Special Awards


Winner / Placings

 Fibre-Beet Dragon's Tail  1st: Nicola Sherry & Silver Zourra
2nd: Colin Sykes & Vlacq Irresistible
3rd: Ella Bunting & Aly's Estrella De Rock

Best Welsh Cob

Fiona Valentine & Arranberg Mai

Best Welsh Competitor

Emily Cooke

Best Pony Under 14hh

Lady's Man (ridden by Emily Cooke)

Red Dragon Team Award

1st: The All Greys

2nd: Sou' Westers

3rd: Young Riders Take On The Dragon

4th: Green Team

5th: If All Else Fails Then Wales

Best Junior GER

Charley Turley (riding Safiya)

Best GER Horse or Pony

Vlacq Iceni (ridden by Anne Walton)

Saddle Exchange Dragon’s Egg

1st: Camilla Mascall and Bordesley Golden Ayanna

2nd: June Davies and Shirajah

3rd: Nikki Brown and Doonfellin Khamsin

4th: Saffron Bishop and Ty Shute Meadow

TORQ Fitness Dragon’s Days

1st: Anne Walton and Vlacq Iceni
2nd: Fiona Valentine and Arranberg Mai
3rd: Rebecca Parsler Yethersgill Taliesin

Dragon’s Flame

No completions

Performance Equestrian Golden Dragon

No completions

Top Young Rider in Red Dragon & Little Dragon

Emily Cooke

Dragon’s Staff Award

Stevie Martin

British Horse Feeds’ Best Crew

Darren Jones