Stabling Regulations

There is plenty of stabling available on the Showground.  Up to date Influenza Vaccination Certificates are not required.  Two bales of straw will be provided on a self-service basis.  There will be a limited supply of additional straw available at a cost of £3 per bale.  If you wish to use an alternative type of bedding then please bring your own.  Most of the stables are of wooden construction, 9’ 6” x 9’ 6”.  Some concrete block stallion boxes are available which if required should be specified on your entry form.


The stable block will be open from Thursday 27th September from 14.00 onwards and will close at 10.00am on Monday 1st October.


All stabling must be booked in advance with your entry.  Stabling charges are shown under Entry Fees. A Stable Card will be issued in the ride information pack and must be displayed on the stable door at all times with the contact details of the person responsible for the horse.  The number of nights booked will be monitored and additional charges made if necessary.


Day Corralling Cards can be obtained from the Ride Office on arrival should you wish to corral your horse during the day.  Please ensure that you adhere to the Corralling Regulations if you wish to corral your horse near to your lorry or trailer during the day.


Please make sure that stabling and corral cards are protected against wet weather.


Any horse competing over 80km (GER or CER) on Saturday which is then to compete again on Sunday over any distance must stable at the venue in the interests of their well-being.


Note that lighting is NOT available in the stables, so please bring a torch.


Vehicles will not be allowed anywhere in the fenced stable area.  Please leave your vehicle in the car park above the stable area and walk down to your stable.  Thank you for your cooperation in helping to ensure that the stable area is as safe as possible for you, your horse, other people and their horses.


It is not necessary to muck out your stable on leaving.  Please do not deposit waste from your stable in the litter bins.