EGB Championships 2017

National Championship Series


From 2017, Endurance GB will pilot running Novice, Open and Advanced Championships to sit alongside the existing 160km National Championships. In this pilot year, the qualification criteria are as follows:




Qualification Criteria

to be completed as a horse/rider combination during 2017




Novice Championship


3 x Novice GERs, 30-45km

One to be 11kph+


50km Novice GER (Performance Formula)


Open Championship


3 x Open GERs, 40-68km

One to be 12kph+

One to be over 56km


65km GER 

(Performance Formula)


Advanced Championship


2 x rides of 63-80km

One to be 80km


80km CER


The National Championship


1 ride of 80km+


160km CER 

(over two days in 2017 )

The championship finals will be held at the Red Dragon ride on 28th, 29th and 30th September. Horse and rider combinations who complete the requisite number of rides will receive a formal invitation to take part in the finals.

Young Rider Championship

The 2017 Young Rider Championships will be a 120km Endurance Ride at the Kings Forest Summer ride on 1st July. Contenders can enter the national CER or the FEI YR class. 

The Home International & Celtic Challenge

England are hosting the 2017 Home International which will take place on Saturday 29th July and Sunday 30th July at the Emerald Green Feeds Lindum Spirit ride.

The Inter Regional Championships

The Inter Regional Team Championships will be held on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July at Cirencester Park.

The Northern Championships

The Northern Championships will be an 80km Performance Formula ride at the Cumbria Challenge ride on 2nd September.

The Southern Championships 

The Southern Championships will be at the Hornshill ride on 28th May.

We were in the unusual position this year of having multiple bids to hold some of the above championships. We would like to thank all those who put bids forwards for their hard work and enthusiasm.