EGB office open, Wednesday 13th December - (Published:11 December 2017)

The EGB Office at Abbey Park is now open; thank you all for your patience during the bad weather.

National Awards celebrated at EGB's Gala DinnerNational Awards celebrated at EGB's Gala Dinner - (Published:28 November 2017)

Saturday 25th November saw the annual EGB Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony take place at the Daventry Court Hotel, Daventry and was attended by nearly 250 people – a nearly 20% increase on last year! It’s a fantastic opportunity for our members to gather together and celebrate the achievements from the year and, as always, included an ‘Ode to the Horse’ – the most important partners in our sport. 


A full list of award winners will be published on the website in the next couple of days, but in the meantime we wanted to highlight our Championship winners. 2017 was a hugely successful year for our Young Riders and we are extremely proud to share with you that this year, Endurance GB’s Overall Champion is Young Rider Emily Cooke, having achieved a fantastic points total of 2288 with her horse Lady’s Man.   



In receiving her award Emily told attendees how proud she was of Lady’s Man and that it had taken some time for them to build the bond they now share. She attributes her success to their shared understanding and the time and dedication she puts in, alongside her Mum, Lise Cooke,  to training and preparation. Winners of the other Championship Awards as follows:   


Overall Championship - Lady’s Man (Emily Cooke)  - 2288 Points 

Senior Championship - Warrens Hill Rubyn (Sarah Rogerson) - 1194 Points 

Young Rider Championship - Lady’s Man (Emily Cooke) - 2288 Points 

Junior Championship - Redwings Milky Way (Ella Pomroy) - 1085 Points 

Veteran Championship - Bizout (Hannah Lydon) - 1716 Points 

Novice Championship - Mistletoe (Caitlin Birkitt) - 670 Points


Update - Board of DirectorsUpdate - Board of Directors - (Published:26 November 2017)

Congratulations to those Directors newly appointed to the Board, Anna Williams and Rebecca Kinnarney, and to Ann Dark, reappointed.

The new roles decided upon today are as follows. More information on each role will be provided in due course. 

Chair - Nicki Thorne 

Vice Chair & Sponsorship Director - Harry Ingram 

Finance Director - Sue Box 

Company Secretary and Policy & Governance Director- Ann Dark

Operations Director - Esther Young 

Development Director - Rebecca Kinnarney 

Director of Volunteering (to include Groups, H&S and Para) - Kerry Dawson 

Marketing & Communications Director - Anna Williams

International Director - John Robertson 

SERC Representative - Constance Newbould 

BEF Futurity Awards 2017 - updatedBEF Futurity Awards 2017 - updated - (Published:19 November 2017)

Now that all the British horses have finished competing in FEI rides the BEF Futurity Awards 2017 for Gold, Silver and Bronze can be published as follows.  Trophies to be awarded at the member’s Group Dinner and Awards Evening.



Gold Awards:


1st Peponi ridden by Chris Wray with 84 FEI points


2nd Sheer Bliss ridden by Lorna Kidson with 55 FEI points


3rd Vlacq Journeyman ridden by Georgina Baughan with 35 FEI points


4th Egyptian Whirlwind ridden by Linda Cowperthwaite with 34 FEI points


5th Penhwnilys Samala de Mon owned by Mandy Yarnold and ridden by Katie Bedwin with 33 FEI points


6th Yawl Hill Pollyanna owned by Kirsty Wiscombe with 32 FEI points


Silver award Trophy for horses that were evaluated by the BEF Futurity when the horse was aged from foal to three years inclusive and is now aged seven to ten years inclusive and not registered with the FEI.  Five best EGB results to count:- 

1st          LVA Troy owned by Susan Scarborough                                1114 points

2nd     Silver Zenif owned by Rachael Claridge                                  889 points

3rd      Grecian Moon owned by Larrissa Burnett                               596 points

4th     Bordesley Golden Ayanna owned by Camilla Mascall                 588 points

5th      Kaalif owned by Susan Hawes                                                 569 points

6th     Aberllwyd Ibn Phariz owned by Susan Higgins                        476.5 points


Bronze award Trophy for horses that were evaluated by the BEF futurity when the horse was a foal to three years old inclusive and is now six years old. Four best EGB rides to count of which two can be 64km and below and the others 50km to 32km.

1st              Nahzira Bint Chatanz ridden by Katie Bedwin                346 points

2nd              Sylvan Illusion owned by Carol Chapman                      64 points

2nd tied      Crystal Heartbeat owned by Ruth Whitby                        64 points        


Photos needed for the 2018 Members' HandbookPhotos needed for the 2018 Members' Handbook - (Published:07 November 2017)

We are currently putting together the 2018 handbook and we need your help with providing photos for use in the handbook.

If you have any photos from 2017 that you think sum up what endurance riding in the UK is all about, please can you send them to

One photo per email please, and we need to know:
- Where it was taken
- When it was taken
- Who is in the photo
- Who took the photo (and if that is not you, confirmation that they are happy for Endurance GB to use the photo)

The photos must have been taken at an Endurance GB ride or event. Photos submitted may also be used in future Endurance GB publicity materials.

Odd shaped photos are particularly welcome!

RED DRAGON FESTIVAL OF ENDURANCE 2017 - a report from WessexRED DRAGON FESTIVAL OF ENDURANCE 2017 - a report from Wessex - (Published:27 October 2017)

2017 saw EGB launch a new set of Championship classes. The National Championship has long been a fixture on the EGB ride calendar but this year an additional three championships were launched for Novice, Open and Advanced level with the finals held at the Red Dragon to coincide with the ride’s 40th anniversary on 29th Sep - 1st Oct.

The weather was certainly not kind over the course of the weekend with heavy rain in the run up to the ride making going slippery on the hills and boggy on the moors. The ride days themselves saw continued rain with some quite heavy fog in places in higher areas….some might say typical Red Dragon weather!

There was a strong turnout of Wessex members in classes across the weekend with Wessex members winning in 3 of the 4 championship classes in some very tough conditions. We asked the championship winners to recap their experiences of the weekend .... click here to view their reports!

The Leading Rider Award update - RoyaltiesThe Leading Rider Award update - Royalties - (Published:26 October 2017)

This year Endurance GB has been piloting the 'Leading Rider' award, aimed at rewarding good horsemanship and consistent riding over the course of a CER or FEI ride. 

The Leading Rider scores for the Royalties 80km FEI classes were as follows:

1st Fiona Griffiths & Balishla: 171.24 points

2nd Charlie Chadwick & Hazelcroft Gosens Tsar: 144.68 points


Fiona scored 92.58% of the total points available to her at this ride, with a consistent speed, good presentation times, good CRIs and straight As all day. This means that hers is the second highest score from this pilot year and she is the highest scoring Brit. Well done Fiona!


International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018 - (Published:26 September 2017)

*Date for your Diary*
International Seminar - Saturday 3rd February 2018
Venue:  Woodside, Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2AL
More details to follow