General Rules
These pages describe the different types of rides offered by Endurance GB, the rules associated with each type of ride, and the envisaged progression of horse and rider through the levels of ride. 

The rules are divided into the following sections and can be accessed using the menu on the right:

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  • Junior and Young Riders
  • Para Riders



Entries and Entry Fees

Entries may be made online or on the official entry form. Blank entry forms may be downloaded or are available on request from the Endurance GB office. A separate entry must be made for each horse. Making an entry constitutes acceptance of the rules of Endurance GB. An organiser has the right to refuse an entry.

All entry fees quoted by Ride Organisers must show, where applicable, itemised fees for ride entries, stabling, corralling, camping, accommodation and any other obligatory charges.

All entries and entry fees must be sent to the Ride Secretary for the relevant ride, whose contact details will be shown in the entry for the ride in this Ride Programme.

Rides Schedules can be found here

Members must pay in full for any entry they may wish to make for any Endurance GB ride payment may be by debit card, credit card,cheque or postal order.

Late entries (ie after the Ride Close Date) should if possible be made on line. However late entries are only accepted at the discretion of the Ride Organiser, and not all Organisers accept late entries. If accepted, all late entries for endurance rides will carry a surcharge of £15.00 unless it is as a result of the cancellation of another ride whose date is within 2 weeks of the ride being entered.

Pleasure ride classes do not attract a late entry surcharge.

For details regarding withdrawals and refunds please see refunds


Ride Information

Ride details such as vetting / start times, map, route description and other details will be dispatched after close of entries, usually 7-10 days before the event. All postal entries must include a large (minimum A5 size) SAE with sufficient postage. PLEASE NOTE large letter rate may be required for ride details, especially if there is more than one entry present. Fax and email entries are not acceptable.



Riders or horses (but not both) may be substituted up to half an hour before the start of competitions. Substitute riders or horses must be eligible according to the conditions of the class and the rules of Endurance GB. A fresh, signed, entry form must be completed for any replacement rider.


Vet Sheets

Details of Horse, Rider and Class must be completed in ballpoint pen, clearly legible before the pre-ride vetting.


Ride Entry Fees

Information about Ride Entry Fees can be found here


Help at Rides

We all enjoy a wonderful sport that gives us endless pleasure, so it is good to be able to put something back into the sport that gives us so much. We do hope that members will be prepared to give up some time to help Ride Organisers to put on the events that we all enjoy so much. Help is needed in many ways, from car parking to vet writing, time-keeping to gate opening, working in the ride office, being a Technical Steward, or stewarding a checkpoint.

All riders should make every effort to volunteer to help at a ride at least once in a season. It will also be of great help to a Ride Organiser if you volunteer to help at a ride well in advance. At the beginning of the season, as you go through the Ride Programme for the current year, noting which rides you are planning to enter, also make a note of the ride at which you can help. Give the Ride Organiser a call straight away and book yourself a place as a helper – it will be greatly appreciated.

Other members, and indeed many non-members, give up a day so that you can enjoy your rides. If every member of Endurance GB gives back one day of his or her time, then our Ride Organisers’ lives will be much easier.



Membership of Endurance GB is renewable annually, except for Life Members.
All horse registrations are also renewable annually. 
You must renew your membership and register your horse(s) before entering your first graded or competitive endurance ride of the new season.