Entry, Stabling, Day Corralling and Camping Fees

 Entry Fees




Temporary Day  


The Speedi-Beet Red Dragon



The British Horse Feeds Little Dragon



The Fibre-Beet Dragon's Tail



The Performance Equestrian Golden Dragon



The TORQ Fitness Dragon’s Days



The Dragon’s Flame



The Saddle Exchange Dragon’s Egg



Graded Endurance Ride - 80km



Graded Endurance Ride – 65km



Graded Endurance Ride - 48km, 42km or 36km



Pleasure Ride – 36km, 27km




Please note that all the entry fees quoted above exclude an Access Permit fee of £3.00 per day which will be levied at the time of entry.

Any horse competing over 80km (GER or CER) on Saturday which is then to compete again on Sunday over any distance must stable at the venue in the interests of their well-being.


If not entering online, there is a special Entry Form for postal entries for all classes at the British Horse Feeds' Red Dragon Festival of Endurance which can be downloaded from this website.  Please do not use the standard EGB Entry Form and remember to include the £3.00 per day access permit surcharge.


Stabling, Day Corralling & Camping Fees

The charges shown below are all-inclusive of stabling, day corralling and camping fees for rider & crew.  Camping includes the provision of "proper" toilets, washing and shower facilities.

Note that the stables in the covered barn are reserved for the Home International and Celtic Challenge Teams this year and so are not available.



One night


Two nights


Three or more nights £70.00


The Stabling, Day Corralling & Camping charges shown above are inclusive of straw (limited to 2 bales per stable please).  Additional straw is available in limited quantity at £3.50 a bale.

Whilst straw bedding is available on site, SHAVINGS can be purchased from Hay & Brecon Farmers, Unit 1 & 2, Irfon Industrial Estate, Garth Road, Builth Wells, LD2 3NL, phone 01982 552210 or email Hay&BreconFarmers.  Hay & Brecon Farmers is only a mile away from the Showground.

If you wish to use bedding other than straw or shavings then please bring your own.

Some concrete block stallion boxes are available which, if required, should be specified on your entry form.  Availability of stallion boxes is limited so booking early is advised as they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


How to Book Stabling, Day Corralling and Camping

You can book your Stabling, Day Corralling and Camping when you make your entry.  Below you will see the a snapshot of the Stabling, Accommodation and Other Charges section in the online entry form.  Just enter your arrival date, the number of nights you wish to stable and camp, followed by the total stable charge from the table above.  You can leave the Corralling Charge, Camp / Accommodation Charge and Other Fee blank.

If you have already entered, then don't worry - you can amend your entry by logging into your EGB account, go to your "Existing Ride Entries", then edit your existing entry for Red Dragon and add your Stabling, Day Corralling and Camping requirements. After saving the changes, you can pay the difference in the usual way.

Note that stabling is NOT pre-allocated, except for stallion boxes.  You choose your own stable on arrival.  There are over 300 stables at the venue, so finding a stable will be easy, even if you want two or more horses to stable adjacent to each other.

Stabling Regulations

IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT ALL RIDERS ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE STABLING AND CORRALLING REGULATIONS shown under the Stabling Regulations section before any stabling is booked.  These regulations will be checked and enforced.  The rider is responsible for ensuring that these regulations are followed.


Overnight Corralling

Overnight corralling is not allowed at the venue.  However, we are making every effort to make overnight corralling and camping available at off-site locations that are close to the venue.

We have some local farms that are offering overnight corralling.  Click here to go to the Accommodation and Catering page to view the farms offering overnight corralling, which are highlighted in GREEN in the list.