The British Horse Feeds' Red Dragon Festival of Endurance ***incorporating the Home International and the Riding Club Championships***

Friday 04 October 2019 - Sunday 06 October 2019

Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells


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Opening DateMonday 05 August 2019
Closing DateFriday 20 September 2019
Late Entries No
Latest EditTuesday 01 October 2019 12:00 AM


Ride Secretary

Name Elizabeth Hinings
Address 4 Greenhill
Norton Road
Sutton Veny
Warminster, Wiltshire
PostcodeBA12 7BR
Telephone01985 841291

Ride Organiser

Name Jane and John Hudson
Address Springdale
PostcodeEX16 7RT
Telephone01398 332089
GroupMid and North Wales

Ride Details

Map RefSO 040 520
DescriptionThe route is grass and heather on rolling plateaux with a couple of serious hills. Fast going and wonderful views for those with time to admire. Estimated % of tarmac : Some on all routes but mostly on the 27km PR route.
Classes FRIDAY
1. 126km GER Dragon's Days, 3 day, 42km GER, 48km GER, 36km GER
2. 42km GER
3. 42km Novice GER
4. 36km GER
5. 36km Novice GER
6. 36km PR

7. 160km CER Elevator, The Red Dragon 2 day ride (80+80)
8. 122km CER The Dragon's Tail, 2 day, 80km CER, 42km GER
9. 80km CER The Little Dragon
10. 122km GER The Golden Dragon, 2day, 80km GER, 42km GER
11. 130km GER Dragon's Flame, 2 day, 65km GER, 65km GER, 130km
12. 80km GER
13. 65km GER
14. 78km GER The Dragon's Egg, 2day, 42km GER, 36km GER
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  SATURDAY (Cont'd from prev column)
15. 48km GER
16. 48km Novice GER
17. 42km GER
18. 42km Novice GER
19. 36km PR

20. 80km GER
21. 65km GER
22. 42km GER
23. 42km Novice GER
24. 36km GER
25. 36km Novice GER
26. 36km PR
27. 25km PR

31. 36km GER RC Championship
32. 36km Novice GER RC Championship
Entries LimitNo Limit
StablingSee website for costs of stabling, day corralling and camping (all inclusive). Goto
FacilitiesAccommodation, food, showers, camping, day corralling, stabling, toilets, water. For more information about accommodation and catering, goto
Flu Vac?Yes
GatesA few, will open as many as possible.
Apply For Schedule?Send A5 SAE to the Organiser if cannot access the website. Postal entries must be made on the special ride entry form available from the Organiser.
Special Instructions ACCESS PAYMENT: An access payment of £3 per rider PER DAY is required to cover the cost of local Access Permits. The access payment(s) must be included when making a postal entry and will be taken automatically when entering online.

CREWING IN LARGE VEHICLES: Please contact the Ride Organiser as crewing in large vehicles is restricted.

For more information about the ride, goto

RED DRAGON TEAMS: teams of four regardless of class. Declaration of teams to the Ride Office on Friday 4th October or by 9.00am on Saturday 5th October 2019 at the latest, giving the day, ride number and class for each team member. No declarations in advance please. Open to Saturday and Sunday riders only.

DRAGON'S DAYS (Class 1): 3 days of GER's, 42km on Friday, 48km on Saturday and 36km on Sunday ridden as separate classes, 126km in total. The winner will be the combination with the highest number of National Trophy Points for the three classes, separating a tie on pulse. Not open to novice horses.

DRAGON'S TAIL (Class 8): 80km CER on Saturday (The Little Dragon) and 42km GER on Sunday. The winner will be the combination with the highest number of points for the two classes, where National Trophy Points are applied to the CER and a special scheme of points is applied to the GER (see website). Results of The Little Dragon are not affected.

GOLDEN DRAGON (Class 10): 2 days of GERs, 80km on Saturday and 42km on Sunday ridden as separate classes, 122km in total. The winner will be the combination with the best grades, separating a tie by lowest pulse.

DRAGON'S FLAME (Class 11): 2 days of GER's, 65km + 65km. The result of the Dragon's Flame will be determined from the highest national trophy point score, separating a tie by lowest pulse. The qualifying criteria from previous years no longer apply.

DRAGON'S EGG (Class 14): 2 days of GERs, 42km on Saturday and 36km on Sunday ridden as separate classes, 78km in total. The winner will be the combination that achieves the highest grades over the 2 days where at least one Grade 1 must be achieved and a grade on the other day and a tie separated by the lowest pulse. Is open to novice combinations. However, note that for this particular class horses and riders may only ride at the lowest qualification for the combination, so open / advanced combinations cannot opt to ride at novice level.

BRITISH RIDING CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP ENTRANTS: If you are entering the British Riding Club Championships, please use classes 31-32 to enter.

STABLING: All stable charges will be refunded should you withdraw. Any horse competing in an 80km class (GER or CER) on Saturday which is then to compete again on Sunday over any distance MUST be stabled at the venue overnight in the interests of their well-being.
Results Results not available