F.E.I. Euston Park - 4 European Championships (inc national classes)

Thursday 15 August 2019 - Monday 19 August 2019

Euston Park Near Thetford. Located just off A1088 Approx 3 miles from Thetford

IP24 2QP

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Opening DateTuesday 18 June 2019
Closing DateFriday 02 August 2019
Late Entries Late Entries Allowed
Late Entries By Tuesday 13 August 2019 06:00 PM
Latest EditTuesday 13 August 2019 06:30 PM



Ride Secretary

Name Mrs Holly Farr (FEI entries) and Sue Meadows (national entries)
Address 2 Hose Avenue
PostcodeIP22 5RN
TelephoneSue: 07765 837605
Email suemeadows9@gmail.com

Ride Organiser

Name HPG Endurance Ltd C/o Holly Farr
Address Stable House
St Albans Close
PostcodeSL4 1UT
Telephone01753 847900
Email hollyf@hpower.co.uk

Ride Details

Map RefTL895 781
DescriptionField margins, parkland and estate tracks all on sandy/grassy going. River crossing and virtually no road work.
1. 56km GER Pony Club Open Championships (inc vetgate)
2. 56km GER Adult escort for class 1
3. 40km Novice GER Pony Club Intermediate Championships
4. 40km Novice GER Adult escort for class 3
5. 32km Novice GER Pony Club Novice Championships
6. 32km Novice GER Adult escort for class 5
7. 20km Novice Foundation GER Pony Club Grassroots Championship
8. 20km PR Adult escort for class 7
15. 160km FEI CH-EU-E European Championships

20. 120km FEICEIO 2*
21. 120km FEICEI 2* YR
22. 80km FEICEI1*
23. 80km FEICEI1* YR

24. 80km GER
25. 64km GER
26. 40km GER
27. 40km Novice GER
28. 32km GER
29. 32km Novice GER
30. 32km PR
31. 20km Novice Foundation GER
32. 20km PR
Entries Limit 
StablingContact Organiser for Details
FacilitiesSee website and schedule
Flu Vac?Yes
GatesSee website and schedule
Apply For Schedule?See website and schedule
Special Instructions Generous prizes on offer all weekend.

The Pony Club Championships are taking place on Thursday 15 August. There will be an award for the best shod horse/pony at the Pony Club Championships.

The European Championships are taking place on Saturday 17 August.

Please note that the National classes will now be held on Monday 19th Aug. Hpower apologises for any inconvenience caused.

FEI entries to Holly Farr: hollyf@hpower.co.uk
National or Pony Club entries via this website or to Sue Meadows: suemeadows9@gmail.com

Stabling/Accommodation: Please see website

Please note: For FEI classes, no entries will be accepted after the definite close of entry date.

The entry fees for classes other than the European Championships are being generously subsidised by Meydan. This subsidy should automatically appear when you enter the ride, but if it does not, please enter EP4Free as the voucher code on the online entry form.

Entries for Class 15 (the European Championships) must be made via your respective national federations.
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