling, hotels and self-catering establishments at the bottom of the page, with links to the relevant websites when known.  There is also a list of local pubs and reasonably priced hotels that serve food in the evenings.

Under the Merchandise menu item you will find details of the branded clothing that is available either by pre-order for collection at the ride, or for purchase during the weekend.

The logos on the right hand side of the home page link to the relevant website for our sponsors and supporters.

Under the Downloads menu item you will find:

  • An Entry Form in Word format
  • An Entry Form in pdf format
  • The route map with distances to each checkpoint
  • A Google Earth image of the venue
  • A diagram of the venue

Postal entries can be made by sending the completed entry form and the appropriate cheque payable to "Endurance GB" to the Entries Secretary, whose address can be found by clicking on Contact Us.

If you have any questions about the British Horse Feeds' Red Dragon then please do Contact Us.  The organisers will be more than happy to answer any question, give advice or just have a chat about the event.

Helpers needed for The British Horse Feeds’ Red Dragon Festival! - (Published:11 September 2019)

Once again, the end of the endurance season is approaching, but the British Horse Feeds’ Red Dragon Festival is still to come!! As usual we need a large number of volunteers to run the event; even more this year as we are hosting The Home International, The Celtic Challenge, The Riding Clubs Endurance Team Final and all the usual large range of classes that make Red Dragon an excellent finale to the season.

If you are not planning to ride (but we hope you are!!), then we would be very grateful for your help.  Even if you are planning to ride, then perhaps you might be available for one of the days to assist us, even for a few hours.  There are lots of jobs for which we do not have volunteers at the moment.

Don’t forget that we have trade stands in the main office building (the Hafod-a-Hendre).  There are also two bars and a two-course meal can be provided for Friday and / or Saturday evening.  See the website for more details.  Obviously, we will make sure that you are fed and watered.

Do please email us at john.hudson@ludomino.co.uk or give us a call on 01398 332089 if you can help out; you will be very welcome and your time and effort will be much appreciated.

Rooms available at the Lion Hotel, Builth Wells - (Published:05 September 2019)

Anyone looking for a hotel room?  We have just released half a dozen rooms that we pre-booked at The Lion Hotel at the beginning of the year.  Some are twins, some double - just give them a call on 01982 553132.  The Lion is about a mile from the venue.

Hosting The Home International, the Celtic Challenge and the BHF BRC Endurance Team Final

British Horse Feeds and the Organisers of the Red Dragon Festival of Endurance are extremely pleased to host The Home International and Celtic Challenge on 5th and 6th October 2019.

Click here for details of the Home International and Celtic Challenge.

British Horse Feeds and the Organisers also offer a warm welcome back to the British Horse Feeds' BRC Endurance Team Final on Sunday 6th October.

Click here for details of the British Horse Feeds' BRC Endurance Team Final.

Opening and Closing Dates for Entries



All entries open on Monday  5th August 2019

Postal entries close on Friday 20th September 2019 (postmarked)

Online entries close at 23:59 on Friday 20th September 2019


Late entries are not being accepted, either postal or online, so late entry fees do not apply.


Apologies if these dates seem a little far in advance of the first day of the ride.  The Organisers and Entries Secretary are taking this approach so that we can administer all the entries in time to be able to send out all the information packs on Wednesday 25th September.  In turn this means you will all receive your pack by the weekend BEFORE the event, giving the competitors plenty of time to digest the information and plan their weekend in Wales with their crews and supporters.

We much prefer online entries (click here) but are more than happy to accept postal entries using the special entry form that can be downloaded by clicking here (Word or PDF version).  Click on Contacts for the name & address of the entries secretary.


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in submitting your entries on time - and please spread the word to your friends who might not look at this website!

Flu Vaccination Certificates
Up to date Influenza Vaccination Certificates are required for all horses competing at the event this year.  Copies of the Certificate must be submitted with entry, ideally by uploading it whilst making the entry, or by email or by post to the Entries Secretary.

The Royal Welsh Showground are insisting that we enforce inspection of Certificates rigorously this year so be aware that your entry will not be accepted without a Certificate that is current for the duration of the event. The Showground has reserved the right to undertake spot checks themselves.  Competitors will be asked to remove their horse from the venue immediately if found to have an inadequate Certificate.  The Showground will apply the same regulations as EGB.  The decision of the Organisers and / or the Showground will be final.

Click here to see EGB's Equine Influenza Policy.

Off-Site overnight corralling is available

Overnight corralling is not allowed at the venue.  However there is overnight corralling and camping available at off-site locations that are close to the venue.

Click here to go to the Accommodation and Catering page to view the farms offering overnight corralling, which are highlighted in GREEN in the list.

Title Sponsor - British Horse Feeds

The organisers are pleased to announce that British Horse Feeds have continued their long association with the Red Dragon by agreeing to be Title Sponsor for another two years.  Will I'Anson, Sales Director for British Horse Feeds said “I am so pleased that we are continuing our long association with this prestigious ride.  We look forward to the event continuing to grow and become even more popular as a celebration of endurance riding at all levels”.

British Horse Feeds supplies the Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet products.

British Horse Feeds are not only Title Sponsors but are also supporting the three main classes as follows:



The Speedi-Beet Red Dragon (2 x 80km CER)

The Fibre-Beet Dragon's Tail (80km CER + 42km GER)

The British Horse Feeds' Little Dragon (80km CER)


The prizes for EACH of these classes will be:


1st - A year's supply of feed (Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet vouchers)

2nd - A six month supply of feed (Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet vouchers)

3rd - A six month supply of feed (Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet vouchers)

  We very much welcome the sponsorship and support offered to the Red Dragon Festival of Endurance by British Horse Feeds.
Ride Dates, Location and Thanks

Friday 4th October, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2019.

Please see above for more details of the opening & closing dates for entries.

Builth Wells, Powys, Royal Welsh Show Ground, LD2 3SY, OS Map Nos 147 & 148, Grid Ref SO040520.

The Organisers wish to thank all the landowners over whose land the ride passes; without their cooperation the ride would not be possible.

Thank you to all our sponsors and trade stand exhibitors for their support over the three days of the event.

Finally, our sincere gratitude goes to the army of volunteers and other workers that all come together to help run this ride year after year - your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Summary of the Special Classes

Six Special Classes are listed in the table below:

Class 8  Dragon's Tail Saturday: 80km CER, Sunday: 42km GER
Class 10 Golden Dragon      Saturday: 80km GER, Sunday: 42km GER
 Class 11 Dragon's Flame 130km GER (65+65), Saturday and Sunday
Class 1 Dragon's Days Friday: 42km GER, Saturday: 48km GER, Sunday: 36km GER
Class 14    Dragon's Egg Saturday: 42km GER, Sunday: 36km GER.  See note below.
   Dragon's Teams See below for more details

Dragon's Tail: The 80km CER on Saturday and the 42km GER on Sunday are separate classes and so distance and national trophy points are attributed to each separately.  However, the combination must complete both classes successfully to be eligible for the Dragon's Tail competition.

Golden Dragon: The 80km GER on Saturday and the 42km GER on Sunday are separate classes and so distance and national trophy points are attributed to each separately.  However, the combination must complete both classes successfully to be eligible for the Golden Dragon competition.

Dragon's Flame: A two day class, 65km GER + 65km GER, 130km in total, so both days must be completed successfully for distance and national trophy points to be attributed for the 130km distance.

Dragon's Days: A combination can pass the first class (on Friday) and be eliminated on the second day (on Saturday) - OR - pass the first two individual classes (on Friday and Saturday) and fail the third (on Sunday), but still have the distance and national trophy points attributed for the class or classes that were completed successfully. However, both horse and rider must be qualified to at least OPEN level to enter and the combination must complete all three classes successfully to be eligible for the Dragon's Days competition.

Dragon's Egg: When entering this class as a NOVICE combination the online entries system will claim that you are not qualified for the class.  Please ignore this message and continue to pay for and therefore enter this class as it is definitely available to NOVICE combinations.  However, note that for this particular class horses and riders may only ride at the lowest qualification for the combination, so open / advanced combinations cannot opt to ride at novice levelThe 42km GER on Saturday and the 36km GER on Sunday are separate classes and so distance and national trophy points are attributed to each separately.  However, the combination must complete both classes successfully to be eligible for the Dragon's Egg competition.

Red Dragon's Teams: Dragon's Teams are made up of any four combinations regardless of class but only from those competing in classes on Saturday and Sunday.  Declarations of Teams are to be made by completing a form available from the ride office and can be submitted on the Friday of the event  or at the latest by 9.00am on Saturday.

More Information

More information about the Special Classes can be found on the Classes page.

Details of the Guest Speaker



Sponsorship and Awards

We are grateful to the following companies and supporters of the British Horse Feeds' Red Dragon Festival of Endurance for their sponsorship:


British Horse Feeds: Title Sponsor

Performance Equestrian: Sponsors of the Golden Dragon

  Saddle Exchange: Sponsors of the Dragon’s Egg


Prizes are also being donated by ALL OF THE OTHER TRADE STANDS (see separate list of Trade Stands below).



The Presentation and Handling Award, sponsored by Kerry Dawson, EGB's Marketing & Communications Director, will be awarded for the Red Dragon and Little Dragon classes (which also applies to the first part of the Dragon’s Tail).  Presentation and handling will be judged at the initial vetting of both classes on the afternoon of Friday 4th October.

Thanks to everyone for their support.

Trade Stands

The following trade stands have booked space in the main office at the British Horse Feeds' Red Dragon Festival of Endurance this year.

Don't forget we also offer free tea & coffee in the Ride Office before, during and after the ride, so come and help yourself and browse the trade stands.  The bar will be open later in the afternoon too!!

British Horse Feeds


Performance Equestrian


 Tanners of Cardiff  www.isuzucardiff.co.uk

Reactorpanel / Saddle Exchange



Hawthorn's Gift Shop

No Website

David Saunders Photography


Plas Equestrian www.plasequestrian.co.uk

Dragon Food and Bar

Beverages and Meals during the Evening

We have made arrangements with the Neuadd Henllan Residential Centre on the Showground to make a two course evening meal available for Friday and Saturday between 6.00pm and 8.30pm.  A bar will be open from 6.00pm to 11.00pm on Friday and Saturday evening. 


Please click here or go to the "Accom / Catering" page for more details of accommodation and catering, including a sample menu for evening meals

Meal tickets are £15.00 each or £7.50 for children under 10 years old.  Meal tickets can be purchased in advance only with your entry (not on the day) and should be collected by requesting them from the ride office during opening hours.

If you are entering the ride online, then you should pay for the required number of meal tickets by entering the correct amount in the “Other Fee” box and specify the number of tickets needed for each night in the “Comments” box.  If you are entering by post, then please enclose a note to indicate the number of tickets for each night.   In both cases please make clear the number required for children (if any).

And yes there will also be a bar open in the main office building (Hafod A Hendre) from 17.00 to 23.00 on Friday and Saturday; 14:00 to 18:00 on Sunday. 

Beverages and Meals during the Day

Meals, snacks and beverages will also be available during the day from Hollywood Hotstuff.  You will find them easily just outside the main office Hafod A Hendre Building.

Please click here or go to the "Accom / Catering" page for more details of what is available, including a sample menu.

Local Hotels and Pubs

There is a list of hotels and pubs on the Accommodation and Catering page with their contact details (just scroll down a bit after the page is displayed!!).

The Seven Stars pub in Aberedw, a favourite watering hole for some riders / crews.

The Lion Hotel in Builth Wells has been completely refurbished and serves good traditional food in the evenings.

The Llanelwedd Arms, (on the right just before the bridge as you drive from the venue into Builth Wells) serves excellent Thai food as well as traditional food.

If you are prepared to go further afield to Erwood (7 miles), then you are always assured of a warm welcome from Dave at the Wheelright Arms.  Other pubs include The Hundred House Inn at Hundred House (4 miles), The Fountain Inn (Builth Wells) and The Prince Llewelyn in Cilmeri (3 miles).  The Roast Ox Inn is also very good, but is in Painscastle (12 miles) and is adjacent to the on-course vet gate!!