Inter Regional Competition

The North West are the winners for the second year running!

The 2017 Inter-Regionals Championship, held at Cirencester Park, resulted in a win for the North-West team with 186 points and runners-up were the South-West with 175 points.

The aim of the Inter-Regional Championships is to create teams with a good cross-section of members from within each regional group and to encourage participation from all ages and all levels of experience.  The competition introduces individual riders to the concept of a team and also introduces individuals to the role of Chef d’Equipe. It is expected that teams will, where possible, include juniors, young riders, para riders and Pony Club members.

The event itself takes place over two days and a maximum of twelve horses/riders form a team from each regional group, or combination of two groups.  Team members then compete over a range of distances from Novice 30kms to Advanced 80kms and results are calculated using Endurance GB’s Performance Formula.

Inter Regional Championship 2017 - Cirencester Park -  Teams were formed for the following classes:
 No of riders
Qualification Distance Type Notes
 2 Advanced 80km  CER  
 2 Open./Adv
64km GER PR
 2 Open/Adv  80km (40+40)
2 Day GER
 1 Open/Adv 40km GER PF
 1  Novice Horse
40km GER PF
 1 Novice Horse & Rider
32km GER PF - TBYB, PC are eligible
 1 Novice Horse
32km GER PF

Click here for the full 2017 rules 

Origins of the competition


Aims and objectives


1] To create teams with a balanced cross section of all members and participants from within the Groups 

2] To encourage participation from all ages and levels of experience

3] To produce a Championship, a Major Event in the ride calendar


Proposals and reasoning


The event will take place over two days, longer distances and CER’s on the first day and shorter distance GER’s on the second.

Team members can support each other and learn from those more experienced.
The Team should ideally include juniors/young riders and Para Riders.
A maximum of 12 horse/riders form a team. The same horse may not compete in more than one class.


A maximum of two Groups may combine to field a team.


This event will give riders at all levels, experience of competing within a Team environment.   They will be riding within a protected, secure competition where they can benefit from the support and encouragement of their Chef d’Equip and more experienced Team members.
Team training events should be encouraged by all the participating Groups for maximum benefits.  


The Inter-Regional Championship also provides an opportunity for Selectors and Chef to see up and coming talent that can be encouraged to progress to Home International and eventually International Teams.