EGB Rides on 26th and 27th August – Auriols and Boyton HallEGB Rides on 26th and 27th August – Auriols and Boyton Hall - (Published:13 August 2017)

At Auriols there will be a £10 EGB ride entry voucher for 2018 for all those that start .. don’t miss this offer!



Entries are coming in slowly and we are looking forward to receiving lots more for both days, but remember the closing date is tomorrow, Monday 14th August.  All entries are to be received by the closing date unless by prior arrangement with the Ride Organiser.  Camping (£5), corralling (£5) and Saturday Supper (fish and chips, with mushy peas and various desserts, £7.50).
We have a superb route again, undulating bridleways, tracks, quiet lanes and good verges; ridden clockwise on Saturday and anti-clockwise on Sunday – so come for two days!  Distances from a 16km pleasure ride up to 106km over two days.
Please note that the venue is at Tetford / Salmonby, postcode LN9 6PY (and not at the location stated in the Members’ Handbook).
For further information please email Sheila Ludlow, the Ride Organiser, via this link or phone her on 07761 100461.

At Boyton Hall in addition to a £10 EGB ride entry voucher for 2018 there will be a £5 Performance Equestrian voucher for every rider who enters!  Thank you to Steve Beresford for his offer of vouchers, he will be at the Boyton Hall Ride, supporting us as usual.
As with Auriols, entries are coming in slowly and we are hoping for lots more!  There is camping, corralling, stabling, and the going is fabulous - newly cut margins for miles! And only an infinitesimal amount of road work! Definitely a ride not to miss! Late entries will be accepted, but enter before tomorrow night and you will save the £10 additional fee! Hope to see you there!
For further information please email Heather Weston the Ride Organiser.


Don't forget the new National Championships!!Don't forget the new National Championships!! - (Published:12 August 2017)

 National Championship Series

This year Endurance GB is piloting running Novice, Open and Advanced Championships to sit alongside the existing 160km National Championships. In this pilot year, the qualification criteria are as follows:




Qualification Criteria

to be completed as a horse/rider combination during 2017


Novice Championship

3 x Novice GERs, 30-45km

One to be 11kph+

50km Novice GER (Performance Formula)

Open Championship

3 x Open GERs, 40-68km

One to be 12kph+

One to be over 56km

65km GER

(Performance Formula)

Advanced Championship

2 x rides of 63-80km

One to be 80km

80km CER

The National Championship

1 ride of 80km+

160km CER

(over two days in 2017)

 We would welcome your feedback on the pilot, as we hope to develop and expand the concept in future years.

The championship finals will be held at the Red Dragon ride on 29th September-1st October, to coincide with the ride’s 40th birthday. Horse and rider combinations who complete the requisite number of rides will have received or will receive a formal invitation to take part in the finals.

You can see a list of those members who have already qualified here.

The Novice Championship (Class 16)

The Novice Championship will be the 48km Novice GER on Saturday the 30th September.

Placings will be determined by the Performance Formula scores of all the qualified participants in that class.

Please note in the event of excessive demand, an entry limit may be put in place, with Novice/Novice combinations given priority

It is most important to insert the words "Novice Championship" in the Comments box of the entry form please, to indicate that you are entering the Novice Championship.

The Open Championship (Class 13)

The Open Championship will be the 65km GER on Saturday the 30th September. Placings will be determined by the Performance Formula scores of all the qualified participants in that class.

Please note in the event of excessive demand, an entry limit may be put in place, with Open/Open combinations given priority

It is most important to insert the words "Open Championship" in the Comments box of the entry form please, to indicate that you are entering the Open Championship.

The Advanced Championship (Class 8 or Class 9)

The Advanced Championship will be awarded to the highest placed qualified combination in the 80km Little Dragon CER (Class 9) on Saturday the 30th September.

The 80km Little Dragon CER forms part of the Dragon's Tail (Class 8: 80km CER on Saturday and 42km GER on Sunday), so you can also enter the Dragon's Tail to be eligible for the Advanced Championship.

It is most important to insert the words "Advanced Championship" in the Comments box of the entry form please, to indicate that you are entering the Advanced Championship.

 The National Championship (Class 7)

The title of National Champion will be awarded to the highest placed qualified combination in the 160km Red Dragon CER held over the weekend of the 30th September/1st October.

It is most important to insert the words "National Championship" in the Comments box of the entry form please, to indicate that you are entering the National Championship.



Belvoir Castle International Endurance CompetitionBelvoir Castle International Endurance Competition - (Published:11 August 2017)

This month Belvoir Castle proudly hosted Belvoir Endurance in their first International Endurance competition, which saw 114 riders take part in competitive classes at the Leicestershire castle and the surrounding Vale of Belvoir.

The successful event, held at the castle’s Lakeside venue, saw attendees take part in International Classes CEI 2* 120km and CEI 1* 80km and National Classes, attracting a world class International field with entries from Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, India and the United Arab Emirates.

(Photo from the FEI competition courtesy of David Saunders of Saunders Photography)

Winners from the event were :

CEI 2* 120km
1. Maialen Calvo Ibañez ESP                                      Takin De Jansavis                  17.38 kph
2. Essa Ismail Othman Khalifa  UAE                           Tasheinit Des Eymes             16.92 kph 
3. Meile  Fickenscher GER                                            Griff                                        16.981 kph 
4. Laura Graham GBR                                                    Warrens Hill Farrah                13.81 kph  

CEI YJ 2* 120km
1. Saeed Abdulla Bin Huzaim UAE                              Protocol De Lafon                  19.85kph 
2. Saeed Salem Atiq Khamis Almuhairi  UAE          Un Atout De Rouaisse            19.85kph 
3. Naroa Calvo Ibañez  ESP                                         Ainhoa Kesdor                        19.85kph 

CEI 1* 80km 
1. Fakir Ali IND                                                             Jozami Shalom          18.31kph 
2. Jahan Perlyasamy  SRI                                             Octavia                       17.25 kph 
3. Mohamed Aida  ALG                                                Lauralyn Kasey           17.25 kph 

CEI YJ  1* 80km 
1. Tess Wheldon GBR                                                     Tannasg Sovereign    15.31kph 
2. Ollie Holman GBR                                                        Reena Screena Star  13.14kph 

(Pleasure Ride photo courtesy of Will Turner: pictures may be purchased from the website)
A further 107 riders participated in a Pleasure Ride and Pony Club Ride with distances from 20km to 5km, providing an opportunity for every one of all ages a chance to enjoy the stunning route through the Belvoir Estate’s English countryside.

The organisers of Belvoir Endurance worked closely with the local community to ensure the race route could pass through local land, including Belvoir Fruit Farms who also supported the event with Elderflower Pressé drinks. Belvoir Fruit Farms, alongside Harry Dabbs Saddler, Equerry KBF 99 and TopSpec, all generously provided prizes for those taking part in the event. Speaking of the event, Peverel Manners, Managing Director Belvoir Fruit Farms, said: “Belvoir Fruit Farms was delighted to support the Belvoir Endurance ride, made all the more special with the first event being held on the beautiful Belvoir Estate, right on our doorstep. The buzzing event was pleasure to be a part of and we are sure everyone who took part in the amazing ride enjoyed participating in such a picturesque area.” The Belvoir Endurance event was hosted at Belvoir Castle courtesy of Her Grace The Duchess of Rutland. The castle was given the French name Belvoir – meaning beautiful view – now pronounced ‘beaver’, and remains as one of the most magnificent and beautiful Regency houses in England. Belvoir Castle is the ancestral home of the Dukes of Rutland and the family has lived at Belvoir in an unbroken line for almost a thousand years. 

Her Grace The Duchess of Rutland said: “We feel so very fortunate to be acting as custodians for what is a short time in Belvoir’s many centuries of history – to this splendid historic home and estate. We were delighted to share Belvoir’s many treasures with the riders and visitors to Belvoir Endurance and it is our aim to preserve and cherish Belvoir to enable future generations to enjoy for many more centuries to come.”

The organising committee for the event is now working on plans to expand the event further in 2018 based on the success of the inaugural event and will be announcing details later this year.




Alternatives for Barbury Castle - Provost Lodge accepting late entries until midday tomorrow!  Alternatives for Barbury Castle - Provost Lodge accepting late entries until midday tomorrow!   - (Published:09 August 2017)

After the sad news of the cancellation of Barbury Castle, I thought it would be useful to list the up and coming rides that you might consider as an alternative:

 Provost Lodge (Northants): Sunday 13th August, will take late entries until midday tomorrow (Thursday 10th August) by special arrangement with the organiser.

 Auriols (Lincolnshire): Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August, closes on Monday 14th August but will accept late entries.

 Boyton Hall (Suffolk): Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August, closes on Monday 14th August but will accept late entries.

 Tresham (Gloucestershire): Sunday 27th August, closes on Monday 14th August but will accept late entries.

 For more details of these rides and all the others available in the coming months, see:

Barbury entries will have their late entry fees refunded. Insert 'Barbury Entry' in Comments box.


 John Hudson


Foreign horse qualifications for EGB National Rides (CENs)Foreign horse qualifications for EGB National Rides (CENs) - (Published:02 August 2017)

In a move to ensure consistency with our rules and qualification criteria, Endurance GB has looked to confirm whether FEI qualification criteria or Endurance GB national qualification criteria applies to foreign horses and/or riders riding in Endurance GB national level rides. 

Endurance GB has been working closely with the FEI and can confirm that Endurance GB qualification rules do apply to all entrants in national level rides, regardless of their nationality. 

As a result we are aware that a limited number of overseas visiting horses, whilst legitimately qualified for the class under FEI rules, have ridden in national level rides without the appropriate Endurance GB qualifications. We have reviewed our ride archive for this year and we have given the owners of any horses who may be affected the opportunity to submit evidence to prove that they were qualified to compete in the class under national rules. This review has resulted in one of these outcomes for each of the horses concerned: 

a) They were able to prove that the horse was qualified, so their result will stand 

b) They were not able to prove that the horse was qualified, and so depending on their individual circumstances they have either been downgraded to a completion or eliminated. 

The future 

Going forwards, the following will apply, in accordance with our current rule book: 

• All horses competing in national level GERs and CERs must be registered with Endurance GB (or SERC/ILDRA), and must have a mastercard. The only exception to this are horses entered under the ‘Try Before You Buy’ scheme. 

• Horses will, on first registration with Endurance GB, be deemed to be ‘novice’. If a rider or trainer wishes Endurance GB to take into account a horse’s prior competitive history when Endurance GB sets the horse’s Endurance GB entry level, they must provide evidence of the horse’s prior competitive history and their National Federation must sign to authorise that the evidence is correct. If the evidence provided turns out at a later date to be incorrect, Endurance GB reserves the right to annul the results of any competitions completed on the back of those qualification rides. 

• Overseas visiting horses will now have a new pink mastercard to track their competition history. 

• If a mastercard is not presented on arrival at the ride for a horse who entered in a national level competition in the UK, the Technical Steward has the right, after considering the case in the round, to prevent that horse from competing. Alternatively, they can allow the horse to compete on deposit of £25 + £5 admin fee, if they consider that the circumstances warrant it, and the rider will be required to send the mastercard to the Technical Steward after the ride for checking and signing. 

• Once a horse’s Endurance GB entry level has been set, it must then qualify through the published Endurance GB qualification criteria or provide further evidence of qualifying rides abroad before competing in longer rides. 

These process improvements have been met with enthusiasm by our Technical Stewards as they will now be able to treat all national competitive entrants in the same way. We have also made some IT changes so that it will be easier for Technical Stewards and Ride Organisers to check qualifications in advance of the ride for the majority of entrants. 

We have also worked with all of the larger endurance trainers in the UK who train overseas visiting horses, to ensure that all of their horses have log books and are registered at the correct level with Endurance GB. 

A guide for foreign riders wishing to enter Endurance GB rides is available here.

Long Mynd cancelledLong Mynd cancelled - (Published:01 August 2017)

The Long Mynd ride, due to be held on the 3rd September, has unfortunately had to be cancelled because of the loss of access to a section of the route. The organisers would like to pass on their apologies to those who were hoping to attend.

Cancellation of the Birling Gap rideCancellation of the Birling Gap ride - (Published:01 August 2017)

It is with great regret that I have to cancel the Birling Gap National Ride this year.  I was informed yesterday that the Ride date coincides with the Eastbourne Air Show, the venue field is right under the flight path for all planes arriving from the west, and exhibitors at the Air Show will include the Red Arrows this year.  There will also be considerable traffic on all the roads approaching Eastbourne.  I have spoken to the Police and the Air Show organisers, and have been strongly advised to cancel on safety grounds, which I cannot argue with. 


At this late stage it is not possible to reorganise a new date for the National Ride, but we are looking to run it as a group pleasure ride on the 10th of September, offering 16km and 32km, if the venue is available.  Thank you to all those who have offered to help, and watch this space.  Linda Herriott


Endurance GB statement - BEF governanceEndurance GB statement - BEF governance - (Published:27 July 2017)

As has been widely reported this week, there have been a number of challenges arising from the proposed changes to governance, leadership and structure of the BEF.  Last week it was confirmed by the Chair of the BEF Board, Joanne Shaw, that the CEO, Clare Salmon, had resigned from the Federation.


The founding members of the BEF, which include BE, BD, BS and the BHS, have now formed a Governance Steering Group, which is being co-chaired by Lynn Petersen, CEO of the BHS, and Deborah Smith, a BEF non-executive director and includes representatives of the other Member Bodies. This group is now working collaboratively towards a governance structure to comply with the requirements of the UK and Sport England governance code by 31 October 2017.


On her departure, Clare Salmon raised some concerns about the culture and behaviour within the Federation. The BEF Board is commissioning an independent organisation to lead a review prompted by those concerns.


EGB has been kept informed throughout the process and wishes to continue to work closely with the BEF and the Governance Steering Group, supporting them in the work that they are undertaking to move forward with the right governance, strategy and structure in place to meet the long term needs of all member bodies of the BEF and equestrian sport in general.


Clare Salmon was particularly supportive of EGB and of promoting endurance in the UK. The Board of EGB would like to express its thanks to Clare and wishes her well for the future.  

The Cumbria Challenge - 2nd/3rd SeptemberThe Cumbria Challenge - 2nd/3rd September - (Published:24 July 2017)

Please can you help at the Challenge this year 2/3rd September?  We are at the Orton, Tebay venue again - so handy from M6 Junction 38 a few miles down the Appleby road and we need helpers!!


If you can help for one or both days please e-mail me with your preference for jobs which are:


Vet Writers

Vet Steward

Vet Runner

Check Points 

Gate openers

Venue Marshalls parking

You can view the ride schedule here.  Thank you in anticipation …. Penny Pearce



Endurance GB is delighted to announce the team of riders and horses who will represent Great Britain at the forthcoming European Endurance Championships to be held in Brussels in Belgium on the 17th of August:

  • Rachael Atkinson with Tannasg Psyches Realm
  • Caroline Cowley with HS Bellini
  • Harry Ingram with Warrens Hill Chayze
  • Annie Joppe with Fantom
  • Nicola Thorne with LM Bolena
  • Reserve: Lorna Kidson with Sheer Bliss


    Chef d’Equip, Liz Finney, commented, “Following a very positive training day held at Euston Park, courtesy of HPower, we have made the difficult decision as to which horses would be selected. We have a strong team of riders who all have international experience and we are looking forward to competing in the European championships in Brussels.”


    The Brussels Equestrian Endurance Masters takes riders from the Bois de la Cambre park in central Brussels out towards the Sonian Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 5 loops of the 160km course can be found here.  

    Each rider will have their own support crew who will assist them in vet gates and out on course, along with Endurance GB’s Senior Management Team, who consist of:  Chef d’Equip - Liz Finney Vet - Hannah Kelley   Farrier - Kelvin Lymer  Physio - Katie Dorman 

    Peak District Ride - Change of Venue - Saturday 19 AugustPeak District Ride - Change of Venue - Saturday 19 August - (Published:13 July 2017)

    Please note that the venue for the Peak District ride which is taking place on 19th August has changed.

    The new venue is Biggin Moor Farm, Biggin, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 0DS, which is on the A515, 1.5 miles south of Newhaven, Nr  Buxton


    Enter the ride here



    Boyton Hall Ride - 26/27 AugustBoyton Hall Ride - 26/27 August - (Published:11 July 2017)

    Entries are open for the Boyton Hall ride. We do hope you are coming this year. Different venue field this year, but the post code and grid reference are the same. More on the website soon. This is a fabulous ride in lovely Suffolk countryside with almost no road work.

    We are short of help this year and would welcome anyone who can come along and support this ride. Or if you are riding and can spare one of your supporters, do let the ride organiser know!
    Endurance GB and The Pony Club collaborate over new Endurance LeagueEndurance GB and The Pony Club collaborate over new Endurance League - (Published:05 April 2017)

    Pony Club Members who take part in Endurance GB rides at Novice (20-30km), Intermediate (31-39km) and Open (40km+) levels can now benefit from a new league where they will receive points for each kilometre completed.

    The 2017 Pony Club Endurance League is now open, closing on 20 August when one lucky Member will be the first to receive a trophy kindly donated by Pony Club Endurance Chairman Robert Blane in memory of his horse, Pink Floyd.

    Eligible rides can be found all over the country, and to take part Pony Club Members must either be a full member of Endurance GB (EGB) or they can register for free as an EGB Club Member which entitles them to compete up to 40km whilst paying member’s rates.

    John Hudson, EGB Chairman, said: “We hope that the new league table will help reward those Pony Club Members taking part in Endurance GB rides, and increase the number of young people who enjoy the challenge and adventure of taking part in Endurance riding.”

    This new league is also welcomed by The Pony Club as a benefit to its Members, and to help strengthen the mutually beneficial relationship the organisation has with EGB; with whom they are collaborating to increase participation amongst younger Endurance riders.

    Robert Blane said: “We’re really excited about the new league, and we’re grateful to Endurance GB for their support. The league will offer a new level of safe competition for Pony Club Members taking part in Endurance GB competitions, and it is hoped that together we and Endurance GB can continue to increase the number of riders discovering the exciting sport of Endurance Riding.” 

    The three highest ranked combinations at each level will be presented with a sash, and the overall winner will receive The Pink Floyd Trophy which Robert Blane feels is a fitting tribute to his horse. Described by Robert as a true all-rounder, Pink Floyd was a 17hh Advanced Endurance horse who also competed to a high level in Dressage and Show Jumping. 

    Details of the new league tables can be found below:


    Horse and Rider combinations who receive the most EGB points in rides of 40km or above (GERs or CERs using normal EGB trophy points).  Best ten rides to count.


    Horse and Rider combinations who receive the most EGB points in rides between 31 and 39km (Vetted Pleasure rides and GERs using normal EGB points) Best ten rides to count.


    Horse and Rider combinations who receive the most EGB points in rides between 20 and 30km (Vetted Pleasure rides getting one point per kilometer and Novice GERs using normal EGB points). Best ten rides to count. EGB Open/Advanced horses or riders are not eligible for this section.

    The League tables will be available for viewing on the EGB website, where a list of rides and details on how to enter can also be found.

     Photos from the 2016 Pony Club Endurance Championships by IndiePics


    Update on Hat StandardsUpdate on Hat Standards - (Published:13 February 2017)

    Permissible hat standards no longer include BSEN1384. In line with the other major equestrian disciplines, all riders must wear one of the standards listed below.


    - British PAS 015: 1998 or 2011 provided they are BSI Kite marked

    - European VG1 01.040: 2014-12 provided they are BSI Kite marked

    American ASTM F1163: 2004a or 04a onwards provided they are SEI marked

    - SNELL E2001

    - Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 3838: 2006 onwards provided they are SAI global marked


    Click here to see an infographic from the British Horse Society that details these standards in pictorial form.


    However, we are also aware that several popular brands of Endurance Riding Helmets are aimed at a European market rather than a UK market, and although they carry the VG101.040: 2014-12 standard they do not carry an accompanying UK Kitemark. Having reviewed the situation, and in view of the number of Endurance GB members who already have these hats, we are also prepared to accept VG1 01.040: 2014-12 hats without the Kitemark at Endurance GB rides for the 2017 season.