FEI protests and appeals

Brief Guide to Procedures for Protests and Appeals:

FEI General Regulations Effective 1st January 2014

Protests may be lodged against any person or body involved within the jurisdiction of the FEI, for failure to observe the Statutes or Rules, or for violation of the common principles of behaviour, fairness, or accepted standards of sportsmanship. 

Protests for abuse of Horses may be lodged by any person or body.

All other Protests may only be lodged by Presidents of NFs, Officials, Chefs d’Equipe, or other Persons Responsible for Horses taking part in an Event.

Protests must be lodged with the Ground Jury before the end of its period of jurisdiction, unless the Protested matters occurred outside of that period, in which case Protests must be lodged with the FEI Tribunal through the Secretary General.

Protests must be presented in writing, accompanied by any supporting evidence, including names of witnesses, together with the necessary deposit (CHF150 or equivalent (~£100) for Protests lodged with the Ground Jury, CHF500 or equivalent (~£330) for Protests lodged with the FEI Tribunal).

Any person or body lodging a Protest should, if possible, secure witnesses to the incident and any other form of evidence. 

Appeals may be lodged by any person or body with a legitimate interest against any Decision made by any person or body authorised under the Statutes or Rules, with the Appeal Committee or with the FEI Tribunal. 

Appeals must be in writing and accompanied by supporting evidence.

Appeals to the Appeal Committee against a Decision of the Ground Jury must be lodged within one (1) hour of that Decision.

Appeals to the FEI Tribunal if there is no Appeal Committee must reach the FEI Tribunal no later than fourteen (14) days after the end of the Event.