Corralling Regulations

Overnight Corralling

Sadly, overnight corralling is no longer available because the corralling field that we have used in previous years has been turned into a car park.


Corralling During the Day

Corralling during the day will be allowed next to lorries and trailers in the car park and camping areas PROVIDED THAT that there is a responsible person in attendance at all times that the horse or horses are in the corral.  A Day Corralling Card can be collected from the Ride Office and must be displayed on the corral at all times.  All corrals MUST be electrified.  However, please note that ALL horses must be stabled BEFORE it gets dark.  These regulations will be checked and enforced.  The rider is responsible for ensuring that these regulations are followed.


Weather Conditions

All riders must ensure that their horses are protected adequately for the weather conditions, especially bearing in mind that the weather at this time of year can change very quickly, especially overnight.