Cirencester Park ***Hosting the Inter Regionals***

Friday 19 July 2019 - Sunday 21 July 2019

Cirencester Park, Cirencester, Gloucestershire


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Opening DateWednesday 22 May 2019
Closing DateMonday 08 July 2019
Late Entries No
Latest EditWednesday 17 July 2019 06:00 PM



Ride Secretary

Name Mr Steve Bates
Address 2 Beighton Close
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
PostcodeB74 4YA
Telephone0121 3088840 (before 9pm)
Mobile07702 038266 (before 9pm)

Ride Organiser

Name The Heart of England Committee c/o Victoria Smith
Address 9 Tyzack Close
Brierley Hill
West Midlands
PostcodeDY5 3SY
Telephone07947 987052
GroupHeart of England

Ride Details

Map RefSO994 024
DescriptionThe Ride will as usual be centred on Cirencester Park and quite a large part will be contained within it. The ride is mainly over bridleways and private tracks with very little road work. Tarmac % : Varies between 0 and 6% depending on the class but as always this is subject to route alterations. This ride is hosting the Inter Regionals this year. Inter Regional Teams can be made up as follows: 2 x Advanced 80km CER, 2 x Open./Adv 64km GER, 2 x Open/Adv 80km (40+40) 2 Day GER, 1 x Open/Adv 40km GER, 1 x Novice Horse 40km GER, 1 x Novice Horse & Rider 32km GER (TBYB, PC are eligible), 1 x Novice Horse 32km GER. An additional 2 Rider/Horse combinations, may be added to the above 10 combinations and used as a ‘Wild Card’ in any of the classes. These horse/rider combinations must satisfy the criteria and have been declared prior to vetting. For Class 29, they will have to be declared prior to vetting on the Saturday. Maximum of one wild card per team per class. Wild cards in the 80km CER, 65km GER and 40/40km GER will only be placed and score placing points if one or more of their other team members in that class fail to complete. A complete set of the IR rules can be obtained via email from
Classes FRIDAY
1. 120km GER 3Day elevator (50,40,30)
2. 65km GER
3. 50km GER
4. 45km GER
5. 40km GER
6. 40km Novice GER
7. 30km GER
8. 30km Novice GER
9. 30km PR
10. 22km Novice Foundation GER
11. 22km PR
12. 16km PR
13. 10km PR

14. 160km CER The Gold Cup 2 day elevator (80,80)
15. 130km CER Mday The Cheryl Logan Memorial Trophy elevator (65,65)
16. 130km GER 2Day elevator (65,65)
17. 101km CER Denbigh Slate elevator
18. 80km CER Corinium
19. 80km CER YR
  20. 80km CER Veteran Horse (17+years)
21. 80km GER
22. 80km GER 2Day (40,40)
23. 65km GER PF Ermine Trophy
24. 45km GER
25. 45km Novice GER
26. 40km GER
27. 40km Novice GER
28. 30km GER
29. 30km Novice GER
30. 30km PR
31. 22km Novice Foundation GER
32. 22km PR
33. 16km PR
34. 10km PR
35. 80km GER PF
36. 65km GER
37. 50km GER
38. 50km Novice GER
39. 45km GER
40. 45km Novice GER
41. 40km GER
42. 40km Novice GER
43. 30km GER
44. 30km Novice GER
45. 30km PR
46. 22km Novice Foundation GER
47. 22km PR
48. 22km PR Pony Club
49. 10km PR
Entries Limit500
StablingContact Steve Bates
FacilitiesAll the usual Cirencester amenities - Refreshments, Radio, Toilets , Water, camping and corralling CORRALLING IS AVAILABLE AT THE VENUE!!
Flu Vac?Yes
GatesTba - but will be kept to a minimum and where necessary will be manned.
Apply For Schedule?No
Special Instructions The CHEDWORTH CHALLENGE: Riders must complete 3 individual rides of 45km (one on each day). Please enter a note in the comments box of each ride entry
The CHURN CHALLENGE: Riders must complete 2 individual rides of 40km (one on Sat; one on Sun). Please enter a note in the comments box of each ride entry
Entry to the Venue is from the Cirencester to Stroud Road (A419) and will be signposted.
Camping at the Venue e.g. Horsebox, Tent, Caravan - £5.00 per person per night with entry please.
Corralling - £6.00 per horse per night. With entry please.
Corral tags will be issued at the ride venue - please collect on arrival.

***Ride information will be available for download online.***

Please ensure that postal entries have adequate postage for the size of envelope - this avoids them being held by the Post Office.

Please contact organisers/entry secretary by phone or email, not Facebook Messenger
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