Ridgeway Barbury Castle 2017

Very Sorry Cancelled

Cancelled - (Published:10 August 2017)

It is a real shame that the decision has been made to cancel this years event.

We have worked closely with the owners & managers of the Estate to consider our options & in the interest of Health & Safety the decision was made to cancel this year.

We hope that you will all support us again next year - see you in 2018.

To all of you who had helped and was going to be helping at the ride we thank you very much for your support and hope that you will help us again next year.

Thank you all. 

10 mph Speed Limit - (Published:09 August 2017)

Please keep you speed to or below 10 mph when on the Barbury Estate - thank you. 

Helpers Required - (Published:04 August 2017)

If anyone knows of anybody who could help on either the Saturday or Sunday we would be grateful.

Boyfriends, husbands, lovers, we will be pleased to see anyone. 

Please contact Janet on 07956 356692

IMPORTANT NOTICE for 2017 - (Published:10 July 2017)

We are running this years ride as a paperless event:

All information will be available on the web site to download one week before closing date of the ride.

Vet sheets and Crew cards will be available from the Friday evening from the site office.

If you require a postal copy then please send a S.A.E to the ride secretary .

VETTING SHEETS - (Published:09 July 2017)

Please pick up a vet sheet from the secretary’s tent on arrival and please allow a little more time  to fill them in.

Volunteers & Helpers - Free Camping & Corralling - (Published:08 July 2017)

Barbury ride is a fantastic opportunity to ride some of the most beautiful countryside in Wiltshire and to run a ride of this size takes a lot of work and organising.

For this reason we are offering FREE CORRALLING & CAMPING to everyone who will give one day to helping, we need your support to keep our sport progressing & this is a great venue to help at.

Please contact:

Janet OR Maxine  (details under contact us)


Sponsors & Photography for the Ridgeway Barbury Castle Ride:

Sponsors: Click on sponsors name to go straight to web site.

  • Torq
  • Sponsors of Barbury 80km GER 2 day Class 1

  • Pioneer Herbal
  • Sponsor who is giving everyone a little something! 

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Photographs by Caitlin Blackhouse.