Rest Periods

Compulsory Rest Periods for FEI Registered Horses 

All horses with a current FEI registration must comply with the FEI rules regarding compulsory rest periods. During a compulsory rest period, FEI registered horses may not compete in national or Group rides. If an FEI horse does not complete a national ride successfully, additional mandatory rest periods are applicable – see FEI rules for details. 

Compulsory Rest Periods for Non FEI Registered Horses

Where a horse has been eliminated from a Competitive or Graded Endurance Ride or a National Endurance GB Pleasure Ride due to a metabolic incident requiring treatment or a lameness, that horse must not take part in another national or group ride for at least 8 days.  Horses competing in Competitive and Graded Endurance Rides must observe the mandatory rest period according to the distance completed as well as any additional days due to a metabolic incident requiring treatment or a lameness. If these compulsory rest periods are not observed, any trophy or distance points from ride(s) completed during the rest period may be forfeited and the rider may be referred to the MLO or Disciplinary Panel. These compulsory rest periods also apply to horses registered with Endurance GB who are taking part in equivalent SERC or ILDRA rides



 78 - 95km  12 days
 96 - 125km  19 days
 126 - 145km  26 days
 146km + 33 days
 Multi Days **
 96 - 125km  12 days
 126 - 145km  19 days
 146km +  26 days
Additional compulsory rest period for lameness or metabolic incident
 Lameness or metabolic incident* at any ride  Minimum 8 days (plus the additional compulsory
rest period shown above)

Starts at midnight of the day of the class and finishes midnight of the day before the next competition.
*Metabolic incidents refer to a metabolic incident that has been diagnosed by the senior ride vet and treated as such at the ride; a Veterinary report must be completed and returned to the EGB office with the vet sheet.
**Multi day includes all multi day classes and multiple classes at the same event and multiple classes at different events in the same five day period. This includes classes which consist of both a CER and a GER. Please note that if a veterinary judge is concerned about a horse, it may be eliminated or suspended from EGB rides,